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This is a roleplay topic
This is where Dimitris will give you your room assignments, if you would like to review and change them please talk to him.
Rooms will be chosen by how interesting two characters will work together. Student Apartments house two people of the same sex, they include a private bedroom and bathroom designed specifically for each student (Keep in mind that with magic many things are possible, but don't go too over board), and a common area made up of a living room and kitchen, (view spoiler). You may also add a description of the room above or below each picture, images are required, descriptions are not.

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Kazuki threw open the door and leaned inside, almost surprisingly the room looked empty. "Isn't someone supposed to be here?" He said loudly and walked in to look around again. "Yooo~" He called and leaned over the counter, his Bikaku appearing and pushing him further up as he peered into one of the somewhat open doors. He turned back to look at Naz. "Maybe nobody's here yet, boring."

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Naz bounced in behind Kazu and put her fists on the counter, though it was somewhat high compared to the small girl. "Well someone's got to be here, you said we were getting your room first, so this dude damn well better be here." Instead of climbing onto the counter in any conventional way she slid over behind Kazu, avoiding his Bikaku as best she could, and placed her hands on his shoulders. She pulled herself up and over his head, making it look easier than it probably should have been, and quickly sat criss-cross on the counter in front of her friend. "They could at least have a jar of candy here somewhere or something-" She was cut off by the entrance of tall, dark man with dreadlocks just past his shoulders.

"I believe you're looking for me." Dimitris said smoothly as he strode into the room, his crisp grey suit barely moved as he walked up to the counter and opened a blue file folder. "Kazuki Saito is it?" he asked, he knew exactly who both ghouls were of course, his question was merely a formality. He didn't seem bothered by the fact that the green haired girl was on the counter, he'd most likely seen much stranger in his time.

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Kazu stood completely on his Bikaku, his head enough above Naz's and his feet tucked under him. "Kazuki needs his room~" He said, leaning forward on his friend's head and staring down at the folder. "Where is it?" His eyes scanned the information on the paper, though he couldn't exactly read it upside down so he couldn't tell what anything said. Another part of his mind was trying to figure out what the man smelled like, not exactly human but still human-ish. "You smell funny."

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Naz looked down at the right leg of her turquoise pajama pants and picked a blue, unidentifiable, hard candy off of the material, popping it into her mouth before answering with, "Who cares, I just want to know who your roommate is, bet you're gonna get some stick in the mud." Her laugh was high and slightly creepy as she rolled the candy over her tongue.

Dimitris ran a finger down his list of students, new and old, and stopped when he got to the S section. "I advise you to keep the nose to yourself, and also, since I assume you haven't already been notified, as first years, you may not realize, but feeding off of fellow students is strictly off limits." he slid a binder over to him and opened it, flipping to Kazuki's page and pushing each end of the binder so the metal would separate, he slipped the student's page out and folded it into thirds before handing it to him. "Your food is provided of course, and you may call down or go to the kitchens anytime you are low, but as I said before students and staff are not food."

Naz snatched the paper out of the counselor's hand before Kazu could even touch it and flipped it open, "Human?!" she laughed loudly again and raised the paper so that Kazu could see it. "You're roommate is a magic human boy! Oh this is going to be fun!"

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"Well I need to know how to get there." Kazu shrugged, only looking up when he mentioned something about not being allowed to eat people. "Well why not? That's what Kazuki did before..." He muttered, sounding extremely disappointed for a second before he was handed a paper and his face returned to normal. "Really?" He took it from Naz and tugged on one of the stitches on his lip while he read it. "Well technically all of you are food, just food Kazuki isn't allowed to have."

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"Oh none of them would taste good anyway, unless of course there's a zombie walking around, they might taste better." Naz shrugged, looking at Dimitris expectantly, as if she wanted him to say there was an edible zombie around. Instead the counselor simply shook his head and tapped on his list again. "Maybe I should change your roommate, if you can't control yourself." he looked at Kazuki for a moment but was interrupted by Naz again, "He'll be fine. Give us his room number so we can go check it out." she dragged out the last word playfully and Dimitris glanced at her, cocking his eyebrow curiously. "Never mind then. Your apartment is on the fourth floor, room F." He turned to take a key off of an unmarked hook and handed it to Kazuki.

