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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Desperately in need of some air and space Roxie stood on her roof and quietly disrobed, carefully placing all her clothing into the bag slung over her shoulder. Slowly she stretched her wings as she changed into a phoenix once more and took flight. After flying for awhile she spotted a lovely park and decided to look it over. Landing softly into the bushes she quickly changed, and got dressed. Wandering through the park she stopped to read the statute plaque, before wandering on. The park was quiet and peaceful and Roxie looked around thinking it would be a great place to sit and read. Spotting a bench near the far edge of the park she quickly headed in that direction looking for the peace she always found in the solitude of books.

As she lay on the bench Roxie closed her eyes the book lay on her chest forgotten.
She was on the beach watching the waves lap at her feet, the sounds of the ocean were peaceful and calming she loved to be here. Suddenly she heard his voice deep and rich like velvet. She tried to turn to see his face but suddenly his arms were there, around her holding her close but preventing her from seeing who he was. Looking down at the arms protectively wrapped around her she recognized the familiar warm caramel skin tone. He smelled masculine, musky, just like he always did. Taking a deep breath she smiled and lay her head back knowing his chest would be there to support her. "Who are you?" She asked as he held her. Closing her eyes she felt safe knowing somehow he'd always protect her as she let herself drift in his embrace.

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments The gentle breeze whistled through Fawn's study branches, softly rustling her leafy mane. On beautiful days like today, the young nymph enjoyed going to the park to bathe in the sun and practice her magic. Working on making plants grow... she could be a little overenthusiastic and cause problems for the plant.

A few moments later she noted a soft disturbance of the grass heading to a park bench. Probably someone else coming to enjoy the day. Slowly, Fawn transformed into her human form, grabbing her dress from the bushes and draping it over her skin. Noting the slumbering girl on the bench, she recognized the fiery hair to belong to none other than Roxie! A friend from school. A shy excitement bubbled within her and she made her way over to the bench as well, perching beside the sleeping place. She wondered what Roxie was doing here. She had a book with her... but came to sleep? How silly. She giggled, gently prodding the bennu's shoulder.
"Roxie" She whispered, "Roxxxiiiiieeee" She sang lightly.

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She could feel him evaporating, as the beach slowly turned to black. She tried to cling to him but he just melted away from her. As he disappeared the anxiety returned. Then suddenly she could hear someone calling her name quietly almost like a song.

Opening her eyes Roxie smiled gently, who was he she thought before she opened her eyes. Roxie smiled at Fawn, "I didn't know you would be at this park. I thought I was alone." Slowly sitting up Roxie felt slightly dizzy, she always did when she dreamt of him. Blinking her eyes at the brightness of the sun she finally focused on Fawn saying, "It's good to see you. How's your magic coming along?"

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments The woodland nymph smiled as her friend awoke from her nap.
"I was a tree." She explained briefly. At the mention of her magic practice though, she averted her gaze. "That's... coming along... a bit..." She sighed ruefully, relenting to the fiery bird. "I've got a lot of practice to do," She shrugged, coming to a stand and clasping her hands behind her back. "What about you?" She offered, "How's your book? It must not be too exciting if you're dozing off in the middle of it." She observed, trying to see what her friend had been reading. Fawn had mixed feelings about books. It made her sad to think of the countless trees sacrificed to publish stories and information. She hoped, though, that the enjoyment and knowledge the pages induced in their readers would produce some honor in that sacrifice.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments "A tree?" Roxie smiled, "Why Fawn that's wonderful. Were you able to sustain the change without any harm to yourself or the trees and plants in the park?" Roxie knew her friend struggled to control her gifts much like she herself did. Luckily Fawns gifts weren't as dangerous as hers were. "Awe sweetheart that's why we are all here isn't it? Practice?" Roxie followed Fawns sad eyes to the book and slowly realized she still held it. "Oh! Yea the book," Roxie said as she placed the book in her bag again. The smiling at Fawn she added, "It is a very old book it was my mother's, she used to read it to me when I was young. It's one of my few possessions that's managed to survive my uh, accidents."

