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DragonDreamer | 53 comments Rave was about ready to murder someone.
The mixed drinks from the prior night had not been kind to the ice dragon, making his head throb painfully. The creature sought some escape from the nightmare in a mug of lightly sweetened coffee. Some days, it seemed the only answer to his homicidal inclinations.
Fortunately for the occupants of the near vicinity, this was not his first hangover, nor was it his first year at the university (a time when an inconsolable Rave would maul anyone who so much as looked at him funny when he was hung over. Ah, progress.

Grumbling unintelligibly, the young dragon ordered his coffee and sat in his usual hang over spot: a table towards the back that didn't receive as much morning light so he could drink his brew in relative peace until the caffeine kicked in. The aroma of the dark liquid was heavenly, already beginning to take the edge off the violent headache he was experiencing. Next, the first sip. steaming hot, just how he liked it, the bittersweet drink gliding it's way past his cold lips.

Perhaps he wouldn't murder anyone today.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments After an already rather eventful morning Zoe, dressed in shorts cut off entirely too short for most people and, a breezy almost non existent halter top, topped off with a colorful flowing shawl she'd purchased from gypsy in Amsterdam almost a century ago, was feeling both wonderful and terrible if that was even possible. Her hunger being fully satisfied made her feel strong and energetic, but the liquor still buzzing in her head made the bright sunshine give her a tedious headache. As she walked she the sound of her worn boots lightly thumped the rhythm of her steps on the concrete, Zoe wondered why the cafe seemed so much farther away today than normal and was very glad she'd grabbed her darkest glasses for the walk.

Opening the door of the cafe she felt the cool fresh air outside mix with the warm scent of the coffee and and food cooking, taking a deep breath she smiled slightly. Being what she was her diet consisted of an interesting mix, small amounts of regular food were needed to take care of her more human side but it was difficult to digest, coffee was perfect warm and dark and it never made her ill, but the energy she could absorb in a room so full of activity was much more satisfying than either. Of course she was learning not to steal this life force energy, that's why she'd come here, but sometimes it was difficult not to just take a little taste here and there. Smiling at the young woman near the door she gently bumped into her letting her hand ghost some energy as she did so before feigning a slip and begging forgiveness for her clumsiness.

After Zoe reached the counter and ordered, she looked around the room for a dark place to sit, seeing only one table out of the sunshines glare she sighed, it was currently occupied by a rather attractive but very cross looking man. Not one to be denied what she wanted Zoe thanked the girl at the counter for her coffee and paid her placing an extra large tip gently in the girls hand and smiled, the contact with her skin was nice the girls lifeforce was strong and innocent, as she removed her hand and made to leave she watched the girl stare at her hand then at Zoe and smile.

After the little exchange Zoe's headache began to wane slightly, whether it was the girls energy or just the darker light she was unsure but she welcomed it. Zoe walked head held high to the corner and gracefully fell into the extra chair without an introduction or hesitation. Glancing at the table's current occupant she noted he was indeed more handsome than she'd originally thought and he was definitely cross about something. With a mischievous grin she asked rather cheekily, "Rough night?", then raising an eyebrow at him she added, "Hope the other guy looks worse." While he seemed to be somewhere between ignoring her and possibly attempting assault she reached into her large brightly colored hobo bag and pulled out her glasses case and a flask of her favorite rum. After putting her sunglasses away she opened the flask and tipping a good sized shot into the coffee she looked at her table mate and smiled. "A little hair of the dog?" She offered him the flask with a smile.

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SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments "Oh man... I think I'm lost." The girl looked around the bustling street where she stood with a puzzled look on her face. She took another glance at the crinkled town map in her hands and let out a defeated sigh. It had only been the first day and she was lost.

Akira had already unpacked her things in her room, having no idea what to do next. Her roommate wasn't in and her classes didn't start until tomorrow, leaving the brunette with nothing to do. Thus she came up with the idea of taking a stroll around town to get familiar with everything. At first everything was great! She was able to enjoy the warmth of the sun, the sound of people chattering around her, the smell of fresh air, it was all overwhelming really. Alas that didn't last long. Due to her being overly excited, she ran down the street squealing like a little child, facinated by all the tiny shops and stands. It was something she had never experianced before, as she was confined in a small space most of her life. One shop led to the other and that was how she got herself in her current situation, with no clue on how to get back to the school.

