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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments After getting his small bag of clothing put away in his huge new room Nik was already going stir crazy, he could not believe the extravagance his mother insisted on. "How am I supposed to live in this huge room alone?" He said to himself, ready to be home in South Korea, missing the small apartment he shared with his band/room mates. Nik hated that his parents had forced him to come here, he'd finally found a place he belonged, finally been accepted and was happy, when they'd contacted him and forced him to agree to attending school in hopes the school would "fix" his problem. "Hmph, 'fix' my problems," he muttered to himself as he pulled his hood up over his head and headed out in search of the music room he'd heard about. Studying the map of the school he'd been given at check in he headed down the hall paying no attention to his surroundings. After absentmindedly wandering and periodically checking the map, he opened yet another door ready for it again to be wrong, as he peered into the room he smiled, "finally!" Flipping the switch Nik grinned as he looked around the room, "Nice," he said, "well equipped, I guess this school is not hurting for money." Seeing the music cabinet Nik opened it up and foraged around until he found a pencil and staff paper, then headed over to the piano. Sitting down Nik was very excited to have found a place to write, he'd had a new song rolling around in his head for days now. As he opened the piano and began to play Nik was quickly lost in the music.

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Suiko had finally finished putting up her posters, setting up her ridiculous amounts of merchandise, and spreading her boy band love over the shared part of her apartment, though she had no idea if her roommate would like that her not. Wandering down the hallway she didn't bother with a map, losing her tracks fairly quickly. Just as she realized that she was completely lost she heard music, nothing she'd ever heard before, quiet, almost wistful. Opening doors trying to find the source she swung a thick wooden door open to reveal what had to be the center of the music she was hearing, since of course that was what the room was for. Her entranced wasn't exactly silent as the door bounced back from the wall with a bang and closed again, but the platinum haired boy sitting at the grand piano didn't seem to notice. He continued to play as she inched closer, listening intently to the sweet sounds coming from the instrument. Just as she passed a shelf on the wall that held a- well an unfamiliar something or other that made noise, she lost her balance, grabbing the shelf with the whatever it was, making it come crashing down on top of her.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Nik sat at the piano playing and writing alternately, after several minutes of struggling with one section it had just come together when someone banged loudly on the door. Nik ignored the interruption hoping whomever it was would just go away and let him play. Going back to the beginning of what he'd already written Nik was playing through it again when the shock of an entire wall of instruments coming down made him jump knocking the bench he was on flying. Barely catching his balance he uttered several Russian curse words, before righting the bench and looking around the room to see what had caused the racket. As his eyes scanned the room he found the center of the destruction buried in a pile of instruments. Chuckling at the very startled looking girl buried under instruments, Nik walked over to where she was buried and clicking his tongue he asked, "Do you have any idea how much these are worth?" Then smiling at the stunned looking girl he said, "oh that will not do," and offering his hand he added, "I guess I must help you out from under this mess." When the stunned girl made no move to take his hand he tried offering his help in his most recently acquired Korean, she looked Japanese but she obviously didn't speak English and he most definitely did not speak Japanese so it was of course worth a try.

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Recognizing the language immediately Suiko brightened just a bit, though she was still covered in instruments. In broken Korean, and a few Japanese and English words to replace the ones she wasn't sure about, she told him she had no idea how much they were worth, then promptly apologized in all three languages. The boy was cute, almost feminine in appearance, but had just enough muscle and just enough of a boyish face to make it obvious he was male. He looked rather familiar, but she couldn't put her finger on it, and what was a white boy doing speaking Korean, and speaking it well no less. She studied his face for another few seconds as she waited for him to respond, just then she was sure she recognized him, but what would someone like him be doing in a school like this?

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Nik laughed as he helped the girl up, "Well it's worth a fortune," he explained in Korean, which she seemed to understand better than english. "More than I make in a year," Nik added as he began to clean up the mess. Suddenly realizing she was staring at him, Nik blushed and introduced himself as Nikolai Romanov. Still speaking in Korean which seemed to be the best fit, although she kept adding in words in Japanese and English which Nik found strange. While Nik cleaned up the mess he wondered why the girl kept staring at him. Finally he smiled at her and asked still in Korean, "So what brings you to Supernatural University? I hear we are all supernatural beings most in need of some type of help." he said rolling his eyes.

