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message 1: by Kristina (new)

Kristina (heavensmommy2004) | 233 comments So in my free time I like to read obviously, but aside from that I like to do canning.

message 2: by Lynne (new)

Lynne Stringer | 321 comments In my free time I usually write, except for the moment while I'm editing.

message 3: by Femke (new)

Femke In my free time I play flute or I watch youtube videos or I play volleyball. But most of the time I will read ( or I have to learn / do my homework for school

Maggie the Muskoka Library Mouse (mcurry1990) | 1 comments In my free time, I read, write in my journal, hike, and horse-back ride.

message 5: by -RininTa- (new)

-RininTa- (rinz) | 576 comments In my free time, I read a book, watch tv, listen to the music from ipod, and clean up my bedroom.

message 6: by Alexis (new)

Alexis (TigeroftheTowerGuard) | 675 comments Other than reading, I like to play video games, boardgames, watch tv and movies, drink coffee.

message 7: by Arely (new)

Arely | 16 comments In my free time, I like read a book, watch tv, eat or watch youtube videos

message 8: by Bekah (last edited Jul 30, 2015 03:22AM) (new)

Bekah Clark | 59 comments I go through things obsessively, I'll read like crazy and then I won't. I'll game like crazy and then I won't. I like listening to music, and my mind tends to wander and I write in my head. Some of the best stuff in my books comes from those times. Watch TV, take pictures. I write because I love it.

message 9: by Aoi (new)

Aoi Evans (aoievans) | 14 comments In my free time I like to cuddle my cat,play flute,play piano,read, watch The Vampire Diaries,listen to music,dance (ballet,contempoary) and hang out with friends.

message 10: by Emma (new)

Emma Thomsen | 23 comments In my free time i'm going to two different sports, soccer and svimming, both of them twice a week. But else i just have i good time, and do what haves to be done

message 11: by Jacquel (new)

Jacquel (clairevioletthorpe) | 154 comments In my free time, I usually read, write, or watch YouTube videos.

message 12: by Blue (new)

Blue (boshra_n) | 76 comments In my free time I write song lyrics I make up.

ℓуηη, ℓσкιѕℓутнєя¢ℓαω | 188 comments In my free time I write, scroll Pinterest, and play World of Warcraft online.

message 14: by Katrina♡•• (new)

Katrina♡•• | 491 comments Apart from reading most of the time, I catch up on a zillion TV shows, try to cook and browse YouTube.

message 15: by Paul (new)

Paul West (paulwwest) Who has free time? Not me. That makes it quite difficult to write and market my novels

message 16: by Teresa (new)

Teresa (teresaanne92) in my free time I read (obviously), or play video games (elder scrolls online is my thing! ps4!).

message 17: by Lala (new)

Lala  Land (lamega) | 202 comments In my free time i read and sing and dance terribly

message 18: by Heather (new)

Heather (heatherlovely) | 50 comments Reading (obviously), hiking, kayaking, swimming, anything outdoors and active

message 19: by Tom (new)

Tom Wood (tom_wood) Reading, writing, and arithmetic. Well, not that last one so much, although I am trying to learn ActionScript and that has a lot of math! Inline skating for exercise and fun, messing around with my VR headset for the new experience.

☾ Liz ☆ Stellar Kitten Book Reviews ☆ | 25 comments I do a lot of drawing/sketching, or I'm on steam playing a game with friends. Usually, I have music going during that so I'll be singing along. Or, sometimes I pick up my old guitar or piano books and try to practice. I like binge watching shows on Netflix or watching funny vids on youtube <3

message 21: by R.S. (new)

R.S. Merritt | 139 comments 5 kids, FT Job, working on a new Zombie series and in the middle of moving and selling houses. Free time???? :-)

message 22: by Dan (new)

Dan Lutts (dan_lutts) | 2265 comments Read, write, watch Acorn TV, and play with my 2 dogs and 2 cats.

message 23: by Caden (new)

Caden Brickey | 17 comments Read, build puzzles, draw, and play video games.

message 24: by Jenna (new)

Jenna Marie | 315 comments Read (obvi), take photos, paint, write :)

message 25: by YJ (new)

YJ (yo_yeahiread) | 273 comments read lol, watch YT, listen to songs, call a friend, look up weird thoughts I get , play the keyboard, binge random sitcoms

message 26: by Carina (new)

Carina (lord-of-the-nerds) | 61 comments read, listen to music, watch youtube, draw, write, and sleep

ixmon iteration 9 (can beat a kaiju in a fight) | 457 comments Read, listen to music, sketch, and watch YouTube vids on car design

message 29: by BLOBBIEEE (last edited Jun 09, 2021 02:00AM) (new)

BLOBBIEEE | 1193 comments Read, Write, Procrastinate on Goodreads, Sleep, Play Basketball, Listen to Music or Just Get Bored

message 30: by Aashi (new)

Aashi Rath  (aashirath) | 39 comments In my free time I try not to mentally die

message 32: by Aashi (new)

Aashi Rath  (aashirath) | 39 comments Thank you

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