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"I already apologized, just stop- ahh!" Lynne shouted back at the gardener chasing her with a rake as she escaped another swing. Raising an eyebrow slightly, she turned to see why her pursuer had stopped with just enough time to get a face full of water as she tumbled into the fountain. She pushed herself up, glaring back at the worker, who simply nodded and walked back off to clean up the smoldering mess Lynne had left behind. "Hmph." She sat down on the edge heavily, careful to keep her tail away from the water as she removed her jacket and let the steam rise off of her while she evaporated the water.

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Looking over her wet clothes, Lynne shook her head and tossed the coat aside. She'd deal with it later. "Huh? What trick?" She asked, not sure what sort sort of 'trick' this girl was talking about. She was just drying off, not exactly something complicated. "Oh, uhh, 'kinda set a huge pile of leaves on fire..." She rubbed one of her horns and leaned back with a small, and fairly forced, laugh. "Didn't need to chase me like that, it's not my fault I have an appendage that's on fire. Or that said leaves made me sneeze."

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"A bit? You ever been hit with a rake? Should've melted that thing when I had the chance." Lynne huffed and brushed off the remaining bits of ash that still clung to her clothing. "What's that supposed to mean? Last time I checked, it was a pitchfork. Either way, it's stupid to give gardening tools to something that's supposed to be menacing." Standing up, she checked herself again to make sure she was dry and turned away from the water. She didn't like being that close to it, especially not her tail. "The name's Lynne. Got it memorized?"

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"Nonono, I mean the devil mascot thing. There's no rake involved there." Lynne continued the train of correction, plucking a flower from a bush behind her and sticking the end in her mouth, the petals quickly burning away leaving only the stem. "Y'know, I don't even wanna know what went down there." She shook her head and pulled the slowly burning stem out with two fingers, examining the partially melted end before sticking it between her teeth once more. "Well it's not like I've got a hard name, ya' should've seen some of the geezers. 'Xussmaltaulirian Quarrtryx'na'. Most pompus name I've ever heard, and in case you're wondering, I called him- actually, you probably don't want to know. Maybe that's part of the reason they sent me off..."

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"Ehh, nevermind." Lynne crossed her arms, shifting her weight to one side. "Yeah, that sounds like a story for a time that's not now. Or, ever." Holding back a laugh as Gen butchered the name, she felt the need to mock it one more time. "Xussmaltaulirian Quarrtryx'na." She said again, a bit slower than the last time. "It does sound weird through a human's voice, even pronounced right. Just a thing, I guess." She grinned and flipped the stem out of her mouth again, burning the remains between her fingers.

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"Well," Lynne started, curling her flaming tail around so that it could be more easily seen and looking down for a second to give the Gen a better view of the black and white horns on her head. "that give you a hint?" Rather than waiting for an answer, she simply smirked at the mention of her 'cool' fire abilities, and straightened up again. "Or maybe this would make it a bit more obvious." What looked very similar to lava began to cover her arms and legs, growing and shaping as she changed into her natural form. With little room to stretch she simply stood up, ignoring the smell of the burning leaves that touched her head. "Tepoha vi filiik." She said, forgetting that to the girl now over ten feet smaller than her wouldn't be hearing any words in her voice, rather a low growl. And even if she did, it was highly unlikely she would understand.

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"Kwi, ui batobot zyak?" Lynne said with what could only be described as a shrug before her form rapidly melted away in a cloud of dense smoke, the girl once again standing in the now slightly charred grass. "That's pretty weird, I've always thought it's kinda hard to avoid things. They're everywhere, just that most of 'em know how to live with humans perfectly so nobody finds 'em out." She couldn't say the same for herself, of course, she was always getting into trouble for almost getting found out by humans, which would be disastrous for both species. Not that she cared much. "Anyway, I'm an Ifrit." With a record...

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"Hey, some 'things' are pretty damn cool." In her experience, Lynne had seen plenty of things she wished she could un-see, but also enough that would make any human gape in awe. Or, run away in terror, either way. "Huh? What- Oh yeah. Vs'shtak. Or as a rough translation, Draconic. Dragons, wyverns, ifrit, anything like that, 's the main language most places. Hardly any humans who understand it, most can't learn either. Probably 'cause they don't have anybody to learn from, but whatever."

