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BR 11th November 2014 Sofia, Rosa, Otila, RA, Desinka and Meep.

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Sofia I keep thinking of lonely Roan.

Rosa, really I'm ready!

Me too. :'(

Sofia Wonder if we shall see the wake.

* A Reader Obsessed * The blurb says a yr has gone by. Wow that's a jump in time for sure.

* A Reader Obsessed * You girls ready to start this tomorrow?!

Rosa, really I hope so!

* A Reader Obsessed * I'm a little nervous for roan :/

Rosa, really Ok, some of us are in midst of another long book. But we should double down! Just go slower than normal.

Rosa, really R * A Reader Obsessed * wrote: "I'm a little nervous for roan :/"

I just want to give him a big ol' hug! But like 99% of the male heroes I love, he wouldn't appreciate it.

Sofia Ready steady deep breath go.

Otila Ready! I think. I read the 1st page and i already want to cry.

* A Reader Obsessed * Rosa, really wrote: "R * A Reader Obsessed * wrote: "I'm a little nervous for roan :/"

I just want to give him a big ol' hug! But like 99% of the male heroes I love, he wouldn't appreciate it."

He would sooooo not want a hug.

Sofia lion hugs anyone?

* A Reader Obsessed * Deceivingly cuddly.

Rosa, really Yeah, but I want a hug so can suck it.

Rosa, really Sorry, just woke up. HE can suck it.

Sofia he might just eat you instead (view spoiler) :P

Morning Rosa :)

Rosa, really Morning! No coffee yet so my brain is confuzzled---what is he (view spoiler)

* A Reader Obsessed * Poor Matt. He definitely needs a hug. No sucking going on - well in a literal sense

Sofia Rosa, really wrote: "Morning! No coffee yet so my brain is confuzzled---what is he [spoilers removed]"

whilst writing I did think that you would go there :P

Rosa, really Oooooooh! LITERAL eating. Of the breakfast, etc. Got it. I wasn't even trying to joke! My brain actually got stuck there.

Sofia ((((hugs)))) - you need them Rosa :)

Otila It's not morning and it's been hours since I had my coffee so I have no excuse but my mind went there too.

* A Reader Obsessed * I know we've all read the blurbs but I so did not see that coming. (view spoiler) Did you??

Rosa, really I had a suspicion. It had to be one of them at the bar.

Rosa, really I've totally forgotten where this series takes place. Anyone? Anyone?

* A Reader Obsessed * I don't recall it ever saying where it took place. But I think they drove to Vancouver to visit Paris' family so I'm thinking Seattle -ish. Just a guess.

Rosa, really Roan and Randi just took a puddle-jumper to (view spoiler) so it's got to be an hour or or 2 away by air. LA would be the best bet, but the city in this book doesn't feel very LA to me. Not enough douchebags.

Sofia Still starting 2nd chapter, fell asleep :(. Where are you guys?

Rosa, really Just started chapter 6. Now I'm going to bed!

Desinka I haven't even reached the 10% mark:( I think I've just started chapter 3. Another busy spell for me... Hopefully will read more tonight:)

* A Reader Obsessed * I'm around where Rosa is. (view spoiler)

message 33: by Sofia (last edited Nov 12, 2014 09:07AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sofia Rosa, really wrote: "I had a suspicion. It had to be one of them at the bar."

I think you must know something I do not, probably all the blurbs and spoilers you've read. Note that I HAVE NOT READ ANY, not from this thread but from elsewhere :)

I loved the ice skating in nude / gay discussion.

at 19% Chap 7

* A Reader Obsessed * So Sofia you did not peak at the spoiler?

Rosa, really I only know what's in the blurbs but I haven't read any series spoilers or anything. I don't know exactly what's going to happen in this book. I could guesstimate though. :)

* A Reader Obsessed * I've definitely have read the blurbs and skimmed some reviews.

Otila I was assuming it was Chicago but that just may be cuz now I assume all detective stories take place in Chicago-Nick is there, Harry's there, Roan should be there too. But I don't think it's ever been mentioned. They just say "the city."

I'm @ the beginning of chap 5 just barely getting on the plane.

Rosa, really Still at Ch 6 or 16%. No angst with my morning coffee! Yet. I'm still working on it. The coffee that is. Not the angst. Well, that too.

Otila i'm working on my second cup so i'm almost completely functional. (here's that pic for you, R)

* A Reader Obsessed * That is a very nice thing to look at on my lunch break :) Sigh

Rosa, really I CAN'T SEE IT. Fucking useless computer.

message 42: by Meep (new) - added it

Meep mmmmm coffee, and... :D

I've not started yet, busy shift :( hope I get to catch-up before you all finish reading!

Otila I think it's GR, Rosa. I'm seeing some pictures but not others.

Rosa, really Yeah, me too. Fucking GR.

Sofia R * A Reader Obsessed * wrote: "So Sofia you did not peak at the spoiler?"

:D I read the ones in here when I arrived at 19%. No other spoilers or blurbs read :P

Sofia Just saw the pic Otila, would that be Toby?

Otila Sofia wrote: "Just saw the pic Otila, would that be Toby?"

All i remember of his description at the moment is dark hair and pretty so that works for me. And we know Roan likes hair on his men so i'm sure it would work for him too.

Sofia He has already seen Toby's chest hair and gave it his seal of approval :)

* A Reader Obsessed * As Dee said - roan is very lucky in snagging the hotties.

* A Reader Obsessed * And Dylan's backstory is horribly sad.

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