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Post your APPROVED student profiles here, after Elizabeth has approved them in the workshop thread.

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Last Name: Yokai
First Name: Kuro

Age: 23
Birthday: March 21

Species: Demon Spirit
Powers: Kuro can shape shift into everything from animals, to inanimate objects, even change his human appearance to mimic other people.
Weaknesses: If he has an overly emotional reaction he has little control over when he shifts, or what he shifts into. He also can't shift into someone unless he knows them in person, he has to know what they look like as well as how they act, what they sound like, and even as far as what they smell like.


(view spoiler)
Height: human, 5'7"; demon, 6'5"
Hair: human, medium brown; demon, black
Skin: human, pale; demon, grey
Eyes: As a human his eyes turn black, red, white, and yellow (view spoiler), along with his normal brown. As a demon his eyes are black.
Dressing Style: Mostly graphic tee shirts, hoodies, pants, sweaters, and hoodies. He very rarely rares shorts, and always wears socks, whether he's wearing shoes or not.

Personality: Kuro, though technically demonic in nature, is a sweetheart. He is slightly awkward, but is almost always cheerful toward everyone around him. A lot of the time he has no clue of the line in between good or evil, but everything he does he believes is the natural order of things. He is extremely disorganized and would probably lose his head if it wasn't attached to his body, thankfully of course he can't actually detach it.

History: Kuro didn't exactly have a conventional family life, he was raised by a wolf, a fox, and a viper, who all taught him the ways of their species along with that of the others. At eleven he shifted into a human for the first time, on accident, and was found by a boy just a few years older then himself, who brought him to his parents. From then on Kuro found himself being taken care of by adults who he didn't understand at all, it took weeks for him to pick up even the simplest terms. For the next ten years he learned to control his abilities, somewhat, and when his adoptive parents received a letter from a school claiming to be just what he needed they sent him right away, hoping he might figure out how to avoid turning into a goat when a girl kisses him. A year into his school life he found a runt puppy, who warmed up to him almost immediately. Of course when he figured out that the puppy wasn't exactly normal he did what any run-of-the-mill demonic being would do, and kept her anyway.

Other: Kuro is fluent in both Japanese and English. He has what looks like pug puppy named Hikari, who just so happens to be a hellhound. She normally keeps her form as a normal looking puppy, but when she feels Kuro is being threatened she transforms into a five foot high, invisible, wolf creature that will eat your face (view spoiler).

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Last Name: Saito
First Name: Kazuki
Nicknames: Kazu, Sai, Kazoo(limited to Naz), Sasori(limited to himself)

Age: 19
Birthday: June 8

Species: Kagune Ghoul
Powers: Kazu has a sort of yellow-gold tail called a Bikaku that comes out of his lower back, and he mostly wears loose and baggy clothing so that he doesn't rip all his clothes whenever it appears. It can be used as a weapon, because of it's similarity to a scorpion tail, but he also tends to use it as a chair because of it's size (view spoiler). He is extremely resilient and heals quickly, except if harmed by another Ghoul of any type.
Weaknesses: Terrible balance; the Bikaku isn't very well suited for defense; he cannot eat normal human food, not only does it taste like garbage but it also makes him ill, though for some reason he can still drink coffee; must eat human flesh otherwise he will starve just as a person would without food; really good coffee; extremely reckless.


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'2"
Hair: White
Skin: Deathly Pale
Eyes: Red, turns black with a red iris, (referred to as a 'kakugan') whenever he gets emotional, hungry, or uses his Bikaku for an extended period of time (view spoiler).
Distinguishable Markings: He has a number of stitches around his right arm, on his torso and neck, and on his mouth and right eye, most of which were inflicted when he met Naz for the first time.
Dressing Style: Generally loose-fitting clothes, and suspenders because most of his pants are too big. He only ever wears house shoes, and always has a number of hair pins to keep his bangs out of his face.

Personality: Kazu has a general lack of emotional comprehension, making him extremely reckless, and unable to feel fear, empathy or even pain. This does not, however, make him apathetic, as he is excitable and noisy. He enjoys fun and dangerous things, has a twisted sense of humour, and almost no morals. The one thing he does seem to mind is when people think he looks or sounds like a girl, which is often because of his small frame and relatively high voice. He often refers to himself in the third person, including, but not limited to, the names Kazuki, Kazu, Sai, and Sasori. Occasionally he uses other names and nobody really knows why. Including himself.

History: Though Kazu was born to Ghoul parents, he wasn't with them very long. When he was very young they were both murdered and he was left on his own. The area he lived in quickly devolved from a primarily Kagune Ghoul district into a place where they were hunted because of their primary diet. After narrowly escaping death at least four times he had began to enjoy the thrill, though it wasn't long before he decided it was time he left. Taking hardly anything he began to travel more, learning the hard way that he couldn't eat human food, which he should have assumed because of the way everything tasted. When he was about eleven he met another ghoul, though it was a kind he had never encountered before. So he did the only logical thing, and tried to kill her. However, before he accomplished this both of them were bleeding, hurt and tired, and they began to have a nice conversation while both of them were too weak to keep fighting. They became good friends, only starting to trust each other years later when they shared a meal out of a serial killer they stumbled across. At age eighteen they heard of the school and decided it would be a good idea to learn how to use their powers more efficiently. Also, they thought it would be cool to eat something non-human.

Other: Because the only thing he can eat or drink that is not the flesh of another humanoid being is coffee, he is very skilled at making very, very good coffee. Japanese is Kazu's first language, though he still speaks English near-perfectly.

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Last Name: Naz
Middle Name: Jessim
First Name: Tilki
Nicknames: Kazoo calls her Nazzy, but no one else is allowed to use that name.

Age: 19
Birthday: August 8

Species: Abaasy Ghoul
Powers: Naz's main food source has always been, and will always be, humans. To any mortal simply being in the room with her will cause them to feel slightly nauseous, though the her sickness won't actually affect their immune system unless she wants it to. She also has the ability to detach her arms and legs, remove one eye at a time, and grow a second pair of arms under her normal ones. The detachable ears atop her head are green squirrel's ears, with her humanoid ears plus the extra ones she has impeccable hearing (view spoiler).
Weaknesses: Though Naz almost always looks like she has a cold she never actually gets sick, unless of course she doesn't eat enough human, then she begins to rot away, skin first. The problem is she doesn't actually like the taste of humans, so she normally laces the candy that she's constantly eating with something from a human. She can move her detached limbs, but if she loses them or if someone steals them she can't grow them back.


(view spoiler)
Height: 4'11"
Hair: candy apple green
Skin: sickly pale; red nose and cheeks almost like she has a cold
Eyes: the right eye is silver, the left is lime green; both eyes have a black edge surrounding the iris
Dressing Style: Most of the time she wears brightly coloured pajamas, and animal themed slippers.

Personality: Naz can't help but be extremely nosy, if it's not her business it will be soon enough, since she won't let the situation go until she knows exactly what's going on. Though she doesn't exactly like the taste of most humans she does like playing with her food, and really anyone else she can get too, making them sick or healthy as she sees fit. Her detachable limbs are extremely useful for when she can't reach something, which is often, but she will bite your head off, figuratively or literally, if you mention her height.

History: Born on the eighth day of the eighth month, precisely eight hours, eight minutes, and eight seconds into the day, most likely even at eight milliseconds, Naz was thrown unwillingly into the life of an Abaasy ghoul, which is a ghoul that is born to a human at this exact time, only one is born every year year. Before her human mother could even get to the hospital Naz had chewed her way through the stomach, finished eating her, then went onto her father, who had watched the scene in horror. Within a few minutes she had changed into a toddler, aging at an alarming rate as she continued to eat any human she came across. A few days later she had the body of a teenager, but had no clue what was actually going on around her. She did, however, figure out that live humans over the age of about six were bitter and didn't taste good, humans under six or who had been dead for over five years on the other hand were sweet. Since she didn't want to resort to eating baby humans, and it isn't exactly easy to keep decomposing humans on hand without offending people, she resorted to mixing her food with sugary treats. Extremely sugary candy happens to be the only human made food she can eat, everything else tastes like ash. Ten years later she looked as if she had aged about six months, and was living on the streets, which she didn't mind since it let her pretty much do whatever she pleased to the humans around her, giving most of them deadly diseases just for fun. At eleven she met another ghoul for the first time, and not trusting each other in the least bit they fought to what they thought would be the death. Instead of killing one another the ghouls clashed until both were practically passing out with exhaustion. Thankfully, after a long talk with them both of them too tired to do anything else the children became friends, but they didn't exactly trust one another until a few years later, when they stumbled upon a serial killer who they decided to munch on together. At eighteen she and Kazuki, who Naz had nicknamed Kazoo, decided that learning to hone their skills might be somewhat useful, and if it wasn't it might be worth it to try something humanoid instead of just human, might taste good.

Other: She randomly finds old candy in her clothes, in her hair, sometimes stuck to her body, but instead of throwing it away she just eats it.

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First Name: Adrian
Last Name: Oliveires

Age: 21
Birthday: September 17

Species: Encantado (Brazilian Folklore)
-musical abilities
*Victims driven to insanity, illness or even death*

-Shamans and holy men are often needed to intervene and ameliorate the situation.
-During the day they are have less strength than the average human being.
-Socially awkward because of the fact that where she used to live she was the most feared creature among the people.

Height: 5'8"
Hair: Dark brown
Skin: Creamy Caramel
Eyes: Light brown
Dressing Style: Likes to stay casual in jeans and a T-shirt

Personality: Adrian has a very strong personality and is blunt. When you hear her talk she has a strong Brazilian accent. Adrian doesn't tend to get along with people very easily because she likes to seclude herself but once she knows you she is very open and loving.

History: Adrian was spawned from intercourse with a human during sleep so that her mother would birth a child. Since Encantados are feared by humans, that was the only way. She grew up in the Amazon Jungles of Brazil, where she learned Portuguese, as well as how to live life like a native. With a mom that went insane because of her impossible love for a human Adrian grew up alone without any friends or family to help keep her company. When she heard about the university she jumped at the opportunity with the hopes of maybe being accepted so that she didn't have to live alone anymore.

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First Name: Cerridwyn
Middle Name: Eirlys
Last Name: Vaughan
Nicknames: Cerri

Age: 20
Birthday: April 3

Species: Harpy
Powers: In her truest form, Cerri's arms are wings just below the shoulder, her feet end in talons, she has two pairs of wings on her back, and she has very sharp teeth. She does, however, have the ability to morph completely into a human. All of her senses are enhanced as a bird of prey would be, especially sight, hearing, and smell. She can drive humans guilty of murder completely insane, to the point that they decide to remove themselves the same way as they did their victims. To anyone else, she can simply make them very anxious, and the feeling is stronger the more guilt a person is carrying.
Weaknesses: When her arms are wings she doesn't have hands; she is very sensitive to bright lights and loud noises; she likes taking other people's food; she doesn't like making her own food; most people don't trust her after being around her very long; she is a klepto who has a bad habit of taking trinkets she has no idea what to do with; sometimes when she takes things she puts them in her mouth.


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'1"
Hair: White Pink
Skin: Fair, Pale
Eyes: Violet
Dressing Style: Fairy Kei, but she rarely wears shoes.

