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This is a roleplay topic
This is where Dr. Fabel will give you your room assignments, if you would like to review and change them please talk to her.
Rooms will be chosen by how interesting two characters will work together. Student Apartments house two people of the same sex, they include a private bedroom and bathroom designed specifically for each student (Keep in mind that with magic many things are possible, but don't go too over board), and a common area made up of a living room and kitchen, (view spoiler). You may also add a description of the room above or below each picture, images are required, descriptions are not.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Roxana timidly approached the glass doors her anxiety rising up, she could feel the heat, and for the third time today she turned and ran back to the safety of her car, locking herself in she fought the panic attack like her mother had taught her, counting backwards from one hundred and breathing deeply. After another hour of sitting in her car she hoped the fourth time was the charm and taking a deep breath she began the journey back up towards the doors reminding herself as she went why she was here.
Physically shaking she fought to keep control as she willed herself to grip the door and pull it open. Standing there in the open door she could feel the air conditioning blowing past her cooling her hot skin. She concentrated on the way the air felt in her hair and on her face, then taking a step forward let the door fall closed behind her.
"There" Roxie thought, "I made it, I'm in the door, now to make it to the counter," looking toward the counter she told herself it wasn't that far, told herself it would be easy, but she stood there rooted to the spot full of indecision, did she flee, run back home and hide, or did she stay and fight...

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"But really, what kind of rule is that? It wouldn't be as fun if we were allowed to hunt at the school in the first place. It's like they want us to eat everyone." Kazuki said, still thinking about how they were told they weren't supposed to eat any of the teachers or other students. Of course, Naz ignored most rules and Kazu enjoyed breaking them so it may have been better if they hadn't said anything, either way the ghouls were both going to try to eat at least a few of the students before they left. He almost kicked open the door, but stopped when he saw someone was standing just inside and he had to go around to the other one.

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Naz shrugged and pulled the small lollipop she was eating out of her mouth, sticking it the hem of her shirt before cracking her knuckles absently and walking in behind Kazu "I think it's more of a friendly suggestion, not an actual rule." She rubbed her bright red nose as if it was running, though it was really more out of habit than anything else. "I just hope I get someone human like you did, they're so much more fun! I mean seriously, it's a pain trying to infect someone that's not human." she didn't even give the giant red haired female a second glance as she bounded up to the counter and used the outside edge to pull herself up onto the metal top. "Anybody home?!" she asked loudly, not bothering to wait as they did in the guy's building.

Alina glanced up from her desk when she heard a loud, and incredibly irritating voice. That would be the new ghoul, she thought to herself, they were always interesting. She stood from her black leather office chair and practically glided into the room. She straightened her already perfect sapphire coloured blouse and stood tall, her matching heels at the bottom of her pressed black suit pants giving her an extra two inches onto her already towering form. "I believe that she was here first dear." She said, gesturing sweetly toward Roxie, she could feel the nerves coming off of her in huge waves.
With a quick glance at her list of students Alina saw the picture beside the name Bast Hebe, Roxana Kamala, and walked out from behind the counter toward the girl, "Roxana correct? Or would you prefer something else." She asked with a warm smile.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Feeling like she might explode into flames at any second, the loud voice putting her even more on edge, Roxie was about to turn and run when she was addressed by a very calming voice, and courtesy demanding her reply. Biting her bottom lip for courage she looked up from the floor, humiliated that she'd been reduced to this pathetic mess and quietly said, "Yes, Roxana Kamala Bast Hebe, pleased to meet you." Offering her gloved hand to the woman before her. Then gazing at the floor again she politely added, "Roxana is fine, some people call me Roxie, I kinda like that." Glancing over at the loud sharp voice nearby, and not wanting to explode into flames right here in the lobby, she quietly said, "Is there somewhere less, uh, populated? This large open room makes me nervous," and glancing again at the small loud girl she said even more quietly, "and so does she."
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"That would make sense, I guess if we ate everyone there wouldn't be many people here." Kazu shrugged and leaned back on his Bikaku while he watched the red girl. He messed with one of the stitches on his hand absently, growing bored rather quickly. Both women smelled interesting, one he couldn't quite figure out and the other was something burning. The more he watched, the more he noticed what looked like a little bit of steam or smoke around her, which he was absolutely sure wasn't normal. "What are you? You smell weird and stuff it floating around you~" He rolled forward, moving his face closer and sniffing her.

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Alina regarded the male ghoul with a quick dismissive expression before nodding to the open office door behind the desk, technically it wasn't her personal office, which was in the Professor's building, but it was where she often met with students, being in the same building as student living quarters made many feel much more comfortable. She set a clean, polished hand on Roxie's shoulder and answered, "We can talk in here, Roxie." her words dripped with calm emotions as she lead the fire based creature through the lobby. "I'll be your counselor, you may call me Ms. Fabel, or simply Alina, whichever you feel more comfortable with. Miss Tilki I'll be with you in a moment, wait in here."

"Well she's not getting sick, and I don't feel like turning it up." Naz folded her arms, but didn't bother climbing down from the counter just yet. When Aline mentioned her name she cocked an eyebrow at her and began to ask how she knew it, but was cut off by the counselor telling her to wait here. "Boring! Just give me my room key, I want to know who I get to mes- I mean befriend of course."

