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Alice found herself wandering the halls of this new school she was to become a part of. The place was probably the biggest school she had ever seen and she couldn't seem to tame her curiosity. The strange thing was that it was empty. Such a big school and she hadn't bumped into a single person. It is better for them anyway. Alice quite enjoyed being an image of fear now and she couldn't even feel sorry for the others people.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Darius left his suite and headed out to explore his new prison, the school was slightly larger than the palace he grew up in so it should give him something to explore for a little while anyway. He wandered up and down several halls searching for different aromas that were appetizing, he smelled several very interesting ones he hoped to taste soon, memorizing where the scent trails led in order to find their owners later. Suddenly he came across a distinctively disgusting and mostly dead scent and immediately knew, ”Ghouls,” then thinking to himself, "hmmm they could be useful allies," he made a mental note of where he was. Then smelling a new scent that interested him he decided to follow the trail. After a couple of turns down different hallways he came around a corner and saw a delightfully pretty girl, slinking back into the shadows he watched her as she explored and followed her for a few more minutes trying to decide exactly what she was. After a few minutes he decided no matter what she was, she smelled, and looked delicious, so coming quietly out of the shadows and clearing his throat he said, “Hello beautiful,” Then with a wicked smile, he added, “You look lonely this evening. Would you like some company?”

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((Just warning you I have never rped with a character like Alice before so this is going to be a challenge for me. Please don't hate me too much if the writing sucks. :). ))

Alice's face contorted into a frown as she studied the newcomer. She watched how his face twisted into a smile and his stance as he stood in front of her, taking note of anything she could see, any tells from him. So far he didn't seem like anything she needed to be alert about but Alice had learned from an early age not to trust anyone and to never let her guard down. Great...people. Just when I was getting used to the quiet. She wondered for a second if she should just scare him off and be done with it. Deciding that it might not be the best approach she tried something more humane. "If I say no will you go away?" She asked hoping this would deter him. A shiver ran down her spine ((is that what you would call it?)) as she brought her eyes up to meet his. She didn't know what it was but she had a weird feeling about him. Alice turned to walk away and leave him behind. She was in no mood for company at the moment.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Darius' smile grew at the confusion on the adorable girls face. Taking a deep breath he savored the aroma around him and quietly thought to himself as he tasted the air, "not a ghoul too sweet, definitely not human, not quite undead... spirit maybe..." Always one for a challenge he decided to get closer see if the girl was edible. Listening to her try to rifle through his mind for fears, his smile widened as he said, "Oh I fear nothing little one, deepest fears don't work on me, I am most people's deepest desire and deepest fear, and you are probably right to mistrust me," then adding in his silkiest voice, "but that doesn't mean we can't be friends now does it darling," as his smile widened slightly menacing. At her words he raised an eyebrow and said in the same silky voice "you and I both know you don't really mean that love." As soon as their eyes met he spoke again more silkily more commanding, "we should take a walk, you can tell me about lovely yourself," then as she turned to walk away he came up beside her, reaching to take her arm and said, "how rude of me, to assume you would walk with me before an introduction, I am Prince Darius Lóránt Dumitru," then bowing to her he added, "at your service." As he stood again he made eye contact with the girl again, gazing into her eyes searching for control, he spoke again about an exploratory walk through the halls.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments ((challenge yourself to write an extra sentence each time, think about things like feelings, stance, body ques, tones.
Like you said:
"A shiver ran down her spine as she brought her eyes up to meet his. She didn't know what it was but she had a weird feeling about him."
Which is a perfect response to someone like him, and well written, if you wanted to explain more of her emotions or discomfort you could add more, say like...
A shiver of warning ran down her spine as she brought her eyes up to meet his, looking into his eyes she felt like she might lose herself...
or if she finds him repulsive it could read...
looking into his eyes she had to fight the desire to laugh at him....
then move on to
She didn't know what it was but she had a weird feeling about him.
it could be longer and more creative adding more feeling to it,
She didn't know what it was about the man before her but a tingle in her spine warned her to beware, he was strange it gave her a feeling of unease.

Does that make sense?))

((Oh and your writing doesn't suck silly, you are young and learning, you have a great deal of creativity, just trust yourself))

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Alice kept her pace down the hall with Darius right beside her. She racked her mind for something to say but couldn't come up with anything. He wasn't just going to let her walk away and she didn't want him to hold the upper ground. Something was very off about him and she didn't like it. The fact that he had no fears was even more unsettling. It was impossible. Everyone was afraid of something, she had lived long enough to see that. "Please don't call me that." She said through clenched teeth. Only one person had every called her that and she didn't want to rehash those memories. She thought for a moment about the things he had just told her and realized that she hadn't really said anything out loud but he seemed to answer her. "Can you read minds?" The question kind of flung itself out of her mouth before she could think the whole situation through. How could he read her mind?