Personality: Cerri seems sweet and a bit quiet at first, but this soon devolves into a much more creepy demeanor. She is generally honest, even if the truths she tells you are painful or even twisted. If she likes you, however, she doesn't bother using her power to make you nervous, or rather, it doesn't work as well. She has a fondness for small, pretty items, as well as small animals. Despite almost everything about her she likes acting as if she is simply innocent and curious.

History: Being the last to hatch of all of her five siblings, Cerri was always treated like glass. Rarely was she allowed to leave the safety of her large home. Though mostly this was because she wasn't able to shift completely into a human until she was older, part of it was also her bad habit of taking things that didn't belong to her. At the age of ten she was by far the best at flight out of her siblings, and by twelve her only brother managed to teach her how to shift into a human. From that moment on she went into town whenever she could, which also caused the house to quickly become littered with little trinkets nobody had any idea what to do with. One they reached eighteen each child was sent to a different school, and due to their extremely competitive nature none of them stayed very close.

Other: Cerri has a pet chinchilla named Cadfael (view spoiler). She is fluent in both English and Welsh.

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First Name: Asher
Last Name: Miyamoto
Nicknames: Ash

Age: 22
Birthday: March 21

Species: Enhanced Human
Powers: Asher is both magically and mechanically enhanced, before he was born his biological mother was put through a series of alchemic experiments that resulted in his perfect aim and enhanced speed. After being experimented on himself Asher's left eye functions as a camera, sending the images or video feed straight to his computer, he also has three mechanical fingers on his right hand, his thumb, forefinger, and middle finger, which make the hand abnormally strong.
Weaknesses: His aim isn't exactly a natural reflex, he has to be at least somewhat paying attention to hit his mark, but as long as he is focusing enough he has a zero percent chance of missing. The camera in his eye wasn't installed properly and often glitches, leaving him blind in one eye for a few hours until it comes back. If water touches the mechanism on his hand it will short out, making it all but useless for about twenty minutes, when it will automatically reset.


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'4"; 5'7" with platforms
Hair: black
Skin: extremely pale
Eyes: icy blue
Dressing Style: mostly tank tops, hoodies, and comfortable pants; at least one leather glove, sometimes two; either no shoes or three inch platform boots; never goes anywhere without his goggles.

Personality: Asher isn't really one to get his hands dirty, preferring to fight from afar rather than up close and personal. Though he has somewhat severe OCD the disorder only affects what he can see, his goggles are often sitting askew on his head since he doesn't normally take the time to fix them. Though he doesn't always seem like it he is incredibly organized, even when he looks like he just rolled out of bed. His brain normally works much faster than his common sense, which results in him spewing somewhat offensive words at random people, along with sometimes babbling to himself so quickly about something that no one else can pick out his words.

History: Before Asher was eight he had a relatively normal family life, albeit it wasn't necessarily a happy one it was safe at least. Since he was a toddler he'd had extremely good aim, not anything magical about it, just raw talent, or so he thought. That simple talent, however, was going to be his downfall.
Two days after his eighth birthday a man claiming to be his father's brother came to the door, and Asher, who had been told that his father had three brothers that his wife and two children had never met, welcomed him into the front room. Leaving the stranger alone to fetch his father, who was in his upstairs office. Instead going downstairs to greet the man as normal he asked Asher to describe him, which he did. Once His father was sure who the stranger was he took a handgun from his desk drawer, telling Asher to go to his little sister's room, lock the door, hide in the closet, and make as little noise as possible.
After about twenty minutes of quiet talking between his father and the man, who did actually turn out to be his brother, Asher heard a series of loud gunshots, but he didn't move from the hiding spot he was sharing with his sister. He heard loud footsteps he assumed were his mother's bounding down the stairs, and a loud scream followed by another gun shot confirmed his assumption.
The man came up the stairs and began searching rooms, which felt like the longest few minutes of Asher's young life. Once his uncle had found the pair of children he grabbed Asher by the hair and dragged him out, knocking him out quickly so he wouldn't struggle. He slammed the closet door closed and put a chair under the handle to keep it from opening for at least a little while, leaving the five year old girl alone in the house.
When Asher awoke his eyes were covered, but he could hear two men close-by talking in hushed tones. As soon as he began struggling the pair took off the blindfold and grinned, explaining to him that his father had been lying to him his entire life, in fact the man claiming to be his father wasn't even his father. They told him that eight years ago his 'father' had stolen a baby from his own brother, who had been experimenting with alchemy on a pregnant women that he'd kidnapped. He ran with the child, not wanting to allow his older brother to treat him like a project rather than a person. For years the family was safe, moving every so often to ensure his father's brother's wouldn't find them, but, of course, they did.
At first Asher didn't believe the story, but it started to click as they mentioned his seemingly harmless abilities, he was quicker than a normal human, not really a superhuman speed, but fast nonetheless, along with his near perfect aim. Once he began to buy their story they started to let him out of the back closet they kept him in, not outside of course, but they let him go wherever he wanted in the house they lived in, explore and play as much as he pleased.
However when he turned twelve the two men he was living with, who were the brothers of his so-called father, began a set of alchemic experiments that would leave the boy brain dead if they didn't perform them exactly right. Three years later they finally finished, though not all of the projects were a success, one of them being that Asher wasn't compliant with what the brother's wanted him to do all the time, though for a while they thought he was. The first time they put a gun in his hand he felt like his insides were on fire, almost like he had a mental connection with the weapon. Instead of shooting the target as he was instructed he shot both of his uncles between the eyes before either of them could even react.
After leaving he set out on a mission to find his sister, who had been thrown into the American foster care system, but four years of nothing later he was just about to pitch himself off a building, what else was he supposed to do? He spent two days sitting on the edge of a six story building before realizing that it wouldn't help anything to kill himself, he'd just have to find something to live for.

Other: Asher has a fascination with computers, he's learned his way around one well enough. He still does regular searches for anyone that could be connected to his sister, Sophie, but they've always been fruitless. He is familiar with many different languages, but is only fluent in English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, German, Spanish, French.

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Triston rosario (hashbrowns_sausage) | 10 comments First name: Kendrick
Middle name: Daniel
Last name: Pearson
Nickname: KD, K-Dawg

Age: 21
Birthday: May 10

Species: Dragon
Powers: KD has the ability to breathe ice, in his human form as well as dragon. As a dragon he has the obvious physical attributes, sharp claws and teeth, and flight.
Weakness: He is drawn to gold, the more valuable the better; he is extremely weak to fire and heat; bronze weakens him similar to heat.

Appearance:He has dirty blonde hair, which is straight, and cold blue eyes. He is 5'11" with pale skin, and dresses very casually.
(view spoiler)

Personality: Kendrick is fairly kind and caring, and some might say he has a screw or two loose. He finds himself easy to get along with and thinks he is quite the ladies man, though many would say otherwise. He has a difficult time focusing, but can eventually finish what he sets his mind to. Two of his biggest loves are hunting and gold, and those who he has befriended enjoy his company.

History: KD was orphaned as a child, living primarily on his own for most of his life. Whenever he would go to school he found himself the victim of harassment, leading him to drop out early. With little money and the perpetual inability to keep a job he lived on the streets. This was, until he received news of the Supernatural University. Deciding it was his only chance for a new start, he made his way to the school.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments First Name: Roxana
Middle Name: Kamala
Last Name: Bast Hebe
Nicknames: Roxie

Age: 71; appears to be a normal 22 yr old human and always will.
Birthday: 23 February 1943

Species: Bennu
Powers: As a cousin of the Phoenix, bennu are immortal, with tears that have healing qualities, but unlike their cousin the phoenix, the bennu can transform from human to bird and back. Roxie has the ability to control fire and can burn anything she touches, this power is currently out of control and she sets anything she touches with her bare hands on fire.
Weaknesses: extremely short tempered and impatient; easily distracted; immortal; vulnerable as a small humanoid child in the minutes after she is reborn; Iron; cold;


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'10"
Hair:Bright Red
Skin: Smooth perky pale pink
Eyes: Crystal clear blue
Dressing Style: Roxie prefers bohemian, hippie styles, loose fitting, brightly colored dresses she generally picks up in bulk overseas, her jewelry is constantly evolving as it melts every time she ignites, the clothing is all simply easy to replace. She wears gloves most of the time because she keeps setting things and people on fire.

Personality: Roxie loves to party and she easily loses control of her emotions, especially when drinking. She trusts no one and has an almost irrational hatred of men, yet desperately wants to feel loved, which makes her vulnerable, angry, and lonely. She can be loud and opinionated, and hates it when people disagree with her.

History: Roxana was born as a human child in Cavan, Ireland, sometime in the late 1930's, her human name is unknown but occasionally she has memories of playing with other little girls and of classes taught by nuns. When The Cavan Orphanage Fire occurred on the night of 23 February 1943 at St Joseph's Orphanage in Cavan, Ireland, she was one of 35 children and 1 adult employee who died as a result. All she truly remembers is waking up as a naked infant, covered in ashes, being carried out of the destruction of the orphanage when the firefighters found her. She was hailed as a miracle and transported to a local hospital for observation. News spread quickly about the miracle baby and she was adopted that day by a wealthy, well connected family. Within 36 hours she was settled in a mansion in the Irish countryside and in appearance she was the same six year old girl who'd been burned to death in the orphanage, she was extremely confused, and burning with fever she had no idea how much her life was about to change. Her new family explained to her that she'd been chosen by the gods to live forever.

As she grew she was taught to read and write like any normal child but also taught to survive as a bennu. The Bast Hebe family that took her in was a politically connected family, even knowing the queen, none of them were actually related but each was a supernatural orphan in need of protection and family. She was a lonely and petulant child often throwing temper tantrums and setting things on fire. Her adoptive mother knowing first hand what she was going through was especially loving and patient, and supported her as over the years she became obsessed with the study of DNA and studied genetics changing schools and towns to avoid the inevitable questions about her not aging. Her professional career was all in an effort to discover why she is what she is. In 1986 she discovered what she later named the phoenix gene, and although her research was discredited years later by the scientific community as illogically based on myths and lore she discovered how she was created. Her explanation of the gene read in part.

The genetic code that creates a Phoenix is rare one in one million humans carry the genetic anomaly. Most children with the phoenix gene never transform because change is never triggered. The transformation is triggered when a child with the Phoenix gene dies in a fire.

After the disappointment of her research being discredited she moved on to genetics at a new firm and was about to prove a theory on genetic codes why she was betrayed and her research stolen by her lover who turned out to be a spy for a rival research firm. Roxie became so angry at the betrayal she burst into flames killing her boyfriend and several on duty security guards while also burning the facility to the ground. This time the infant the firefighters found disappeared from the hospital with no explanation. After this disappointment Roxie began to lose control of her powers and after accidentally burning down several coffee houses in town as well as he apartment building and a local night club she moved back to her home in Ireland where her parents tried to help her regain control of her powers. When her parents heard of this school saying it could help her regain control they jumped on the idea and she is reluctantly now attending Supernatural University, studying Marine Biology, and learning to control her powers.