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"Yeah, it does sound like that to most people. Takes a long time to pick out the words if you're not used to hearing it. Gacomair? Shilta ti yenta si tepoha nymuera batobot ir ghoros. Bensvelk ekess vucot." Lynne said with a grin, she liked humans, or even just humanoid things. Terrifying wasn't something she was called very often, especially seeing as with her own people, she was just considered a moody kid, not to mention the fact that she wasn't very large compared to other Ifrit. "Yeah, been around a little bit. It's all ridiculous, fancier than the damn Vatican. I'm banned from the Vatican. And the Sistine Chapel. And Vatican City. And Half of Rome. Kinda surprised I'm still allowed in Italy at all."

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"Well I managed to get into trouble in one, then nearly burned down the other. Accidentally torched a couple of buildings running from the Carabinieri." With a small smirk Lynne reached behind her and plucked another stem to chew on and burn. "Actually, that's what got me sent to Kīlauea in the first place... Then I kinda drank and made it erupt... So this place was Plan B. At least If I mess anything up here it's not humans that'll have to deal with it."

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Lynne raised an eyebrow at Gen's laughter, or rather, her poor attempt at suppressing it. Most weren't exactly pleased with her stories, and it seemed that this one was actually trying to act as if she wasn't as amused as she actually was. Or, something along those lines. Giving a slightly addled huff at the unnecessary apology, she waited for the end of what she considered the equivalent of praise rather than interrupting. "I've been called that before. Irresponsabile, idiota, malata, infantile, pericoloso, kinda like that one. And, that is an extremely short and censored list. Only including things humans've said." Counting through the words on her fingers, she laughed to herself. "Most people who are super old are also, super boring. Kindof a given. Actually, most of the school's got charms so that it doesn't get destroyed. Either it can't burn or break or whatever, or it repairs itself soon as possible. Learned that first-hand."

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"Oh, but they think they live so long and get so wise. They die at a child stage compared to some species." In the end, humans rarely knew of what was really around them, brushing off anything even slightly supernatural as false. Oh well. "Fragile is an understatement. Seriously, one little eruption and they're thrown into a state of panic. They act like volcanoes are the end of the world. Every time. Like, Pompeii is happening again." Lynne shook her head. Humans were ridiculous, but hilarious to mess with. Their reactions were one of the only reasons she consistently stayed amoung them even when she wasn't supposed to. "Only a couple aren't so bad. Speaking of Pompeii, I know someone who was born in that. Freakin' crazy old man. Much better company than the 'elders'. He's totally nuts, but at least he's funny." She almost burst out laughing when Gen suggested that the leaves wasn't her first burning incident. Not only was it not her first, but it was extremely minor in comparison. "Well, technically the first thing I burned was Sicily in '91-ish. But that doesn't really count since the town was fine until I actually showed up. Anyway, it's not my fault almost everything they build is so effected by my body temperature."

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"Hey, they're pretty cool up close if you're fireproof, if not just stay out of the way and watch." Lynne remembered the ones she had both seen and caused, though it wasn't many it was more than most would ever see. "Nah, not really. They usually just stay put almost all their lives, but I thought that was boring. Well, that and they sorta' kicked me out when they sent me to Hawaii, then here. But whatever, more to see." She enjoyed retelling these things, what most people would consider 'unfavourable', she thought was hilarious and bragged about. Even the things that had almost gotten her or someone else killed. Well, especially those things.

