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Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) | 171 comments Mod
A cluster of buildings in it's own district, all somehow food related.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments As the girls wandered the restaurant district chatting they stopped occasionally to purchase something from a street vendor. Roxie loved all the new items available on the street giving her the opportunity to sample dishes she previously would never have tried her fear of being in such a public indoor place always kept her from eating out in normal restaurants. As she sipped the cocktail she'd ordered she felt a chill along her spine. Like they were being watched but when she glanced around nothing was out of he ordinary. Quickly shaking off he feeling she smiled at Fawn. "So? What do you want to try next?"

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments Fawn enjoyed wandering the streets with her friend. They stopped to took at trinkets, toys, clothes, and Roxie was even able to pull the nymph away from a flower stand and console her over the dying plants. The town intrigued the little Apple. There was so much liveliness and vibrancy in it's own unique way. It reminded Fawn of her forest. She could feel the life in the trees, the ground, the air, yet it was always very calm and serene. Here, life came like fireworks, bursting with every passing businessman on the way to work, every whiff of fresh baked pastries from a bakery, every shout across the street at someone no matter how crass. It excited her greatly and she beamed happily as they strolled along.

"Hmm... Are you hungry? We could stop for pizza or sweet buns or anything you feel like?" She asked, too caught up with everything to notice the shadowy presence following them.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Darius enjoyed watching them, like an animal stalking his prey he'd quietly followed them studying their mannerisms waiting for a chance to strike. He growled slightly in frustration when they'd looked as if they might turn down a street with fewer people but changed their minds. His eyes flashed as they talked they were so easy to read, innocents always were. At several of the shops he'd gotten close enough to touch one of them. Of course he didn't, he wanted to enjoy the hunt before he approached, besides with his record he had to be sure their deaths couldn't be traced back to him. Stupid laws, he'd never understood why those weaker deserved protection survival of the fittest was his attutude and those sweet things were his for the taking. So he stayed in the shadows and waited for his opportunity.


Having wandered for quite awhile stopping to shop here and there the girls now had several packages and when Fawn mentioned Pizza Roxie tended to agree, although the idea of being inside the crowded restaurant made her a bit nervous. Biting her lip she debated then noticing there was an outside seating area she smiled brightly, "Pizza sounds great," as they headed toward the restaurant Roxie half jokingly said, "Wonder if it's fire roasted?"

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments Fawn's laugh jingled lightly at her companion's joke. She was glad that her friend was able to relax after their slightly hectic afternoon. Shopping had done both of the girls some good.

Entering into the pizza parlor, the girls ordered a large pizza and were able to snag a table outside to enjoy the perfect night sir. The duo continued to chat and enjoy their meal easily in each other's company. Fawn was interested in learning more about Roxie's book. She wondered if she might be able to read it as well and maybe help her friend derive the secret meaning behind the inked text. By the time the two had finished their meal, night had fallen and it was time for Fawn to return home to the university. The tired nymph yawned and stretched her twiggy limbs, respectfully requesting they turn in for the night.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments ((Haha I knew I'd forgot to catch up somewhere! Sorry! I'm on it now))

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments After a long day of ups and downs, one Roxie had originally intended to spend hiding from company she was gladly enjoying dinner with her adorable little friend. Chatting about shopping and life was easy with Fawn, she didn't judge like others did and even better she never asked about the incident, never asked her why she'd killed those people, Roxie was so tired of the guilt and tired of explaining it hadn't really been her fault. Smiling at Fawn as they chatted Roxie was finishing her beer the pizza now just an empty platter in the middle of the table. When she noticed her friend beginning to fade. About to suggest they head home Fawn suggested they retire first and Roxie grinned, taking the last sip of her drink she said, "I was thinking the same thing. Shall we go?" Placing money on the table to pay for the alcohol and the tip since they'd purchased the pizza earlier, Roxie and Fawn headed off in the direction of the school, a dark but well worn path between town and their home. For a moment she considered flying but was nervous about how Fawn would feel, many found the idea of being carried by a giant bird rather terrifying and although Fawn knew what she was their powers did not define their friendship. As they walked and chatted Roxie again felt the prickly fear on the back of her neck.


Darius who'd watched them from a dark corner for over an hour was beginning to get bored when he heard them discussing going home. "Mmmm" he sighed to himself, "Finally it'll be my turn for some dinner." As he stalked the two into the forest that stood between them and the safety of home his body filled with excitement. The only thing Darius liked better than the hunt was the kill, and as he drew closer to the girls he reached out to probe their minds looking to see who would be more easily swayed to be quiet and whom he'd need to kill quickly. A shiver of excitement ran through his body as the desire to attack took hold, "Patience," he whispered to himself, he most definitely wanted their deaths to remain unsolved as blood on his hands meant time in the maze or worse, he touched his neck before shaking his head, No his parents would never allow his final death, he was sure of that.

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments Fawn nodded gratefully at Roxie's suggestion. Alcohol made the nymph sleepy and the quickening night did not serve to aid her in her struggle to stay awake one bit. It also did not help that Roxie had a natural warmth to her that was very cosy and comfortable. She kept yawning on their walk home, continuing to tell herself that soon she would be able to sleep peacefully. She just needed to stick with her friend until she got home first.

The little Apple began to hum to herself a tune that the satyrs once played for her and her kin. It was a nice melody. Everyone had loved to dance along to it back in her Forest. The humming kept her awake well enough once they made their way into the forest. These trees were living, but not Living like where she had come from. Sometimes she wondered who came first, the nymph or the tree. Were souls given or taken from the trees?

She was about to ask her friend about her thoughts on the subject when she noticed a very slight furrow in the bennu's brow.
"Are you alright, Roxie? You look like something is bothering you." She yawned again, rubbing her eyes before giving the fiery bird her "full" attention.


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DragonDreamer | 53 comments ((I'm also wondering if Fawn would be able to sense him or not. I was thinking that since he is a vampire and dead, then his body might not emit a life force so she wouldn't be able to sense him unless he like just drank fresh blood. Otherwise his presence is like an empty spot or a void to her and she hasn't learned to recognize it yet. Or maybe because she is so distracted with being tired she doesn't notice something that she would normally see otherwise. Idk.

Maybe he could catch Fawn and start drinking her blood but tells Roxie that she won't kill her if she lets him drink hers as well. Roxie accepts and when he's about to drink her blood she transforms and flies away with fawn? I don't have a lot so it's cool if you want to direct the scene as we go along. Whatever you think is most likely for your characters to behave. ))

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