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Triston rosario (hashbrowns_sausage) | 10 comments Kendrick was taking a stroll in the forest and he walked upon a beautiful green field. He walked around looking at the grass picking up some strands of grass that he found more pleasing than others, on occasion chewing them and spitting them out.Kendrick sat on his bum and sat in the scenery.

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Adrian woke with a freight, "Wha...wha...wha" She looked around for the noise that startled her awake. Adrian jumped from her spot at the base of the tree to get a better view and noticed a boy far out to her left. "You should be more careful about who you spook." She called.

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Triston rosario (hashbrowns_sausage) | 10 comments "On the contrary you should be careful where you lay."Kendrick smiled."I'm Kendrick and you are?"Kendrick walked to the girl. He could tell she was not the dull pencil in the box. Kendrick stood next to her and examined her, and took the piece off grass out of his mouth and threw on to the ground.

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Adrian frowned, "Why are you looking at me like that?" She instinctively felt self conscious. She had only been in human form a couple of times in her life; certainly she couldn't look to abnormal. "and I am always careful...well most of the time."

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Triston rosario (hashbrowns_sausage) | 10 comments "I just glanced at you its not like i'm staring you down...well i guess I kind of am, my bad." Kendrick laughed."So whats your name? Oh by the way you don't look bad you are pretty, don't be ashamed of that."

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"Um thanks I guess." She didn't really know what to say Kendrick. He seemed kind of blunt but she couldn't really be mean. No one had called her pretty before. Actually she had only met a handful of humans. "Adrian," She replied to his question, "my name."

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Triston rosario (hashbrowns_sausage) | 10 comments "Hello, Adrian so why did you come to this school out of all the other schools in the world?"Kendrick sat across from her hoping that she wouldn't get freaked out or uncomfortable.

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Adrian scooted across the warm grass to get a better view of this human. Her curiosity seemed to be getting the best of her. She reached out a finger and poked his cheek. A smile formed as she thought about how crazy everything seemed. "This is the only school I know about. Is there more?" She tilted her head in a questioning gaze.

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Triston rosario (hashbrowns_sausage) | 10 comments Kendrick laughed."There is more schools but not any like this one." Kendrick snapped."Hello, You there."Kendrick wandered what Adrian was and why she acts so clueless, maybe she was. "What are you, and how old are you.No offense." Kendrick started making grass angels.

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Adrian shrugged shyly, "You don't want to know." She stared at this strange human. It looked as if something was wrong with the grass. "I am 21. What about you?" She asked as she watched him continue his grass angels, though she didn't know they were called grass angels.

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Triston rosario (hashbrowns_sausage) | 10 comments "I'm 21"Kendrick started rolling and doing grass angels at the same time."Come on, join me, its fun" Kendrick had a smile on his face as he rolled in pleasure. Kendrick got a grass stain on his pants but he didn't care, he was having a great time acting like a child since he didn't have a childhood to act like this.

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"I don't think I want to do that but thanks." She threw an apologetic smile his way. If all humans where like this than she understood why people were so scared of her. Stupidity must be in the genes, though she would not say anything out loud. She wiped away a curl that had blown into her eyes as she stood up.

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Triston rosario (hashbrowns_sausage) | 10 comments "Hey are you hungry."blllluuurrrr! Kendrick's stomach growled.He was extremely hungry, a deer would fill him up though. "What type of food do you like?" Kendrick stood up and brushed the grass off of his body.

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"I am not sure," She shrugged. The only thing she had tasted was fish. living under water didn't give much of a variety of food. "But I am willing to try anything. I haven't eaten in 63 hours." She told him.

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Triston rosario (hashbrowns_sausage) | 10 comments "Okay great!!!Lets eat then i have to go and register a dorm room. Do you want to come with me?" Kendrick leaned on the tree and gave Adrian the smolder then started laughing like never before.

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She wondered what was so funny but decided not to ask. "I think I will go and find my dorm first before I eat. I am not that hungry." Adrian told him. She brushed off her pants as she began to walk away from Kendrick and to the main office.

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Triston rosario (hashbrowns_sausage) | 10 comments "Bye, it was nice meeting you"Kendrick yelled across the clearing. Kendrick shifted into his dragon form and gracefully flew into the sky to the office.