Other: Her adoptive mother, Aemilius, is the only living being left from the ancient city of Pompeii, she had been a happy 13 year old, in love with her betrothed, and excited about her upcoming wedding ceremony when Mount Vesuvius erupted and her life was changed forever. She woke up buried in ash and had to grow enough to gain the strength to claw her way out from under several meters of ash and pumce her home destroyed everyone she'd ever known dead she wandered the countryside stealing and sleeping when she could for years until she was discovered by phoenix living in Eastern Europe, the phoenix knowing what she was waited for her to transform back to her bird form and offered to help her.
Anytime Roxie becomes anxious, angry, or embarrassed she explodes into flames only to be born again a few mins later as an infant who crawls from the ashes, with all of her knowledge and mental capacity in tact but she must go through her growth to adulthood all over again. She often takes to her phoenix form during this process to hide from predators and to save herself the humiliation. The process takes approximately 36 hours. Although some find this amusing she does not. Her infant form has been known to scream obscenities at people as she crawls from the flames.
(view spoiler)

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 222 comments Mod
First Name: Markl
Middle Name: Finley
Last Name: Asahina

Age: 29; appears 17
Birthday: January 31

Species: Poltergeist Elemental
Powers: Markl is half human and half ghost, stuck somewhere in the in-between. Since becoming part ghost he's found that he has control over water, as well as the ability to phase through solid objects, the ability to turn completely or partially invisible, and the ability to commune with the dead. In his human form he is fully visible and tangible, in his halfway form he is somewhat transparent and slightly tangible, in his ghost form he wavers from partially to fully transparent, and is completely intangible
Weaknesses: Though technically the cold can't actually affect him unless he's in his fully human form he doesn't like it, at all. When fully tangible he is vulnerable to anything that would harm a human. Becoming fully visible, or fully invisible, takes a lot of energy, so normally he stays about in the middle. Just because he can talk to the dead doesn't mean he enjoys it, since most of them are extremely rude, whether they were like that when they were alive or not.


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'6"
Hair: grey in human, or half, form; grey blue in ghost form
Skin: almost white
Eyes: dark blue in human, or half, form; pale blue in ghost form
Distinguishable Markings: Most of the time he stays in the halfway state between his human and ghost forms, which makes him slightly transparent, but still visible.
Dressing Style: He only has a few different outfits, since charming clothes to not fall through his ghost form is kind of a pain. They are simple, casual, street style clothes that have all been put through a series of spells to make them stick to his ghost form as well as his human one, and turn visible or invisible with him.

Personality: Markl isn't the kind of person who is noticed right away, though he wouldn't really describe himself as shy or introverted. He is often completely overlooked in group settings, even when he's fully tangible or visible. Contrary to what his race suggests he doesn't like to cause trouble, and has a habit of over apologizing to the point of annoyance. To a stranger, at least the ones who realize he exists, he seems quiet and reserved, but once he gets to know someone it's like he doesn't have a 'shut down' button, constantly babbling until the person he's talking to has to actually tell him to shut up.

History: Markl grew up as a fairly normal kid in small town America, though he wasn't shy he also wasn't the type to raise his hand in class or have many friends. In fact he wasn't even noticed in his freshman English class, which was only fifteen students, until three months into the year when the teacher asked who he was and why he was in her class, to which he replied with a sarcastic comment about normally being invisible, of course he had no idea that just a few short years later he would actually have the power to do that.
The first day of his junior year was when his life changed, and, according to him, for the better. He was on his daily walk to school when a semi-truck came barreling down the street, running a red light and hitting him so hard that he actually flew across the street and against the side of a building. Waking up a few seconds later out looking at his broken looking body that lay on the street, a thousand thoughts were running through his head, this couldn't be how he died! He wanted to at least have gotten out of the hick town that he'd grown up in! After about ten minutes of trying to get onlookers attention he sat cross-legged next to his body and waited for the paramedics to pronounce him dead at the scene, but the moment they arrived he felt himself being pulled back into his body, which wasn't the most comfortable feeling. He was announced as a medical miracle, how he survived they had no idea, especially since he now had no sign of a heart beat and his skin was as cool as a corpse. Before the doctors could prod or poke him with any more tests he ran, away from the hospital, away from his home town, and away from the people that he really didn't care about anyway.
Ten years later he looks like the same seventeen year old boy, he still doesn't have a heart beat, and his body temperature is just as low as it would have been had he died that day. His goal was to travel the world, and travel he did, catching rides and staying unnoticed as he toured the top tourist spots in the world. At twenty eight he was invited to attend a university that was specifically for people like him, so he decided to check it out, since he seemed to have all the time in the world anyway.

Other: Markl has a slightly southern accent, no matter how much he tries to get rid of it, and constantly uses the word y'all, though he's attempts to stop it's so ingrained in his mind it's all but impossible. He has a subconscious fear of semi-trucks, even though they really can't do much to him anymore.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Title: Prince
First Name: Darius
Middle Name: Lóránt
Last Name: Dumitru

Age: 133 years old
Birthday: March 26

Species: Vampire
Powers: Pyrokinesis: The elemental power to manipulate fire, or heat. Shapeshifting: The power to transform your body into another form, like an animal. Compulsion: Can plant suggestions into anyone meeting their hypnotic gaze. Some telepathy. Immortality: The ability to live forever young. Daywalker: only vampire royals are daywalkers
Weaknesses: fire can be fatal; inability to enter a dwelling without being first invited in; silver burns painfully; wood from a birch tree weakens him; no self control; his telepathy is not strong only reading thoughts related to him and only nearby, sunshine is an irritant.


Height: 6'3"
Weight: 185
Hair: auburn
Skin: pale creamy white
Eyes: light silver
Body type: strong; lean muscular
Pitch of voice: smokey; deep

Personality: Prince Darius is a spoiled, egotistical, narcissist, whose self-indulgent, and gluttonous inability to control himself has landed him in rehab more than once. He is prejudiced, rude, and conceited, not understanding his parent's insistence on sparing the life of his prey or their need to treat humanity with the kindness. His constant argument is "What's being a Vampire if you hide in the darkness and do not enjoy the seduction and the kill".

History: Prince Darius is the only son of the original vampires, as a royal and an Original he's one of a select few vampires who can be outside in the daylight, and although it irritates him it will not harm him. He holds the key to making a vampire into a daywalker but he guards this information with his life. The King and Queen of all vampires are older than time itself, no one knows how they came to be vampires but everyone knows their power is unlimited, both the King and Queen are not only omnilingual, they also posses omnipotence as well as omniscience. Knowing everything infinitely has helped keep Darius in check to a point, but their rebellious child has become addicted to the kill, not willing to settle for just playing with his food he must destroy it. He's been sent to several excellent vampire rehabilitation centers but none of the teachings ever stick. He always comes home from them and for awhile he is able to drink from the submissives in the palace, but as soon as he is allowed back out into the world he is killing again. His inability to control himself and keep his seductions alive is drawing unwanted attention to the vampire community.

Currently under investigation for the disappearances of a dozen or so young men and women who were extras on the set of Vampire Diaries. Darius is on house arrest, but frequently sneaks out into the villages nearby to dine. On a recent such excursion he found himself face to face with a human unlike anyone he'd ever encountered, she not only resisted his compulsion multiple times but when he tried to seduce her she laughed at him, and then, when he tried to feed, she stabbed him with a silver knife. Injured and insulted he returned home and immediately began research to discover who this woman was.

When the king and queen discover that a direct descendant of the infamous Abraham Van Helsing is in the neighboring village and hunting Darius they contacted the university immediately in a last ditch effort to reform their beloved son.

Relations: Parents: The Original Vampires; the King and Queen of all vampires.
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Other: A coven in the United States recently asked for a special inquest when they found that Darius and his friends were covering themselves with body glitter, and dressing like the Cullen family in order to seduce Twilight fans at cons around the country, leaving a trail of fan girl and fan boy bodies behind them.

A coven in Japan is asking for a special inquest into an extremely detailed vampire website and message board whose members seem to keep going missing. Although no proof has surfaced as of yet the authorities suspect Darius and his group of friends.

A coven in England has asked for a special inquest after interpol learned about numerous missing teens, the trail of missings directly following a concert tour all over Europe led interpol directly to Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson who they learned had been manipulated by Darius into leading their tremendous fan base to an easy slaughter.

He recently scored a perfect 24 on the quiz a friend (view spoiler) showed him, a fact he is very proud of.
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Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) | 171 comments Mod
First Name: Jurriaan
Middle Name: Wiebe
Last Name: Van Helsing
Nicknames: Jurri; His sister likes to call him Jorge when she wants to annoy him more than usual

Age: 25
Birthday: February 2

Species: Warlock
Powers: Jurri's powers are by no means unlimited, though he is much better at actually using them than his sister. He has learned to cast spells without saying anything, which is very useful when he has a job that requires such a thing. He generally doesn't have the patience for potion making or scrying, but summoning is something he will take the time to do. Summoning things is cool. Even when he does it wrong. He can also pull weapons from thin air, often accidentally getting things his sister lost instead of what he was actually trying to get.
Weaknesses: Even though he can do silent spells, he still has to go through whatever incantation in his mind just as if he were to say it aloud; he isn't patient enough to do any scrying at any point in time; he is able to summon quite a few different kinds of creatures, demons, and on, but he often may accidentally summon the wrong thing.


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'10"
Hair: red
Skin: pale-ish
Eyes: red
Distinguishable Markings: Jurri has sharp teeth, and nobody knows or asks why
Dressing Style: Mostly jeans various t-shirts and hoodies.

Personality: While he isn't exactly lazy, Jurri has little to no patience, and even less tolerance. He takes his jobs at least somewhat seriously, though the less he is paid the more likely he is to get bored and abandon it altogether. Some people could argue that he doesn't have a sense of humour, and although he does, usually he'd rather not put up with poor attempts at joking. Much of his time is spent making sure his sister doesn't do anything stupid, procrastinating from doing jobs that bore him, and not sleeping due to insomnia.

History: Jurriaan and Gisel a were raised as fierce monster hunters, their father a direct descendant of the hunter, Abraham Van Helsing, and their mother a powerful witch.
When Adam, their father, had graduated high school he married his high school sweetheart, but he didn't know that the love of his life just happened to be a witch. Renée finally decided to tell him what she was when he was pregnant with their first child, instead of accepting the fact he ran, not wanting to have to kill his wife, but also not wanting to go against everything he'd been taught.
Two years later she found Adam, on the verge of death after throwing himself into situation after situation where he thought he wouldn't survive. She nursed him back to health, and after pleading with him to not face death again he stayed, for his son as well as his wife.
A year went by smoothly, and when Renée revealed she was pregnant again Adam couldn't be happier. Unfortunately Renée died while giving birth to a baby girl. In a flurry of depression Adam did something that his wife would have despised, he trained the children just as he had been, he made them into hunters.
When Gisela was eight years old she found an old book, one that she had no idea what was at the time. After a never before seen episode of tears Adam explained to the children what their mother was and that this book was her family grimoire. Once he was composed again he decided that it was best that the children learn to control their powers rather than hiding them. They spent years studying the grimoire, and as they began to go on hunts by themselves they found that the abilities were extremely useful. When he was twenty Sela began taking a fee for jobs, something he had been doing for a few years already, though he hadn't gotten caught. When their father found out Sela was only taking jobs she was getting paid for he threw the pair out. Three weeks later his body turned up on an Italian shore, and no one even suspected that the children had anything to do with it.
Renée Van Helsing - Mother; Deceased
Adam Van Helsing - Father; Deceased
Gisela Van Helsing - Sister; 22

Other: Jurri speaks mainly Dutch and English, plus bits and pieces of Latin and Greek.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 222 comments Mod
First Name: Gisela
Middle Name: Madelief
Last Name: Van Helsing
Nicknames: Sela

Age: 22
Birthday: April 31

Species: Witch
Powers: Though Sela likes to make people believe her power as a witch is limited only to her imagination, her abilities really include just spell casting, scrying, potion making, and summoning. She also has the ability to keep a number of weapons on hand that she can simply pull out of the air, her supply is not endless, and she does have to sometimes replace them when they get lost in the void.
Weaknesses: Her spells only work if she has the right tools and incantations, the number of witches present directly effects the strength of the spell. She has to have something personal from her intended target for scrying to work. It takes time, energy, and lots of planning to get most potions correct, which mean Sela normally writes them off as totally useless. She's only ever taken the time to summon lesser demonic beings, but she still isn't usually willing to put forth that kind of effort.