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After listening to him once again Suiko realized he had asked her a question, she answered him hastily in Japanese before trying to find the words in either of the languages that seemed to be somewhat common between them. "Uhm- yes-" she said quietly in English before switching back to Korean, "I don't- I'm not sure-" she searched for the right words as she tried to decipher what he was saying, "Oh!" She grinned once she understood and shook her head, her fox ears slowly peeking up from within her hair and her tails coming out from behind her, twitching slowly back and forth, more like a cat than a fox. In English she tried to make her answer as direct as possible, "I am a Kitsune, Hayashi Suiko, and you are Valentin Ai-chan! Er- Valentin-san, not Nikolai Ro-Romanov sorry." She gave a polite bow before looking away nervously, hopefully she was right in her assumption, otherwise she would be making herself look even more idiotic. As an embarrassed picture of herself being faced with her mistake appeared in her mind she felt a soft blush creep up from her neck and into her cheeks, though she hoped Ai, or Nikolai, or whoever he was, didn't notice.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Nik worked on cleaning the rest of the mess up while he nervously waited for the girls response, "Good job Nik, way to make a fool of yourself, asking such personal questions when you don't even know someones name." he muttered to himself quietly in Russian. After a few minutes of awkward silence the girl began to stammer an answer, strangely enough in broken English, then switching between Japanese and Korean. Turning toward the girl after placing more things on the shelf he nervously looked at her, uncomfortably rubbing his neck, he tried in vain to find something to say, ugh... why are pretty girls so hard to talk to... Nik was pulled from his thoughts when she answered him in English, and he excitedly said "You speak English?!" before quickly realizing what she'd said... when the sudden realization hit him, he looked at her stunned, and stammered, "Valentin Ai? How do you know my name, uh I uh that name? I mean uh, why would you call me that? I'm... I'm uh... uh... Nikolai Romanov, I'm uh... from Russia... I'm here cause my fathers family wants me to learn to use my magic..." Looking down nervously, he kicked a stick that he still hadn't picked up, as he said, "Awe, please don't bow, I'm just... I'm nobody..." Nik blushed deeply, why was singing in front of thousands of screaming fans so much easier than talking to one pretty girl? "Uh, Kitsune?" he asked before realizing the girl had fox ears and a tail... "So... shapeshifter?" Looking at the girl he again said, "please stop bowing and staring, really I'm just a guy, who sings... with other guys..."

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Standing straight when she was told not to bow Suiko's slight blush turned into full blown redness as she realized just how correct she was. "Right! I was right!" Suiko did an awkward second long dance before turning smile back onto Nik. "You're like me! Well close anyway, a little. . ." she trailed off in Japanese before switching languages again. "Just a guy? You're a lot more than that! I mean really- I couldn't do it- up in front of all those people!" Her words were all in English, in fact they were all pronounced correctly for the most part, but each sounded unfamiliar coming from the girl. She almost corrected him after he said something about her being a shapeshifter, but decided against it since it was close enough.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Nik raised an eyebrow and watched her reaction to discovering she'd been right about his identity. Amused, and curious, he decided not to comment on her rather interesting dance moves. Realizing how quickly she called him out Nik thought "Damn, I should have stuck to Russian, the Korean definitely gave me up. Then smiling he said politely in Korean, "Well I am definitely not a fox, but if you mean not quite human, then, that is definitely the case, I think that's a given for anyone at this school isn't it Hayashi." then adding more quietly, "I thought that would make this whole hiding thing much easier though." Nik blushed bright red as the girl carried on about his work, saying in English, when she was done, "Really, I am just a guy, nothing special, nothing big, I just happen to have a talent for singing, one that sadly is a bit of an embarrassment to my father and his family." When she slowed down a bit he smiled awkwardly and said, "Your, uh, English, it's very good, Hayashi Suiko, it is very nice to meet you, but I must beg you to keep my secret, here I am Nikolai Romanov, a struggling warlock, whose family sent here to learn magic not music."