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"Like? Yeah, let's stick with that for now." Lynne answered with a smirk. It was a bit of an understatement, unless 'delinquent' was a wide enough term to cover even 'scorched half of arguably the most important city in Italy'. If that was the case, then close enough.
"Explore some? Sure. I've been here a little while but I haven't actually been around much." She pushed her bangs away when they were momentarily blown into her eyes with a small gust of wind. "Should probably avoid burning anything in there though, pile of leaves is one thing, don't want to risk anything that could get me kicked from here too." She shrugged and locked her fingers together behind her neck, leaning slightly to the side. "Luckily for me though, most of the stuff is pretty damn magic proof, meaning fire too, so I highly doubt I'd have any issues like in human buildings."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments A few days after her near death experience with Fawn Roxie and her friend were almost back to normal and she found herself in the courtyard at school, desperate for the freedom of the outdoors but afraid of the forest or the town beyond after her last little trip. It was a quiet afternoon and she stood near a pretty little tree careful not to touch the foliage in fear she'd set things on fire again. When a sound caught her attention, she turned suddenly half expecting the vampire from the forest, in a panic she began to feel the heat and fire taking control. The gravel beneath her feet felt like it might melt and the harder she worked to control the heat the more out of control she became. When the fire that grew was overwhelming she forced it into the tree and plants in front of her rather than internalizing, for she'd learned through weeks with the wonderfully patient unicorn how dangerous internalization was, it's what was making her explode into ashes only to be reborn.

When the fire erupted she cried out slightly almost as if in pain, and in the distance she heard the gardener screaming at her. He really hated her and she knew it, who could blame him she was surprised everyone did not hate her like he did. She stood and watched the foliage burn and cried lightly for the spirit she'd destroyed.

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments Come to the movies They'd said. It will be fun!
Oh, no. No, no, no. That was the last time he let his sort of friends try to get him to tag along. Had they really thought they could sucker a dragon into a double date he absolutely did not want to go on? Sure, the girl wasn't unfortunate looking, but he'd already been there, done that a few parties ago and he certainly had no intention of dating any time soon.

Walking through the courtyards on the way back to his dorm, the ice maker noted the distinct smell of smoke wafting about. The flickering of flames caught his eye and he went over in interest. Much of the plants had apparently caught on fire, creating glorious chaos. The campus gardner was screaming from afar and rushing over, a very guilty looking girl with melting gravel at her feet was crying. The dragon did not fight the amused grin spreading across his face at the hilarious scene before him.

Rave was enthralled by fire. It was ironic because he, a dragon, actually breathed an icy storm rather than hot flames. On the contrary, he often saw himself above those common heathen because in many cases, his ice had been able to overcome flames. He wondered if this girl was a flamehead as well. She intrigued him. Could she possibly a fun fight?

The white haired boy took a deep breath before blowing frost filled air all over the ash-destined foliage. The flames were extinguished and the smug dragon turned to face the disaster girl.
"Hey, do you wanna fight?" He asked directly, grinning expectantly.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Fight? Was he serious? She'd just accidentally set half the garden on fire and he wanted to fight. Glaring at him disgustedly she said in a calmer tone than she felt, "I do not use my powers to hurt people, I am trying to learn to control them in order to stop hurting people." He had no way of knowing what she'd felt like when she'd accidentally hurt those people so she could not blame him but really, fight. Why were boys such foolish creatures she wondered to herself as she considered stripping naked and flying away. She smiled at the thought of his face if she did so. Then feeling slightly guilty for not appreciating the way he'd stopped the fire she begrudgingly said, "But thank you for putting the fire out."

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments The unappealing glare he received was answer enough to her feelings without her having to hotly voice her thoughts.
"I do not use my powers to hurt people, I am trying to learn to control them in order to stop hurting people."
What a princess, he thought in annoyance, though he was not deterred from his original objective. Maybe she could be reasoned with, he thought.
"What if I wanted to see if you could hurt me to begin with. You saw how my ice swallowed those flames. I wonder if I could beat you if you actually tried-then again, I probably could..." He tried to coax a more flaming response. "But hey, I'll let you throw some free punches, how about that? Come on, I don't come across fire dragons too often, you know." He went on, following the girl. He felt smug, knowing he could probably sucker her into an agreement eventually.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Looking at the young man she said in a sad tone, "I hurt everything I touch, set everything on fire. Why would you want me to do that?" Her sadness turned to confusion when he offered to let her "throw some free punches" "I, well, I don't punch, or throw things, just burn them, sometimes blow them up. Dragon? Wait, you think I'm a dragon? Seriously? Why would you think I'm a dragon?" Her irritation and confusion had turned to curiosity, did she look like a dragon, she was pretty sure she didn't but then again what did a dragon look like anyways. She didn't look like a bennu or even a phoenix either unless she was on fire or in pure form.

