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Michael Witheford | 1 comments Hi all,
I've just released my second book, The Very Worst Of The Beatles. Available on all e-appliances. My first novel was Buzzed (Penguin) but that's not easy to find these days. So here's the blurb for the new one.

The Very Worst Of The Beatles is a light-hearted but studious examination of the band’s least outstanding moments, from the hurried and badly played cover versions they were obliged to record for a hungry market in the early sixties, to the drug-fuelled and overblown indulgences from later in the decade when they had no obligations at all. Each choice has its own separate entry in which I’ve looked at the song, its recording, and why there are problems. I’ve taken into account aspects such as record company pressure, fatigue, laziness, bad luck and the often frosty relationships within the band which began to tug The Beatles’ members in different directions from as early as 1967.

I’ve attempted to capture something of the flavour of the group’s personalities as well as poking fun at their most incompetent moments. Because Beatles fans are extremely protective of the group many will hopefully have difficulty leaving the book unexamined. They'' possibly get annoyed.

It's on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo,and Copia and a few others I can't remember.

Nice to be here.
Michael Witheford

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Brenda | 68685 comments Mod
The Very Worst of The Beatles by Michael Witheford The Very Worst of The Beatles by Michael Witheford

Congratulations Michael:)

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