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Brightening at the compliment Suiko nodded, "It is nice to meet you too! And my English is far better than my Korean." She let out a short and somewhat awkward giggle before actually laughing at his next comment, "I would keep to something other than Korean of you don't want to get noticed, it's a bit of a giveaway." She gave him a short smirk, folding her hands over each other a few times as she try to make herself seen less nervous. "Of course you don't need to learn music, it's already pretty magical- Wait, ignore that, and I think I'll shut up before I say anything more humiliating than that."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Nik smiled at her and said, "English it is then." A little embarrassed Nik said, "I'd never really expected to meet anyone in this part of the world who could speak or understand any Korean, much less anyone who would have heard me perform. I guess I just assumed I'd stay incognito, guess my cover wasn't very good though I didn't even make it a whole day before I was found out." Still knocking the drum stick around with his foot nervously, Nik started suddenly at her sweet comment about his music and stepping wrong the stick rolled under his foot and he fell rather ungracefully to the floor as she was saying, "Wait, ignore that, and I think I'll shut up before I say anything more humiliating than that." Sitting there on the floor looking up at the pretty girl his face burned scarlet. Nik would never understand how he could be so cool onstage and such a complete idiot in real life. Wishing he could just melt into the floor now, Nik shook his head expecting Hayashi to laugh at him and leave any second.

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Nik seemed to be just as unsure as Suiko was, he was always so well kept together on state, but in person he really was just a nice, somewhat normal, guy. Thoughts were running through her head as her slight ADD kicked in, but they came to a complete halt when Nik slipped and fell to the ground with a low thump. "Oh!" She jumped back an inch or two and laughed quietly, trying to hide the fact that she thought it was funny, since she also thought it was completely adorable. "A-are you okay?" She asked, bending her knees so that she would be eye level with him.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Embarrassed, Nik again wished he could just sink into the floor as the she stifled a laugh. Good job Nik, way to be smooth. he thought to himself. All he could do was laugh at his own awkwardness, as he looked at the pretty girl stooped down in front of him he suddenly began to laugh nervously, just a little at first, then more so. Finally smiling at her he said, "Not quite the charming prince you imagined I'd be huh." As he got up he added with a grin "I guess I'm more of the awkward clueless court jester... who can sing." Standing there foolishly Nik searched for something smooth or cool to say in order to try and salvage his reputation in her eyes, but being without a script everything just came out lame. "Maybe I should stick to writing music," Nik said under his breath. Then smiling at her in a attempt to not look stupid, he said, "Guess I should pick up the rest of this mess before you know I uh fall down again." Nope he thought defiantly not smooth. as he began picking up the rest of the fallen equipment.

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Suiko giggled again, he did indeed look like prince charming, except of course when he was in an awkward heap on the floor. "The court wouldn't be any fun without the jester." She smirked, and beginning to help Nik pick up the rest of the mess she reached for a small instrument that looked completely out of place with the others, "I'm pretty sure this looks more like something used for torture rather than music." She shook her head with a chuckle and put it back on the shelf where it fell from, "As long as you keep writing piano music, and not music for whatever that was."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Nik blushed red, as Suiko giggled at him. Deciding there was nothing left of his dignity he gave up trying to be cool and laughing at her comment said, "Well then my court must defiantly be fun." As they picked up the rest of the equipment, and chatted, Nik snorted when Suiko called the instrument a torture device. "You can count on it Suiko, I'll stick to Piano. I wouldn't have a clue how to even play that." When they were finished cleaning Nik wandered over to the piano and started to gather up his music, then turning to the girl asked, "So I guess you know my hobby is writing and well it pays off pretty well. Do you have any hobbies Suiko?"

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Suiko held back a bit, letting Nik gather his sheets of music without her breathing down his neck, but she was surprised when he asked about her hobbies. She could tell him that she had a habit of keeping every fact she could find about many of the bands she liked, including some facts that should probably be kept under wraps, like the cute white boy leader from JDXI being a struggling warlock. Of course the fact that she practically cyberstalked some of these guys would probably be way too creepy for Nik's taste, and she wanted to look at least a little normal for as long as possible. She fingered pearl on her necklace as she answered him with something that was technically not a lie, "I'm really into music myself, though I haven't actually learned how to play, I lead several groups that promote already famous, and up and coming, bands, mostly in Japan and Korea." She neglected to mention that most of the time all these groups did was fangirl over how adorable a new music video was, make bad graphics for every member of their favorite band, then fangirl some more.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments As he put all the music in a folder he found in the cabinet Nik heard Suiko pause as if at a loss for words. Great, good job Nik, get too personal right away, way to make the girl comfortable. He chided himself as he put the folder in his bag. About to put the bag over his shoulder and try to quietly leave before he said anything else stupid, she finally spoke. "I'm really into music myself, though I haven't actually learned how to play, I lead several groups that promote already famous, and up and coming, bands, mostly in Japan and Korea." Smiling politely he said, "So like street teams? Like they have in the United States? Is it fun?" He said before realizing what she must mean, then blushing he stuttered, "Well... I uh... I guess it's important... all of us in the industry need our... uh... well I guess fans... to be out promoting our uh... music right?" Quickly changing the subject he added "Why haven't you learned?"