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'4"
Hair: red
Skin: creamy pale
Eyes: red
Dressing Style: Sela normally dresses very scandalously, most of the time simply to get on her brother's nerves.

Personality: Sela is described by most as snobbish, selfish, and extremely greedy. She may have been raised a respectable monster hunter, but her view on humanity as well as those in the supernatural part of the world is that of a ruthless mercenary. Though she is extremely sarcastic her humor is normally dark, ridiculously inappropriate, and is often cut off by her brother's insane attempts at keeping her in line. Unless she is getting paid very well she is normally lazy with her work, sometimes taking weeks to take down a target that could have been taken care of in only a few days, but she's still one of the most talented hunters around. The only person she truly cares about is her brother, but she would never actually admit that to him or anyone else.

History: Gisela and Jurrian were raised as fierce monster hunters, their father a direct descendant of the hunter, Abraham Van Helsing, and their mother a powerful witch.
When Adam, their father, had graduated high school he married his high school sweetheart, but he didn't know that the love of his life just happened to be a witch. Renée finally decided to tell him what she was when she was pregnant with their first child, instead of accepting the fact he ran, not wanting to have to kill his wife, but also not wanting to go against everything he'd been taught.
Two years later she found Adam, on the verge of death after throwing himself into situation after situation where he thought he wouldn't survive. She nursed him back to health, and after pleading with him to not face death again he stayed, for his son as well as his wife.
A year went by smoothly, and when Renée revealed she was pregnant again Adam couldn't be happier. Unfortunately Renée died while giving birth to a baby girl. In a flurry of depression Adam did something that his wife would have despised, he trained the children just as he had been, he made them into hunters.
When Gisela was eight years old she found an old book, one that she had no idea what was at the time. After a never before seen episode of tears Adam explained to the children what their mother was and that this book was her family grimoire. Once he was composed again he decided that it was best that the children learn to control their powers rather than hiding them. They spent years studying the grimoire, and as they began to go on hunts by themselves they found that the abilities were extremely useful. At seventeen Sela took money for a job for the first time, and never looked back, what was the point in killing creatures that didn't do anything to her for free? There wasn't one, and when her father found out she was only taking jobs she was getting paid for he threw the pair out. Three weeks later his body turned up on an Italian shore, and no one even suspected that the children had anything to do with it.
Renée Van Helsing - Mother; Deceased
Adam Van Helsing - Father; Deceased
Jurriaan Van Helsing - Brother; 25

Other: She speaks fluent Dutch, but the only time she uses it is when she's arguing with her brother, which usually means they're yelling at each other and even if you understood the language you still couldn't pick out what they were saying. The majority of the spells she uses are in Latin, she can read Greek spells, but she doesn't normally know what they mean.

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SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments First Name: Akira
Last Name: Kobayashi
Nicknames: Aki (or any other nickname you come up with, she doesn't mind)

Age: 19
Birthday: August 21

Species: Enhanced Human
Powers: Due to the being subjected to a little guinea pig, alchemically experimented and injected with several serums laced with substances like silver for the 'benefit of humankind', it enhanced Akira's strength and endurance more than an average human girl. This allowed her to lift objects three times her size and being able to run for long distances without needing a break. Along with the enhancements, they also added mechanical 'additions' in her left foot which added strength to her kicks and enabled her to jump higher than normal.
Weaknesses: Although her strength is more then a pro wrestler, she has not been able to control it quite yet. The comprehension of her strength must be on her mind at all times, whether it is at the back or in the front of her mind, otherwise she'll crush or break whatever she is holding. This has gotten better though, compared to before. With all of the stamina she uses, in amounts over the years or even in one sitting, she needs to eat a lot. As much as a large whale. If she does not consume enough food throughout the day, she becomes lethargic and isn't able to focus. The mechanics in her left foot has been wearied down, as it has not been attended to, so it bugs out and shuts down leaving her to not be able to control it. It either just lays there limp, or lets out an painful shock, or moves on it's own. This only lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes though.


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'0"
Hair: Dark Brown but seems like black
Skin: Pale-ish
Eyes: Dark brown but seems like black
Distinguishable Markings: She has a burn scar on her back that starts from the top near the neck area that curves down and ends on the right side of her waist.
Dressing Style: Just pants or jeans with a white button up most of the times, or a t-shirt, accompanied by a black jacket and a long overcoat she never leaves without (whether it is wearing it or carrying it along with her). She also brings along a belt with pouches on it filled with snacks and other items, just in case, and some goggles if she's going to ride. You'll never spot her in some dress or skirt.

Personality: Akira is a open-minded optimist, friendly to everyone she meets, seeing the good in someone rather then the bad. Honest and straight forward, she's quick to defend any of her friends and speak up about mistreatment or conflict. She goes in head first, without really much thought, and follows her gut instinct. She has a strong sense of justice and will call a person out if it is needed. Though, because of these things it tends to get her in a bit of trouble. She is also a bit nosy and curious (as a lot of things are new to her), prodding in business that she shouldn't be, along with being a terrible liar. She seems to be childish, but is quite mature and deep at times, although... getting excited about dinosaur band-aids... um...

History: In her younger years, Akira lived normally like any other little girl, happily playing about without a care in the world. That was until on the night of her sixth birthday that her family's house burned down, killing everyone in the fire. She could still remember the flames that enveloped her vision, and the smoke that clogged her lungs. It all happened so quickly, too quickly. Her family was running through the room trying to get away from the flames when one of the walls crumbled down from the flames and landed on her mother. Her mother told them to flee before it was too late, but her father pushed Akira and her sister away and stayed to save her. Akira hesitated, terrified at the choice to leave her parents, but did as she as told, and being the older out of the two, she grabbed her sister's hand and ran off through the smoke. All she saw was red. Red everywhere. And heat. While they were running down smoke filled hall, she felt a large weight land on her back and soon after there was a excruciating searing pain. It felt like someone shoved a knife down her back. This didn't stop her though. They were almost to the exit, being able to see the opening through the murky fog, but was stopped when a piece of the ceiling fell from above and landed on her sister's leg. She could still remember the piercing cry of pain ringing in her ears. She tried to help her. She did. She kept pulling, and pulling, lifting and lifting, but nothing worked. She couldn't save her. Her sister pushed her out of the house before the entranced collapsed, barely making it out of there with only a scar imprinted in the skin on her back. She could still remember the hot tears that run down her smog covered cheeks, the painful tightening of her heart, the gravel digging into her knees as she was kneeling and witness her home be engulfed. Soon after, the firemen and police came. They ignored the little girl, extinguishing the morbid flames that raged in front of her. That was when she ran. She ran as far away as she could. Away from the pain. Away from the nightmare. Away from everything. She then bumped into a large figure, one that reached out towards her. "Everything will be alright," it said. She could still remember that everything didn't become alright.

Akira was then kidnapped by a man, shipped off to a some foreign country. She was stored away in the cargo area in the bowels of the ship, squeezed in between large crates. She didn't know where she was going, and she didn't care. Nothing was left back where the ashes of her house was anyways. At the age of six, she was already emotionally detached from the world. She kept replaying every one of her family member's deaths, pausing and rewinding the last time she saw their faces. Through the past months she was transported from a ship to a train to a car. She then arrived in a small laboratory underground located on the borders between Belgium and Germany. There, she underwent injection after injection of serums that made her blood burn and her mind go blank, accompanied by electric shocks and tampering with her body. Even till this day she could faintly remember the needle penetrating her skin, giving her the dose that would soon make her feel like she herself was on fire from the inside out. The pain was engraved into her mind. Years and years was her life spent like that, being cooped up inside a small little room and being strapped to a table, never being able to see sunlight or have human interaction. Laying on the cold hard floor with the same nightmare repeating itself, death of her family, the constant torture to her body, the idea that it was her fault that her family died. She almost descended into madness. Almost. She was saved by a man that worked in the lab. He wasn't like the other scientists, the ones that thought she was only Subject 47. No. He thought of her as a human being. She learned that his name was Gerben Holt, a dutch scientist. It was his first few weeks being part of the team. He often supplied her with blankets and tried to make her as comfortable as she could be. He also spoke to her, having conversations about things that were, well, normal. She soon started opening up to him, telling him about what happened to her family, in exchange he told her about his family. She was soon pulled out of her emotional depression over her family.

Gerben saw the treatment of her was unacceptable. Years later, when Akira was twelve, he made his beliefs known while during the strapping down of the girl. There was then a big argument, leading to it heating up more and more until it got violent. Gerben was then struck down by one of the head scientist leading the whole operation. Akira, watching the entire thing, got enraged and broke out of her restraints. Red. All she could see was red. She knocked the scientist delivered a punch to the scientist, only enough to knock him unconscious, and grabbed Gerben, running out the facility. They escaped, with a little help from Akira's strength and Gerben's knowledge about the area. They purchased a ticket out of the country and flew to France, bring his wife with him. With a stroke of luck, they were able to flee undetected and wasn't hunted down by the scientists.

A few more years later when Akira was now sixteen, the family was now living peacefully in a small duplex in France. Gerben Holt had adopted the girl into his family, which turned out great as the his wife Elian and Akira hit it off quite well. Gerben was a professor at a university and Elian was a kindergarten teacher. Akira was home schooled, as Gerben joked that why would she need to pay to go to school when she had a perfectly fine teacher at home? She even had a nickname, one she never had (and if she did, she did not remember) and cherished. Gerben and Elian called her, 'beertje' which meant little bear in Dutch. One quiet morning, while reading the news paper, Gerben had discovered that his 'fellow' past scientists, the ones that experimented on Akira, were caught and apprehended by the Belgium police. They celebrated this news with cake.

The year after was when Akira had discovered that her sister was alive. It was quite a shock to her, as she had always assumed she was dead. She had received a letter from her sister who had survive the incident when they were kids, apparently a firemen had saved her before the entire house to collapse on top of her. She survived with a few scars herself, as did Akira had, and a broken bone. Her sister had tracked her down using the articles of missing children and about the scientist that had gotten arrested. Her sister was currently living in Japan, living with another family who adopted her, who were journalists. Akira decided to schedule a flight to Japan and was heading on her way. The two sisters met, and it was a happy reunion really. There were tears, hugs, and emotions flying everywhere. The Holt family and her sister's family accompanied them, introducing each other and such. They caught up on each others lives (well besides from the kidnapping, experiment thing. She didn't tell her that), and no matter how far apart they were, they were always sisters. Always.