"Oh well." Akira shrugged and folded the map back up, placing it into her overcoat pocket. "If I'm lost, might as well make it into an adventure!" she hummed with a large grin on her face. She didn't quite know where she was going but that won't let her spirits down. Besides, this would be her first adventure at the university. With that in mind, she continued down the sidewalk with a new bounce in her step.

The girl paused her walking to peer through a busy shop's window, noticing the pastry glass case. "A cafe..." Akira murmured to no one in particular, surveying the customers inside. It seemed busy, what with the long line of people at the cashier area and seated at the tables. Her stomach growled and she blinked, patting it so that the noise would stop. I could use a early morning snack, she thought, despite already eating a breakfast that could serve a family of five before coming to the university.

"I wonder if they have croissants!" Akira pondered to herself, opening the door and feeling herself be engulfed with the scent of coffee and pastries. She could practically feel her mouth water as she entered the cafe and waited to order. The line moved rather quickly, and soon she was left standing around awkwardly holding her chocolate drizzled croissant and chamomile tea. Glancing around the cafe she tried to find an empty place to sit but it didn't look like she would anytime soon. Well, she didn't mind sitting with other people. Meet new people and have new friends! She looked around some more and spotted a couple sitting at a table in the corner, along with an empty chair.

Akira was about to head over there, taking the first few steps before stopping herself. What if they were on a early morning date? If she went over there, she would ruin the mood right? They look so cute together! The girl was pretty, the boy was pretty; their date isn't something she can just walk in on. Then again, she did need a place to sit. Then again, she had spotted a old man sitting by himself and that seemed like the better option but she was already halfway over to this table... Wait, do people even go on morning dates?

She bit her lip and mentally kicked herself. Akira was already too close to the table so there was no turning back now. "Um, do you guys mind if I join you?" She asked timidly, already scooching away so that when they say no she wouldn't intrude on them any longer. Once she had gotten closer to look at them clearly she saw that they were around her age and were extremely both beautiful. She also noticed that the man's face was probably a good sign that she should leave, as he looked like he was going to commit murder. "Actually, nevermind, I don't want to bother you two in the middle of your date." Wait... Do people actually go on morning dates or is that only in books?

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments ((gosh dang it guys. I joined this group to get away from the monster posts (they're awesome it's just now I won't be able to look at my dinky posts in comparison). I'll try and post tomorrow. i am falling asleep on my end.))

SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments ((No, it's alright! I find that I post too much and I'm just kinda like .-. this is just rambling on and on. Your posts are fine, as long as it isn't just one sentence or something.))

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments ((Bahaha I love you DD! Besides half of mine was what she is wearing :-P)

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments Letting the coffee settle in, the typically belligerent dragon tried to channel his frustration into the "calming techniques" that he had been working on the past ween. His mother was always sure to check in on his progress with his schooling and he liked to have something to show for himself when she did make her surprise visits.

He inhaled, breathing in all the scents the small cafe had to offer, tried to empty his mind of the throbbing pain, the horrid lights, the chatty customers and not be bothered. Failing, but not giving up, he began his exhale slowly, suppressing the urge to freeze everything in this place and crawl into a dark hole to sleep off the hangover.

"Rough night?" A girlish voice sounded across from him. Eyes snapping open, the dragon glared at the newcomer. Couldn't she see he was not in the mood for company? Then again... she did seem familiar. Had he seen her around somewhere before? Maybe at a party. It seemed as though he'd seen just about every student on campus in attendance at one event or another.

"I hope the other guy looks worse." She continued, feeling the need to converse with the irritable party-goer. Rave didn't respond. He didn't want to encourage her. He wanted her to leave him in peace... maybe turn her into an ice sculpture for having the nerve... Dipping into her grungy bag, she pulled out something. Sniffing slightly, he could tell the contents were at least somewhat alcoholic. Maybe he'd just freeze her a little and take her booze?