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~End Of Scene~

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments "I just," Roxie sniffed the air and looked around, like an animal after it realized it was caught, "Roxie quietly listened to the air around them, suddenly the hair stood up on her neck again but she was also nearly frozen in place, as he spoke to her, not with words like a normal man but with his mind. As Roxie's eyes widened in fear she whispered to her friend who was suddenly pulling aways from her, "Fawn, listen, I can fly, don't forget, watch me close and hold on tight." Terrified Roxie realized Fawn was not listening to her but walking into the arms of the waiting predator.


Darius waited and watched, and after hours of stalking the girls he felt he was about to reap the rewards. Smiling at the lovely sleepy little brunette he spoke directly into her mind as he beckoned her toward him. Working to convince her that he was not a threat, offering her a place of rest and peace, "Yes, my dearest precious child," he spoke into her mind, "Come to me, willingly, offer yourself dearest child and I promise you, you will learn the true meaning of your existence, I will teach you to properly speak to your plants and trees you will never harm them again, just come to me. Offer yourself to me. I promise to show you the truth."

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments The sweet nymph continued to yawn and trudge along the path, simply wishing to turn into a tree and call it a night. She definitely wouldn't have any alcohol next time.

"I just," Roxie began, but her words fell on deaf ears. The woodland creature was already listening to another. She didn't know who... maybe a tree? They did communicate similarly, but this was different... it was a man's voice, gentle and seductive. Ever a curious girl, she listened to the voice as best she could, allowing it to fill her. She was hardly aware where her feet were leading her, but she trusted them to lead her to where she needed to be.
"... you will learn the true meaning of your existence... properly speak to your plants and trees... never harm them again... Offer yourself to me... show you the truth." The voice called to her like a siren.

Who are you? She wondered, Please help me... can you help my friend too? She trusted the words blindly, following the path which his will made her follow.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments In a panic Roxie looked around, "Who are you talking to Fawn," she said but her little friend just walked away mumbling incoherently. "FAWN!" she called again and then she saw him, he'd stepped from the shadows so silently she barely noticed but she immediately knew he was the man she'd sensed before. Roxie started to scream but barely a sound had left her throat before his hand was around Fawn's little neck and he was speaking into Roxie's mind, telling her to be calm, explaining everything was OK. "I'm helping her" he promised, "And I can help you to child, just come to me." Without even realizing she'd done it Roxie was suddenly in his grip as well. Standing side by side with Fawn no will of her own at all Roxie felt her hair being moved and the mans fingers stroked her neck and when the pain came it was intense and yet euphoric and she could move.


Darius smiled it had been almost too easy he'd pulled in one and then the other both willingly and as he stood behind his prey he gently moved their hair to the shoulders away from him. Running his hands along the girls necks to look for his favorite artery he smiled Pulled the smaller woodsy scented one into his arms as he broke the skin and drank. She was delicious, a slightly earthy tone with a hint of tree-nuts. He was careful not to take to much he wanted them to last, as he turned to the smokey smelling girl and did the same, noticing a small tear as it ran down her cheek he smiled, he loved to leave his prey just self aware enough to know what was happening but without the will to stop it. He loved the feelings of fear and desperation that rolled off of them. With a satisfied smile he ran his hand up the smokey girls arm and whispered, don't worry darling I've not the mind to kill you yet, we shall have a great deal of fun first the three of us. Turning back to the small brunette he smiled at her and whispered "Are you afraid yet little child?" he knew she couldn't answer but he'd feel her response in her blood and her mind, sinking his teeth into her once more he drank deeply from the girls artery.

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"I told you this was a bad idea." Kazuki crossed his arms in an overly dramatic fashion, turning his head away from Naz. "Shortcuts are never a good idea, now we're lost. And I'm still hungry." He continued to complain as he tugged at one of the threads in his arm. He had been the one to suggest they go find something, but it was her idea to take the shortcut through the woods. And neither of them had any idea where they were going. With a sigh he went to put his hands in his pockets, but instead tripped on his untied shoes. Not only did he miss his pockets, but he nearly planted his face in the ground. He did catch himself, although just barely. "Probably gonna blame Naz for that too~" Kazu rolled and pushed himself up so that he could sit cris-cross. He turned to stare at his green friend, though something out of sight caught his attention first. He sniffed at the air, mouth turning up into a grin when he realized what it was.

