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The Wishing Well Of Forsynthia is one of the more prominent places in Wonderland that both has a good and grim aura. So-called because of the yellow bush planted by the well, a story of tragedy accompanies this enchanted place as well. It is here where you can wish for almost anything. But be wary for every wish you ask for, there will be an equivalent deduction from your life as payment.

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Seraphine sat on a bench near the wishing well flipping through a book absent-minded. She wasn't really paying attention to the book, she was more listening to everything around her, taking everything in. She was dressed in some of her more formal white kingdom clothes, which she generally didn't wear outside of the castle walls, but she had been so tired and overwhelmed by the events of the past week and the amount of training she had been doing that she hadn't really thought about it until she sat down by the wishing well. The dress she was wearing was knee length and fit her well, but it wasn't warm enough for the area. She wasn't really sure if it was just the dark aura of the area that was making her feel so cold or if it was actually cold, but either way she wished that she had worn more clothes.

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After sobering up Warren returned to his private quarters. His original intents had been to find the Queen, but he was- immaturely- still mad at her. He knew his duty as a knight was to protect the castle and go on missions, but it was a little tiring. Especially since he'd only returned a few nights before, and now he was being sent out again. Now he was walking along some dead beaten path with his horse, Charlie, at his side. She continued nipping at his waist which caused him to chuckle softly under his breath. Looking upwards he spotted the wishing well a little off into the distance. Approaching it he spotted the Queen's lady in waiting. His eyebrows knitted in confusion as to what she was doing out here all alone, and so far from the castle. Where were he guards? Surely her life meant something, she did attend to their majesty after all. He paused to set up Charlie near a tree until he drew further. Cautiously he leaned against the wishing well, hoping not to scare her. "What are you reading there?" Warren asked curiously, trying to recall her name. All his years at court and yet he only knew her by a face and a title.

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Seraphine lifted her eyes from the book calmly. She had heard him approaching from down the path. "A book some humans brought to wonderland. It's called Dracula" she said with a grin, flashing her fangs. She could see that the knight looked somewhat confused and concerned, probably because she was here by herself. She had gotten that reaction from other knights when she wandered off by herself. She knew she could and probably should bring guards with her when she went places, but generally when she was overwhelmed she wanted to be alone. That and she could protect herself. She was born a vampire and she had trained for years, she was a lot stronger than most vampires with a better control over her hunger. She knew she would be safe, her senses were heightened and she could sense danger easily. "It's about vampires." She said, setting the book on the bench beside her. She found the book hilarious as most of its facts were wrong, but humans were creative to come up with something like that when they probably only ever saw a vampires fangs. Her kind was usually smart enough not to get caught, the duller ones were weeded out quite easily.

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Warren inwardly shuddered as she flashed her fangs, but he managed to keep his facial expression neutral. In his world Vampires were soon as fantastical creatures that loved to drain people of their blood and leave them as lifeless empty corpses. Here in Wonderland all the fairytales back home were true and he often had to remind himself of this simple fact. Vampires were real. Floating cats were real. Talking animals were real. And yet even now he couldn't help but to be surprised. Perhaps his duties away from court made him more oblivious to exactly who and what was in the palace. "Ah, I've heard of that one." Warren said lightly as he rounded the Wishing Well to take a seat beside her. The scene around them was at once beautiful, and yet it sent a shiver down his spin. Something about it was certainly forbidden. "I could see why you'd take an interest in those" he couldn't help but to tease. His posture remained rigid as he kept distance between them. "I know this is horribly unprofessional for me not to know, but what's your name?"

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Seraphine laughed,a sound similar to that of ice on glass, as she noted the flutter in his heart beat when he saw her fangs. It was so typical for the humans to be scared of her, she was used to i and it amused her to no end. Certainly some humans had run into bad vampires who could care less about the lives of humans, bu they were to quick to base everyone off of certain stereotypes. It was hilarious in her opinion. "My name is Seraphine." She said with an easy smile, her fangs receding back into her gums in an attempt to make him feel more comfortable. "You don't have to worry" she said, taking in his posture. "I don't bite humans. Plus I just ate." she said calmly. Her voice was low for a woman's but it was pleasant rather than unnerving. She had learned to work it to her advantage, it was useful to ease information out of people with such a soothing voice.