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Roxie nervously leaned away from the strange creature with no concept of personal space. Feeling her temperature rise to a dangerous level she could feel the fire starting, smell the smoke. Her immediate instinct was to run, not wanting to burst into flames in front of these strangers. As the counselor nodded toward an empty office in answer to her question Roxie was considering her options, not even hearing the conversation around her, she was trying to decied, fight or flight. She knew this was her last hope, the school had promised help in dealing with her issues, but the flame was rising, she had only seconds. Just as she was reaching her limit she felt a cool hand on her shoulder as the counselor said "We can talk in here, Roxie. I'll be your counselor, you may call me Ms. Fabel, or simply Alina, whichever you feel more comfortable with." As the counselor spoke Roxie could feel her temperature decreasing as her heart rate fell, unsure why or how Ms. Alina Fabel was calming her nerves she was thankful nonetheless. Roxie feeling a little less shaky but still light headed from the internal battle she'd just fought walked into the room indicated and collapsed into the chair by the door, too exhausted to be as happy as she should about not bursting into flames today... so far.

When the door was closed and the voices of the two in the lobby were blocked out Roxie looked up sheepishly, embarrassed by her lack of composure and quietly said, "Thank you, Alina, uh... Ms. Fabel..." Then looking back down at the floor she added, "Sorry about that back there, i uh... well... apparently control is something I lack." Feeling embarrassed she just stared at the floor. How had she, so smart, so proud allowed a man to steal all of her control, destroying both her career and her life.

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"Hmm." Kazu shrugged, leaning back again as he glanced over to Naz. "Never answered my question." He looked back, his eyes going down to the place the red one was standing before. "I think she burned the floor..." He bent down and squinted, staring at the spot for a moment. "Nah, guess not. Smells like it though." Turning towards the now closed door he climbed over the counter and used his Bikaku to level his eyes with the window. As if he was a child trying to look out a closed window, he pressed his face up against the glass, though he didn't stop when it cracked slightly. After a few seconds it shattered, allowing him the chance to ask again. "You didn't answer me earlier, what are you?"

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Alina gave another smile, turning the other chair in front of her desk so that it was facing Roxana. She sat next to her rather than behind the desk and crossed her long legs. "Most of us lack control, though thankfully your lack of control is with your abilities rather than your manners." Her sweet smile turned into a smirk and she turned to the boy shoving his face through the window, literally, though he looked like very much like a girl, and even at first glance she might have thought so, but he had the stench of the lower class, which of course only meant one thing, the creature was male. "Roxana my dear please pay no mind to Miss Tilki's manservant, Naz if you would be so kind as to remove him."

When Naz heard the counselor's words about Kazu being her servant she let out a cackling laugh and climbed up the side of her friend like a monkey, sticking her head through the window beside her friends. "Manservant? He doesn't even listen to me when it's a matter of life or death, do you really expect him to listen when it's as simple as this?"

Alina sighed and waved her hand, sending the ghoul flying across the lobby as the glass placed itself back into the window pane. "I don't understand why they continue to let things like that into this building." she chuckled softly and took a list off of her desk, using a sparkling purple ink pen to cleaning cross out a name and replace it with something else. "I originally had you in the same apartment as Miss Tilki, since her power over disease wouldn't have any effect on you, but I believe you would be suited better with our resident harpy, your thing are-" she stopped for a moment as if listening to something unheard by anyone else, nodding she finished "Moved. Don't let Cerridwyn's sweet stature fool you though, she's a mischievous little thing. The first few times you meet her you'll feel a bit of anxiety, don't let it bother you just remember it's not really your feelings." she set down her list and leveled her warm gaze on Roxie again, "Also dear, my office is always open, here as well as in the professor's building."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Roxie, jumped as the glass broke, her gloves bursting into flames and the sandals on her feet turning to a mess of ash and molten metal. Unsure why she was still solid and only smoldering she reached down to blow out the fire on her skirt, and glanced at Alina, wondering what she was, "did you just... how did you..." she looked from the counselor to the now repaired window and back, then looked at her trembling hands, "trembling but not burning," she noted, looking back up finished, "... do that?" "I don't understand, how'd you keep me from burning down the building and repair that window and get rid of that thing?" realizing she was babbling Roxie almost smiled. She liked this woman, and for the first time in a long time she thought she might just have a chance at a normal life again... someday...
"Thank you," Roxie said as she timidly smiled at Alina, "I'll try to keep that in mind when I'm near her, my uh... episodes... will she be hurt? I'd really hate to injure or kill a fellow feathered creature." Then smiling at Alina she said a little more brightly, "Thanks Ms. Fable, I'll keep that in mind, although I hope I don't visit too often, I don't know why but you seem to keep me from fully losing control. It's been a long time since that's happened."

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Kazu raised an eyebrow slightly at the comment, moving over an inch or two when Naz looked through as well. Considering everything he'd been called before, that one was definitely new. Although, Naz was right. He never listened to her, and she never listened to him either. "Well if your ideas were more fun-" He was cut off mid-sentance when the woman waved one hand and thrown back, his tows hit the wall and he managed to curl his Bikaku over his head so he would roll back onto his feet. "Rude, I think."

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When Alina mentally pushed the two ghouls out of her office Naz was surprised, but managed to regain her composure just in time turn, hitting the pillar in the middle of the room with her feet, bouncing off, grabbing the edge of the decorative piece of ceiling hanging down, and landing in a squat back on the counter, the move almost looked like a monkey. "That is just not fair." she blew a raspberry at the window and took the lollipop from earlier off her shirt, beginning to eat it again.

Alina gestured towards the door and a quiet rattling sounded, the source being revealed as a key slid under the door and right into her hand. "No she'll be fine, she's quick enough to get away. Also everything in you apartment as a charm over it to make it fire resistant, just in case." Alina chuckled, they'd had all kinds of issues with fire here, so they knew exactly what to do to when a student with problems controlling their fire based ability came in. "Here's your key, also fire resistant so it won't be melting on you. If you'd like I can teach you the charm, but not until you've gotten settled, it'll take a bit of work, but if we put it into more scientific and less mystical terms I believe you'll have it mastered in no time."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Smiling at the counselor she said, "Thank Goodness, I really don't want to be a problem or a danger." Looking down at her feet again she said sadly, "I never meant to hurt all those people you know... it just sort of happened..."
Shaking off the momentary lapse into memory she tried to smile at her and said "Thank you so much Ms. Fable, I'd like that very much," Roxie reached out and took the key as she chuckled, a little guilty feeling, and said, "guess with some of us you have to take special precautions."

