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The Nile: A Journey Wilkinson

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message 1: by Betty (new)

Betty (olderthan18) | 617 comments One learns about the great historical changes in the life along the river, including art and archaeology from millennia ago preserved in the sand and engraved on the rock. Earliest period prior to the pharaonic dynasties, moving forward in time through the Ptolemies,the Romans, and the Arabs by geographical sections of the Nile, beginning in Aswan with the dams, then to Thebes and Luxor, and northward. Brings to life the eastern and western areas beside the River as well as the forgotten evidence of ancient peoples and unrecognized explorers.

message 2: by Betty (new)

Betty (olderthan18) | 617 comments The story continues into middle Egypt then into Cairo, always comparing the past in those regions with the present.

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