"A little hair of the dog?" She offered, pouring the liquid into his heavenly cup of joe. Most days he would have thrown her across the room for pouring before asking. Probably give her fingers a nice case of frostbite for daring to mix something as sacred as coffee with liquor. But, hell, he needed it right now. Without so much as another word, he downed the coffee liquor mixture.

"Alright, Chickadee. Whaddaya want?" He asked, enjoying the sensation of the drumming in his head fading into oblivion. "You know, I feel like I've seen you around. You got a name to go with that pretty face?" He grinned slightly. This chick wasn't so bad after all.

"...mind if I join you?" Rave managed to pick up part of an intruder's request. She smelled young and human-like. Was she really a student at the university? He turned to face the girl, her shyness wearing itself like a bright flag on her face.

"Nevermind...wouldn't want to" She managed to get out, offering to awkwardly excuse herself from her earlier comment. His initial reaction was confusion because, to him, a date would not occur this early in the morning especially after several "dates" he had had the previous night. It appeared, though, that the dove was an innocent and that intrigued him. He abruptly came to a stand and grabbed the girl's wrist, tugging her closer.
"But what if I wanted you to join?" He grinned cheekily, returning to the table and pulling her to sit down in another chair at the table.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Zoe grinned at his surprise, and when his eyes snapped open she merely grazed over him in amusement. When would people learn their glares didn't bother her like they did other people, she wondered, raising an eyebrow slightly as she watched a small dawn of recognition swim just beneath the surface of his consciousness. She smirked a little when she saw his eyes shift and knew he was contemplating some kind of retaliation.

Ignoring his hostile behavior she continued, and after offering the booze she carried she poured some into his coffee without even waiting for his response. Confident and flippant as always she watched him drink the mixture. Before asking her, "Alright, Chickadee. Whaddaya want?" His question brought a ripple of laughter from her lips and with a look of utter amusement she said, "What would you say if I said, Your Very Soul?" Then with a wink she casually added, "But of course I'd settle for just a taste." Zoe loved these games and this was one she had not played with yet, she'd seen him at a few parties, and thought he seemed very interesting but her few brushes with him she'd found his energy very cold. With a wink and a smirk Zoe took another large drink of her very strong coffee mixture before holding her hand out across the table saying, "Zoe dear, pleased to meet you." Then as a mischievous smile spread across her lips she added, "I do believe we share some of the same naughty habits and hangouts, sadly as of yet we haven't shared our naughty habits with each other." Pausing for effect she added with a provocative tone, "Of course that can always be remedied."

Zoe's hand dropped back to her coffee cup casually, as the girl she'd seen outside earlier wandered up. Glancing from the man at her table to the girl she wondered if he smelled the her too, slightly sweet, almost human but not quite, mostly innocent. Zoe licked her lips as the awkward little thing talked, and she waited to see what her tablemate would do. She loved it when things got interesting. Watching him chase the innocent like a puppy made Zoe laugh slightly but she easily made room for the girl, saying with a satisfied smirk, "OH a threesome, this day is looking up!"

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SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments Akira let out a surprised yelp, nearly crushing her cup containing her tea when the man suddenly grabbed her wrist and brought her closer to him. She didn't quite know how to respond to him. This left her mouth to open and close like a little goldfish, speechless, while she was dragged and seated at the table. Normally if it had been anyone else that had grabbed her so abruptly like that, she would have broken the person's arm off (accidentally, of course) because of her reflexes. Due to the whole shock of it all though, she more or less was frozen in place.

"Oh a threesome, this day is looking up!" the man's girlfriend said, as the brunette tried to regain her bearings. Akira placed her tea and croissant on the table, getting comfy in her seat. "I'm really sorry for interrupting you guys," she apologized, looking at the two. Wait... What does threesome mean? she wondered, furrowing her eyebrows. Did it mean that she wasn't welcomed here and that the pretty lady was being sarcastic to her? Was it the subtle hint for her to stop intruding on the date? Akira peered over at the lady and saw that she had a sort of welcoming smirk on her face. Wait, so that means she wasn't intruding on anything. To be sure she looked over to the man to see if he still had the murderous look, but all she saw was a grin. Huh... so people don't go on morning dates, she thought. Then what did threesome mean? She contemplated the word a little more before shrugging and taking a sip of her tea, resolving to just look it up online later.