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Suiko smiled brightly and nodded, street teams were close enough to what she did, the majority of them did basically the same thing, though there were a few serious ones. "Learned music? Well- I've never had anyone teach me, I spent most of secondary school hiding in corners trying to make sure no one noticed I had tails, so I didn't really have time to do much else." She adjusted her large brown glasses and glanced down at the tail that was currently trying to wrap itself around her waste, sometimes they really seemed to completely govern themselves. She pushed it away, running her fingers through the soft fur almost nervously.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments "Why hiding?" Nik asked. "Aren't Kitsune revered in your country?" He added with a questioning look. Nik watched Suiko run her hands through her tail and was suddenly struck with a deep desire to touch it. Watching her absentmindly run her hands through the luxurious fur made him turn a deep scarlet as his thoughts quickly went to a place he knew they should not be. Trying to regain his composure Nik looked at the floor and running his hand nervously through his hair he stammered, "W-w-why would you hide your tails... or your ears? They are lovely." Then searching for a life preserver out of the awkwardness he'd just created he latched on to the one thing he was good at, music. "I could teach you!" He suggested probably way to enthusiastically. Realizing how that sounded he ran his fingers through his hair again and kicking his toe on the ground nervously added. "What I meant was, if you are interested in learning to play piano I'd be glad to help you out."

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"Technically yes, but if people really new something other humans existed there would be problems. I mean using magic as a bedtime story for kids and actually believing it exists are very different things." Still running her hands through her tail's fur Suiko blushed when he mentioned it, immediately letting it go and pushing it behind her. "Thank-" She started, but was interrupted by his offer. Her face lit up as she nodded excitedly, She waited for him to finish and answered, "I would love that!"

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments "Hmmm," Nik said, "I guess I never really thought about it that way." Thinking about how humans coexisted with his families people he decided it made sense. The humans in the villages near his home knew full well the Veela and Warlocks existed and knew to give them a wide berth, but the farther away from his home you went the more the legends and stories became just that legends and stories, things no one actually believed. Looking at her he smiled and very sincerely said, "I'm sorry that you were not allowed to be yourself at school, being forced to be someone you are not is very difficult indeed." Difficult to say the least. Nik thought to himself. "I do hope at least your close friends know who you really are and appreciate your beauty and uniqueness." he said blushing as he said it and looking mostly at the floor. Changing the subject before he made a complete fool of himself he said quickly, "So... Uh... Yeah... about those lessons... When do you want to start?" Wondering if this adorable girl was just waiting for an escape route he added hastily, "It doesn't have to be today, you know, if you are, well, busy, or have other plans."

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Beauty? Did Ai Valentin just call her pretty? Suiko tried her best to keep the redness out of her cheeks as she answered with a chuckle, "Well my sister did anyway, that's the only friend I have close enough to know what I am. Though I guess you do too, now anyway." She felt blush settle as he stuttered, looking for the right words. As a smile spread across her face she tilted her head, trying not to look to eager, "Whenever, I'm rarely actually busy, so we can start whenever you have the off time."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Nik smiled when she mentioned her sister. "I would have loved to have had a sibling but my parents stopped after me." When she told him no one else but her family knew what she was he was a bit shocked, how much of her life had this poor girl had to hide. Looking into her eyes he sincerely said, "I will keep your secret Suiko, I promise." As Nik waited for her answer he wondered how long she'd be able to put up with his awkwardness. Nik often found himself wishing he had the skills other guys did when it came to talking to girls. He was ready for her rejection and thus when she answered him he immediately said, "Well, ok, I guess, I understand, a girl like you must be busy all the time...." Suddenly realizing what he'd just done Nik looked at the little Kitsune and smiled saying, "wait, did you say you want lessons?" then asking with a bewildered smile, "Did you mean you can start immediately?"

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With another subtle giggle Suiko shrugged, "Aimi always says couples stop once they hit perfection, that's why she's the youngest, so I guess being an only child isn't too bad." When he answered with something that was completely different from what she'd mentioned before she was about to shake her head and interrupt, but he figured it out just in time. "Yes! Yes I can!"

