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Appearance [use image]:






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Xd Nora would be nice but like I said she's a bit dark natured but they'll be a good pair!!

Oh and APPROVED! Where's the picture though?

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Found it, sorry i'm slow xD

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1309 comments Mod
Name: Alyssa Rose Michealson

Nickname: Alice

Age: 18

Personality: She's a broken person with a broken personality. She's nice but she has a dark personality. She's often taken as naive but she isn't. She's stronger than she thinks and lets on. She'll like you for who you are and alot of people like her, even though almost none of them actually knew her.


Powers: transporting from one place to another, stronger and faster than an average human but weaker and slower than a vampire. Pyrokenesis.

History: She's from a family of wolves. After her mum died her dad went mental and started beating her. He often left bruises, sometimes beat her until she bled. She has scars from where he stabbed her and alot of scars. she has a big scar of her chest from the first time he stabbed her in the heart with a stake.

Family: Father, Dead mother, Grandparents.

Other: Can only be killed with Silver

Likes: babies, helping people and she appreciates beauty.

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Fadi Fa | 242 comments Name: Dolph Teran

Nickname: Everyone calls him Fang.

Age: 19

Appearance [use image]:


History: Dolph and his sister were the only survivors of a massacre where humans have attacked his pack and slaughtered everyone. His sister was injured in the massacre and fang did everything he could to keep her alive. but after a few weeks she died. Leaving him alone and angry, with no one to lean on.

Personality: Dolph is a Practical and a smart individual, whose reliability cannot be doubted. He is a strong, well-built and very good with a sword. He will relentlessly and mercilessly defend those he cares about. After his sister's death he became easy to anger and loses control of his emotions and actions in his rage. He is lost without a purpose and is searching for a purpose, a reason to live.

Family: No one alive left.

Powers: His werewolf transformation, he also uses a sword made of a special ice-blue colored metal, it was a gift from his father. his sword can react to his anger and unleash a strong lightning like power. he is also quite agile.

Other: he has a pet wolf called Cara who is his only friend and family.

Likes: Likes to have walks in nature.
playing with his wolf pet.
he's attracted to women and can be flirtatious.

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Fadi Fa | 242 comments thanks :D well now I can rp :P

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Fadi Fa | 242 comments alright

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Fadi Fa | 242 comments kk

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let me finish real quick

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I'm wanting to make a whole lot of charries cause I only have two. One of witch in my Headmaster XD

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XD I don't think that counts as your headmaster/mistress. You can keep her, I'd just made a headmaster/mistress too.

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Me either XD

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Want to RP? I have Headmaster Heath or I can use my werewolf because I can't finish him now.

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Aww why not?

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What? I lost you. I just pulled up the interweb on my moms ithingy so I can edit it and remove your name thingy

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Finished with both

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Name info:

+ First name: Lucas
+ Middle name: Nathan
+ Last name: Black
+ Nicknames: Luke, Nathe, LB, Nerdy, Books, Goody, Eye Candy, and sometime for unknown reasons Ryan
Birth info:

> Age: 19
> Birth day: April 24, 1994
> Zodiac sign: ♉️
€ Gender: Male
€ Likes: N
Hearts and flowers
€ Dislikes:
Anything else
€ Strengths: snow
€ Weaknesses: rain
€ Powers:
€ love affairs: none
Appearance info:

* Image:

*eyes: Blue
*hair: brunette
*height: 7' 8"
*weight: 100 lbs
Relationships info:

£ Family-
~ Mother: Gretchen Black
~ Father: Greg Black
~ Siblings: none

£ Crush: none

£ relationship status: single



+ As a baby: He was always crawling around

+ As a small child: he would ask too many questions

+ As a pre-teen: he had been a school freak

+ As a teen: he is always the nice one

+ As a adult: TBA

+ As a senior: TBA


Anything else they need to know:

- Other: none
Face claim: Zac Efron

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it made me laugh

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What did? :)

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the likes XD

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You need powers and nickname

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Thank you

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No problem

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1309 comments Mod
Name: Richard Truelove

Nickname: Richie



History: His stories one of the tragic ones. He was kidnapped and abused. Beaten up, punched, kicked when he was down, starved and cuffed to walls. When he was able to escape. He went straight home to his pack only to find his parents dead and his evil uncle was the alpha. Instead of being welcomed home, he was kicked out of the pack. He vowed to take revenge from his kidnappers then made another vow to retrieve his money and his alpha status.

Family: Deceased.

Powers: shifting into a wolf, controlling the four elements and poisoning vampires with his bite. Superspeed, super hearing and super strength but not stronger or faster than a vampire.

Other: -

Likes: -tattoos and piercings, has more than a few himself.
-rock music

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