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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. YA, girl with troubled older brother and a sister that suffers from acne

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Palugle | 1 comments I read this book back in the 00's, and only remember bits and pieces.

The protagonist is a young girl, and the story centers on her relationship with her family - brother, sister, and parents. The protagonist is in her early teens.

She has a strained relationship with her older brother that is somewhat of a 'problem-kid'. I remember a scene with the brother and the father hugging, as the brother cries and says that he doesn't know why he acts like that. There is also something about the a field-trip to the Statue of Liberty and something about the poem engraved on her stand. I think the brother might try to climb the statue, actually.

The protagonist also has an older sister who suffers from acne. This sister is frustrated because the mother won't let her get some kind of strong acne-medication. When this sister goes to prom, she says something about going in a group, because dates always disappoint. For the prom she sneaks back in the house
so that she can wear one of her moms sexy black dress.

The parents met when they were buying acne-treatment when they were young.

message 2: by HeavyReader (new)

HeavyReader | 450 comments Your description made me think of Here's to You, Rachel Robinson https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/4... by Judy Blume.

Check that one out, then let us know if it is or isn't the book you are looking for.

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HeavyReader | 450 comments Palugle, have you had time to check up on this suggestion?

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HeavyReader | 450 comments Palugle, just wondering if Here's to You, Rachel Robinson is the book you were looking for. If it it, you can move the thread to the proper solved folder and add the book to the group's bookshelf.

If Here's to You, Rachel Robinson is not the book you are looking for, let us know so folks can keep looking.

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HeavyReader | 450 comments Did we lose you Palugle? Are you out there? Is this your book? Hello?

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Lobstergirl | 38282 comments Mod
No response. Moved to Abandoned.

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