"Sasori smells dinner somewhere!" A flash of gold behind him lifted him to his feet and curved above him so that stinger-like end was over his head. Head turning, he sniffed again so he could be sure of the direction, and quickly followed it. Whatever it was, it smelled human-ish. Definitely not animal, although part of it seemed like a weird mix of things. Like two things, he noticed as it got stronger and probably closer. One was a little like dirt, the other smoke. Actually, the smoke part was a little familiar. Maybe they were students and he'd been around one before. It wasn't long before the smell was finally matched to a sight, and he burst through the small bush still in his way, which nearly caused him to fall again. "Hey, I've seen you before!" Kazu commented when he saw the red haired girl, but he didn't wait long enough to get any sort of reply. "I thought other students were against the rules? Unless you're not, can't tell. Whatever, you gonna finish that?" He talked quickly and excitedly, anything magical tasted even better than humans, and if they were already dead it wasn't like the rules should apply. After all, they had been told to not kill other students, not to avoid eating the corpses of other students.

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Whose idea was it to go get dinner, certainly not hers! Naz made a face at her white haired friend and twirled the plastic stick of the lollipop she'd finished an a few minutes ago between her fingers. She was walking behind him when he suddenly fell forward, tripping on his own shoes like an idiot. "Hey! Careful there Kazoo-" He cut her off when he began sniffing, she could see the smile run over his face before it even finished and she lightly sniffed the air to see what he found. "Eh? Oh! I smell it too, a little too old for me, but smells different, kind of yummy." Flicking the the piece of plastic to the ground she rolled her eyes at her friend showing off, "Put that away, no one wants to see it." She chuckled, following him, but not busting into the clearing just yet, waiting for him to get their attention first, except then another smell hit her, the blood running down the edge of one of their necks, she was teeny, and smelled sweet, like flowers, and she almost looked like a child, maybe she was one, and maybe mister tall dark and pissy had just snuffed the life out of her, making her the perfect dinner. Jumping out of the bushed her eyes were wide and excited, "Hey you're not keeping them all to yourself are you, and what are you doing using her as a straw? Just take a bite, don't be a sissy!"

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments It hurt. Her neck hurt a lot and she could feel the life being drained out of her into a dark void. What was happening? She found the man who promised he would help. Was this what he had been telling her about? Her friend's voice was more like a faraway memory rather than a siren scream just mere feet from her. She watched the scene play out before her, Roxie approaching the man with fearful eyes, tears threatening to fall. Fawn didn't like that her friend was scared. It wasn't nice to scare people. She wanted to say so but her body was no longer her own. When had this happened? She tried to move but it was so much of a strain, she jest ended up feeling more tired.

It was an odd feeling, as though they were going to die very soon, but it was going to be alright. Because he said so. Fawn was a firm believer in fate. Everything would turn out as it was supposed to. Still, she was more worried for Roxie. She had started to cry.

"Are you afraid yet, little child?" He spoke lowly, voice seductive and comforting.
"No." She admitted, "But don't make her cry, please-ah!" She squeaked when teeth sunk into her neck once again. It hurt so much. She wanted to cry from the pain, but she was too at ease, to accepting of whatever fate was in store for her. Her body grew more and more limp as the blood was drained from her body. Vampires need to eat too, after all.

Two more presences seemed to be speaking, but she couldn't quite make out what they were saying. Was Roxie going to be ok?

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Darius, who'd thought they were alone glared at the intruders. Slowly focusing his energy in their direction he spoke to them to their minds, just as he had the girls. "Turn around and leave, there is nothing to see here, nothing of interest. Run along little friends and forget everything you think you've seen. Why were they still talking to him, walking toward him. The only way he'd be able to break through their minds at this rate was to release his control on the girls he now had. Fight of flight reflexes kicking into high gear he made the snap decision to release his mental hold on the girls they were both to weak to run anyway so they wouldn't get far, he could dispatch the intruders and then follow the blood to finish them off, well finish the redhead off, there was something about the brunette that interested him, why was she not afraid? Yes he wanted to explore her more, but first these two idiots needed to be dealt with. Releasing the girls completely watched them crumple to the ground, "Won't even have to follow you will I loves?" he smiled proudly, before turning to the idiots. "Shut up! Both of you," he screamed at them trying to force them out of the clearing with his mind. Without even realizing what had happened Darius felt the heat of a fire and saw a bright light, turning around just in time to see a giant red bird taking flight it's large talons gently holding the little brunette. "Dammit," he screamed turning on the two idiots, "You two morons just cost me a most delicious and well earned dinner! Do you know how long I had to stalk those two in order to get them in such a delicious position?"