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"It's all fine to Kazu, at least Nazzy can eat anything else." Kazu pointed out to her. He looked back up with an innocent expression, putting his hands together and his elbows on Naz's head. "Whoever he is I'm sure he wouldn't be very fun to eat anyway~" That was probably a lie, but he didn't care. He grabbed the key with a smile that looked more like an odd grin and leaned back, using his Bikaku to roll like a wheel before landing with his feet on the ground and it curled up over his head like a scorpion. "Nazzy-chan's turn, unless we want to look first?"

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"Let's look at yours first, since we're in the building." Naz smirked, hoping his human roommate would be there when they decided to show up. Without bothering to introduce herself, or ask for the professor's name, Naz slid off the counter and landed on her pink bear slippered feet. "I want chocolate Kazoo, you should get me some." she said with a sassy flair, walking out the door before her friend.

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"Why would I have any?" Kazu shrugged, actually speaking in first person this time like any normal being would. "I can't even eat that. And I don't really wanna go up there right now, don't feel like it. Let's go find yours." He shrugged and followed her, letting the door slam closed behind him.

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(⊙ᴗ⊙❀)/END OF SCENE\(●▽●x")ᕗ

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Heading into the lobby Markl skipped opening the door and walked right through the glass, shaking his light grey hair out of his face he walked up to the counter. "Uh- Dimitris??" he asked the counselor. He might not be solid enough to be noticed, maybe he should have actually opened the door, but, of course, that would have taken work. "Should I make another noise? Or maybe he's busy." he muttered, his words too low for the counselor to hear even if he had been paying attention to anything but the binder sitting open in front of him.

After about five minutes of standing at the counter without a word from the curly haired staff member Markl tapped on the desk with his knuckles and cleared his throat, making Dimitris jump a few inches in the air. "Oh?! Markl! Kid you scared me, every time I swear, I never have seen you coming." he gave a wide grin to the pale boy and pulled a out an already folded letter with Markl's first and last name on it. "You get to take care of a VIP, hopefully you can spook him into some decent behavior." Markly raised a light coloured eyebrow and opened the letter, reading the brief imformation about his new roommate. "A vampire? That's interesting, does the kid have an aversion to humans or something? Going after people like you?"

Dimitris shook his head with a smile and folding his arms over his chest answered with a short head shake, "Nope, and he's actually older than you by a little over a century. He likes humans a little too much, and I'm hoping you can help with that, don't let him flirt with you though, he has someone for that, though I wouldn't turn anymore human than you are right now around him."

Markl shook his head and walked through the counter to sprinkle about a teaspoon of powder, which looked like flour, over a single key, before picking it up and slipping it into his vest pocket, "I'll see what I can dig up and get back to you on that Dimitris, until then what floor am I on this year?"

Dimitris glanced at his list and grinned, "Penthouse kiddo, you got yourself a rich kid as a roommate, he can basically get whatever he wants, kind of annoying really." He waved as Markl laughed loudly and headed for the door, heading for the stairs behind the building to get up to the top floor, he hated elevators.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Darius sped into the parking lot in front of the mens apartment building, rolling his eyes, he said to Sebastian, "Men's really? What are we in grade school?" He didn't wait for an answer knowing none would come. Speeding through the lot in his new Ashton Martin, Darius slid the car easily into two handicapped spaces near the door, before getting out he reached over to his subjugate, and pulling him closer he used his fingernail to slice his neck along the vein and drank deeply, after his snack he ran his tongue along the cut and healed it.

Licking his lips to remove any blood he swept out of the car leaving Sebastian alone to wait, at one time he would have had to tell him to stay but he was well trained now. Darius walked arrogantly up the walk, brushing the air with a wave of his hand the door flew open, as he strode through the lobby and straight up to the man standing at the counter he felt a strange breeze run through his body, cocking one eyebrow up he let the feeling pass, this was after all a place for all kinds of supernatural prisoners like himself. Turning his charismatic smile on the man at the counter, he pulled his dark glasses off and said, "let me introduce myself, I am Prince Darius Lóránt Dumitru, I was told to report here for sentencing."

