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The Secret Lives of Bicycles
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Michael (michaeldiack) | 37 comments Hi all,


What if bicycles had lives like ours? They went to work, fell in (and out) of love, had a role within society; carried expectations, hopes and fears.

Together humans and bicycles have existed side by side and yet we are ignorant of each other. That is, until now…until this book.

The bicycles of Denmark are so much more than two wheels and a pair of handlebars. Discover the hidden truth: the secret lives of bicycles.


The main demography I aimed for is 10-12 year olds, but I'd hope many adults would enjoy this light-hearted, adventurous read - especially if you enjoy cycling.

Thank you :)

Michael (michaeldiack) | 37 comments First Review!

I really, really enjoyed this little gem of a book. It's not long-only 41 pages or so, but it packs an emotional punch.

This was so different from anything else I have read in the last, say, 5 years, that it's really stayed with me as a story. I honestly have to say that about all this author's works because he takes such a different approach to storytelling. I say this honestly, because I haven't read anyone like him before. He makes me think.

The Secret Life of Bicycles by Michael Diack was well-written and clever. It was funny without being a comedy. The humor was just enough to add levity to what could otherwise be tense or tearful moments in this wonderful little story.

The story follows the daily routines of two bicycles named Colin and Roy-two very fast bikes who become fast friends, but not without their challenges along the way. I didn't know two bikes could have so much humanity. A+

Michael (michaeldiack) | 37 comments The Secret Lives of Bicycles


A genuinely enjoyable children’s story, one of several I’ve had the pleasure to read of late. Definitely a winner for parents who enjoy reading to their kids, and for kids probably through middle school to read to themselves. Fans of Disney movies like Cars should take readily to finding out that bicycles have lives and engaging personalities all their own. A subtle sense of humor glues this story together as much as the fine storytelling and very accessible emotions. It was very easy to visualize the story throughout; in fact it played like a movie in my head, down to the priceless banter.

Themes of friendship and self-importance/self-worth add gravity and worthwhile long-lasting takeaways to an otherwise entertaining and fully absorbing tale of the moment.

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