On her nineteenth birthday, her adopted father announced that she was finally going to school. Well, a university that is. This caused a series of chaotic events to occur once the word was out. The champagne bottle popped open and spilled over, ruining the carpet. The cake with candles in it being brought in the room flipped over and set the carpet on fire. Finally, the glasses that Akira was holding shattered underneath the pressure of her hand. It was quite a surprise.

(Deceased) Akemi Kobayashi - Biological Mother
(Deceased) Ichirou Kobayashi - Biological Father
Haruka Kobayashi - Sister, 16
Gerben Holt - Adoptive Father, 38
Elian Holt - Adoptive Mother, 34

Other: Akira is fluent in both Japanese and English, along with Dutch and French, and simple phrases in German. She hates being cooped up inside and prefers to be outdoors more then anything, unless it is a blizzard outside then she'll stay in and drink a warm cup of hot chocolate. If she stays locked up in a closed space for too long she gets a bit antsy.

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SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 51 comments First Name: Dillon
Middle Name: Glaw
Last Name: Yates
Nicknames: Ariel, The little Mermaid (just Ariel is fine though)

Age: 24
Birthday: July 7

Species: Mermaid/Merman
Powers: Dillon, as all mermaids and mermen, were gifted with the power of a beautiful and hypnotic voice. He can control or lure a person either by singing or just speaking in general, making the person think that it really was for their benefit rather than his own. He is also gifted with the basic mermaids/merman things, such as breathing underwater. He can create storms, tsunamis, and tidal waves when near large masses or water like the sea. On rare occasions, extremely rare occasions, he can grant whomever he desires a wish but for a high price.
Weaknesses: Being on land drains a lot of his energy, causing him to become drowsy thus resulting in sleeping most of the time, not concentrating, and overall laziness. This makes him weak and will only be able to use his powers, excluding hypnotism, in short bursts at a time. Along with this he needs to have large amounts of water everyday, typically a gallon, as it allows him to keep his legs and stops him from shriveling up like a dried prune. Most of the time he is in control when creating a water-related disaster but if something were to change his emotions then a storm may appear out of the blue, as he can't control it. He is unaware of this problem.


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Black
Skin: Fair, but gets pale when he hasn't had enough water
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishable Markings: None, unless you count flawless skin
Dressing Style: He normally wears a windbreaker, with nothing underneath, and swimming jammers. When he can't wear that (being restricted by teachers) he wears t-shirts with movie logos on them and jeans.

Personality: He's quite aloof all of the time, along with being expressionless, due to the lack of energy he has all the time. He seems like he doesn't pay attention or even listens to what anyone is saying but he is paying attention, listening to everything around him and always on alert. He's quite laid-back, thinking that everyone should not be so high strung about everything and would rather avoid conflict then face it. His tone is soft and gentle but his word are blunt and sharp, as he prefers to not sugar coat anything because it's a waste of time.

History: Dillon and his whole family lived under the sea; his family consisting of his two older brothers and three older sisters, his mother and father. While the rest of his family, including himself, was uninterested in how the world above was like and how humans were his mother had a fascination with them. She was so obsessed with them that one day she snuck out from the sea and onto land. He was only ten when it happened. He had woken up one morning to his father yelling at his older siblings to go out and search for their mother. She was lost for seven years.

During the time that his mother was gone Dillon had begun to wonder why his mother left their family in the first place. This was what lead him to suspect, and soon hate, humans. He held them responsible for the reason why his mother left. This grudge was held for a long time, almost driving him to leave home and cause mass destruction for some sailors nearby. Then, at the age of fifteen, he overheard his father talking to his oldest brother about the real reason why their mother left. Apparently his mother was pregnant with another child. She had mated with a human. This new piece of information When his mother came back he completely flipped his world upside down. He locked himself in his room for a whole year, completely stunned and shocked to pieces. During this time he locked up his emotions, developing his stone face and aloof attitude.

His mother came back, and with a ignorant happy demeanor no less, with which he greeted her with a cold attitude and biting remarks. Although he was chastised with his behaviour by his father, he knew the man himself was as hurt as he was. A few years passed, with tension with every meeting with his mother, and at the age of eighteen he decided that enough was enough. He was going to leave the sea and finally step on dry land to observe the humans. With a heartfelt goodbye (one that did not include his mother) he was off. He stayed with a friend of his father, acting like a human and whatnot. He learned many things, such as a how mechanical things worked, fire, boats, junkfood, and Disney. He was a disgusted by the movie Ariel, as it was how unrealistic human portrayal of his kind were like. Besides this though, he was fascinated, although not as much as his mother. He re-watched the movie Ariel over again and soon grew to like it, despite how ridiculous it was.

Dillon returned back home at the age of twenty-one. He now understood why his mother had been so interested in humans; the way they did and invented things was amazing. This distinguished the hatred his hate for humans, but not the disgust for his mother. His mother was still at fault as she betrayed his father and went behind his back to go for another man, and she had no shame in coming back. His family was about the same when he returned, his mother still isolated from the rest, his father still happy yet scarred, his siblings having jobs and such. Knowing full well that nothing else would change so much in the future he applied to go to Supernatural University to further observe species that differ from his own.

Other: The only language he knows is English, and the silent language spoken between sea creatures, along with a few hearty sailor swears that he picked up by his brothers. He absolutely loves movies, old and new, and how they are created. He also has a thing for cars and mechanics.

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Sevania (sevthedev) First Name: Jesai (jess-EYE)
Middle Name: Maria
Last Name: Lightwing
Nickname: Jess (but don't you ever call her Jessie, as that's a common mispronunciation of her name)

Age: 19
Birthday: December 21

Species: Fairy (Fae, faery, faerie, etc)

Powers: She can shift into her fairy form at will, which is the same as her human form except with wings (so yes, she can fly). Being born on the Winter solstice, Jess has some winter-related abilities, such as causing small snowstorms and insta-freezing most liquids. She can also lower the temperature of a room/the space around her and it has to be really cold for her to feel cold. She has slightly less than average fairy abilities for a fairy her age (which is very young): Subtle healing powers, the ability to manipulate weak minds, and invisibility at will.

Weaknesses: Jess can be greatly weakened by extreme heat. Her powers are also very limited; she's no great magical talent. Her invisibility has this habit of coming on when her emotions are high and she can't hold it on purpose for longer than five minutes. She can't freeze any bodily fluids (not, however, for lack of trying). Flying isn't easy either; it takes about as much energy as a full-on sprint. Most fairies can change their size at will to fit the human conception of fairies as small winged creatures, but Jess can't yet. She has hopes that she'll grow into this ability, as well as gain more control over her existing abilities.


(view spoiler)
Her wings are opalescent with a slight bluish tint. They are fairly large, as they need to be to get her off the ground. They're also very sensitive, and tear easily, which is why she never shifts into them unless she needs to.

There's more than one reason people have been known to call Jesai Ice Queen. Even without her wintery abilities she's not exactly of a warm and fuzzy mindset. She tends to be harsh and has trouble forgiving, even for the slightest offenses. Jess considers herself a realist, with an analytical mind and a knack for looking at the world completely detachedly. But just because she can pretend to not care doesn't mean she doesn't care. Jess cares far more than she'd like to admit.

It's possible, although rare, to catch Jess with her guard down. The best time to try to talk to her is when she's daydreaming, or rather analyzing. Her friends (she does have a few) say that when this happens she gets a faraway yet focused look in her eyes and doesn't move much. One would think that bothering her in this state would annoy her, but actually when Jess is trying to work something out, her mind is the most open, and she will absently respond to most questions ask before she realizes who's talking to her.

It's quite true that Jess is tough to handle at first: she's often blunt and her glare almost physically hurts. But if you stick by her and she grows to like you, her company can be enjoyable. With those she's comfortable with, she's mischievous and excitable. She's not entirely introverted; she likes having company so long as she likes her company. Just don't get on her bad side. Jess doesn't need strong magical powers to ruin you.

It's been clear from the start that Jesai's main strength is not in magic. This was more than a little disappointing to her parents, who are both prominent magic wielders in the fairy world. They had hoped their firstborn would have huge potential, but since Jess's powers are less than average, they consider her a disappointment. They've never said anything to this effect out loud, but Jess can read their unspoken words. Anyway, ever since the birth of her little brother when she was 10, they've left her mostly to her own devices. Arkas will definitely be the magical talent of the family.

Much of Jess's childhood was shaped by her disappointing powers. Teachers and even other fairies her age wondered why she didn't have the abilities her parents did, some more openly than others. As a result, Jess is pretty fed up with most things magic related, or at least fairy magic related. She is kind of fascinated by other species' ways of doing magic. Jess applied for Supernatural University so she could study other forms of magic in the world.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 222 comments Mod
Name: Yjrn of Eruyt
Pronunciation: Yee-urn; spoken quickly; almost sounds like yearn

Age: 58

Species: Viera
Powers: Though technically viera are extremely sensitive to an energy called Mist Yjrn is now sensitive to almost any type of magical energy, since Mist doesn't exist on earth. She has powerful senses, especially hearing due to her long ears. As with all viera, Yjrn is extremely agile, as well as possessing near-perfect aim, and great speed. She can hear the voices of the dead, but cannot communicate. She is immortal, but she isn't as strong as she was when she was with the wood.
Weaknesses: High concentrations of Mist will send her into a frenzy where she has little to no control over her actions, as well as having super strength that can tear apart strong metal and kill armored humans with unarmed blows. Luckily normal Earth energy doesn't affect her the same way. At one point she could access the spirit world to summon monsters from other dimensions, but since leaving her wood this power as weakened immensely. Though she has the ability to live forever naturally, as in she can't die of old age, she can be injured or killed just as a human can.


(view spoiler)
Height: 6'2"
Hair: white
Skin: olive toned
Eyes: red violet
Voice: distinct unknown accent; calm; (view spoiler)
Dressing Style: Unlike most of the students she often wears armour, though it isn't needed inside the school she mostly wears it out of habit. Compared to normal clothing styles she keeps to what she's used to wearing, which is usually very little.

Personality: Yjrn seems very mysterious, especially to strangers. With people she doesn't know her words are short, calm, and sometimes slightly rude, once she gets to know someone her tone softens, but she's still just as straightforward. When offended she is expressionlessly cold and silent, but she only gets this way if the offender purposely tried to hurt her feelings. She likes her freedom, but is often lonely due to her life of solitude. She doesn't get attached to people easily, and the reason for this is two-fold, on one side she finds it hard to bond with people with little experience in her world, and on the other people tend to give her a wide birth since she normally has a threatening atmosphere about her. The people she is close she would protect with her life, and they know it. She shows happiness in subtle ways, small smiles, and amused looks at others' teasing each other.