After making an appointment for the following week she stood and was about to leave when she noticed the scorch marks on the chair she'd been in and on the floor below, "Oh my," she said, quite dismayed at the site, "I'll of course cover the damages." Then wondering if the soot and scorch marks would wash out of her clothes she politely excused herself after asking directions to her apartment.

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"Mind powers never are, why I don't like them." Kazu shook his head and rubbed his hands together slowly. "Also why we should find out ways to make them not work." He grinned at Naz, that was one of the few reasons they actually decided the school might be a good idea. Aside from a couple of other ghouls they had only ever dealt with humans before, and after a while that gets a little boring. Working around things with powers would be fun, not to mention the fact that so far everybody smelled different from normal humans, so surely they would taste different as well.

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After Roxie was calm enough that Alina was convinced she could handle a simple walk up to the next floor she sent her on her way and walked out of the office. "Miss Tilki you're next, oh tell your white haired boy that even thinking about eating other students is off limits." Without a glance at Kazu she went on to take out Naz' apartment letter. "I have no idea what that man was thinking when he put a ghoul with human, but keep in mind that I'm not making the same mistake. You'll be sharing an apartment with Miss Oliveires, I believe she'll pose quite a challenge if either of you decide it's a good idea to try and eat her, which it isn't I assure you."

Naz slid into a more comfortable sitting position and let her legs dangle off the back of the counter. The counselor hadn't bothered to tell them that they couldn't make mind powers glitch, so either there was in fact a way, or she didn't think they were stupid enough to actually try. "Fine, who do I get then, to room with, not to eat of course." she gave a mischievous smirk and continued licking the lollipop she'd found.

Alina handed the letter to Naz, who read through it quickly, "If she wants you do know what her abilities are she can explain them, if not they're none of your business." she opened a drawer of almost identical looking keys and took one out, as if she knew exactly which was which.

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SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments "Now, is it push or pull?" The young girl pondered quietly to herself, standing just a few centimeters away from the glass entrance doors of the student housing. She had run into, literally run into, this problem several times. In this kind of situation she would either successfully enter the building or get a face full of door. Akira thought about the two option for a few more seconds before deciding on one, gripping the doors black metal handle and pushing forward.

Unfortunately for her it wasn't the correct answer and in turn, before she could even realize her mistake, the door bent under the pressure with a loud ear aching groan. and fell to the ground. She cringed, eyes widening, at the loud bang that echoed as it hit the tiled floors, creating small scuff marks. That was new. The butterflies in her stomach about coming to a new school, a supernatural school at that, probably made her forget about her strength. It was only day one and she broke something already. Akira let out a inaudible sigh and chastised herself mentally, making sure she didn't let this happen again.

I should probably apologize for this she thought, looking around for someone who looked like they worked for the school. The only people, or if you could really consider them people anyways, were two deathly pale looking girls, one completely dressed in green and one that was completely white except for the red accessories. Actually, the way they were so pale was concerning. Maybe she should call an ambulance or something... Well, all she could do is leave a note for now. The girl searched through the little pocket pouches on her belt and found a pen and some pastel yellow sticky notes.

I'm sorry for breaking your door, it was a honest mistake. I will pay for all the damages.
- Akira Kobayashi

She pasted the note on the front of the broken door on the ground and tucked the pen and stickies notes away back in her pouch. Putting on a determined look she side stepped around the broken door and headed over to the counter, waiting behind the two pale girls to be done talking. She looked around the area as she waited, amazed at how fancy everything was. She had never been in a building so shiny and formal.

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Kazu watched as the red one left, almost annoyed at the fact that she never did answer him. He'd find out eventually of course. "Someone already told us about that, really disappointing." He said when the counselor told them they weren't supposed to eat students or teachers. Luckily for them, that didn't necessarily mean they couldn't go after anybody in the town. Close enough, at least they would still get to mess with things that weren't just human. "Well, we were looking for a challenge!" He blurted out with another grin. He grabbed the letter from Naz and began to read but his eyes turned toward the other person in the room. "Hey, who are you?" He asked, turning around and letting his feet touch the ground again, not noticing that with how long he'd been using the tail-like 'limb', his eyes were most likely changed by now. Briefly he glanced towards the door, pointing with one finger as he looked back to her. "Was that you? Thought I heard a noise~"

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Alina didn't even look up from the counter when the door was ripped off its hinges, once the girl was inside she waved a hand and the note came flying toward her while the door pushed itself back into place. She read the note briefly then looked up at the student who had just come in. "Miss Kobayashi I'll be with you in just a moment, as soon as I finish with Miss Tilki and her pet." She gave a warm smile and pointed at Kazu, "Your boy wants a challenge?" she asked, still not addressing him directly, "Well here it is then, please be civil, and try your best not to eat anyone, it didn't work out to well for the last ghoul who tried to fry up another student, I swear the girl was stuck in that maze for at least a week, after, of course, Nyx had changed her back from stone." she chuckled at the memory and turned in her notebook to find Akira's letter.

Naz snatched the letter back out of Kazu's hand flipping over and falling off the counter in the process. She landed on her feet with her knees bent and stood straight quickly, though it really didn't help her height. "She smells almost normal, ew." The green haired girl grimaced at the person who had just entered and tucked the letter into her pajama pants pocket. "Hey I thought they didn't let humans into this school, I mean maybe they changed the rules, it was a pretty boring rule anyway."

