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The strips of road connecting everything in the town.

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Suiko loved this, he was so normal, not at all like the idols she had grown so fond of, they were like mythological creatures, ones she hadn't even imagined actually spending time with. It was weird, but she was slowly getting used to it, even to the point that she absently snaked her small arm into the crook of his own as they visited and wandered. "I was actually trying to get away, and there isn't that many schools in the world that specialize in hiding in plain site, or you know, hiding fur." she gave him a shy smile, as she shook her head in an almost animal like way, her ears flicked up out of her hair and into site before she shook her head again and they folded down, as if melting back out of site.

They turned a corner, past a neighborhood, and started down a downtown style street lined with shops and restaurants. Unfortunately everything was in English, and though she spoke it very well, it was very hard to read so it took a while to make out the signs as they passed by the windows.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Nik being a guy had already found the pizza parlor earlier that day, it had been his first stop after dropping his stuff in his room. As Suiko began reading he gently tugged her in the right direction. Walking in the door the man behind the counter glanced up and seeing Nik said , "Nik, my boy, back so soon? I guess you liked our pizza." Then noticing the sweet little girl that was with him he quickly said with a grin, and I see you brought a friend. Quickly shouting over his shoulder toward the back he called, "Mia, our new friend brought a guest I'm seating them at table five." Coming around from the counter he'd quickly seated them in a quiet corner away from the door. Grinning the man took their drink orders, saying "If you need anything Nik don't hesistate to ask." Before walking away. They'd sat on either side if the table which made his view of the pretty girl spectacular but sadly had removed her arm from his. Nik wanted to reach across the table and take her hand but he knew better, he'd been taught ettiquette even if he hadn't been taught how to speak coherently to the opposite sex.

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Suiko had read about half the sign when she felt herself being pulled into the restaurant smoothly. Taking Nik's arm again she gave the man a smile as he addressed the boy next to her, soon after they were seated and with menus in front of them and drinks on the way, it was nice to be able to see Nik across from her, but she had liked being so close. "It smells so good in here." Suiko grinned, inhaling the smell of cooking pizza as she watched Nik over the top of the menu that she wasn't reading, it was hard to pay attention to anything else when a light haired idol with the voice of an angel was sitting right across from her, she'd been so distracted by him that she hadn't even thought to open her computer and send her sister a message telling her who she'd met, and she wasn't thinking about it now either.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Growing up in a village almost exclusively populated with Veela and Warlocks Nik had no idea what it was like to have to hide who or what you are. Even now constantly in the public eye the management companies had unique ways of hiding the supernatural facts from public, "Hiding in plain site," they'd told him once when he'd commented on the girl group he and his mates partnered with often. Nik wondered what the cute little fox would think when he told her she wasn't the first kitsuni he'd met just the first he was interested in. Smiling Nik looked across the table and watched the girl as ahe looked over the menu, coloring red when she looked up and smiled. He quickly looked back at his menu. Tossing around in his head for something coherent to say and settling on asking her what she might want to eat, "The house special is amazing," he said smiling, "I kninda had one for lunch today," he added blushing.

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"Yep, when I was in school most of my time was spent actually hiding, and with my little sister you know it never really got boring, so she'd into the high school and we'd hang out on the roof." Suiko smirked, everyone else around them had been human, the two foxes were the only ones who really understood each other, so they didn't think making friends with other people was important, which meant the pair spent at least on hour on a skype call every day. "I'll get that then." she smiled, giving her order to the waiter when he walked by with their drinks, it was nice since it made it so that she didn't have to fruitlessly scan the English menu.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments "So even your teachers didn't know?" Nik asked the whole thing seemed very odd to him. The adults at his school in Korea knew about every supernatural in the idol program. The ratio of normal human to supernatural was an interesting mix. "So your sister, is she still back at home? Does she hide all the time too?" He asked a little sadly. Smiling at the waitress Nik said "Just make it an extra-large Mia we can share." Then smiling at Suiko he added, "You'll love this pizza its the best." After they'd given Mia their order she walked away with a little wink at Nik and a sweet smile at Suiko saying, "Let me know if you need anything dears." Nik thanked her again before looking back at Suiko. "So are there other Kitsunes in your vil... uh neighborhood?"