History: Little of consequence happened before Yjrn left the Eruyt village of the Wood, her life was calm and quiet, but the entire time she longed for something more interesting. She wanted to interact with other species, other classes, she wanted to do something other then sit in silence and speak with the wood!.
At twenty-five Yjrn finally worked up the courage to tell her sisters that she was leaving, at her older sister's disapproval and younger sister's sadness.
Ten years of wandering through Ivalice brought little joy to the viera, who had expected something much happier. This was until she met a her very best friend, a sky pirate with a past much more interesting than her own. The pair picked up a few other adventurous people as they made their way through the sky cities of Ivalice, making friends, enemies, and allies along the way.
During a spur of the moment rescue of the Gran Kiltias Yjrn was drawn to a large amount of Mist in a cavern of Mt. Bur-Omisace. As she took in the Mist she changed, her movements and mind became animalistic, fighting friend and foe alike. Yjrn awoke hours later in an area of flat-lands she didn't recognize, her friends gone, as well as the mountain she had been on. Disoriented and confused the viera began to wander, just as she had when she left the wood for the first time. Instead of hitting a city like Archadia she found a small village, that seemed very behind in technology. The humes smelled different here, and they were surprised and awed by the viera, as if they had never seen one before. What she didn't know was that she had traveled across dimensional lines, leaving her home world of Ivalice and appearing on Earth.
The creatures on this world were unknown to her, the normal as well as the supernatural. The town she had arrived in only held one person that believed her story, a conspiracy theorist who had spent his life researching ways to travel through the worlds, of course most people just thought he was a loon.
After a few years of extensive studying with Samuel, Yjrn made her way to one of the many schools for the supernatural, the closest to where she was at the time, believing that someone might be able to help her get back to her own world.

Other: Yjrn has useful motor skills, of course she's used to working on airships and hovers rather than the primitive land vehicles of earth.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Name: Zoe Isabella Luna
Nicknames: Precioso (her parents), Zoe by her friends, Serva but only by one evil warlock.

Age: 206
Birthday: 12 November

Species: Free Genie/Succubus
Powers: shape shifter; able to alter reality; can read thoughts and emotions; invisibility; life-force absorption; immortal; telepathy.
Weaknesses: acts strictly on emotions; life-force absorption is her only way to feed; silver; can not control her invisibility; if people in her illusions realize they are in an illusion it melts away; bad boys; cursory.


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'8"
Hair: light red, mostly
Skin: fair, but lightly sun kissed
Eyes: blue
Dressing Style: A hippy to the core, everything is very bohemian and free, almost always dresses and skirts in human form, in genie from her tops are always lose crochet, and open easy comfortable fabrics, in full succubus form she is only shadows and mist.

Personality: Although she carries some darkness and secrets inside Suni has been bubbly and happy most of her life. A free spirit she's never been one to be held down for long, overly emotional she easily makes bad decisions based solely on emotion and has always had a weakness for bad boys. She must feed on the life-force of those around her, preferring to only feed on volunteers, she rarely kills and never by choice... not anymore anyway.

History: Born to a free genie and an incubus, whose love affair is the stuff of myths and has spanned centuries, Zoe was born after the couple settled on the island chain now known as the Florida Keys, living to this day in the home they built centuries ago on the farthest island. Her parents have watched people come and go as the islands have changed hands. She grew up running and playing on the sandy beaches sometimes alone sometimes with random children of passers through. She lead a carefree life not knowing the amount of danger her parents faced by falling in love and running away as they had. Because of this fear of detection her parents rarely used their powers and lived their lives very quietly staying to themselves. Don was able to stay healthy and feed only from Ana who freely gave of herself to him, as she was also a supernatural being her body was able to revive almost instantly therefore he never weakened her.
At 16 Zoe's powers began to develop, she accidentally almost killed a young man she'd been meeting with on the beach. In order to protect her, the freedom she'd once so enjoyed had to be curbed, and she could no longer see the boy for fear of detection. No longer able to run freely with her friends took a toll on Zoe, she hated the confinement, and after several months her parents found she could not stay healthy feeding off of them and started looking for alternatives, teaching her how to lure people away from the village and only take what was required, they quickly taught her how to feed without causing injury or death. After years of living happily with her parents and avoiding detection she'd also learned how to feed off the energy around her without even touching anyone taking small amounts from everyone around her thereby harming no one. One night at a friends party in town she met a handsome young man she'd never seen before, they talked all night. Realizing the sun was coming up and her parents might be worried she promised to meet him the next evening and vanished. After weeks of meeting in secret, she was convinced they were in love and always being ruled by her emotions she ran away with the young man leaving only a note for her parents.
She spent several happy years traveling with him before his true nature began to appear. He was a warlock and while he appeared to care for her deeply he was using her, he'd created a binding spell and every time she feed from him, she was bound more tightly. When he was sure the bond was strong enough his behavior turned and it was too late for Zoe to escape, she was his genie, he was her master, he changed her name to Serva, meaning slave, thus solidifying her new role. "When a genie is bound to its master in other ways. It is said that a genie is like a mirror; it only reflects its master`s will. If a master is evil minded and cruel, the genie will be also. If a master is generous and kind, so will be the genie." Sadly he was an evil and cruel man, using her powers to capture, torture, and kill people. Keeping her in a glass lamp in full view of his "workshop" where he did cruel and inhumane experiments on people while she was forced powerless to watch. Over the years she spent in his service she grew cold and calculating, overtime she learned if she stopped feeding from him it would lessen the bond and began feeding off the fears and emotions of his victims, until after many long years in his service she'd begun to weaken the bond, knowing that someone else smashing her lamp would either destroy her forever or free her she decided it was worth the risk and managed to quietly give strength back to a prisoner until he broke free, in trying to find a way out he toppled the shelf she was on and the lamp shattered loudly. Upon hearing the noise her master ran in, as she vanished with the human in a puff of smoke.
Unsure who she even was anymore Serva wandered the world for several years, finally settling in Amsterdam, feeding on whomever she chose, killing indiscriminately, one night while leaving a fancy hotel, her pockets full of stolen cash, having just enjoyed a large dose of cheating husband, she heard someone call out the name Bella, startled she vanished. "Bella," she thought to herself that night, "why does that seem familiar?" That night she dreamed about a beach, and a boy who called her Bella, it felt almost real. Over the next few days she started seeing flashes of a man and woman smiling at her, calling her Zoe, speaking to her lovingly in Spanish, even weirder she understood them.
Gregory couldn't believe he'd finally spotted her, a hunter, he'd been looking for her for many years, having managed to get himself engaged by her parents to track her down when she vanished, he'd all but given up when he saw her. Calling her parents immediately, they were there within minutes, and the three began searching for her, it took several weeks but they did finally track her down.
One evening on a hunt Serva was heading into The Grand Amsterdam Hotel when a voice from the past called out a name she almost recognized, "Precioso Zoe," she heard the familiar voice call, and when she turned she saw the man and woman from her dream standing together hand in hand seconds passed in a silence that was broken when the woman said, "Mi niña bebé, estás vivo!" At first afraid of them Serva almost vanished, but the woman, quicker than she, was at her side in blink. Serva suspicious and cold was not inclined to go anywhere with the couple but after some time Ana and Don talked her into returning home with them. Thanking Gregory and promising him he was welcome at their home they left immediately. She spent several years at home working to reclaim herself, taking back her real name, Zoe. Relearning how to feed without killing, rediscovering the girl she'd been before, although she is again a happy seemingly well adjusted young woman, she hides many dark secrets, and there is a darkness about her that her parents don't understand.
Although terrified to let her out of their sight everyone agreed that Supernatural University is exactly what she needs to fully reclaim the life that was stolen from her.
Father: Don Juan
(view spoiler)
Mother: Doña Ana
(view spoiler)
Grandfather: Don Gonzalo
(view spoiler)
Ex-Master: Maximiano Rodrigo
Best Friend Gregory Sage
(view spoiler)

Other: She hates it but part of her heart is still bound to the warlock who held her prisoner for so long.
(view spoiler)

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First Name: Lynne
Middle Name: Callisto
Last Name: Pyrrhus
Nicknames: Charizard by very few, due to her flaming tail; Volcano Girl

Age: 21
Birthday: March 31

Species: Ifrit
Powers: Lynne has the ability to create and control fire, as well as withstand intense heat without injury. Though technically she can manipulate things such as lava, she only really manages this when she is emotional. In Ifrit form, she is extremely strong and durable, though she can't say as much for her speed and stamina. If she is ill for any reason, her vomit is lava.
Weaknesses: Though not a lot can actually kill her, if the fire on her tail goes out she will rapidly wither and die unless it is ignited again. Though she doesn't often get very emotional, she could be considered a ticking time bomb until she does, in which case she may or may not cause a major 'natural' disaster. She isn't very fast, and with little stamina she's not one to run from a situation, (since she wouldn't get very far.) This in and of itself could get her into more trouble than it's worth.


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'6" (Ifrit, ~17')
Hair: red
Skin: fair
Eyes: blue
Distinguishable Markings: Always has large black and white horns, and a tail with a flame on the end like a candle; pointed ears
Dressing Style: Mori; She is generally wearing a hat or hood over her horns when in the human world, unless she has a reason to pass it and her tail off as some sort of cosplay.

Personality: Lynne is often very hotheaded, both literally, and figuratively, as well as cocky. Despite this she tries to be calm, which is necessary with her destructive habits. She is very confrontational with a short fuse, which gets her into trouble more often that not. She tends to be laid back, but acts impulsively and doesn't know how to hold her tongue, leading her to be very sarcastic and witty. Though she can almost always be trusted as she won't leak information if it's important, she isn't the kind of person you would want to loan something like a book if you don't want it to be returned as a pile of ashes. She also has aquaphobia when it comes to her tail, and agoraphobia, though she won't admit it.

History: Lynne was born like any other ifrit, out of the hottest parts of a volcano during eruption. There was, however, one unusual factor, and that was the length it took. In December 1991, Mt. Etna in Sicily, Italy, began to erupt, not stopping until March two years later in 1993, and the young ifrit who emerged was a bit less than friendly, acting as if she had just been unwillingly woken up from a long nap. Though the young girl was only a few days old she had the body of a sixteen year old, just as any other normal ifrit. Almost immediately Lynne, who was nameless at the time, was adopted by a clan of ifrit who knew some of their own was going to be born out of the volcano, but they were surprised to find that only one girl was born out of the destruction. They took her in and as a community took care of her, bouncing her from home to home so she could learn different things about the world and about their kind. at fifteen, when she was considered an adult, she left her neighborhood, tired of the normality that was preached constantly. She didn't want to live in peace with the humans around them, it was so uninteresting, she moved from Sicily to Paris, leaving a string of unsolved arson based crimes all along the way. In France she was approached by another group of ifrit who asked her to stop, threatening to put an end to her games by force if need be. Instead of listening to them she set a fire to their leader's house and stayed in France, hiding from the group, for three years. She traveled Europe until she was twenty, when she was captured by her home clan, who sent her to be trapped in the bottom of a Hawaiian volcano until she learned how to exist in normal society. Her prison was a bad idea on her clan's part, since soon became so angry that the volcano erupted, causing mass destruction on the island. As a last resort, she was sent to the school in hopes of her learning to exist normally alongside other species.

Other: Though her native language is technically an Ifrit dialect of Draconic, Lynne speaks English with a slight Italian accent. The languages she speak include English, Italian, Latin, and a few non-human languages. If she invites you to drink it most likely is a bad idea, seeing as if and when she gets drunk, she will spew lava.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments First Name: Nikolai
Middle Name: Valentin
Last Name: Romanov
Nicknames: Nik
Alias: Ai Valentin

Age: 23
Birthday: December 12

Species: Veela
Powers: His mystical, seductive speaking and singing voice, will hypnotise those who hear him, and while it’s definitely not a Veela’s normal type of dance his hip hop artistry onstage always has human girls swooning, causing them to perform strange actions in order to get nearer to him. He can transform into a bird.
Weaknesses: Most veela are women and their powers only work on men, his work sometimes on women, but for the most part, sadly, they only work on men. Unless, of course, he is performing with his band, apparently K-Pop fans love boys who seem more like girls. He cannot always control his transformations, especially when he is nervous, and although most veela transform into vicious birdlike creatures, (view spoiler) feared by all who see them, Nik transforms instead into an adorable little bird, (view spoiler) earning him rude nick names in the veela community. His lack of magical abilities makes him a joke to the warlock community as well.