Alina shook her head and opened her drawer of keys to get two different ones out, "She's not human, no matter how much she smells like it. I wouldn't let your dog try and eat her either, it probably wouldn't work out too well for him."

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SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments Akira craned her head and watched the the broken door moved to return to its rightful place and her sticky note fly over to the women manning the counter, mesmerized by how it was all down with just a flick of the hand. It was like she entered some fantasy movie or something. She knew this was a special kind of school but she didn't realize she would be witnessing how special it was a few seconds later. Just the thought of seeing all those things made her stomach butterflies float out the window and be replaced by thrill and excitement.

"O-Oh, what?" She blinked, a little dazed, and turned her head back to the counter again to answer the nice women but was met with a pale finger less then a few centimeters away from her face. Her eyes widened in surprise as she went cross eyed to focus on the finger, no backing away from where she stood. Wow. It's paler then I thought, she mused. "I'm Akira Kobayashi, a new stu..." The girl trailed off, her gaze resting on the tail that the person in front of her had. Her eyebrows shot up into her hairline and she ducked under the finger to crouch down onto the floor, taking a good look at the spiky limb. "Oh wow!! Oh wow!!" She exclaimed, stunned beyond belief. "That is the coolest thing I have ever seen!!" She stared at it for a while, captivated by how it actually grew out of the back.

A moment later she had a sudden realization that she hadn't answered his second question yet. How rude of her. Akira cleared her throat and straightened so that she was standing, embarrassed at the lack of her manners. "I'm a, I'm a student. Here. Um... yeah and that was me... I was kind of hoping the noise wasn't that loud," she admitted, cringing for the second time this morning. She went to look at the girl in front of her and realized that her eyes were red. It was the first time she saw truly, pure red eyes before. "Oh wow..." she murmured, gaping at them. This was her third time saying this phrase, but she couldn't help it. It took her a few seconds before snapping out of her dazzled state, trying not to be too rude.

Overhearing ("and it is not eavesdropping," she mumbled quietly to herself) what the pretty lady behind the counter was saying to the two girls in front of her she had realized three things. One, that the girl who pointed at her was not a girl and was in fact a boy. This explained why he had a deeper voice than she expected. Two, people had attempted to eat other people here. That was a very disturbing thought. Three, people were able to turn other people into stones and such. "The more you know, I guess," the young girl gave a small laugh, a bit excited but troubled at the same time.

Watching the girl dressed in green land onto the floor made Akira kind of want to clap for her. It was a bit amazing really, as it seemed like it was something a trapeze artist would do at a circus back in France. When the girl straightened herself she noticed that she was a bit shorter than herself and that she had something that resembled a bit like ears, which was extremely cute. She restrained herself to pinch the little girl's cheeks like an old grandma. "I smell normal?" she repeated, confused at the girl's comment, sniffing her jacket and under her collar. "Is it because of the yogurt I spilled on myself today? Because I changed clothes... or is it because of the mud I fell in today? But I showered after that though..." she pondered to herself. Hearing everything that the women behind the counter said made her even more bewildered. She couldn't smell anything that was funky on her, unless you counted the shampoo and soap you used, as it was scented to something fruity, but that was all. She continued to smell herself, trying to figure out what they were talking about.

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Kazu stared at the girl unblinkingly, continuing to ignore the counselor's constant notions that he was a pet. He wasn't even sure where exactly that was coming from, but he didn't care much either. "She does, but maybe she's hiding something. And," He turned his head back to Alina for a second. "We don't have a dog. There is no dog here." He turned back, about to say something else when the girl started yelling about his Bikaku. That was a new one. He shrugged, curling the end and leaning back again like a chair while his fingers began tugging at one of the stitches on his mouth. "Yeah, normal. You know, you smell human. So far everything else we've met smells different, but you smell like human."

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Alina dropped Naz's key over the counter, expecting the girl to catch it easily, and turned to Akira again. The girl seemed easily excited, and was impressed by almost everything that had happened so far. "Back off boy, she'd not food." she raised an eyebrow and tossed her wavy brown hair behind her shoulders. She smiled as she folded Akira's letter into thirds "Naz your apartment in on the second floor, room E." she said as Naz snatched the key out of the air and gave a crooked grin at the girl's reaction to her friend's bikaku. Her eyes flashed, the green one changing to silver and vise versa, then turning back again after a moment.

Twirling the empty lollipop stick between her fingers, Naz pointed it at Akira, "You don't smell good either, too old." She made a childish face as if she was completely grossed out by the thought of eating the girl and flicked the paper stick at her. Not noticing when it didn't make it all the way over, instead changing direction mid-flight and landing in the waste basket by the door. "Naz please, at least pretend you have some manners." Alina said, her voice still at a polite level.

Naz pulled her arms into her long sleeve sweater and turned the shirt around, searching for a new piece of candy. She found a long piece of gummy candy that looked as if it was yellow at some point, but now it looked almost orange brown. She picked off the candy, turned her shirt around again, and put her arms through the holes correctly. Letting the candy dangle out of her mouth she folded her hands behind her head and leaned sideways against the counter. "I have manners, I just don't use them."

SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments Akira watched the interactions that were going on between the three people in front of her, intrigued at how different they were. She had never met anyone like them, appearance and personality like. Then again, she never really went out and met anyone her own age. She only talked to the nice old women who ran the tiny shops around her home or the kindergarten children that her mother would walk with. Then it hit her. The eating other students. The powers of lifting the doors and flying notes. The tail. They were not normal humans; as in not even human. Her sudden epiphany astounded her because it was so simple and plain yet she didn't even figure it out until now. The school said they were for gifted students, as she thought it was for smart students or uncanny abilities, but beings who were not humans? It just boggled her mind a little.

