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message 1: by ✶ Tia ✶ (new)

✶ Tia ✶ (tiagoodreads) I hope a lot of you read tons of beautifull fantasy and fiction books all the time... And I believe many of them are fairly unknown to others, because there are so many books coming out so fast that we just cannot keep track on all of them.

So here you can suggest a fiction book you thought it`s worth reading and knowing about! I`m sure other members will appreciate it a lot. Thank you!

message 2: by Saakshi (new)

Saakshi Roy | 2 comments Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone- for those who want to be knocked out senseless with awe and marvel and disbelief. Like I was.

message 3: by ✶ Tia ✶ (new)

✶ Tia ✶ (tiagoodreads) I think we can recommend all HP book to anyone who haven`t read it. :)

Also, there are some other books by J.K.Rowling which are connected to Harry Potter`s world - so I personally recommend reading "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them", "Quidditch Through History" and "Tales Of Beedle the Bard".

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