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Who wants a White Rabbit Chronicles movie?

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Oliver  Quebedeaux I found out yesterday some website called "if" are trying to do a movie for it if you want it check out Gena Showalter's website and you'll learn more and you can also vote for the actors and actresses!!! btw leave your comments on what your fave. part in the series it's for my own benefit, i'm obsessed with this!
BTW, Happy Hallowen peeps!!!

Aria C i would love this to be a movie. I can't pick a favorite part, though. I can say why I LOVE the series. The things the characters say are hilarious. I laughed probably forty times while reading book 1 and 2. The characters are amazing too. Alice and Kat are so sarcastic and funny and Cole....... . OHMYGOD. Cole is so hot. Yeah.... i know, I know, he doesn't have a face but..... in my mind he does, and it is SUPER HOT. The writing is amazing too. You can get a pretty clear picture on what is going on i the story. There is a billion trillion other things too, but for the sake of your saneness and your eyesight, i am going to finish my rant. I hope i did not bore you to death (Hope you stayed alive long enough to read that last sentence). Peace out homies.

nekku Definitely, if it's a parody.

Oliver  Quebedeaux @ariuana yes cole is hot he has a face in my mind too

Oliver  Quebedeaux Bet your glad I started a discussion :)

Aria C yes i am glad you began this discussion. it is good to let emotions out if you are as obsessed as i am. and let me tell you, i am obsessed. i probably need help.

janet movie? yes!

Oliver  Quebedeaux Lol yes only other series I love this much is vampire academy/bloodlines by richelle mead

Aria C i love vampire academy too. rose is sooo funny.

Emma Louise I love the inner monologue of Ali and how she not only struggles and is funny out loud with others but inside to. Her and Kat are like the perfect best friends to have. I rated this a 5 and can't wait to get my hands on the #3 Queen of Zombie Hearts ! I'm itching to read it. This would make a fantastic movie if they picked the right characters. Chloe Moretz would have to be my pick for Ali !

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Aria C BRITT ROBERTSON as alice. compare the cover girl and britt. they look a lot alike.

Oliver  Quebedeaux @ariauna I will white rabbit chronicles and VA fans unite! @emma Lol I also love Alice's monologue just so you no #3 can be sad but it's was an epic conclusion.

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Oliver  Quebedeaux OMG @ariauna I looked up Britt your right!! Hey ariauna how do you set your profile to private?

Anahi Absolutely.

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Aria C Olivia wrote: "OMG @ariauna I looked up Britt your right!! Hey ariauna how do you set your profile to private?"

i didn't even know i had it on private. i changed it to anyone can see it now, though. But if you want it on private all you have to do is go on your account page, click on edit profile, then go on settings, and go down to the icon that says "Who can view your profile" And click on "Goodreads friends" And there ya' go.

RavenQueen0613 Hello I would live to have a movie how do I join the group

RavenQueen0613 Olive would you like to be my friend

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Amy Pritt Yes Movie Please!!!!!!!

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Georgia Not a movie but a TV show so that we can truely experience the series and allow it to unfold properly. To have it into a movie would rush it and all of the fans would be disappointed. Neeeeds to happppen

Nikki Hall If there was a movie I would die!!!

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Kate Yes !! @Georgia, you’re right !!! A TV show would be exceptional ! These books are my favorites in the world !!

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Emma Aker YES I don't think i can live if there is not movies made or a TV show

Chantelle I believe this book series is great as a book series and has the potential to be an amazing, brilliant movie, depending on casting and direction. So yes, I would love a movie (And would definitely go to see it if it happens) however it could go in many directions which could ruin the integrity of the books. Still one of my favourite book series ever!

Aloïsia YESS, we NEED a movie! But also, why are people sleeping on Gena Showalter's YA reads? She's literally the best author ever.

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