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((Thanks and yes that makes perfect sense.))

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Darius laughed as he walked beside the girl, "refusing to talk are we dear?" His smile wicked as he said in an almost whisper, "I understand darling, many are rendered mute in my presence," then more pensively he added, "I don't understand quite why I'm so intimidating, I mean I'm only trying to be a gentleman after all. There are all sorts of dangers in these halls." Darius laughed triumphantly when she spoke, and dramatically said, "Ahhh She speaks!" Then raising an eyebrow asked "don't call you what, darling? dear? love? I'm sure I can find a word less offensive to your ears if only you will give me a chance." As they walked on Darius searched the girls mental armor for a chink, a small hole or dent in the wall she'd created, a way into her mind so he could control her. Suddenly startled out of his thoughts by her question, he smiled and raising an eyebrow, he said "possibly, but maybe I just read attitudes and body language." Then smiling mysteriously "he added could be many things. Now answer me this darling. Why does it bother you so much that I do not fear you? Why do you care that I have no fears? What should a vampire royal fear? I will someday be king of all vampires, if a hunter kills me first so be it, I live every moment of my life with no regrets and no fear, why is that so wrong? Smiling knowingly he looked into her eyes and placing his hand upon her chin in an attempt to raise her gaze to meet his said, "tell me the idea is not appealing, think about it, no regrets, no fears, no care as to who called you what in the past," looking forward again as they walked down the hallway, he added more quietly, raising his eyebrow a hair as he tilted his head toward hers, "intrigued, aren't you little one."

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Alice couldn't help the fit of laughter as it rose from her mouth. "Who said I don't already live that way?" She asked raising an eyebrow in a challenging way towards this Vampire royal. That is what he called himself right? A Vampire and royal. Would make sense why he could see what I am thinking. Alice tried harder to barricade her mind and keep the unwanted vermin out. "It shocks me because most everyone has a greatest fear. Weather it be of death, or failure, or people, spiders..." She waved dramatically with her left hand. There was always something. "I have not met someone that didn't have anything to fret about. It does not bother me as much as surprised me." She continued to glare at him as she finished her next thought, "and I have thought about it. I have thought a lot about giving up my past and living carefree" She almost spat. Who was he to tell her how to live. The more he said the more she saw a resemblance between the two. "The problem though with people that have no fear is their head." She raised a hand to his temple with a taping gesture. "To big." People that had nothing to fear tended to have bigger egos and Darius reeked of arrogance. Though she couldn't really hold it against him since she had the same problem. Errr not problem. She liked to think of it as a defining characteristic. Alice does not have "problems".

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Darius, patted the girls hand and explained as one would to a small child, "You said it yourself dear, in your reaction to my comments, in your anger, one with no regrets and no feelings would not feel the need to protest. Take if from an old vampire dear, with your beauty you will do well to leave the regrets and the sadness far behind." Then smiling, Darius answered with, "Yes dear Vampire and Royal, my mother and father are The Originals, my mother gave birth to me as a vampire, being born a vampire is extremely rare there are only myself and my sisters, and yes that is why I can tell what your are thinking," he chuckled with a "tsk tsk," at her calling him a vermin but chose not to comment he'd been called much worse by women who ended up giving themselves to him, Darius had every confidence this would end the same. He almost laughed out loud as he said, "spiders, really? Surely you can do better than that, at least try to hit me with a hunter, or maybe a lifesize Edward Cullen who's in love with me, or worse a whiney possessive, manic depressive girl with a death wish," then raising an eyebrow he mokingly added, "You can be my Bella if you like love." brushing off her comment he quietly said, "why does my fretlessness surprise you? Surely not everyone you know is constantly in fear of everything around them." Grinning at her Dairus almost laughed when she commented on his big head and ego, and after she touched his forehead he gently reached down and taking her hand in his he brought it to his cold lips, kissed it and then looking into her eyes once more and said with an evil glint in his eye and a smile on his face, "Well love, if I am not to call you that, I am afraid you will be required to tell me your name." Then as if he enjoyed her inner turmoil a bit too much he said lazily, "Pride is only a problem if you allow it to be a problem, I, like you, don't don't feel like I have any problem with mine, and those who do have a problem with it, well I don't concern myself with them." Then tucking her delicate hand into his arm he began to walk again.

