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Isabella Isabella Oct 30, 2014 09:32PM
Why would jack talk to julian and the other gang behind August's back.

Because Jack wanted to sound cool
infront of Julian and the rest.

Just an outburst of worries, fears and feelings.

Because he didnt want Julian to be mean to him

Maybe because jack just had to let out his feelings

Because August has a weird face and people in the school don't think he is normal and is not worthy to be their friend, by the way, Jack only did it because he was Julian's friend back then and he didn't want to sound like a dumbo in front of the most popular guy in the school.

I think because was just annoyed at being ignored or bullied.

Cause Jack doesn't want the popular kids to know that Jack likes to hang out with August

He wanted to be cool.

maybe because he wanted to become popular


Because they find August weird.

Because Jack wanted to sound call infront of Julian and the rest.

He didn't know it was august because he thought he was coming in as boba fett. I think Jack said it because if he hadn't maybe he would get bullied be julian for not thinking what he thinks.

Of course because Auggie is weird!

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Jacobj What do you mean august is weird
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