The girl returned from her thoughts, though still a bit startled at the new found knowledge. "Well that's good I guess? So I won't be very tasty." She said, stumbling over her words as she wasn't quite there in the head yet. Speaking of manners she still didn't know what their names were. Well, she had the clue what the green haired girl was named but not the other two. "Soooo... What are your names?" she asked, trying to not sound so awkward or eager with the random change of subject. They seemed nice and she really wanted to make some new friends at this school. Even if they said she smelled weird. Or human. Because that's what she was right? Akira tried to subtly sniff herself again.

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"Heard the same thing earlier. Technically she is food, rules against eating people don't make them not food." Kazu shrugged without looking at the woman. "I wouldn't really say bad, just boring. Like, Iunno, what do humans eat a lot that gets old?" He asked without expecting an answer. He had no idea what humans generally ate, to him it all tasted like varying levels of garbage that made him violently ill. Except for coffee, but nobody he had met had ever grown tired of that. "I don't even think you have any." He commented as the girl spoke up again. "Ka-zu-ki~" He answered loudly in a sing-song voice, leaning forward without his feet touching the ground and leveling his face with hers. "So what about you? Not just name, that's boring. What are you and why do you smell like a human but you broke a door?"

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Naz slid over in her teddy bear slippers and almost ran into the girls legs, grabbing Kazu around the waist to stop herself from tumbling into her. "Call him Kazoo, y'know like the buzzy thing you blow on." she put her hands close to her mouth and made a noise that sounded exactly like a normal kazoo. "I'm Naz, you call me Nazzy I'll bite your hand off no matter how bad you probably taste." she gave the girl and wide grin and put the gummy candy back into her mouth.

Alina shook her head, but didn't bother correcting either ghoul. If they managed to befriend something that didn't have a taste for human flesh, blood, or anything else gory, that was a good thing in her book.

SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments "Well Ka-zu-ki," she repeating his name exactly the way he said it and how loud he said it. "I'm... human." Akira didn't know how to answer the boy's question. Rather, she couldn't. She didn't exactly know what she was. She was just some human girl that got experimented on. There wasn't a defined category for that type of person, like monster or fairy or something like that. "I am human," she stated with a more sure tone. "And I broke that door because I just happen to be a bit strong than normal." She stared him right in the eyes, like she was challenging him to question what she said. It wasn't a lie, well not technically anyways. She was stronger than normal, through different means of course. "Nothing wrong with that, right Kazoo?" she asked, grinning.

Stepping back a few steps she surveyed the pale pair with awe. They looked like a mismatch couple or something like siblings. It was actually really cute. It made her want to pinch both of their cheeks like some creepy old lady. "It's nice to meet you two!" Akira hummed, smiling brightly that her cheeks hurt. "I'll make sure not to call you Nazzy," she added quickly. New friends, new friends, new friends!! she thought, mentally giving cheers. It was only the first day and it was going great! She gave herself a pat on the back.

The human girl turned over to the women over the counter, leaning a bit on it. "So, I assume that this is where I get my dorm room and keys?" she told her, a slight raise to at the end turning it into a question. She had seen her give a key to Naz and tell her a room. The women was pretty with her perfectly swept brown hair and clothing that seemed freshly ironed.

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"Hm, still don't smell fully human." Kazu tilted his head to one side for a moment before straightening it again. Even if she said she was human, or even fully thought she was, there was something different. Something funny, and he didn't like not knowing what. "A bit? Most people would say ghouls are a bit, and not a lot could do something like that so easily with only two arms." Unblinkingly he continued to stare at her, his fingers moving to pull on the crossed strings next to his eye, which was now completely black aside from a bit of red along the veins, and where his pupil had previously been. "Kazu is fine." He said when she repeated Naz's nickname for himself.

He watched as she stepped back and looked them over again, he hadn't been counting as she did it but it seemed like she was doing it often. Some would probably think it was weird how often she did so. "I wonder what you taste like, since you smell slightly different." He replied after she mentioned how nice it was to meet them. Of course he couldn't help being curious, and he did say something beforehand so if he decided it might be a good idea to chew her up at least she had a bit of a notice beforehand? "That's a good plan for you, as for Kazu, he can call Nazzy-chan whatever he wants since they already to kill each other once before!"

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Naz stuck her tongue out when Akira said it was nice to meet them, but gave a mischievous grin when Kazu mentioned her only having two arms. Lifting her shirt up a few inches so that her second pair of arms would rip it she giggled as if something was tickling her, just as a pair of almost normal looking arms sprouted out from her sides. "Now with four arms it would be easy." she high-fived herself and used one of her lower arms to wave at Akira before sucking back into her stomach. Letting her shirt fall again she rolled her eyes at Kazu, who had just brushed off her nickname for him. She reached up to smack her friend in the back of the head when he called her Nazzy-chan, while Akira questioned the counselor

Alina nodded with a smile, happy that Naz and her pet were behaving themselves. "Yes indeed my dear. I have your apartment letter here, along with your room key all ready for you. Naz I would steer clear of her apartment until she gets to know her roommate. She's a firecracker, that one." She thought back to Gisela coming that morning to get her key, she had been the first student there that morning, looking half asleep with a giant mug of coffee and a sour expression, the young witch had looked like she was about to bite off someone's head, thankfully not in the literal sense.

SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments The way Kazuki looked at her gave Akira a ghost of shivers scurrying down her spine. It wasn't his appearance that made her more nervous than she was suppose to be (far from it as his colour changing eyes and large tail-like limb perked her interest) it was his stare. Being under the ghoul's scrutiny was like he was looking straight through her soul, dissecting her apart to figure what made her tick. He didn't need to know the experimental story, as she learned that it earned her looks of disgust and pity. The girl shook her head side to side violently, losing herself in the painful memories. All those things were in the past now and she was alright. "Yeah, a bit," she confirmed to him. She was human, albeit modified, and she didn't understand why he continued to ask. "That's why I'm here right? That's why we're all here. We're all a bit different from everyone else."