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Alice said nothing in response to his little spiel. She had nothing TO say. Let him think whatever. She trailed off in thought as they went down the hallway. She didn't really know why she was still following him. Probably because of his power or maybe because of pure boredom. Either way she stayed lost in thought. Then she realized what bugged her so much about him. All her life she had to learn to get what she wanted the hard way. She eventually had traded her soul to become void of the things she didn't want and turned to terrorizing others for what she did want. But Darius didn't need to make people fear him though he could easily do so. It was that one look at him and people where willing to give him what he wanted. I mean he walked with authority and its hard not to notice his appearance. No wonder his is cocky. I wonder how many days he has actually worked in his life. He was well groomed right from the start. He didn't know what it was like to suffer or to feel fear or pain.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments After several minutes of walking in silence Darius thoughtfully said, "You know love, I will eventually pick your name out of that pretty little head of yours," he added as he reached over and wrapped a lock of fine golden hair around his finger, "you might as well be a proper dear and just tell me so I don't keep poking around in there," dropping his hand he said, "who knows what else I might find that you'd prefer to keep hidden." Then with his evil grin he added, "Well I run several Twilight fan sites, does that count as work?" Then tilting his head toward her like they were sharing some intimate secret he whispered, "those books have been wonderful for me, girls are begging for 'vampires' to romance them, and I of course am happy to oblige." Darius then raised his hand and brushed her cheek as he said, "and then of course seductions can be hard work as well, I hate to admit it, but some girls don't fall in love with me immediately," running his tongue over his fangs he smiled with an evil glint and said, "the ones who resist always taste the best though." Feeling her tension, he added "you know love, you and I, we are not so much unalike as you might think, this might be mutually beneficial for us. You have pain you wish to forget, and I can make you forget that pain, all you have to do is look into my eyes and submit that pain to me. I can take it all away, make you forget, if you'll let me."

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A wave of temptation to take him up on his offer began to stir in her stomach. Could he really do what he claimed? For a second she almost gave in, being drawn in by his eyes. Something snapped in her making her come to. "No" she shook her head "I won't..." She couldn't give into him. Memories where the only thing grounding her. Keeping her who she was. Give that up and she would be giving herself to him and she could not do that. Alice diverted her gaze somewhere else. She wouldn't give him the pleasure of giving in so easily. She walked around him and over to a nearby window. They had come to the end of the hall and Alice found that the view here was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Continuing to stare out the window she ignored Darius and his seductive stare. She played with the stud in her lip as she studied the school grounds. Twisting it around subconsciously. Something she had made a habit of since she had gotten it. "Alice" she whispered not knowing if he heard or not.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Always one to enjoy a good game of cat and mouse, Darius was not the least bit dismayed when on the verge of giving herself over to him the girl fought off his charms and walked away, he could feel her inner struggle, she desired what he offered, he'd almost had her, knowing she was close to the breaking point he smiled running his tongue over his fangs, enjoying this new development. He listened to her inner argument, smiled wider and said smoothly, "by giving yourself to me my dear you'll only be losing the pain I see in your beautiful eyes, you will still be you, I won't strip you of your identity just the pain." Then with an evil glint in his eye he faked pain as he said, "I don't think you trust me, as a predator by nature I am used to this, but my love, I am hurt." Darius watched the girl walk to the window and followed her, this game she was playing amplified his desire to conquer her. Slipping silently up behind the pretty girl Darius stood by the window next to her as he said, "it is a magnificent view is it not," he smoothly added as he watched her play with the jewelry in her lip, "but I do believe my view is significantly better than yours." Watching the pretty girl play with her lip made him hungry, he had to have this girl, just as he was considering his options she spoke again, So quietly a normal man would not have heard her, "Alice" was all she said. Darius smiled and said, "Alice, I like that name, it's pleasingly pretty much like you, it suits you well." Then standing beside her looking out the window he offered his arm and said would you like to see an even more beautiful view from a higher level Alice?"

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((So are we making her actually give in or does she like somehow escape him?))

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments ((entirely up to you girl. She can decline the walk or take his arm, taking his arm and walking isn't giving in either maybe she's just curious, he is a scoundrel, he won't stop trying, she doesn't have to give in and if h he gets to fresh she can slap him and walk away. Depends on her mood is she curious? irritated? indifferent? intrigued? Whatever she chooses to do is fine, he's a narcissist, thinks every woman is in love with him, done just don't know it yet, he's extremely charming likes to win without hypnosis, but will resort to it from time to time, generally he prefers a slight hypnotic nudge because he really likes the challenge and the chase. The world is your oyster, change her appearance if you like push him off and tell him to screw himself. Walk with him see where he goes, whatever. :-)
Do you want them to end up allies, enemies, lovers, friends, maybe they start torturing others together, like I said he's a narcissistic, egotistical, charming killer.))