As Roxie began to feel his mind leaving hers as she collapsed to the ground, trying to move she knew she did not have the strength and gazing at her friend she knew Fawn was as weak as she was. Taking a deep breath she said, "Fawn, I think if I can change we can get out of this, if you are too weak to hold on while we fly I will hold you the Phoenix is much stronger than I am. As she struggled to change, Roxie pushed from her core willing the change to happen but she was too weak, about to give up she suddenly felt it, the rush of power that came with the fire and she'd changed. Snatching up Fawn Roxie fly high and fast, not breathing again until they were out of danger. Heading for her nest high above the school where she could attempt to heal them both or at least get Fawn to the school's infirmary.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments (( is that ok DD I'll change things around if you like.))

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Kazu curled the bikaku under him so that he could sit on it as he watched. "Huh? Why would we leave, you've got plenty of food! And you don't look like you're gonna finish, so you might as well share." He leaned forward and put his toes on the ground, letting the tail behind him disappear. This person was certainly rude, being so stingy with his food when there was obviously too much for him to eat on his own. "Ya' don't have to- whoa!" He was quickly distracted by the sudden bird, not disappointed that the 'dinner' was currently flying away. He didn't even seem to notice, in fact.
"Us? What's that supposed to mean, we didn't do anything!" Kazu shrugged and shook his head. "We thought they were already dead, not our fault you're slow. People are easier when they don't move, anyone knows that." How come he didn't know that? If he ate people surely he did, unless he was stupid. Or just trying something new, which was still not their fault.

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"So rude, cute though, can I keep him Kazzzz?? Please?" Walking carefully Naz's grin didn't falter as she got closer to the strange man. "He smells funny, almost like we do, but bitter, and dusty, not like food." Wrinkling her nose and stuck her tongue out at Darius, not pulling it back in as the bird girl took flight. "Ah- Eh!?" Her mouth opened again and she laughed at the retreating students. "Ohhhh! Neato, I wanna do that!" She said suddenly excited. "Didn't your mother ever teach you not to play with your food? I mean mine never had the time to before I offed her, didn't taste very good that one, but I still found some sorry fool to show me the ropes, not this one, this one is a different fool, definitely a more fun one though"

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments ((DragonDreamer wrote: "((Should I post again or move to the infirmary?))"

Infirmary is fine! ))

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Darius glared at the intruders, "I was enjoying a fine wine, one does not slurp or gobble a fine wine what is wrong with you two?" Now that the girls were gone he was ready to find a main course his appetite barely wet and they'd let his food escape. "I wasn't playing with my food I was enjoying my food! Do you miscreant's not know the difference? It's only fun if you play with them first! What the hell is wrong with you two!?"

Finally past his irritation he realized the two were not vampires. "What the hell are you anyways, and what the hell do you care what I eat and what I do toss away!?"

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"Wine? Don't you age wine?" Kazu nearly laughed, he obviously couldn't drink it, but Naz had talked about her food being similar to it in the fact that she let it sit there for ages before she would eat it. "Ya don't drink wine when you just made it, it's aged first then you drink it." He talked like he was very knowledgeable about the subject, though it was really the opposite. "And they were still alive. No time to age and rot and get like that."
Fun? This person didn't know the meaning of it himself, they always had fun when they hunted people. Half the time they just scared them to death, others they mutilated them and watched the slow deaths, then enjoyed a nice meal.

"Whaddya mean? We're ghouls. And we care 'cause it looked like you were gonna ignore the good stuff. Doesn't make any sense to waste it."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Growling at the irritating stranger Darius considered taking his head clean off when he suddenly realized what the man was saying. A smile crossed his lips as the idea formed in his head. Raising an eyebrow he said simply, "Unlike fine aged wine a vampire needs fresh blood still coursing through the victim's veins, and we never drink the last drop. What exactly do you and your little friend eat dear sir?" Could his trouble with hiding the bodies be standing in front of him? Had he just uncovered a glorious new partner in his lust for the hunt of human blood?

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"Then it's not wine, it's more like milk. I think..." Kazu shrugged, he wasn't totally familiar with human food, but he knew the basics. And some not-so-basics, but that was just because of Naz and her gourmet nature. He put his hands in his loose pockets and leaned forward a bit. "Whaddya mean? We just told you what we eat. People. Well mostly. Humans are pretty common and really stupid, but cooler things taste better! Plus they're more fun to catch~" He gave a wide grin, stopping only briefly before going on. "Even ghouls! Sasori's fought ghouls before, but they weren't strong enough. But they tasted good~"

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