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Nik laughed nervously, he'd always figured they'd stopped after the first mistake afraid of what might come next. What could be worse than a male veela. He shook his head slightly ashamed again for his complete lack of skills as a warlock and in sadness that his father would never appreciate what he was so magically naturally good at. His mother always said there was something special about him something their family would never understand, it was why she supported his work with JDXI something his father would never approve of.
Embarrassed at his own mistake and confusion Nik was slightly stunned that the pretty girl was still in the same room with him, he guessed it was just the celebrity thing, figured as soon as the novelty wore off she'd get bored of his awkwardness and decide he was lame. Deciding to be optimistic for now though Nik walked back over to the piano and placing new blank staff paper on it he said, "So where do you need to start? Can you read music? Do you know any scales?" As he sat down leaving room on the piano bench he smiled at her and patted the seat beside him. Taking a deep breath he hoped he didn't smell bad and that he wouldn't panic when she sat so close and end up looking like the moron he felt like he was. Waiting for her to come over and sit down felt like an eternity every moment he expected the pretty thing to change her mind and walk away.

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His question went right over her head when she realized how close she'd have to sit to him for them both to fit on the small bench, it's not that she minded she just wasn't completely sure she could concentrate on music when he was right next to her. Mentally pushing down a completely uncalled for blush, as well actually pushing one of her tails behind her again, and walked over and sat lightly next to him. There arms brushed gently and sucked her own arms closer, setting her hands in her lap awkwardly. "Oh! Uhm- No I haven't, I mean don't. I know where middle C is, but that's the extent of my vast knowledge." she tried to cover her embarrassment with a bit of sarcasm, but she was pretty sure it was only slightly working.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Nik sat nervously as the pretty girl approached the bench and carefully sat on it trying not to touch him. He couldn't blame her, he was so awkward why would she want to be near him, when their arms briefly touched he felt warm all over but she jumped and pulled away immediately reminding him of just how undesirable he'd always felt he was. Honored the girl would give him the time of day much less allow him near her to teach her he counted his blessings and stuttered, as he took the pencil and began to write on the staff paper, "Ok so middle 'C' as you know is the middle key," reaching for her hand he placed it lightly onto middle C touching her as briefly as possible, "Then if you work your way up and down the keys they are D, E, F..." He went on to explain the major and minor scales and started to write some beginner music for her to learn to play. Feeling her warmth next to him was extremely distracting and Nik kept losing track of what he was saying which made him sound quite the fool, he tried to play it off as much as possible, as Suiko's tails seemed to have minds of their own one of them creeped up around his waist and he longed to reach out to touch it, turning red he tried again to ignore the closeness of the beautiful kitsune and concentrated on the music he was teaching her. Wishing the lesson could go on forever the time quickly flew by and Nik suddenly realized the room seemed to be getting darker. His phone chirped with the ringtone he knew very well as his managers tone for third time in the last hour and he again ignored it by pressing the silence button as he smiled at Suiko and said, "very good, you learn quickly."

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Throughout most of the lesson Suiko found herself mentally fighting with her tails to stay behind her, but instead they rested behind Nik almost the entire time, once or twice actually trying to curl around his waist, to which Suiko apologized with a slight blush each time. She tried her best to pay attention and retain everything thing he was explaining, though some of it just went right over her head as he said it. After about an hour and a half of listening to his smooth voice, nodding and answering at the appropriate times, she gave him a bright grin when he complimented her, but felt a heated blush come on when she realized that one of her tails had just felt its way from the back of his neck down. "Oh!" She covered the surprised and embarrassed look on her face and glanced at him, hoping he wouldn't think the action was creepy, or her fault.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Nik hoped as the lesson progressed that the pretty Suiko would not realize just how awkward he felt as he tried to be cool. He wrote out new music for her to learn and walked her through scales and such. Hypersensitive to her tails which seemed to remain directly behind him at all times during the lesson. Nick blushed and smiled each time Suiko apologized rather awkwardly for her tails which apparently had a mind of their own, sitting up rather straighter than he meant too when one of them traced up his back and neck. Distracted beyond reason Nick had to choke down his feelings toward this girl and the desire he had to caress her tails and kiss her more than once when her tails inexplicably ran down his back or touched him. After just over an hour the lesson concluded and he gave her some extra music to practice. Stuttering as again her tail ran down his back, and he shuddered ever so slightly. Hoping Sukio did not realize the effect she had one him as she might think him a bit of a pervert if she realized just how much her tails caress turned him on. After the lesson he gave her the music he'd written and and prepared a new folder for her. Walking her through what she needed to practice he closed the folder and made arrangements to meet in this very same room in just a few days. As they wrapped it up he struggled for a way to spend more time with the adorable Kitsune as his phone rang out with several more texts by the tone from his manager. He ignored his manager and what sounded like possibly his mother as he helped her to pack up. Smiling at he pretty little kitsune he asked awkwardly, "So... Suiko do you want to do more lessons?" Hoping he did not look or sound the hopeful fool he added, "I have to return to South Korea for a few days this week but if you would like we can meet again on Friday when I return... same time... is that ok?"