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((Haha. Yeah, I don't care. I have ideas for any way they decide to go. If their was something specific you wanted then I am open. Allies, enemies, lovers friends. I guess depending on what you wanted them to be then I will base her next move.))

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((Also she is going to be getting darker once I update her file. Haven't had time to write her full history in but am going to do that. So keep that in mind.))

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments ((excellent, so I'd say a tense, relationship, not quite friends not enemies, deff no trust, but mutual interest in what one might be able to do for each other. That gives you time to make your character darker as you wish and keeps him as an option for whatever down the road. They may play too each other's strengths to help each other get away with their behaviors if she's gonna be that dark. ))

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((Ok cool. Will respond when I have gotten more school work done.))

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Alice, curious, took his arm and followed. She knew she couldn't trust him but went along with him. Surely if he tried something she could just leave. "Suites me..." She laughed, "You hardly know me." He was a little creepy when did the mind thing. She could literally feel it. Like something had come into her space and was throwing stuff all around while looking for something important. It made her head hurt but it was minor to the pain he was offering to take away. They continued to walk up a winding staircase to a higher lever. She didn't really know where they were going but she was anxious to find out.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Darius patted her hand as she lay it on his arm and smiled, "You'll love this view, I found it a few hours ago exploring the corridors, it's almost like a tower of sorts." He talked on knowing she didn't trust him but not really caring too much either, he'd never tried to use his powers on another supernatural being before, well except for those night walkers, they were as easy to control as humans though, the challenge this Alice represented was fun. He smiled when she questioned his knowledge of her and said, "well I might know more than you think, and I might not, what I do know is, it's a pretty name for a very pretty girl." Darius chuckled quietly and cocking his head to the side as he guided her up the flight of stairs he said quietly, "maybe someday I can teach you more about poking around in somebodies head," then he added ruefully, "I will admit poking through yours is more work than I'd anticipated," before grinning his evil grin and adding "which kind of makes it more fun." As they walked up the long winding staircase, he talked on of the things he'd found so far during his wandering, telling her about a gallery with old paintings, a beautiful library, and small nearly hidden alcove. As they crested the top of the stairs he lead Alice towards a large curved corner window that gave the impression it might be tower, and in dramatic fashion covered her eyes as he lead her into the corner where she was surrounded on 3 sides by windows, then removing his hands he dramatically swept his arm through the air saying "Tada!"

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Alice listened to Darius as he described the scenery in full detail. He was wonderful at painting a picture in her head of a beautiful place. She became more and more excited the closer they got. Suddenly her thoughts froze as she processed something he had said. "Wait, you mean I could learn to read peoples minds too?" She asked dumbfounded. To her idea seemed like the notion of a madman. Alice thought that only Vampires could do that. It was a power they where born/created with. If she could learn to do something like, oh ho ho, things could get real fun. She continued walking with him as he did not answer her question right away and she thought to herself What CAN he see in my head. Whatever it was he wasn't seeing all the bad stuff because he would definitely have a headache after that. Alice became alarmed when Darius put his hand over her eyes, almost striking out, but then she noticed the cheesy expression. When he revealed the most beautiful scenery she had every seen her heart seemed to stop beating altogether and she couldn't keep her mouth from coming open. How had she missed this place. Darius was right, the view was incredible.

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((Your post whenever your ready :D))

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments ((sorry been working double shifts and training holidays get crazy here. I Will as soon as I can. ))

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((Its all good. Just didn't want you to think you where waiting on me in case you didn't see the notification.))