Roxie's face grew hot when she thought about her lack of control. The anxiety of losing control always made it worse. Feeling her temperature begin to rise she again silently thanked her advisor Alina for the charms used to protect most of her stuff from fully burning up when she did. Suddenly realizing the grass under her feet was scorching Roxie hurried over to the fountain and stepped into the water. Looking sadly from her friend to the scorched grass Roxie quickly hung her head in shame saying, "Yea sorry about that," then looking up hopefully she added, "Maybe you can heal it?"

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments Fawn nodded with a pout. "But I've been doing that since I was a sapling. Actually... I think I've spent more of my life as a tree than in my nymph form." She sighed, coming to sit on the grass beside the bench. She nodded, finding her smile again as her friend comforted her.
"Yes, you're right. I feel bad for the plants, though. Using energy to grow really tires them out and I just push them too far! The poor things... I will get better and become a really good nymph like my mom and dad!" She announced with an air of determination.

Turning her attention once again to her friend, she smiled sweetly. "It sounds really important to you. Maybe the fact that it's continuously survived means that it's not an accident, you know? Like it knew it needed to survive... or you knew it needed to, so you couldn't burn it." She thought aloud, ever the optimist in believing there was a reason for everything that happens. "What's it about?" She asked curiously, eager to learn what the tree's sacrifice had to offer.

The scent of smoke reached the tree girl slowly, but when the realization struck, Fawn jumped in surprise. "The grass!" She exclaimed, putting her hands on the spots that were burnt. The cinders bit at her hands, but the sweet Apple hurt more for the dying blades than her hands. "I'll heal them!" She whimpered. "It's not your fault! They don't blame you!" She assured the bennu who had now retreated to the safety of the fountain's pools.

Fawn put her energy into the burnt patch of grass, trying to reach out to every piece and ask it to hold on just a little longer and thrive. The less damaged ones managed to shoot up, wrapping into a grassy tangle. At first, Fawn was enthusiastic. Maybe she only overdid it a little this time. Suddenly, the knot turned into a ball of flame, eliciting a small shriek from the girl. Panicking, she apologized to the grass and began stomping on the flame frantically until it was put out. Her foot hurt painfully and she realized she had scorched her foot as well.

Wailing, the frail nymph ran to the fountain and splashed her foot in.
"I made it worse...." She sobbed.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments "It'll get better," Roxie reassured her friend, "We'll both get our powers under control, I know we will." Roxie wished she felt as sure as she tried to sound. She hated the sense of being out of control all the time. Smiling wistfully at Fawn she admitted quietly, "It makes me feel special, like when I read it I remember what it was like to be young, and carefree, before all the betrayal, before all the questions and accidents." She looked at the book slightly sorrowfully as she said, "Sometimes when I feel myself losing control I read it. It's just a children's story but I feel like there is a puzzle to be solved in it as well, like it's somehow all connected, but then again," she sighed, "Maybe I'm just a crazy bird." she said only half jokingly.

Roxie stood in the fountain tears falling, as she watched the sweet little thing trying to heal the life in the grass she'd just killed. Standing there in the water trying desperately not to set anything on fire she apologized over and over to both the grass and her friend. Why did she destroy everything she touched, why could she not just go one day without setting something on fire? Roxie watched in horror as her poor little friend tried to save the life she'd just snuffed out. Feeling the water begin to steam from the fire she was slowly building Roxie tried to calm down, but it was so hard to watch her sweet little friend trying to repair the damage she herself had done.

As Fawn came running for the fountain, her foot burning in pain, she tried to warn her screaming, "Stop, Fawn, the water it's HOT!" But she'd been too late. Her friend stood there wailing in pain and crying that she'd made it worse. With no idea how to help undo the damage she'd caused Roxie began to cry again, but as the big opalescent tears rolled down her face she suddenly realized she could at least help Fawn with the burns on her scorched little foot and she quickly sat on the edge of the pond pulling the smaller girl with her. Without asking permission she grabbed the girls scorched foot and placed it in her lap before gently wiping up her thick almost pearlized tears with her hands and placing the liquid on her friend's feet. As she did so she smiled feebly at her and said, "Hold still let the tears work their magic!" Phoenix tears healed anything, and although she was only part phoenix he knew her tears carried those qualities she'd seen them work before. How they would affect the Nymph was yet to be seen, she hoped they would heal the burns and stop the pain.

