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message 1: by Werner (new)

Werner A couple of our author members have posted announcements, on another thread, of book give-aways that they're offering. I thought it might be useful to have one thread that can serve as a central postal place for giveaway offers, to make them more convenient both for writers to post and readers to find!

message 2: by Thad (new)

Thad Brown | 50 comments I'm one of the writers mentioned above who posted about a giveaway --actually a free review copy offer. Just for this month (November 2014) and for members of this group, my publisher has agreed to send a free PDF review copy of my story collection The Smoking Gun Sisterhood to any member who requests it. (There's no actual e-book edition for sale yet, only the trade paperback.) Just shoot me a personal message, and I'll give you the e-mail address for the proper contact person at Pro Se Press (so you can send her your e-mail address). No strings attached, cross my heart!

message 3: by Thad (new)

Thad Brown | 50 comments In an e-mail exchange with my publisher recently, he raised an interesting point: some authors, he said, see it as bad form or unethical for another author to approach them with the offer of a review copy of a book he/she wrote. And others feel they are simply too busy with writing and promoting their own work to do much (or any) reading of work by others. So, for the authors in this group, how do you guys and gals feel about that, individually?

Speaking for myself, my situation is unusual, because this persona is my pen name and I do virtually all of my reviewing under my real name. (That especially works against the possibility of review swaps, since in those cases each reviewer should disclose that the arrangement was a swap --and as Clark Kent might say, that could expose my secret identity!) But I don't personally see the offer of a review copy to me, as a fellow author, as violating ethics or etiquette. I'd be interested in what you all think, though!

message 4: by Werner (new)

Werner Personally, I don't necessarily consider the offer of a free review book as bad form or unethical. Of course, it is, if an author is just messaging more or less randomly, to offer the book to as many people as possible, and clearly has paid no attention to my profile or reviews to get a clue about what kind of reading I like. (That's pretty much a textbook definition of "spam!") But I'm not offended by offers from authors or publishers who've actually done their homework, and are offering to gift me with something they honestly expect that I'll like. (Granted, there can't ever be a 100% guarantee that ANY given reader will like a particular book!)

I've gotten messages with both kinds of offers. The former kind, I just flag as spam. Sometimes I accept the latter type of offer, and sometimes I message back and explain that I'm declining it, and why. It may have come at a time when I have too many other reading commitments to get to it quickly, or the format may be an issue (I usually don't read e-books), or it may not be a good fit for my tastes for some other reason that wasn't immediately obvious to them. But in those cases, I'm not offended by the offer.

It might be relevant at this point to mention that besides reviewing here on Goodreads, I agreed late last year to start contributing book reviews to the Girls With Guns website (which is mentioned over in our "Links of interest" thread). They don't furnish review copies, but I'd consider accepting print review copies from authors game to take the chance! I don't know how much traffic that site actually has, but it is another venue for publicity.

message 5: by Bran (last edited Feb 25, 2016 06:54AM) (new)

Bran Gustafson (brangustafson) | 3 comments I recently published my debut novel, a pulpy neo-noir/neo-western called "Coyote." It's actually the first in a series called "The Untamed State." Find the book description here: Coyote

There are two things I'd like to share: First, you can enter to win a signed copy of Coyote in my Giveaway here:

Second, if you're interested in reviewing Coyote, you can get it free in a variety of formats on Smashwords until 3/11/16 using coupon code YH93G:

If you're reading this after that date or would prefer not to use Smashwords, message me and I'll get you a copy in your preferred format.

Thanks for reading!

message 6: by Thad (new)

Thad Brown | 50 comments Most of us have quite a few books on our to-read shelves already, and many of us have seen so many offers for free books by now that we've become jaded and uninterested. Nevertheless, I'm going to add another offer to the long list that's out there; so if you've been curious about my story collection, but not enough so as to pay money to satisfy that curiosity, maybe this freebie will be worth considering.

If you're a blogger who reviews books (at least sometimes) on your blog, I'll send you a free autographed copy of the trade paperback edition of The Smoking Gun Sisterhood by Thad Brown . I only have one book to give away, so this is a "first come, first served" offer! (And note that this isn't a newly-published book; it was first self-published in 2009, and reprinted by Pro Se Press in 2014. So if you only review recent releases on your blog, you'll want to take that into account.)

No commitment to review the book is asked or expected; and if you do review the book, I know there's no guarantee you'll like it (and I don't want you to be anything other than honest!). Like all authors, though, I'm hoping for a good review (crosses fingers!); so before requesting the copy, I'd ask you to carefully read the book description and existing reviews, so you can form an idea of whether or not it might be up your alley. But if you think there's a good chance it will be, personal message me with your mailing address and a link to your blog, and I'll get your copy in the mail ASAP!

Those of you who listen to audio books might also be interested in this offer: .

message 7: by David (new)

David | 14 comments My 2nd Brianna series book "Reprisal" will be free 12/26 in Kindle form for one day only on Amazon.
Brianna's Reprisal
Written as a stand-alone work but it is best read in order with "The Strong One".

message 8: by Thad (new)

Thad Brown | 50 comments This group has been so moribund, for so long, that I haven't posted here in awhile. So until now, I haven't posted the update that last year, I self-published a new edition of my story collection, The Smoking Gun Sisterhood by Thad Brown The Smoking Gun Sisterhood, available in both e-book and paperback format. The text is almost the same as in the original edition (which has been withdrawn at my request), but it corrects the few embarrassing, mostly firearms-related bloopers that some readers noted in that edition.

I'll now make a standing offer of a free e-book edition to any bona fide book reviewing blogger who wants one, if you'll send me a personal message with your e-mail address and a link to your blog. (And if you're not a blogger but might be interested in the book, personal message me anyway, and we'll talk!)

My short e-story, Hot Sun, Hot Lead, which shares the style of, and comes from the same inspiration as, the stories in the book, continues to be available for 99 cents on Amazon, as part of Pro Se Press' Single Shots program. It has two reviews on Amazon (a four-star and a five-star), but none so far on Goodreads! If you'd like to be the first person to review it here and you have a Kindle (Pro Se publishes for that platform), personal message me with your e-mail, and I'll send you a free copy.

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