Height: 6'2"
Hair: white
Skin: fair
Eyes: green

Personality: Nik, being part veela, is by nature is very charming, without any effort at all. Growing up an outcast never really fitting into either the veela nor the warlock world he is rather insecure, but through that has learned to be very compassionate. He is friendly to everyone, and loyal to those he gets close to. Since he carries predominantly veela characteristics he has ended up very feminine, and although some question it he is in fact straight.

History: Nik's mother and father are each the child of a Veela/Warlock matchup, as were their parents before them, keeping the Veela and the Warlock bloods as strong as possible in both, their communities have lived in harmony for generations, the veela, beautiful, silvery white females, with lovely voices, charming dancing and the ability to protect themselves by launching fireballs; the males, handsome, dark, mysterious, and powerful; their species complement each other well in the families eyes. When Nik was born silvery white like a Veela, his mother was thrilled she'd had a girl, quickly realizing her mistake she was confused and for days kept checking the babies color vs gender, all the healers on both sides of the family used all their resources trying to figure out what was wrong with the child. All males in their family’s tribes had always been born fully warlock and all females fully Veela, this strange cross was unusual and unknown.
Over the years he was loved by both sides of his family, his elders on both sides trying to help walk him through what his powers should and should not be. Where he should be dark like his father and be able to command magic he was light like his mother, sang like a Veela, could charm anyone and carried most Veela attributes, but struggled with even the simplest warlock magic. His father patiently taught him spells and potions, and although he memorized every word and every measurement his never quite turned out. His mother taught him to sing the Veela songs, how to transform, how to create the fireballs and throw them. The only thing that ever really came naturally to him is the music, and dance. He is a talented musician, actor, and dancer, plays several instruments, and writes.
Over the last few years he'd finally found his place in the world after leaving home tired of the ridicule of his peers he was discovered as a street performer and asked to audition for a Korean Pop band, they quickly signed him and he was an instant sensation, sadly his family has insisted he attend Supernatural University and learn magic instead of wasting his time on pop music. He sneaks out to secretly rehearse and record with them still, but it's difficult.

Other: He does have a small amount of human blood, his father’s family keeps hidden, as he is a direct descendant of a famous Russian family thought to have been killed off.
He is a somewhat famous K-Pop star, a fact he prefers to keep hidden at the school. He likes his privacy, which is fairly easy to keep since no one at the school is a fan of K-Pop. At least not to his knowledge...
Nik speaks English, Russian, and Korean.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 222 comments Mod
Last Name: Hayashi
First Name: Suiko
Nicknames: Sui

Age: 21
Birthday: February 6

Species: Kitsune
Powers: Suiko can possess any human, with or without consent, for limited amounts of time. She can access all of their memories, thoughts, and emotion imprints when possessing them. She also controls kitsunebi, which appear in fist size orbs of blue flames and are somewhat akin to will-o'-the-wisps, they are entwined with one's destiny and are known to lead creatures of all backgrounds to the next stage in their life. Though technically the flames aren't supposed to be used offensively Suiko has figured out how to use them to set small fires, to hurt people or just cause damage.
Weaknesses: Just like any other kitsune Suiko is terrified of dogs, she can hide her ears and tail, but doesn't very often since it's difficult. Her kitsunebi-dama is said to house her soul, though she doesn't necessarily believe it. She does, however, know for a fact that if she is separated from the pearl for too long she'll continually become more sick until she eventually dies.


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'6"
Hair: dark brown
Skin: average pale
Eyes: dark brown; gold in kitsune form
Distinguishable Markings: In her partial kitsune form she has two fox tails, and a pair of fox ears the same colour as her hair.
Dressing Style: She normally dresses in a casual lolita style, with hints of mori and indie fashions. She owns about a hundred pairs of glasses, give or take a few, in every colour and style thought of, she does actually have horrible eyesight and each pair has her prescription in them.

Personality: Suiko is extremely social, but more and more often as she has gotten older her overly-friendly personality has put her in some tight spots with some not so friendly people. Though her voice is calm and quiet she very rarely stops talking, normally saying everything that comes to mind without actually thinking about it first. She tends to be very curious, getting into things that aren't hers for no other reason than she wanted to know what it was. The few situations where's she's attempted to deceive people have gone amazingly well, of course she tries not to make a habit out of lying, even if she is very good at it.

History: Suiko and her younger sister Aimi were practically born swimming. They were both in the water before they could walk, surfing, swimming, and anything else they could find to do in the ocean, which was just down the street from their family home.
The girls' parents were fairly well-off, not extremely wealthy, but they were able to keep the family comfortable. Both their father and mother were born and raised kitsune in a human world, and though they do live much longer lives than human they don't stop aging until their mid-thirties, so they were able to convince the humans around them that they just took very good care of themselves, which is why they looked younger than most of their peers.
Mika and Seijurou raised their daughters to respect the human world and live peacefully along side it, but keep the traditions of their actual species alive. They taught them how to control their powers, everything from harnessing the power of destiny laced kitsunebi, to shifting between forms on command.
By the time Suiko was ten she had full control over her shift between her partial kitsune form and her fox form, but she could barely hide her ears and tail for a few minutes, let alone a few hours, luckily most of the neighbors just thought she really liked wearing fake ears and a tail. As she got to middle and high school age she got better, being able to hold her fox back for a couple hours at a time, then letting it out in the secret cracks and crevices she could sneak into around school.
After a couple of close calls with her teachers her last year of school Suiko was able to graduate a few months early and head to a college that was specifically for those like her, people that couldn't just settle into life with humans, whether by their own choices or by weaknesses within their abilities.
Two years later she moved to another campus of the same university, the school believed that the sister campus would have better luck teaching her to control her shifts, the new campus also had a better child physiology and education program, one with a focus specifically on working with the children of supernatural beings, which is the field that Suiko wants to pursue.
Hayashi Seijurou - Father
Hayashi Mika - Mother
Hayashi Aimi - Little Sister; 18; (view spoiler)

Other: Though most girls her's age have left their boy band obsessed days back in highschool Suiko still spends much of her time listening to, studying, some would say stalking, boy bands from all over the world.
Her kitsunebi-dama: (view spoiler)

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Elizabeth (elizabethhames) | 129 comments Mod
First Name: Alice
Last Name: Dudley

Age: 20 in appearance but is 109
Birthday: January 16

Species: Boggart (sometimes called bogeyman)
Powers: She can see instantly sense what someone fears is when approached and can transform into it.
She's also known to devour humans
Weaknesses: Hanging a horseshoe on the door of a house and leaving a pile of salt outside your bedroom are said to keep a boggart away.
Also cannot be in big crowds since she can see everyone's fears; it is overwhelming.


Height: 5'5"
Hair: Light blond, almost white.
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Gray
Dressing Style: Alice dresses up for every occasion, casual is definitely not in her vocabulary, but her shoes are often forgotten, or purposefully left, at home.

Personality: Alice tends to be hostile towards other people and for the most part keeps her distance. She does not trust people and finds most repulsive. Most of the time you can find Alice in her head, meaning she thinks a lot, and is very good at reading body language and facial expressions to see if someone is a danger to her or not. Also Alice loves to use her powers for evil. Cruelty is something that she excels at and won't think twice before resorts to it.

History: Alice grew up in an ordinary family, at least that’s what everyone thought. Her mom said it was important to keep up appearance, especially since Dad had left, which was then blamed on Alice. Growing up, she learned that life wasn't fair and that humans are horrible. Her mom believed in a kind of punishment that most would have thought to be monstrous and inhumane. A form of torture, some would even call. She thought it was a game: how long can she last without food, how many lashes could she get before she breaks, how many dogs could she fight off. Whatever it was Mom was going to find out.The psychopathic ways of her mother had been happening for as long as she could remember, in her mind there was no definite start. The only thing she knew was that she needed to get out because physically she couldn't endure anything else and was on the verge of death if things continued. Alice couldn't do it though, she was to afraid. Her mother was the only one keeping a roof over her head and providing basic needs. She had no idea where she would go if she left. On a day like every other, her mom was drunk and decided to play with Alice. This time she wanted to see what she could accomplish with heat. Taking a branding iron she burned the flesh off of her back in the shape of a skull. Alice's mom said it was so she always remembered, and remember she would. That day something snapped in Alice and she decided that the first opportunity she got she was running away. She couldn't endure the “Tough love” anymore.

When Alice finally escaped, she fell right into the hands of another predator who promised to take care of her. He took her to his home where he would nurse her back to health, the perfect gentleman. He bought her nice clothes, took her to see nice things, and over all just seemed like her hero. That all lasted about three months before he turned for the worse. It was so fast no one could have seen it coming. A victim of forced prostitution and thrown in a cage. There were three rules:
1) Listen to your master
2) Never speak
3) Don’t try to run
There were severe consequences for those who disobeyed and she quickly learned her place. There were other girls like her too, but she would never come into contact with them. Right off the bat they were forced to take different kinds of drugs. Forced addiction made them more obedient, willing to do anything for the next high. The master, he had to be addressed as, let the girls earn some time out of the cage and in the real world if they were good. You could see a movie or eat nice food all with the assurance that you were coming back. After all, he had the drugs. When Alice found out she worked hard to earn this privilege because, this would be her way out. The drugs, she persuaded herself, could be found anywhere, she just had to get out.

Alice was officially alone now with nowhere to go. She had never even been out into the real world and didn't know how to relate to people or get a job. Finding an extended relative she moved in with her. Mercy, her cousin, taught her basic communication skills, but she was still so far behind that they decided it would be best to put Alice into high school so that she could learn personal and social skills that she didn't have. High school was hard for Alice since people thought she was weird and with the continuing nightmares she didn't know how to cope with the pressure. Alice’s fear continued to grow inside of her until it was all she could think about. She struggled with insecurities and self loathing, everywhere she turned she couldn't escape the fear that everyone was just going to hurt or abuse her. Her view of the world had been drastically skewed she only thought the worst of people. She became so consumed with her fear that going to sleep at night was no longer an option. She was hurting and wanted relief. Desperately she began searching for something, although she wasn't sure what, just something to make everything go away. Alice looked everywhere and tried everything but nothing helped. She began to look deeper and found a man who promised he could make it stop, to make her life better. All she had to give him was her soul. Easily she made the choice, wanting the pain to be gone. Before long she noticed that her fear and pain had left and that she had become the monster that would become everyone else's worst fear.

