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Chaitalee Ghosalkar I'm a first time author of Love Life Labyrinth, an eBook on Amazon.

Genre: Contemporary fiction, saga

A glimpse into the book:
Set against the backdrop of the corporate world, where people are hungry for power, ambitions are sky high, and relationships hold no value over avarice, Love~Life~Labyrinth narrates the tale of Varun and Kavya, whose lives are sucked into the vortex of a world where people are hell bent on being the ultimate conquistador. It is said that love is complicated and life isn't fair; it is full of pits. This is a story where two Byzantine aspects, love and life are part of a bigger maze; the labyrinth of the human mind.

It's a mad race out there. The elite and the renowned-as they are famously termed-have no qualms when it comes to taking any route in order to be the best. Watch out for a tale of machinations, revenge, esurience and love finding their way through the already present jungle of relationships.

Click on the book link to find the excerpt.

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Shinjini (shinjini14) | 3174 comments All the very best, Chaitalee! Interesting blurb you've got there. :)

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Chaitalee Ghosalkar Thank you, Shinjini :)

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