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Markl had just slipped into his completely transparent form to head outside when he accidentally ran into dark haired man walked through him, the ghost boy shivered slightly, but didn't pay it much attention as he left.

Dimitris chuckled at the horrible parking of the next student and wasn't in the least bit surprised when the boy introduced himself so dramatically. "Well, here you're Darius kiddo." he pushed a folded letter across the counter and crossed his arms. "Sentencing? You could put it like that, but at least your mummy and daddy paid for top apartment, why they would I have no idea I mean they're are all the same size." he shook his head with a smirk and pointed to the empty doorway. "You just walked through your roommate, but I'm sure you'll meet him soon enough. Oh! Also, I understand you've brought a human pet, we have some other students that feed on humans as well, so I'd keep him in your room if I were you."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Darius, raised an eyebrow at the mans comment and said, "kiddo? Seriously? Do you know who I am!" then almost immediately upon hearing the word roommate he said more demandingly "Roommate? Did you just say roommate?" shaking his head he said to himself "no, no, no that will not do..."

Looking at Dimitris a little shocked at the idea that anyone would touch his pet but him, said "oh he never leaves my room unless he is with me." Then a little defensive he said "we checked with the school and were told he is allowed as long as he is not a prisoner, you may interview him at anytime he is here voluntarily, he gave himself to me of his own accord." Smiling Darius looked Dimitris directly in the eyes and using compulsion, said, "now about that roommate, I think you should find him a new place to stay as I do not live with roommates, I am The Prince of the Vampires, an Original and although sentenced here by those who do not truly understand what vampires are I will not be needing a roommate." Taking a deep breath he politely said, "so, my key? I know we paid for a penthouse, is it ready?"

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Dimitris nodded, "I do in fact know who you are, I did your paperwork. There's no need to interview your pet, as long as you keep him on a tight leash." He was slightly taken aback when when the boy decided to try and use compulsion on the him, but for fun Dimitris let his eyes go out of focus as he pretended to be under the boys spell, "Of course, let me see here-" he stopped, glancing down to his list of students, "I could move him to-" he looked back up at Darius and burst out laughing. "Nope can't do it kid. You do realize I've been alive about five centuries more than you, your little magic trick doesn't do much on someone akin to a deity."

Pointing to the letter on the counter in front of him, "I put you with someone who you won't eat, I think he'll help you straighten up a bit." he chuckled again and tucked a lock of hair behind his ear. "I also need to warn you, there are a few people here that smell human, but feeding on students and staff is forbidden, unless of course you like getting turned into stone, then go for it, but be ready when you're teleported to our wonderful Gorgan mistress."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Darius raised an eyebrow at Dimitris' leash comment, insulted he said, "Sebastian, is well trained, he requires no leash, he's even housebroken," then rolling his eyes he said with irritation, "he's not a mangy dog, he's a prime human courtier, and I trained him myself." Frustrated that this old man was able to fight the compulsion, Darius tried a different tactic, and snatching the letter off the desk he coolly said, "We'll see what my parent's the King and Queen have to say."

"Please, Dimitris," Darius said, "don't insult me we both know I'm not a disgusting ghoul, I don't EAT them, I drink their blood, and I only sometime kill them, most people I drink ask for it, hell the girls at those stupid conventions BEG for it! Besides they are just humans, who really cares." Turning to leave, Darius paused when Dimitris warned him about beings that smelled human, raising an eyebrow he quietly said to himself, "forbidden huh? Yea well we'll see about that." Then turning he smiled at Dimitris and said, "Yes sir of course, No feeding on students or staff, got it," before turning toward the exit, as he approached the door it took every ounce of control he had not to rip it off the hinges as he whisked his hand through the air and it opened allowing him to leave.
Darius stormed through the parking lot, and getting to the car said, rather harshly to Sebastian, "out, lets go, bring my things." Sebastian gathered Darius' things and quickly followed him into the side entrance and into an elevator. Laying his head on Darius' chest he offered his neck to his master. Darius leaned in biting his neck to drink, while petting his hair as the elevator rose upward.