She hadn't been expecting his comment about what she would taste like, but then again the pair had already mentioned it a couple of times during their interaction. She really shouldn't be surprised. Now that she thought about it, something that never crossed her mind, what would she taste like? Using what the ghouls had said about how people tasted and such she assumed that they all tasted uniquely to whatever that person ate or what they did during their lifespan. The human girl furrowed her eyebrows in concentration, not quite looking anywhere in particular, drifting off into thinking. She herself ate lots of things although she couldn't remember what she ate exactly. Her favorite food was croissants and her favorite drink was tea and hot chocolate, so would she taste like a combination of the three? Along with the taste there was also the texture and how chewy she would be. Then again, she had some mechanics in her foot so a little crunchy too. "Maybe a little bit chewier than most... I'd probably also taste kinda buttery, with some floralness mixed in there somewhere..." she murmured quietly, not realizing she had spoken out loud. No! No! I shouldn't be thinking about stuff like this! It's weird and inhumane, she thought, shaking the ridiculous idea out of her head. It did make one think about it though...

The tail-like limb that grew out of Kazuki's back was impressive, but the whole growing two more arms blew it out of the water. It blew Akira's mind. Her eyes widened and she jumped up in her spot, conflicted with the emotions of shock and awe running through her. To see someone do that was amazing that she was tempted to reach over and touch, luckily she restrained herself. It wasn't a polite thing to do after all. Maybe one day she'll be able to touch it. Just one day.

Akira returned the smile with her own, taking the key that was being handed to her. Alright. First key, do not crush it, she reminded herself. It was bad that she broke the door, she was not going to make that mistake a second time. She was excited to be having a roommate. She never had a roommate before so this was exciting! Would they do things like pillow fights or watch scary movies till one in the morning? She all saw these things in movies and they looked fun. "Wait, my roommate isn't actually a firecracker right?" It was a stupid question, but you never know.

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"I guess you could say that." Kazu shrugged at the suggestion that they were only there because they were different. To be honest, it was a bit of an understatement. The girl was slowly speaking a bit less, like she had calmed down or something. He continued to watch her as she contemplated his question, not thinking that she would most likely not know how to answer since they would have nothing in common to compare. Unless somehow she tasted like coffee, but that was unlikely since she didn't smell like it. "Buttery? Whats that supposed to mean? Oh right, don't people season things with that? Stuff looks slimy and tastes bad. And flowers? Who eats flowers?" Now more confused, he wondered what kind of an analogy that was. Was she suggesting that she tasted like death, slime, and plants? Odd, but perhaps it was because of the fact that their tongues worked completely different...

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As if Alina had read her mind she answered with, "You're key along with everything in your room is set with a charm that will help you avoid smashing anything." Technically she hadn't taken the thought out of her head, but the different emotions that wafted toward the counselor weren't hard to pick apart. "Nope, there is a fire bird around though, sweet little thing. You're roommate is a completely different kind of firecracker, snippy snotty little thing, more human than most, but not as human as you."

Naz rolled her eyes at Kazu and shook her head, human food didn't make her sick, so she'd tried it a few times, some things actually tasted like humans tasted, but not everything. "No stupid, buttery would be like that teenager you munched a few years back, you remember, with the stringy hair, flowery is like that old lady we threw out of a third story building because her apartment smelled like cats." Neither human tasted good to Naz, but Kazu hadn't complained.

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SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments After she got over her initial enthusiasm at the thought of hanging out with her roommate, the girl felt her stomach growl and her mind haze a tiny bit. When Akira first arrive here her blood was pumping with energy and excitement, but that could only few her for so long. She had now begun to slowly wind down and become worn out as the minutes ticked by when she arrived. It wasn't that she wasn't happy to be here or anything, it just that her stamina was running out. She had had a big breakfast this morning, completed by yogurt, waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausages, and large mug of tea before she left for the University. She guessed it was from all the thrill from seeing everything up until now and the nervousness from coming, accompanied by Kazuki's bizarre questions and unblinking stare.

Having a roommate like that wouldn't be too bad. It would be exciting! It was great to meet new people, so she didn't think much of the snippy, snotty comment. "Well then, I guess I'll be going now." She spoke with a smile, albeit not as bright as when the women mentioned her roommate, attempting to keep up with the energy from before. It would be weird if she suddenly got all sluggish now wouldn't it? Akira turned to leave but paused for moments, turning her head to look at the lady behind the counter. "Um, I don't think I ever got your name miss."

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"Oh, is that it? That's a weird combination..." Kazu looked up for a minute, trying, and failing, to link together the two in his mind. When he looked back something about the girl seemed different, but not only could he not tell what it was, he didn't bother trying. "Yo, Nazzy, I'm hungry now that we've been talking about this, let's go find something." He suggested, the bikaku supporting his weight disappearing and allowing his feet to touch the ground again. Within a few seconds he blinked and his eyes returned to normal and he finally blinked.

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Alina sent a scowl Kazu's way, which was the first time she'd actually looked at him the entire conversation. "Go to the kitchens or one of your rooms, no eating your peers." she hissed from across the lobby, before turning her serious expression into a smile for Akira. "Alina, or Ms. Fabel, either one works for me. Your room is on the third floor, room D, your roommates bedroom doesn't have the same charms as your common area and your room, so be gentle if you go in there." she chuckled and checked Akira's name off her master list.

Naz stuck her tongue out at the dark haired girl one more time before grabbing the back of Kazu's shirt and spinning him around. "Come on then dummy, I'm hungry too. Oh and by the way it's almost my birthday, and you should get me the same thing you did last year, seriously it was yummy." she pulled on his shirt one more time before letting go and skipping over to the elevator, getting in with Kazu and sending it up without thinking that Akira might have wanted to go with them.

SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments ((END OF SCENE))

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Sevania (sevthedev) Jesai Maria Lightwing believed strongly in first impressions. So as she arrived on campus and started following the signs towards the women's Main Office, her analytical mind was working furiously at the problem of how to make a good first impression. Problem was, she also hated lying, and putting on a bubbly, sociable character would definitely be a lie. The thought had crossed her mind that she really shouldn't care what others thought of her, but here that was especially a lie. Since Jess had minimal magical talent, her future would have to depend on her nonmagical success, which unfortunately had to include socializing. If she had more power, she could probably have gotten away with being antisocial since people tended to be frightened by skilled wielders anyway. But enough dwelling on what she'd dwelled on her entire life. Jess was here to learn about things that had nothing to do with fairy magic.

On the outside, Jesai's face held a practiced blank expression. Her posture was perfectly composed: back straight, step quick but not rushed, and she put out an air of confidence with a subtle aloofness. It had taken a long time for Jess to get this projection of herself exactly right. Somewhere along the way she'd earned the nickname Ice Queen. She thought she kind of liked the title. It kept people that she didn't want to talk to away from her. Mostly.

Here, though, things would be different. Here, Jess hoped she'd be judged by the things she wanted to learn instead of the things she couldn't do. With these thoughts in mind, she strode into the main office and approached the font desk, offering a warm but not overly exuberant smile to the woman behind the desk.

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Alina looked up when a girl she hadn't met before walked in, the colour swimming around her was different than the others she'd seen today, and though it wasn't a steady stream it also wasn't changing colour, those people normally didn't have their head on straight, but this one seemed too. "You're mind is buzzing dear I can feel it." she chuckled with a smile back toward the girl. "I haven't gotten a fairy yet this year, one girl I would categorize as an imp, but no fairies." Looking down to run her finger over her student list she found the correct picture and asked, "Jesai, correct?" she assumed she was pronouncing it right, but it was always polite to check.

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Sevania (sevthedev) Jesai was pleased that the woman - Ms. Fabel, she seemed to remember the orientation packet saying - had said her name correctly. She'd heard some gruesome mispronunciations of the five letters. Really, it was amazing what people could come up with: anything from Jessie, which was bad but at least understandable, to Jeezia (she still had no idea where that had come from). "Right," she said, with all the pleasantness she could muster, "but most people call me Jess." Lie. Jess cringed inwardly and wondered why she had let that slip out of her mouth. Hardly anyone liked her enough to call her Jess. Not that she was extremely likable. "Some people," she amended. Hoping to change the subject, she studied the woman closely. Brown hair, blue eyes, flawless skin. And a sort of feel about her... "I haven't met a unicorn in ages," Jess said, hoping it didn't sound like she was gushing. She wasn't; she really hadn't seen a unicorn since she was unicorn since she was maybe five, despite the fact that fairies and unicorns were supposedly close.

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Alina could feel Jess bristle slightly as she spoke, which made the counselor chuckle softly. "Jess then." she smiled and flipped to the correct letter in her binder. "I'm your counselor, Alina, or Ms Fabel, whichever you prefer. Yes! Indeed I'm a unicorn, I'm surprised you caught that, not many do, we do tend to have a nose for one another don't we?" she smiled brightly, her eyes hovering over the girl's golden blonde hair, which fell flat past her shoulders and glowed in the somewhat fluorescent light.

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Sevania (sevthedev) "I guess so," Jess said, and laughed a little, hoping she didn't sound awkward. I am not socially deficient, she told herself firmly. She knew she was in an unfamiliar setting and that flawless interaction was too much to expect of herself, but she still was a bit disappointed in her performance thus far. Was she overanalyzing things? She supposed it was possible - her friends back home often accused her of that. "Nice to meet you, Ms. Fabel," she continued, as genuinely as she could. "I'm really excited to study here. This campus is beautiful." She paused, wondering if that sounded cliche. It probably did.

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"I completely agree dear, the only humans on our campus are that of some time of mystical background, though I do wish that the headmaster would let me reinstate corporal punishment with the lower class." Alina's words sounded sweet, even when she spoke about beating the male students that didn't behave. When they had allowed corporal punishment they hadn't needed a Gorgan to hand out punishments when things got out of hand, the professors could do it as they pleased, and there wasn't a single student that behaved like the ghoul she had dealt with today.

"Enjoy it as much as you can while it's still sunny, in a few months raining, and snowing, more often than not." with a chuckle Alina took out Jess' letter, folded it into thirds, and handed it to her. "Your roommate is a sweet one, a little unsettling at first, but I think you'll get along perfectly."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Zoe quietly floated, in genie form made for quicker getaways, and seeing the women talking she found a quiet corner to wait her turn. A little nervous about having a roommate she tried to stay calm, wishing she'd fed before she came, the room held no available energy, just the hint of some left over and the strong unicorn, but she knew better than too touch that energy without permission. She considered the fairy for a second but knew the unicorn would notice so she curled up in a puff of smoke to wait.

