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Fawxtale | 16 comments Ok im a huge werewolf fan =D

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Fawxtale | 16 comments ok ill be a boy since im a boy haha


Appearance:Lean body type. Long black hair shoulders length. Emerald green eyes that shine in the moonlight.

Ability(ies): Super smelling And Super speed
Weakness:Silver,Wolfs bane, and Swimming

Family:Mother and a sister. Father left them when Colt was too young to remember.

History:Colt was always a friendly kind of guy. shy at times but when he opened up to people it was like they've always been family. Colt has never meet his dad, he left them when he found out about his mom being a were wolf. Colt and his family have always been on the run from hunters.

Other: Clumsy

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Fawxtale | 16 comments awesome! so whould you like to start? also i like the daylight ring haha my GF just showed me vampire diaries i believe they had something similar to it

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Fawxtale | 16 comments Colt was wondering the streets late at night. trying to find something fun to do in his new hometown Mystic Falls. He over heard something about a bar near by about a block away and how everyone hangs out there to play pool and have a social life. Something Colt has a hard time fitting into.

Colt gained the courage to give it a shot and head to this Mystic Bar and Grille. Besides anything could be more fun than a coffee alone.

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Fawxtale | 16 comments (its ok its 1am here to haha im PDT california so its about the same)

Colt finally reached the Bar and Grille and just in time. The clouds grew darker and rain started dripping from the sky. Colts never been around so many people before as soon as he walked in he felt like everyone was looking at him. He began to look around and not even a second later walked right into a waitress knocking over a bear. "I'm sorry" said Colt nervously. "ill make sure to pay for it right away" Colt began looking around and not meaning to he grabbed unwanted attention in the room.

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Fawxtale | 16 comments Colt looked up to see Katherine smiling. He wasn't sure if he should smile back instead he gave off a quick smirk. He began to feel a little embarrassed. Colt then glanced at his watch and realized the time. He had to make haste before the full moon takes him over. He was never really good at resisting the urges of living wild.

As Colt headed for the door to leave out into the forest a block away from the bar he caught a scent. something he never come across before. He grew curious but knew he couldn't stay to find out. He decide to investigate tomorrow when time was on his side for now he had to make it to the forest before someone see him.

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Fawxtale | 16 comments The full moon lingers in the sky and colt cant hold back any longer. He heads straight into the heart of the forest where he sees two wolves glaring at him.

Colt's body temperature starts to rise his body grows weak. His muscle begin to tense up and his teeth grow a sharp ache. He begins to fall to his knees it feels as if all his bones are braking all at once. Starting with his lower. A loud crack roars across the area his spine twists and rips his insides. Colt screams in agony. As his voice becomes feint it also grows deep, heavy, and more relaxed. Every bone in his finger's break and rearrange themselves. His face grows long, his teeth fall out and replace themselves with fangs, his limbs grow shor and hands into paws. Colt was a full grown wolf with jet black fur and dark green emerald eyes that shine in the moonlight.

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Fawxtale | 16 comments (i hope leaving some blanks at the end is ok i thought it would help build more ideas off of it)

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Fawxtale | 16 comments Deep in the forest a wolf pack runs free. About five minutes of running around feeling the cool air running through his fur Colt caught a familiar scent. Colt stopped and strayed from his pack This scent was similar to the one he smelled at the Bar and Grille. It was making him obsessed Colt had to know what this or who this was he needed to see it with his own eyes.

Peaking out of a bush Colt sees a boarding house with a man walking out the door.

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Fawxtale | 16 comments Colt watched Damon as he walked toward the street. Then out of no where a howl filled the empty silence in the night. Colt glance into the General direction and looks over at Damon but at that moment Damon vanished into thin air.

Colt couldn't ignore the call from one of his own he ran and with great speed he raced the winds that swooped through the forest that night.

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Fawxtale | 16 comments The wind begins to pick up as Colt swoops across the Forrest. Then suddenly the howls of the wind change to a scream of agony. Colt finally gets to the edge of the forest and sees his sister Lisa over Katherine's body.

Out of the blue Damon apears quick. a lot faster than Colt can run that is for sure. At the moment Damon appeared he delivered a powerful right hook into Lisa's neck. Colt couldn't hold back he was enraged. Colt lunged at Damon and in a instant he noticed Katherine from the bar and grille

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Fawxtale | 16 comments Colt stood still growling at the winds. He tried to sense Damon but couldn't get a visual of him. As he scan'd the area he noticed Katherine in agony below him and at that moment concern took the emotion of his face, but before colt could move an inch his face felt as if he was hit by a truck.

Colt started to black out slowly. His ears were ringing with a high pitch. Under all the sound he was able to hear the sound of foot steps. These foot steps sounded gentle yet confident as if there was no fear walking up to Colt in his wolf form.

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Fawxtale | 16 comments Everything grows darker and feint. Colt finally blacks out and wakes up in a room. He can hear humming and smells food. He begins to stand up but with a nasty head ache. He walks outside the room and finds himself in a kitchen. "hello young man finally awake?" The old lady said. "hungry?" Colt was confused and had many questions to ask, but he didn't get a chance to eat last night. "what happened last night?" He asked the old lady. "you were in a fight with vampires" she explained."There was a boy and a girl there and you knocked out. Nasty punches vampires have but at your age i guess there too nasty" saying as she began to laugh.
Colt didn't seem to understand how he got there. So he asked and she told him the whole story. "so that was it i walked by and you were knocked out cold. Hopefully that young man can help out that poor girl. I'm Mrs. Allens by the way and we don't like getting into any business with other supernaturals." Mrs. Allens said. "So are you like me?" Colt asked. Mrs. Allens looks at him with a small grin and nods. All of a sudden Colts heart filled with joy. There was finally another wolf pack Colt could talk too. Ever since they've been running he hasn't had anytime to learn about his culture except for what he already knows.

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