Up close the two were more beautiful then Akira had expected. They looked like people who just walked out of a modelling magazine. It seemed like everyone at the university and in town were gorgeous, excluding herself of course. Without knowing it, she started staring at the lady with large eyes. She was dressed so stylishly, with her halter top and colourful shawl. Although... It seemed a little bit breezy. Akira glanced at her over coat, wondering if it was actually hot outside and she was being crazy for wearing a jacket. With that in mind, she shrugged off the coat and hung it on the chair.

"Oh! Is that milk? I'd love to put some in my tea. Is it okay if I do that?" Akira asked, pointing at the flask on the table. She didn't know people put milk in flasks, but maybe that was only people in France who didn't do it. Maybe it was a different culture thing. People put milk in bottles, so why not flasks?

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments "What would you say if I said, Your Very Soul?"

The ice dragon raised a brow, crossing his arms over his chest. He didn't know much about souls, but if she wanted to so much as touch any of his, he wasn't in favor of it.
"I'd have to refuse either way. You can go ahead keep your paws to yourself, Zo." He drawled, signaling the barista that he wanted another cup of coffee. "Though, if you still want to remedy that unfortunate situation, you have my attention." He winked easily.

After the newcomer joined the duo's table, it was apparent the girl had no idea what Zoe had just referenced. He laughed aloud at the non-understanding. These two were a fabulous contrast to one another.

"Oh! Is that milk? I'd love to put some in my tea. Is it okay if I do that?" The doe asked innocently. How old was she again? She was too naive to be going to college, he thought.

"Not milk, sweetheart. More like liquid courage, a powerful magic I happen to be very familiar with. Careful though, Zo, here, might want some of your soul in return." He noted, taking his new cup of coffee from the barista and enjoying the holy flavor once again. His headache was just about gone now, thankfully to the liquor pick-me-up.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments With an easy smile Zoe reached over and touching his arm with her fingertip she lightly ran it up and down as she quickly replied, "Well gorgeous, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to keep my "Paws" to myself and properly share my naughty habits with you. I'm a bit of a double edged sword." Then licking the finger she'd just touched him with she winked and said, "I can be both a blessing and a curse." Her first thought upon touching him was his energy was extremely cold, and as she pulled her hand away it made her shiver just a little, both in fear and delight. As she watched him she decided he was a very interesting prospect.

Zoe raised an eyebrow at the little human and said with a jaunty smile, "MIlk? Uh Yea you can totally have some, it's a special type of milk though it's uh, fermented, for flavor." Before she could offer the flask to the new innocent Rave stopped the game with "Not milk, sweetheart." she glowered at him as if to say, you take all the fun out of everything before looking at the little human and saying, "Lad's right love it's definitely liquid courage, want some?" She grinned at the girl adding, "I'm Zoe, by the way." Offering her hand to the girl.

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SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments Akira watched the interaction between the couple a slightly agape mouth. "Oh my..." she mumbled to herself in awe. They were clearly flirting with each other, not even minding that she was there. Now that's some true love right there, she thought. She had often seen her parents do that as well; cuddling in the kitchen, flirting, all that jazz. Well, good for them. If it keeps their love alive, she won't be the one to get awkward about it. Besides, it was like watching a real life romance book.

Her brown eyes widened after the man said it wasn't milk but instead 'liquid courage'. Even after realizing that the university was for actual supernatural people earlier this morning, she couldn't believe that there was real magic. "Um, no thanks. I think I have enough courage just with this," Akira said, gesturing to her tea and taking a sip. After reading the Harry Potter books she was not going to drink a potion called 'liquid courage'.

Did that mean these two were witches and wizards of some kind? The man did say he was familiar with it. He did also say that the lady might want her soul... Oh well, witch or wizard or not, they seemed like good people. "Akira. Nice to meet you!" She took Zoe's hand, shaking it vigorously, returning her grin with a bright smile. New friends, new friends, new friends! Wait, don't shake it too hard. Keep your strength in check. She let go of Zoe's hand, inspecting it for a quick second just in case she had accidentally hurt it somehow. Good, she didn't. "So, what's your name?" She asked, glancing over at the man.