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(๑´⍢`๑)END OF SCENE(๑´⍢`๑)

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SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments Dillon drifted into the main office of the dorming building, housing the new and returning male students of the University. On his way to the building he had seen some unsavory characters, people he didn't have the energy or care to deal with this morning, in the room through the windows and because of that he had waited outside. They took longer then he initially thought, and from what he observed were all wasted pointless instructions and chit chat. It was amazing how much time they could actually waste with it. Whenever he saw how entertained other people were by small talk it never failed to surprise him. Fortunately the weather was mild so he wasn't sweating like a human. He also manage to doze off while leaning against the wall which was quite welcome. He could use some extra sleep after all.

The process of getting his room was new to Dillon at all, he did loathe it though. The changing of roommate kept him on edge as he didn't want to be paired up with some imbecile who couldn't keep his mouth shut, or someone who was OCD. He gave Dimitris a nod of recognition, letting the man know that he wasn't in the mood (lets face it, he is never in the mood) for chatting randomly, unless it was about movies of course. If that was the case then he was in the mood. "You have a room and key for me, I assume." He stated, his tone gentle with no sort of recognizable emotion behind it.

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This was one he'd known for a while, quiet, but not necessarily shy, and Dimitris was always ready for him. "Oh come on kid, you know I'm not going to let you off that easily!" he grinned and flipped through the binder to find Dillon's letter. "I've got you an interesting one this year, new kid, kind of surly like you, but he and his sister might make things a little more fun." He wiggled his fingers on the dark haired boy and took out his letter, "But hey, what if I didn't, I could just let you sleep in the pool! In fact, I like that idea, maybe I should just take out this room assignment all together! Throw a couple fish in there and you'll be right at home." After another look at the blank expression from Dillon Dimitris laughed again, always looking for some way to pick on the fish boy.

SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments The comment earned the man a deadpanned expression, with a small twitch of an eyebrow, which was impressive as that was most likely the biggest reaction you could get out of Dillon. "I don't think you and I have the same definition of interesting, Dimitris," he replied, honestly wondering why he even tried to avoid small talk with the man. Every time it was like this; he sighed inwardly. "As for the fish and pool, I suppose that would be a much easier then rooming with someone who you consider 'interesting'." Now that he considered it, the idea wasn't too bad. He wouldn't have to deal with other people and waste energy, along with the time, to keep his human legs. He went silent for a couple of minutes before looking up at Dimitris. "If you can arrange that I'd sincerely thank you." Well, supposing if he could actually look sincere anyways.

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Dimitris shook his head and let out another low laugh, "I was joking! You don't get to have the school pool as your room, but I'll put in a word for you to get a giant fishbowl in your room." Pulling out Dillon's letter he folded it, handed it to him, and reached to his board of keys under the counter, "I could accidentally send you to our lovely new student's dorm on the top floor, no that kid would try and rip your throat out, so it's probably best to put you where you belong, and no that's not the trash." he tossed the correct key in the air and caught it again before sliding it across the counter.

SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments Dillon gave Dimitris another blank look. Sure, he was a bit annoyed with the man but the feeling came and went as quickly as a splash of water. The man's remarks didn't really bother him that much, as it was only harmless and a bit pointless as well, so it would be a waste of energy to just act like it offended him. "The trash can would be more suited for you, old man." Well, not being offended didn't technically mean he wouldn't answer right? The merman took the key and casually took a drink from his water bottle that was clipped to his bags. "After all, you smell like you live in one already. I wouldn't mind giving you a rain shower here, if you want." Dillon was already forming a stormy, dark rain cloud over the man's head.

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Dimitris slid to one side and waved the cloud away, "No thank you seaweed boy, not today." he slid around the counter and grabbed the boy by the back of the shirt, "Out, out, out, before you scare the other students with your apathetic antics." he pulled on his shirt lightly for a second before letting go and heading over to the door. "Third floor, room P, with a little witch boy, I believe you'll get along swimmingly."

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SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments It wasn't the first time Dillon had heard it. In fact, he had heard it so many times that he didn't even bothered to bat an eye to it and proceeded it leave. He was glad to be able to leave the room and get away from the man, ready to relax in his room. He hoped that his room mate wasn't some insufferable idiot he threw parties or anything, or even worse... dislike E.T.

SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments ((END OF SCENE))

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