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments Fawn nodded enthusiastically, agreeing with her friend's words. They would get better. Definitely.
"I don't think you're crazy." The nymph piped up. "I think you should follow your instincts and search for answers." She encouraged. "I don't know much about books or bennus, but I believe in souls and intuition. I think you should follow that." She nodded.

Hardly hearing the fiery woman's warnings as she raced to relieve her feet, she realized upon submersion that the water was not cool as she had expected. Yelping in pain, Fawn fell to the side of the fountain, removing her now red feet from the nearly boiling water. The little Apple tried to manage the pain, thinking of the ocean, ice, anything cold. She whimpered pathetically, trying to figure out how where she went wrong with the grass.
"I-it's n-n-not you're f-f-f-f-fault." She continued to squeak, knowing Roxie was not going to receive the accident well.

Suddenly, there was a heat on her foot that didn't hurt. It was a different heat than the burning sensation of the flames and the hot water had done to her. It was warm, but it was nice, soothing. Opening her eyes enough to see through her tears, she noticed her friend was crying as well. Why was she crying? It wasn't her fault. She shouldn't be crying. Fawn felt sad when her friends cried. But then, she noticed that her friend's tears were something special. They were pearlescent. And Roxie was massaging them onto her damaged feet.

"Hold still let the tears work their magic!" The redhead instructed weakly. The woodland nymph nodded obediently and did as instructed, keeping her legs and feet absolutely still as the healing heat spread across her foot and ankles. Minutes later, it was as though the injuries hadn't even occurred. Her feet were returned to their normal color, the pain was nonexistent except for a faint tingling reminiscent of the healing tears.
"You did it, Roxie!" Fawn exclaimed enthusiastically, embracing her friend. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're so amazing!" She continued to praise the bennu for the remarkable work she had just done.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments ((Well Darius will try to corrupt or eat them both and Roxie will be equally terrified and intrigued. Want them to go for a walk and accidental meet him? He tends to lurk in dark corners.))

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments As things calmed down and the water cooled Roxie again apologized to her sweet friend. I'm really sorry Fawn, about the grass, and your feet, and well lots of things. Rolling her eyes she said, "I'm so dangerously inept, I'm sorry love, I seem to have no control over my powers at all. Sometimes I think it's getting better then something happens."

Gathering up her things she asked her little friend, "You wanna walk through the downtown district? Maybe stop for coffee or get a bite to eat before we go back to school? The town is supposed to be human but safe for us as well."

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments Fawn patted her distraught friend's shoulder comfortingly. The nymph thought that the bennu must have quite the burden on her shoulders when her powers were capable of harming others right now. Still, she never lost faith in her. After all, her friend had healed her! That was a gift not even the sweet Apple could hope to achieve.

"Like I said, neither me nor the grass blame you. We know it was an accident. You will get better. You always try really hard so I know you'll learn to control your powers eventually, ok?" She smiled brightly at the fiery girl. "I have faith in you."

After the pair had gathered their things, Roxie suggested they go for a walk downtown. Fawn did like the idea of a nice walk. She was a bit tired from her practice today.
"That sounds lovely! Let's go!" She cheered, following her friend's lead.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Darius watched from the shadows as the girls so innocent and sweet chatted, he'd been a little shocked when the redhead set fire to the grass. Raising a brow as she then healed the other girls burnt feet. Sniffing the air he could smell their blood thick and pulsing. They weren't human of that he was sure. The redhead smelled spicy, while the little brunette smelled more earthy. With an evil grin he wondered how their blood would taste mingled together like a fine dessert the flavors mixing to create a new decadent dish. As they gathered their things to leave he slipped through the shadows watching and waiting.

*End Scene*

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments ((I'm moving to the streets topic. I lied Restaurants LOL ))

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments ((Hahaha ok!))

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