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments There was a slight tingling sensation where her finger trailed along his hand. As his heart rate remained a constant, steady rate, he knew it wasn't just him. Snatching his hand away from the girl he scowled. "I suppose I'll err on the side of caution, then." He responded coldly, turning his attention to their newcomer.

Rave smirked at the soul stealer's angry gaze in his direction. Glare all you want, love. Anger makes everything more interesting, anyways. He thought to himself pleasantly.

"Um, no thanks..." The sweetling declined politely. The one sparkled like a shiny new toy to the twisted dragon.
"My, my, refusing our hospitality... how very bold you are, Miss Akira. Really, so rude after we let you join us..." He grinned mischievously, taking the girl's hand in his and kissing it lightly, leaving a frosted imprint on her hand.
"I'm called Rave. Nice to meet ya, Miss." He winked easily.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Delightfully amused, and definitely interested in the cold energy she felt from him Zoe glared slightly, in an attempt to appear hurt or put out, then placing the finger she'd just run along his hand into her mouth seductively she added, "Suit yourself, if you change your mind love you let me know we shall see what we can do with all that icy energy you seem to possess. As he stared her down she found herself looking forward to this game, it was always so much more fun with a capable opponent.

Raising her eyebrow with a smirk she turned her attention to the delicious new somewhat human girl beside her. When Rave teased the innocent thing Zoe's mouth twisted into an amused smirk. "He's right you know." Seeing the frosty imprint on the girls hand Zoe smiled and reaching over she ran her hand over the innocent sweet things hand and drew out the delicious new ice he'd left as well as some of her innocence. Quietly pulling her hand back she sipped her strongly spiked coffee and smiled sweetly at the girl. As Rave played the charm card, Zoe rolled her eyes. Did girls really fall for this crap? she wondered to herself. Watching him more closely she wondered how stood it, no challenge, he'd have so much more fun with someone who could match him tit for tat, but she figured he'd find that out by himself soon enough.

SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments A surprised look appeared on Akira's face as Rave kissed her hand. No one has ever done that to her before, then again maybe it was just a normal thing to do as she had seen it in movies. Her expression soon morphed into a worried one as she took in the couple's words. She had literally only joined them for about a minute and she had already offended them. Good job dummy, she mentally kicked herself. Right when they were so welcoming too...

"I didn't mean to be rude! I'm really so-" she apologized but suddenly stopped her rambling when she noticed the frost on her hand. Her mouth opened and closed as she stared at it, eyes wide and completely baffled. After a few seconds of ogling at it, a squeal began to bubble up in her throat. "That is so cool! Look at this!!" Akira exclaimed excitedly, showing the backside of her hand to her two table mates. "Oh wow, I can't believe it!" She looked over the imprint again, marveling at it. "How did you- I mean you- and then- but what-" She couldn't even finish her own sentences. She had seen people move things with their mind, levitate, and have a tail come out of their back, but not this. "Are you some super cool super hero? Like Frozone from the Incredibles?" the brunette asked Rave, leaning halfway across the table, practically bouncing in her seat. She looked over at Zoe with bright brown eyes, smiling widely. "Are you one too? Are you two a super hero couple?"

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments She was so innocent, this doe-eyed darling. He wondered if he could convince her.
"Perhaps you are less kind than I though, eh? Have some drink and maybe we won't kick you out." He shrugged, sipping at his coffee again. The girl lost all focus when she noticed Rave's little frost mark. She bounced and bubbled, speaking excitedly of the token.

