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Wrestling With Madness: John E. Du Pont and the Foxcatcher Farm Murder
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message 1: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth Neborak | 1 comments Affluenza has been described as the inability to understand the consequences of one's actions because of financial privilege. After reading this book I've come to the conclusion that John DuPont exhibited symptoms of this affliction throughout his life. Time and again DuPont was able to have lawyers buy his way out of difficult situations. That, factored with the willingness of the local authorities to overlook his eccentric behavior contributed to the unfortunate murder of Dave Schultz. There is also the possibility that mental illness may have resided in his psyche as a result of the DuPont's early history of inbreeding to keep their wealth under family control.

message 2: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Berkowitz | 1 comments This book is a great read. The insight into DuPont was very disturbing. A good reminder to not look the other way.

message 3: by L-e (new)

L-e Shumaker | 2 comments It was interesting to get some details of this confusing situation and I appreciated that. This book is not particularly well-written, which was disappointing; it seemed more a recitation or summing up of some news stories. It will be interesting to go see the movie to see if that sharing of the story manages to go deeper and evidence more emotion of the real people involved.

message 4: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Meyer | 4 comments Mod
Yes! The fact that he could essentially buy off the town police department was particularly scary. Dave Schultz never stood a chance as long as he was in Newtown Square.

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