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Darius enjoyed telling Alice about the art and scenery as they walked, he rarely had an audience with the attention span, or knowledge to grasp what he was describing, and keeping her relaxed made poking around in her head easier, still looking for the edges of the wall she'd put up he found many interesting tidbits about her locked away in there. Thinking quietly to himself at one point, "no wonder the girl is so locked up tight" almost feeling sorry for the girl, before he started looking for different ways in. He would have his way, it was just a matter of time, he always got his way. Tugging her on along when she stopped to ask her shocked question, he glanced at Alice, then with his evil cunning smile he completely ignored the question, deciding that was information for another time, information he'd use to gain control when it was time. He went on to tell her more about the paintings in the library he'd been in. While quietly enjoying her thoughts as he poked around in her head, Darius was still a bit frustrated with not being able to force his will on her, as he quietly tried to force different thoughts into her head. Torn between what sporting fun it was to have someone whose mind was not so easily controlled, and how irritating it was every time her mind refused to do what he commanded, Darius enjoyed her panic when he covered her eyes, and after revealing the scenery and describing different aspects as she looked. He answered her thought saying, "You miss things when you are not truly looking my darling, I can teach you to look beyond what you think you see and help you notice things everyone else just walks by." Then he whispered lightly into her ear, as his mind sought a way into hers once more, "you just have to give over control, I can show you a world you didn't know existed, if you will allow me to." Feeling her resistance he quietly pushed on with his mind looking for the crack in the wall, his fangs aching break the skin on her neck wanting just a taste of her blood, he'd read the schools rules carefully, he could not feed on fellow classmates, students, or faculty, unless invited to do so by said classmate, student or faculty member. All he needed was consent to feed, all she had to do was offer.

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Alice's mind seemed to be racing a hundred miles a minute trying to process the things Darius was saying. This offer of his seemed to good to pass up. He could teacher her so many new things if she could just give in. She could feel Darius behind her, his breathing on her neck, and she knew what he wanted. He reminded her of an animal stalking its prey and somehow it didn't bother her as much as it probably should have. She knew she was the prey, but could it be so bad if he would really come through with what he said. After all she had given worse. Alice fought harder then ever to control her mind at least. She closed her eyes and imagined Darius in her head. Then she imagined pushing him out and and locking an invisible door. She wasn't going to let him in and make the choice for her. This would be one thing she would have to decide to give up on her own. It made it even more difficult that he was right behind her. To close, like he was teasing her by his presence alone. Alice to a slow deep breath and tried to think. A thought occurred to her, Give over control she had heard that one before, the memory was hazy and she couldn't remember where it was from but something didn't seem right about it. Alice backed herself away from the window and away from him . She needed to think.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Darius could smell her blood, hear her heart racing, feel her defenses about to gather like she knew she was in the snare. Taking a deep breath he could control himself no longer permission or not he would taste her blood, but just as he bent slowly toward her neck she quickly pushed him out of her head and moved away from him. His reflexes were quick he could have easily stopped her and feed anyway but something in her thoughts stopped him and instead of opening his mouth to feed he stepped gracefully out of her way letting her pass, before gently saying, "I'll give you time to contemplate my dear, there's no rush I'm immortal I have forever." Then just to make sure she understood Prince Darius waits for no one he added, "of course the offer may not last forever my darling." Then he gracefully drew up to the window to watch the grounds outside while he let Alice breath and contemplate. Only adding a quiet, rueful, "You truly are a remarkably strong young woman, the two of us could rule over entire human villages keeping them in constant fear." Knowing from what he'd gleaned from her memories and thoughts before she'd managed to shut him out, that this would speak directly to her desires, he quietly added, without looking at her, "It would be fun." Darius then gently and gracefully folded his hands behind his back and gazed out the window as if in deep thought. After a few minutes of silence he turned, smiled at Alice, and spoke directly into her mind, "Enjoy the view love, use the time to consider my offer. I'll be in touch." Then without a word spoken he gracefully and silently left the tower.

~*~End Of Scene.~*~

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(view spoiler)
Lela couldn't help but smile as she stood in front of the open window she'd almost passed right by as she was making her way down the painted halls. The windows were spaced evenly up and down each side of the hall, and each was letting in the bright sunlight, but the view from the one she was standing in front of now was absolutely wonderful. Looking out over the perfectly groomed after gardens and grounds of the school was enough to brighten anyone's day, even one that was already full of happiness. She'd made plans earlier in the day to meet up with her new friend Zoe, the apartment that the dreadhead was sharing with the a fox girl she hadn't met yet was right next to the one Lela was sharing with a girl she hadn't even met yet.

Outside she could see the afternoon version of the tour she'd been given that morning, except this time while most of the students looked excited and pleased to be there, some looked extremely annoyed about something or other. Her tour was short and sweet, simply showing the students around what they needed to know, academic building, living quarters, offices, and such, they didn't get to see the gardens or the maze she'd heard Zoe talk about, apparently they were absolutely stunning, and from where she stood now she could tell that her new friend was right. Flipping her long snow coloured hair back with her forearm she fixed the navy blue bow on the right side of her head. Using the slight reflection she could see of herself in the clear glass Lela admired the sailor themed dress she'd chosen that morning for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. She might have been obsessed with her appearance, but it wasn't for any other reason than that she loved being cute, and she was very good at it.

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