"Are you some super cool super hero? Like Frozone from the Incredibles?" the brunette asked Rave, leaning halfway across the table, practically bouncing in her seat. She looked over at Zoe with bright brown eyes, smiling widely. "Are you one too? Are you two a super hero couple?"
The ice dragon furrowed his brow at her misguided assumptions. What was with this chick?
"Eh? Superhero? Are you delusional or something?" He leaned back in his chair. "Like I'd ever be in a relationship with this soul eating freak." He scratched the back of his head, already starting to get bored.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Zoe loved this entire entertaining exchange. The innocent sweet little thing so worried she'd committed some offense, Rave trying to be so cold and calculating. Her smile widened when he said "Like I'd ever be in a relationship with this soul eating freak." With an air of innocence she batted her eyes saying, "Awe baby, are we still cranky about last night?" Then licking her lips she returned her attention to the innocent sweet girl and added, "His bark is worse than his bite, he's still angry that a night with me would probably be hotter than his icy little self could handle." She winked at the girl and placing her finger to her lips she whispered, "Shhhhhh you know superheroes cannot reveal their identities it's against the code."

Blowing a kiss at the man across from her raised her brow slightly and smirked her eyes full of challenge. Anger filled hatred was as strong an energy as passionate sex and although one brought pleasure of several kinds both gave her the energy she desired and his anger tasted quite good, slightly bitter and cold like a really dry martini. The more stirred up he got the more it poured off of him he was so strong she didn't have to touch him, although her hand ached to do just that.

She turned her attention to the girl once more, smiling at her she explained that the contents of her flask was a rum native to the caribbean, dark and sweet, with a hint of vanilla and spice. Handing the flask out to the girl she encouraged her to take it. "Here sweetheart, take a sniff it's really rich, tastes wonderful straight up as well."

SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments "His bark is worse than his bite, he's still angry that a night with me would probably be hotter than his icy little self could handle." Akira couldn't help but let out a small laugh at Zoe's remark about Rave, covering her hand over her mouth so that it wasn't too conspicuous. At first she was worried that she had accidentally assumed that the two were a couple, due to the white-haired man just said, but apparently she wasn't wrong. It was nothing more then a small lovers spat between the two.

"Shhhhhh you know superheroes cannot reveal their identities it's against the code." "Oh right!" She exclaimed, only to realize that she was practically shouting from excitement. Akira glanced around the cafe, seeing if anyone was staring because of her sudden outbursts (both previous and currant ones). Luckily the cafe was so busy, so no one did. She turned back to Zoe. "Got it, your secret is safe with me," she replied with a much quieter voice then before. She made the gesture of zipping her mouth and throwing away the key with her hand. Aw man, this is awesome! she thought with a giddy smile. She was actually sitting at a table with super heroes! No wonder Rave was all, 'are you delusional' he didn't want me to find out! she concluded to herself, nodding slightly.

If it were anyone else giving her some kind of drink, she wouldn't have taken it but since they were so friendly she decided to take it. Why not? Akira had never had rum before, although she had seen her father indulge in it once or twice, she wanted to try it. She was all for new experiances! Taking the flask from Zoe's hand, she took a sniff and was greeted by rich spices and vanilla. She also happened to smell that weird alcoholic smell. It wasn't too bad. Akira hesitantly poured it into her tea and swirled it around in the cup, trying to mix the two. She then took a sip.

"O-Oh wow... That's really... something," She croaked out after having a massive coughing fit, still feeling the intense burn in the back of her throat. "H-How can you drink that?" Maybe she poured too much into her tea. She ripped her chocolate drizzled croissant in half and shoved it into her mouth, hoping to stop the burning.

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments "Awe baby, are we still cranky about last night?" the annoying intruder continued to sound. He wanted to freeze her face solid... That could be entertaining. Contemplating this venture, a sly grin formed on his face. Unfortunately, the dragon's daydream did not last long due to another distasteful comment from the sensual soul eater followed by a sharp chirp of laughter from the idiot. Rave only grumbled, going to take another sip of his coffee when he realized it was frozen solid. Cursing under his breath, he chucked it at the annoying girl's head with a flick of his wrist.