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After finishing up with Jess Alina flipped through her student binder, looking for the picture of red haired girl, that had come in. Once she found the correct student page she looked up with a bright smile, "Zoe dear, are you going to wait there all day or are you going to come up here." she gave a light chuckle and began to gather the girl's key and welcome letter. They'd had a few different interesting mixes at the school, but a genie succubi was a new one, and she was definitely going to be entertaining to bring into the school's environment.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Upon hearing her name Zoe shook off the haze she'd created out of her mind, and slowly, gracefully she unfurled her long legs from under herself as stood up. Looking sleepily at the woman who'd called her name, she said, "Sorry, yes, I'm here, I was trying to keep my distance, that fairy was throwing energy everywhere and I haven't feed today, the meditation sleep helps control the urge to feed for a time... sometimes... I mean, I am really trying, I really am, it's just very difficult to control, and I've nothing since I left home, everything is off limits... You know?" Looking down at the floor, Zoe quietly said, "Maybe I should have just stayed at home, I try so hard but then I am so hungry and that's when I lose it and I don't want to hurt anyone anymore, Home is the only place I am safe... or well others are safe from me... Maybe I should just go... Sorry I am probably just wasting everyone's time here..." With an indecisive pause Zoe looked up at the woman trying to figure out why she was here, why hadn't she just stayed in Amsterdam, it was safe there she was able to only feed on nasty pig like men who lied and cheated anyways, no innocent was ever hurt. Trying to shake off the negativity she felt Zoe managed another small smile.

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Alina chuckled and slid the letter across the desk. "Now we can't have you starving, we do have a few volunteer humans, charmed of course so that you won't be able to actually hurt them, that are provided for multiple kinds of feeding. Don't be alarmed if they seem to be slightly out of touch with reality." She smiled at her last comment, but didn't offer any more explanation. "Call down to the kitchen if you'd like to order someone to feed, or solid food either one, I'm always here to help with anything else you'll need." Tapping the key she continued, "Your room is on the fifth floor, room V. In your paperwork you asked for a set of magic lamps, and that you would be bringing one of your own, they're already hanging but they can be moved wherever you want them."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Zoe smiled weakly as she said, "I do hope they at least knew what they were signing on for. Some of us can be extremely dangerous. Although," she added more thoughtfully, "what else is there." Picking up the key and the letter, Zoe smiled more warmly saying, "Thank You Dr. Fabel, mother said she'd heard wonderful things about this school and most especially about your ability to help those of us with, uh, impulse control problems get ourselves to a point where we can live and work in normal human society if we chose to." Then feeling more positive than she had since the decision to attend Supernatural University Zoe headed off to find her room. Turning as she opened to door to leave she smiled and waved to the beautiful woman once last time before ducking out into the beautiful sunlight.

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END OF SCENE(^・人・^)ノ”

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Hanging up the phone with his manager Nik kicked the curb in frustration. How was he going to be an idol and a student and not let someone down. "If you have too many pots to stir," he thought to himself, "Something gets burned." Nik quickly shook off his frustration knowing he'd see that cute little smiling face again in a few mins and putting his headphones on he sat down on a nearby bench to wait for her. Deciding he probably had time to answer a few texts he took out his phone and reading his last message from Siwon he grinned and quickly texted his friend and fellow idol back before putting his phone back in his pocket. The late afternoon sun was shining brightly, and with the relaxing feel of the heat on his skin Nik closed his eyes and began to let his mind wander.

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Suiko had been slightly out of breath from running up the hall to her apartment on the second floor, getting ready in a flurry or clothes, shoes, and accessories, then rushing back down it, this time using the elevator instead of the stairs so she could catch her breath. After inhaling deeply and letting it out she stood up straight and walked out of the elevator, tails and ears hidden from sight, so that she could easily be mistaken as any normal human, which was exactly what she was going for.

She stepped outside and smiled at the warmth of the sun against her skin, taking a moment to adjust her glasses before looking around for Ai- er- Nik apparently. She smiled brightly when she saw him almost asleep on a bench on the edge of the large sidewalk, or maybe he was actually asleep, she had no clue. She let her eyes play over him, still finding it hard to believe that he was actually there, she'd been obsessing over these idols since she was a kid, and she'd only ever gotten the chance to meet a few of them, but this one had seemed just as nervous to be around her as she was to be around him, and it was slightly comforting.

Walking toward him the only noise around was the clicking of her wooden heels on the concrete, and she couldn't help but wonder where any of the other students were, not that she particularly cared, it was just odd. As she approached him she leaned down so that she was about six inches from his face, and since he didn't notice she proceeded to poke him right on the nose.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Nik sat on the bench tapping his hand on his leg to the music playing in his head phones. He liked the new mix Siwon had sent him, as he tapped out the beat he already had choreography in his mind. Sitting in the sun and feeling the warm breeze on his skin Nik was lost in the music when suddenly he was poked right in the nose.

Startled Nik jumped, flailing as he did so. As if in slow motion several things happened all at once. First as he threw his arms out the hit the pretty girl on the shoulder while also hitting her leg with his foot, thus knocking her off balance. Second she began to fall, and third with reflexes he did not even realize he had he'd reached out to keep her from falling. Now leaning forward slightly Nik held Suiko tightly in his embrace. So thankful he'd managed to keep her from falling to ground he didn't even think to be embarrassed or nervous. Slowly running his fingers along her cheek Nik whispered the question, "A-a-are you ok?" Momentarily more concerned with the girls safety than his nerves he pulled her closer saying, "I'm so sorry! I didn't hurt you did I?" Then quietly running his hand along her arm and looking for any possible damage he gently stood her upright and reluctantly let go.

The moment contact was broken the moment quickly passed and Nik became extremely fretful and upset. Stuttering his apologies over and over and asking if she'd been injured. Picking up his headphones he tossed them into his almost forgotten bag, before realizing he'd knocked her purse off her shoulder as well. Nik quickly picked it up and dusted it off bowing slightly in apology as he handed it to her. "Suiko, I-I-I am so v-very sorry about that, p-please tell me if you've been injured by my carelessness." he said with deep regret in his eyes. "If you are hurt I will carry you home and call someone to come help you." He blushed deeply upset not only by his clumsiness but also at how he'd managed to ruin their first... "date... could he call it a date... well maybe he could have if he hadn't just tried to knock out the girl."

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