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((Woman you need to post when you're drunk more often ohmyfreaking hahahaha))

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Suiko pulled a shiny blue pen with a pink and purple plushy sticking out from the top from her beige messenger bag, as well as a matching purple notebook. In pink ink she wrote exactly what Nik gave her to practice and slipped the music in between the pages of the notebook before pushing it back into her normal looking bag, which seemed so boring compared to what she was putting into it. "Of- I mean- uhm- yes, yes I do, when you get back of course." She pushed the strap under her scarf and adjusted her glasses. "Same Bat time, same bat channel." she smiled, though in her mind she hoped he didn't think she was too much of a dork.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Nik grinned at the cute colorful things she kept pulling out of her bag. Used to being only around other idols he found Suiko absolutely delightful, refreshing and real. As he watched her take notes in pink and purple he could not help but grin. He was excited but nervous when he asked her if she wanted more lessons, letting out a sigh of relief when she rather nervously answered to the affirmative. Nik laughed when Suiko looked at him and said "Same Bat time, same bat channel." grinning at the adorable kitsune he said "Definitely." Then helping her gather her stuff up and hitting the power button on his phone to shut it up, Nik offered to carry her bag as he asked, "Are you headed back to your apartment or would you like to go grab a bite to eat, maybe coffee, or tea, or uh, well, uh, what do kitsune's like to eat?" Nik blushed a deep red as he stuttered, and feeling like a fool, he started kicking at the floor as he stared at his feet. Nik wished as he stared at his feet that he knew how to be suave and confident but all he really knew was how to sing, dance, he'd always hidden behind his talent, never learning how to socialize. Hoping she did not think him as lame and awkward as he felt, he hoped she'd agree to stay with him longer.

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What do they like to eat? Suiko had trouble not giggling as she answered, though she probably should have said salad or something girly like that she immediately said "Pizza!" she blushed slightly, realizing that it might seem weird. "I mean, there wasn't really any really good pizza places where I lived before, but I've heard there's one in town that's really good, if you like that kind of thing, if you don't I'm really good with whatever, I'll eat anything, er- not anything, but most things." her words were quick, and much more nervous sounding now that they were actually looking at each other and not the piano in front of them.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments As Nik watched the pretty little thing waiting for her answer he tried to act normal. Grinning when she answered, pizza and talked about the place in town she'd heard of. "I.. uh... I have uh heard it's good as well," he said looking down at his feet and blushing profusely, "W-w-w would you like to go, maybe, uh, try it out, uh like, maybe, with me you know... tonight, or well sometime maybe when you are not too busy?" Nik tried so hard to be cool but every time she looked him in the eye he lost all ability to speak. "Why," he thought to himself, "Why am I such a loser?" Bracing himself for the expected rejection and laughter he prayed she'd at least let him down easy and wait until he was not present to make fun of him. "Looks like another night of frozen dinner alone Nik," he thought to himself as he waited for what he knew would be her negative response. Why could he not be as smooth with girls as he was on a stage Nik wondered for not the first time...

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Suiko grinned from ear to ear, it might not have been a date that Nik was asking her on, but it sure seemed like one! "Tonight would be great? I don't have any plans, or whatever else, I have some homework, but I don't have any morning classes tomorrow so I can get it done then." she slid her bag over her arm and nodded toward the door. "I'm gonna drop my stuff off in my dorm, I'll meet you out front of the girl's building!" without waiting for an answer or him to change his mind she gave him a slight bow and rushed out of the room, blushing furiously.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Nik stood there stunned for several seconds after she'd left, before regaining his senses and realizing she'd actually said yes. Breaking into a quick set of dance moves from his favorite new choreography he spun around in celebration before heading down the hall. Realizing he'd had several calls from his manager he decided he'd better call him back before the man flew out here personally.

~*~ END SCENE ~*~

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