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Suiko shook her head, she'd met a couple other Kitsunes, but just in passing, or when they visited her parents, "Most live in smaller towns, in the country, we lived in beach town, pretty good size, population doubled during the vacation season." she shrugged, she'd gone to school with humans her whole life, learned to coexist with them, hide her true form from them, it was kind of nice to be able to walk around school with her tails not hidden away, or even to go to class just as a fox. "My sister is in her last year of high school, she'll probably come here when she's done, I hope that's what she decides at least."

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments As Nik sat visiting with his new friend he quickly became irritated with his phones constant buzzing and taking it out he turned it off without even looking at who was trying so hard to contact him. Taking a deep breath he, dropped it back in his bag and smiled at Suiko, "WOW, I've never done that before, it's so freeing!" Smiling he considered leaving it off for a few days, it would be peaceful, he thought to himself, at least until his manager came looking for him then there would be hell to pay. He ignored that thought for now and decided to worry about work when he got home. Nik loved what he did, Loved his fans, loved the travel, the crazy schedule and didn't even mind the rules, but sometimes he just wanted time to breath, and a place where no one knew his face. It was nice here. No cameras flashing, no one wanting autographs, no screaming fan girls, just one pretty young lady with an adorable smile and a room full of people who had no clue who he was. When their order arrived Nik quickly thanked Mia for her help and ordered more drinks for them before placing some food on a plate for Suiko and handing it to her, with a grin. "I hope you like it. Mia turned me on to this one when I first arrived and I've come here for it more than once since. My manager would die if he saw me eating like this, or rather I might die if he caught me."

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Suiko was almost surprised when Nik pulled out his phone and turned it off, apparently someone was trying to get a hold of him and he really didn't feel like talking to them, she briefly wondered who it was before he shot her a bright smile saying "WOW, I've never done that before, it's so freeing!" she giggled lightly, he seemed so normal, far from how he was in the videos and concerts and interviews, he was so put together and professional in those, while here he was just like any other student, and she was happy to know that she was one of the few that knew about both sides of him.

They made light conversation about the school just before their food arrived, it smelled absolutely amazing and Suiko grinned happily as it was the pizza was set between them. Politely Nik made a plate and handed it to Sui, "You should assume I have a very overactive sense of smell, and this smells great, so I'm going to trust you on the taste." She laughed quietly as he made his own plate and they started eating. "I know they have most of the girl idols on weird diets, but they do that with you guys too?" she asked curiously, she'd read article after article on how the female idols kept their figures, while most of the ones similar for the guys were just about working out or whatever.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments As she watched him Nik wondered what Suiko was thinking. It made him a little nervous to be studied like this. He ran his hand through his hair and hoped he didn't look like the mess he felt like.

Nik really enjoyed visiting with Suiko, she was clever and funny. When she asked about weird diets he just smiled and said, "You have no idea!" Then with a laugh he added, "Everyone jut expects girls to always be on a special diet always watching their figure while guys it's supposed to be easy and its not cool to diet. So our diets are hidden publicly but they most definitely do exists. I'm on a very strict food & fitness regimen." Smiling at the pretty girl in front of him as they ate their food he quietly added, "I'm supposed to be obsessed with fitness but really I'm obsessed with good food, music and dancing."

As they finished Nik felt well fed and happy, smiling at the girl in front of him he said, "I'm really glad you liked it, and I'm glad you actually ate, I hate it when girls are like 'Oh no I'm good this piece of Celery it's really all I want,' we all know she wants more than that dang celery!"

After paying the bill and promising the waitress he'd return, Nik lead Suiko back out into the street. The sun had set, the moon was up and the stars were out. Taking a deep breath, Nik rubbed his hands together then rubbed the back of his neck. He wanted to take her hand but he was unsure how to go about it. Feeling foolish Nik quietly said, "It's a pretty night isn't it."

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