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Post some scary stories for everyone to read.

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It was Halloween night in 2004 and a young boy was being picked on by his brother and some older kids from school. They dared the young boy to go into the graveyard at midnight with a bunch of garlands and place one on each of the gravestones. Not wanting them to think he was a coward, the young boy accepted the challenge. It was a moonless night and the inside of the cemetery was pitch black. The rusty gates of the cemetery opened with a creak and the boy cautiously entered. He looks at his watch. It was midnight. The witching hour. Clutching the garlands tightly, he made his way to the middle of the graveyard. He was shaking with fear, but he tried to steady his nerves. He was afraid that if he returned without completing the task, the older boys would laugh at him. Moving slowly through the cemetery, he got the distinct feeling that someone or something was watching him. Finally, he managed to place each garland on a gravestone and his task was complete. “Well,that’s all of them”, he whispered to himself. Just then, he felt a cold hand on his shoulder as a voice hissed “You forgot mine.”

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 19 comments .. Not really..

Veronica (In love with Patch No Logic Needed) Nice story babe;)
I am shaking.
Happy Halloween love.

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Haha I found it online. Not scary I just posted a short one :p

Veronica (In love with Patch No Logic Needed) Hahaha alright
Well you have me shaking;)

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Haha I love u crazy;)

Veronica (In love with Patch No Logic Needed) Love you too you loon;)

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Nate  | 144 comments Shadows

They had met on this same street corner for what seemed like a million times in the past. Yet something was very different tonight. There was a change in the atmosphere as if it were an unseen entity all of its own. Avery checked his watch by the light of the street lamp that hovered above him. An elongated shadow was cast down onto the asphalt in front of him. At first he paid little attention to it as he viewed the time then glanced up the street to see if there were any sign of her; He let his arm drop abruptly with a frustrated huff. Yet the shadows reaction was delayed. Avery cast a skeptical look onto the ground and lifted his arm. The Shadow too lifted its arm. Avery made several various movements and the shadow kept time with him. They seemed to be in sync. He shook his head. “My mind must be playing tricks on me” he thought to himself.

He began to pace impatiently and at one point he missed stepped, stumbled and nearly fell on his face. As he righted himself a movement caught his attention. Avery blinked hard several times, he couldn’t have seen what he thought he had. He could have sworn that the shadow had just pointed at him and doubled over as if in a fit of laughter.

Avery took a seat on the curb, checking in the direction she would be coming every few minutes. It wasn’t like her to be late. In his boredom he began to test his shadow again, the shadow followed all his movements fluently. He started to make shadow puppets with his hands. He looked around as he realized what a sight this must be to anyone who happens by; A grown man sitting on a curb in the middle of the night putting on a shadow puppet show for himself. However there wasn’t another soul on the street. Or so he thought. With his conscious clear of what anyone might think he continued with his puppet show.

He made various animal shapes and bounced them around on the street in front of him. He laughed out at the absurdity of his childish entertainment and dropped his hands. However the shadow did not drop its hands. Avery stood bolt upright staring down at the shadow of himself…or what he thought was himself. “How can this be?”

He started to step back away from the shadow but the shadow reached out and grabbed his ankle. Avery looked down at his ankle there was nothing there and yet he was caught in a vise grip, unable to move. Suddenly the shadow seem to unfold from its flat one dimensional shape and rise to full size three dimensional black vapor like being. The force of this creature was unimaginable as it picked Avery up by the ankle and held him hovering upside down and swung him back and forth like pendulum. Then without warning it flung him against the side of a brick wall several feet away. Avery’s body was rocked with pain, but the shadow was slithering towards him. He tried to crawl away but once again he was caught in the grip of the malevolent misfit. Avery’s out stretched hands searched for anything to grab hold of in an attempt to evade this creature. His hand seized hold of something cold, firm yet fleshy. The beast continued to pull Avery and as it pulled Avery closer the identity of the item he clenched onto was revealed.

Her blank unseeing eyes stared at him and trickle of blood dripped from her ear. Avery screamed and let go of his mistress. He was swung and tossed like a discus in a track and field event. Cold air rushed past him, then his body hit something with a thunderous crash. . . the world went dark.

Sometimes it is the very shadows themselves we need to fear.

©Nate farren

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The last man in the world was sitting in a room. He heard a knock on the door.

I didn't write it, but I think it's creepy!

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 19 comments Nate wrote: "Shadows

They had met on this same street corner for what seemed like a million times in the past. Yet something was very different tonight. There was a change in the atmosphere as if it were an ..."

I liked that one.

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Nate  | 144 comments thanks

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