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"Seraphine." He murmured softly under his breath. "A nice name, pretty unique." Warren noted with a shrug. In his days he'd met many Seraphina's, but never before a Seraphine. Perhaps they were one and the same, but the ladies name sounded more so regal. He was well aware as her fangs slid back into her gums, and he knew It was for his comfort, which was made more so obvious as she voices this. He made attempts to relax back into his seat, but he remained to be on edge; though he appeared to be calm. "My names Warren." He didn't so much as care if she wanted to know, he told her anyways. "And why is it that you eat... If not humans?" Warren questioned with a raised eyebrow.

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"It's an angelic name." Seraphine explained with a smile. "Seraphina is more common but they have slightly different meanings. According to a human I met once anyways." She said with a shrug. Seraphine had never believed in a god but she did believe in angels a she had met a few in wonderland. She didn't know who made them and she didn't really care. She listened as he told her his name and smiled at the question he asked. Nearly every human that found out she didn't bite humans asked the same question. "Humans have set up blood banks here, so if I find myself craving human blood I buy blood from the banks and use blood bags. But I prefer the hunt so I usually go into one of the many woods of wonderland and hunt animals" She said, running a hand through her long blonde hair, her blue eyes travelling around the area. Her senses were still on high alert and she shivered slightly, running a hand over her arm as she returned her gaze to Warren. "What are you doing out here?" She asked, tilting her head a bit

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"Angelic?" He couldn't help but to wonder if she was being immodest or stating an actual truth. "Oh, you've met a human?" This certainly seemed to capture his interest. In his time here the only other named he'd heard of was Alice, but that had been over a century or two ago. The Wonderland now seemed to possess no humans. But the lady in waiting seemed to know something. At her explanation he nodded his head. "Wonderlandians." He quipped, questioning whether human had just been a slip of her tongue, before. "Well at least me know the animals won't overpopulate us." Warren forced a laugh as he gave her his classic teasing grin. "Just wandering around before the Queen sends me out to do her dirty work again." He meant no offense by his words, and yet anyone with ears could read the bitterness in his voice.

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Seraphine grinned again, her canines were still a bit longer than a regular humans. "Yes angelic." She said in reply to his first question, her blue eyes searching as she studied his face. "There have been a few more humans around than usual. Some are saying they found the rabbit hole." She said, with a shrug of her slim shoulders. At his last comment she tilted her head a bit. "The Queen has you doing a lot of work lately doesn't she?" Seraphine asked. She tried her best not to rad the minds of others but when people think to strongly about something it's almost like they projected it onto her mind. She picked up on a few of his thoughts when he had been approaching from up the path. Most people didn't realize they were doing it. The only ones who did were the ones who had trained and put blocks up in their mind. That was an annoying thing to deal with when she was trying to get information.

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Warren forced himself to look anywhere but her mouth, and that left him with very few options. Eye contact was necessary, and sometimes too much of it bothered people. And he certainly couldn't stare at her chest, that would only put him in bad lighting- after all she was a lady. Lady to the Queen no less. "Oh?" The Knights interest was piqued as she mentioned few more humans having stumbled across the rabbit hole. They must've been a lacking brains to speak of it so openly though. "Have they found a way back or are they just... lingering?" He tried not to sound all too eager as he met her eyes for the second time. At mention of the queen he bit his tongue so that he wouldn't say the first thing that came to mind when he thought of her himself. He didn't hate her, but every now and again he'd admit he felt a small sense of loathing towards her. But otherwise he was loyal and he respected her with everything he had. "I suppose." There was no use in continuing. The Queen's missions were under lock and key; not to be told to anyone outside of the circle of knights and royalty. And though Seraphine had a high status he was unsure how well her and the Queen's relationship was either.

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Seraphine gave a small shake of her head. "Neither. The humans want to take control of wonderland. Make cities like they have on earth." She said with a frown. "Well... Not all humans do. But the ones arriving lately are. They are evil and want to destroy this beautiful place." She said, her eyes getting a bit dark as she held eye contact. She could never tell when the right time to break eye contact was so she never did. She could scare some people sometimes with the angry looks she got in them sometimes. She smiled slightly at the thoughts flashing across the Knight's mind before mentally pulling herself back. Once the thoughts were open she had a hard time stopping herself sometimes.

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