Peaceful place, peaceful place, find your peaceful place. Rave imagined he was back in his icy cave, his mother off getting them food, the skeletons of his victims framed and frozen about his dwelling so he could enjoy their gruesome sight as the winds howled tragically. He was not hungover in the coffee shop with tweedledumb and tweedletits. Nor was he listening to the doe squeal in excitement over potentially meeting heroes. Hadn't she learned by now that the university housed villains, not fairy tale knights? The reformed ones graduated.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. Why was he still sitting here? He had finished his coffee, well, what hadn't frozen of his coffee, and he owed no obligation to the girls. Technically, he could just walk out if he wanted. Why hadn't he thought of that sooner? Still, he could totally freeze them into to statues... Boy did he want to. He hadn't completely frozen anyone in years... It was so satisfying. Maybe just a little? With a swish of his lazy wrist, Rave frosted Zoe's and Akira's lips shut before standing and bidding them adieu.
"Ladies," he grinned, bowing his head slightly and heading out the door.

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments ((Let me know if you want me to change anything or had a different direction in mind.))

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Zoe sat frozen temporarily as she slowly absorbed the energy he'd just sent on them. Then raising an eyebrow she blew a puff of air out of her mouth flipping her hair and melting the ice. As the cocky little thing waked out she smiled mirthlessly, saying under her breath with the full knowledge that he'd hear her, "Game on Icy, Game on."

Then turning to the innocent thing at her side she lay her hand on the girl and ever so gladly absorbed the icy energy melting the girl back to normal. When she was done with the melting she licked her lips, yes Icy boy was delicious she'd have to find a way to have his energy again very soon. When the innocent began to regain a conscious state she smiled at her, "Welcome back Love, I was afraid you might have passed out. I was so worried," she smiled running her hand up the arm next to her. Innocent energy was delicious, not quite the anger she'd just tasted but energy was energy. "You ok dear?" she asked of the girl whose arm she was stroking nonchalantly.

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SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments Akira flinched out of surprise when the frozen coffee cup came hurling towards her head. The impact didn't really hurt though considering she had a hard head, both mentally and physically. Although her vision did black out for a few seconds, stunning her. She blinked and glanced over at Raven who seemed to be reverting back to how she originally saw him; grumpy and murderous looking. Had she done something to offend him? The brunette squirmed in her seat, flustered at the possibility.

She only stopped wiggling around when her lips frosted over. Rather then panicking, like any normal person, Akira's eyes lit up and a look of excitement fell over her face. Despite having her lips sealed shut, she continued making muffled noises and pointing to her mouth. When Zoe melted the ice (much to Akira's amazement) she couldn't stop the words from coming out. "Did you see that?! That was so cool! All he had to do was go 'whoosh' and ice came out!" she exclaimed, smiling widely. It was a good thing she came to this school. She had seen so much already!

"Oh, and I'm alright. Thanks for asking." she said, putting a hand over the one stroking her arm. The warmth from it felt a lot like her own mother's touch, actually. It was comforting. After getting over her excitement, Akira glanced at the cafe door worriedly. "Um, Zoe, shouldn't you go after your boyfriend?" she asked, peering over at her tablemate. "I mean... he seems upset, don't you think?"

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Zoe smiled, and running her hand on the girl's face she said, "No dear I think I'll sit here with my new friend. Don't worry about him it's Rave's time of the month, besides the games not over," looking at his retreating figure she smirked, "It's not over by a long shot." Zoe knew she'd had plenty of energy in the last twenty four hours but this one tasted so good and she couldn't stop the innocence was intoxicating.

"So, Pet, tell me about yourself, and please take your time," she said lazily, "I have all day."

SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments She called me her new friend! Akira thought excitedly, wiggling around in her chair. She didn't expect to make new friends this fast. Maybe this really was a fresh new start! First she saw cool tails and doors lifting by itself, now she got to talk to a pretty lady and a pretty (along with grumpy) boy. Things were turning out great!

"So, Pet, tell me about yourself, and please take your time," Zoe said, "I have all day." A grin spread out on the girl's face as she opened her mouth to say something. Out of the corner of her eye though she spotted a clock on the cafe wall. 12:44. "Oh! Oh no no no no!" Akira quickly shoved the rest of the croissant in her mouth and chugged down her now lukewarm tea. She was late for classes! It was only the first day too! "I'm so sorry about this but I have to go." She told her new friend apologetically, mentally kicking herself at how rude she was being right now. "I'll see you later!" she was already out the door before Zoe could reply, tripping over her own feet anxiously.

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