"What are you?" she asked politely, "And How'd you stop the fire so quickly anyways?"

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments "I hurt everything I touch, set everything on fire. Why would you want me to do that?" She asked, obviously confused as to why he would want her to do such a thing. Her complete disinterest sparked curiosity in the ice dragon. Why in the world didn't she want to fight him? Had she no pride? Or instinct? It was part of their nature!
"Yeah, but I'm saying I don't think you can hurt me. And if you do, then I'm giving you permission so it's alright." He reasoned, not understanding her hesitation.

Suddenly, she was baffled by the suggestion that she was a scaly distant relative of his. So she wasn't? But she breathes fire right? That's how she set stuff on fire?
"Well... The fire thing..." He admitted and instantly realized the irony as he was actually an ice dragon that, indeed, could not breath fire. "Well if you aren't a dragon, then what the heck are you?"

The fire chick asked him about his own abilities. Usually, he wouldn't respond to such questions just to watch the look of frustration cross people's faces. However, she looked like she wouldn't be willing to put up with his shenanigans much longer and he needed her to stick around so they could fight.
"I'm a dragon, but I specialize in freezing rather than igniting. It's a lot of fun..." He noted, reminiscing about the time he froze an entire village. Good times... "I froze the burning objects. Once you freeze the fuel, it's pretty hard to get it to keep burning. Flames, though, I can't actually freeze." He explained with an easy shrug.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments She watched as his eyes drew slightly in, she could see the wheels in his mind working, sorting her out maybe, he mentioned the fire shed set and she wondered, where his thoughts were going, before he finally asked, if she wasn't a dragon what was she. Smiling rather shyly she replied, "I'm a bennu, a type of phoenix, basically I don't breath fire I am fire. Or rather I become fire."

His description of himself intrigued Roxie and she slowly found herself disliking him less."So, if I create a fire you can not freeze the flames only seal it off?" The idea was strange, people always saw flames as needing fuel, but when she lost control everything was consumed even in the Chem lab where they'd had the special fire system the only thing that had survived was her. She'd woken a small child naked amongst the flames taken by fire personnel and quietly whisked away by a chief who knew who and what she was. That had been the fire that cost Roxie her freedom. How did she explain something like that. Quietly and with fearful determination she said, "I'll show you but only away from people I don't want to hurt anyone and you have to put it out before any real damage is done. Deal?" Of course she didn't intend to take the fire all the way to rebirth the idea of being a vulnerable baby with this man did not sit well with her, but she could show him how she set fires and it would help her learn control, right? She reasoned.

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments Bennu... He racked his brain for details of the creature, but fell short. For a supernatural being, he had a surprisingly small interest in learning about other supernatural creatures. From what she spoke of, he was able to deduce that she was some kind of fire bird thing. Not even big enough to intimidate his dragon's form. Maybe he was overestimating this chick...

"Yes, though it will be difficult to burn someone made of ice like mine." He grinned cockily. The girl seemed to be debating her decision internally. It was funny. It was like he was giving her a choice, though he realized that if he simply attacked her, she would be forced into a fight with him. Of course... then she might complain to the school... and send his mother another note... and that was a scary thought... he shuddered at the memory of the last time the school had to contact his family. It hadn't been pretty and he had been locked up for a couple weeks to calm down. No, he definitely needed some kind of consent this time.

He was beginning to think she would turn him down again, but her words surprised him.
"Deal?" She confirmed, searching his eyes for confirmation to her demands.
"Yeah, yeah, save the innocents and all that jazz. Whatever you want, Sparky, just give me a decent fight, yeah?" He nodded, taking her hand and directing her along. He knew just the place: an abandoned warehouse in town where Rave liked to play around in his dragon form. He got in trouble at school when he transformed, but so long as no locals caught him, he was fine.

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments ((does abandoned warehouse work?))

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments ((Should I make a separate topic for them?))

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