Other: Her best friend Rex---> (view spoiler). Also you cannot see it very well but Alice actually has a Labret Piercing on her bottom lip.
Also her back. (She eventually made it look better by tattooing the feathers, but the skull was branded). (view spoiler)

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Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) | 171 comments Mod
Name: Vercingetorix
Nicknames: Jet

Age: 20
Birthday: November 26

Species: Centaur
Powers: He is extremely strong, and has a very high stamina due to having two hearts, one the human part and one in the horse part of his body. He can change into a fully human form, but hates it.
Weaknesses: Though he is capable of carrying things that are extremely heavy, if something is too large or awkward to carry, he has an obvious difficulty lifting it. Since he's always had an extra pair of legs behind him, whenever he's human he has relatively no balance and is always falling forward.


(view spoiler)
Height: 7'2" (centaur); 5'5" (human)
Hair: orange and white; as a human it's just orange
Skin: slightly tanned
Eyes: one blue, one brown
Distinguishable Markings: horse butt
Dressing Style: Usually, nothing. If he is human he wears light, loose fitting clothes.

Personality: Jet can be very loud, and very cocky, though this is balanced by the fact that he is also very jumpy at times. He'll try to stay cool, until something surprises him and he'll scream like a girl, trip and fall, or just run away. If this happens he becomes much more awkward, but calms down faster and eventually relaxes. When he's not trying to look cool he is curious, hyperactive, and somewhat easily amused. Luckily for him he gives up pretty easy, if he fails once he doesn't bother trying again, making him much more likable around people he's comfortable with, as in, people who've seen him looking like an idiot already.

History: Jet was born and raised in a rather mixed community, surrounded by not only centaurs but also a number of other magical and mythological beings, even the occasional human, (they were generally there on accident and quickly moved with their memories of anything they saw were later simply regarded as dreams). Within his family, he was one of the youngest, and the only one smaller than him was his younger sister, who may as well have been bigger than him as well. When he was young he tended to cry a lot, but as he grew older he didn't exactly toughen up, but he did learn to keep his calm, most of the time. If he wasn't trying to impress people he was being pushed around and/or embarrassed by his three siblings, whether it was intentional or not. The decision for him to attend the school was not his own, and the main reason was so that he could better control and hold his human form, since he seemed to be the only one in the family who couldn't seem to keep it for more than about fifteen minutes. Other than this, he was fairly interested, since it would be quite a change of scenery and, according to what he had been told, very intriguing.

Other: Foxes scare him.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 222 comments Mod
Name: Ptolemaisaspasia
Nicknames: Mai, but only after she forces you to say her full name the first few times you meet her.

Age: 22
Birthday: July 16

Species: Fairy
Powers: Mai's powers revolve around glass and heat, though not exactly fire. She can control anything made of glass, including actually turning things into glass for short periods of time. She can withstand extreme heat by regulating her own body temperature to fit with her environment, as well as use her power of heat to change the temperature of an area, or being, meaning she can literally make someone's blood boil by just touching them for a few seconds. When in fairy form she can also fly fast enough to seem almost invisible.
Weaknesses: Mai can in fact turn herself into glass as well, but she can't move while in her glass form. She can't transform anything into glass, only non-living objects, or things small than one cubic foot. When she gets angry her heat abilities go haywire, affecting everything and everyone around her. She she's slowing down from flying too fast she usually runs into people and things, she hasn't quite mastered the art of landing after speeding.


(view spoiler)
Height: 6" fairy; 4'8" human
Hair: dark lavender
Skin: lavender white and slightly transparent fairy; pale toned human
Eyes: yellow fairy; bright blue human
Dressing Style: whatever the hell she wants

Personality: Mai is a mischievous, curious, troublemaker, with a love for all things shiny. She doesn't steal because she needs to, or even because it's fun, and she won't steal just anything. If it's sparkly, shiny, or reflective she might take it, if it's small enough to fit in a jewelry box anyway, which is where she keeps all her treasures. Her favorite thing to do is mess with people, move their things, pull their hair, blow into their ears, anything that will make them jump, and anything that might freak them out a little, and the more surprised they are, the funnier it is. Even though she so small, both as a human and as a fairy, she acts more like a pit bull, and she's not afraid to end up in a fight to protect the people she cares about. She has many acquaintances, but not a lot of friends since she isn't very good at letting people past her happy trickster front, almost no one knows she's terrified of water, large crowds, loud noises, and being underground. Once she gains a friend she's extremely jealous and protective, not wanting anyone else to get close to them since they're hers.

History: Ptolemaisaspasia was surrounded by magic as she grew up, everyone around her was a different thing, and she wanted to know everything about everyone. Her best friend and fellow trickster Alacaerwyn was a centaur with way too much time on his hands, and lots of siblings to mess with. With one older brother, two younger, and a baby sister, there was a lot of teasing and friendly humiliating, Mai and Wyn thought it was friendly at least. Time and time again they were in trouble for things like locking Jet in a shed, or taking all of the furniture in his younger sister's room and putting it on the roof, it was all in good fun after all, but apparently the little imp Mai was a bad influence, their decision was set in stone when she shaved half of Wyn's mom's head for calling her an imp.
After Mai wasn't allowed to see her best friend anymore she took it upon herself to make sure no one else was his friend either, if she couldn't have him no one could, but she didn't realize that this wasn't punishing his parents it was punishing him. After a huge fight between the two of them he slapped her out of the air and into the river behind his house. Her wings were wet, the water was moving to fast for her to move, and she couldn't hold onto her human form at all. After realizing his mistake Wyn jumped in after her, almost losing her in the current, but scooping her up just in time. She promised to stop her taunting, he promised to stay friends with her, and for a few years they were great again, a little less dangerous than before, since they had to keep their friendship a secret, but still mischievous.
As a teenager the fairy was almost always attached to her centaur friend, they'd finally told his parents they were friends again and that they behaved much better, out loud anyway. Their favorite pastime was still messing with Jet, the least likely to fight back or tattle, and thought they tried not to leave any lasting effects sometimes their pranks got out of hand. Thought as a fairy she's still a child Mai was sent to school, since she still needed to learn how to control her abilities, and her human form, she knows Jet is here, but hasn't seen him yet, and she's extremely excited to find him.

Other: Some of her pranks are harmless, some of them not so much, but she's very good at pinning the blame on other people.

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) | 10 comments First Name: Nootaikok
Last Name: Aokiji
Nicknames: Noot (Newt)

Age: 18
Birthday: June 30

Species: Yeti (Raksi-Bombo)
(view spoiler)
- Incredible strength
- Ice based entity ~ Controls/Healed by/Morphs into Ice/Snow/Cold
- Large weakness to fire
- Unaffected by healing magic
- Lack of speech skills
- Fear of attention
- Pacifist


(view spoiler)
Height: 6'6"
Hair: Long; White
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Grey; Shards of Light Blue
Distinguishable Markings: Large scars around his torso.
Dressing Style: He wears minimal clothing, usually a vest and shorts and occasionally thongs on his feet.

Personality: Nootaikok is an overly friendly person that's usually enthusiastic about everything, although he has trouble speaking and communicating. This on top of his height and build, makes him seen as quite scary and intimidating by some. He hates being the center of attention. As such he avoids contact with large groups, can seem very shy when faced with large crowds. Noot has a low presence and can seemingly disappear despite his height. He cherishes life in every form, however he is not quite aware of, or in control of his full strength. This sometimes leads to him hurting others unintentionally. He also loves to read, it has become a passion of his, allowing him to delve into amazing worlds while also avoiding the attention of those around him. Noot still uses sign language when he talks out of habit.

Nootaikok is the firstborn child to the chieftain of the North American Yeti tribe. When he was born though, his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck so tight, that it had to be frozen then shattered before he could breathe properly. This caused him to become mute, however that never stopped those of his tribe, from looking to Noot as the future of their tribe. His powers began developing while he was only a year old, proving him to be some sort of protege. Noot was walking by the time he was two, and tossing people around by the time he was three. Over the next two years, he continued to impress those around him. He became friends with the whole tribe and helped anyone who needed it whenever he had free time by doing small tasks, such as: cleaning or moving things. However he never learned to talk.
A while after Noot had turned five, his father received an offer from the most prestigious of the Yeti tribes; the Antarctic kingdom. The Antarctic tribe leader and king of the Yetis, had heard the good things about Noot and was proposing a marriage pact between Noot and his daughter, who had been born on the same day, which was said to be a good omen. After the preparations had been made and everything sorted out, he was sent to the Antarctic tribe to enjoy a new life. Leaving the future of his tribe to his siblings and beginning his new life as the new prince.
Noot was greeted by the King and the Princess, Kaimanadzi, when his ship arrived a week before their birthday, and as result the kingdom celebrated of the whole week having a feast at the beginning, and the end of the celebrations. All the commotion terrified Noot, and as a result he ended up spending most of the week alone with Kai, and they quickly became the best of friends. Soon after the celebrations though, Noot began training under several elite elemental masters, some who weren't even Yetis. However, he still spent all his free time with those in need of help, or with Kai.
Noot's life continued like this for another four years up to their tenth birthday, upon which the king decided it was time to send them out into the wilderness as a rite of passage. After leaving the kingdom with Kai, they moved into the mountains determined to prove themselves. It didn't take them long to work out how to survive, however they were also determined to return stronger then ever to prove their worth. They began slowly applying their skills and mastering how they could best use their individual abilities. Noot learned how to conceal himself and disappear, even in front of someone who knew he was there, among many other things.
After two long years had past, they felt like masters of the wilderness. As they returned they both knew a lot had happened, however the thing that effected them the most was their first kiss that they shared, it was childish and silly but they knew it meant they would be together forever. Once back in the kingdom, another week long celebration was held, and again it terrified Noot more then anything in the wilderness. As such it was more time that they had to tell the king of their adventure.
Another three of the happiest years imaginable past by after that, and soon they were to turn sixteen, which meant the wedding would finally happen after ten long years. Another week long party had been planned to go from their birthday to the wedding day, a new group of kids were also about to be sent off on their rite of passage. As soon as the sun rose on their sixteenth birthday the noise of the party rose with it, louder than Noot had ever heard it.
It wasn't long before everything went wrong. It was during the sixth day of the celebration that it all happened. Noot was with Kai, and the noise of music and cheer all throughout the kingdom suddenly stopped with a thunderous earthquake that shook the entire kingdom. Noot quickly jumped and ran to the window, what he saw was the definition of terror; a pack of seven hundred Nyalmot yetis had entered the kingdom and were destroying everything, pouring in from the mountain to the south. Noot told Kai to find her father and find a safe place to hide, after a quick kiss he dove out the window, in a rush to save as many lives as he could.
Noot never saw Kai again. He landed by diving into the ice and snow, softening it with his powers. Then rushed towards the closest group of soldiers he could find. Noot was dispatched as part of the evacuation squad; his role was to lead as many citizens towards the western exits and away from the Nyalmots. They were hoping to lead everyone out the side of the kingdom as the soldiers pushed the Nyalmots to the other side, and onto the fields to the east, to give them better chances of success.
However when they rushed out the western gates, the air filled with screams as a large group of Nyalmots charged into them. The soldiers sent to push them east had been crushed by their overwhelming numbers, and now the citizens were being killed as well. The gates were soon closed, with half the citizens on the wrong side. Noot tried to force his way out to help them, but the captain of guard stopped him, and made him realize he had to help those still inside the gates. So without complaint, he began leading those that were left to the center of the city, from there they would have a strait path to the northern gate. Only, by the time they reached the city center, the Nyalmots had them surrounded. Noot began fighting to give the others time to get away, he used his training to take out two of the Nyalmots, before a third managed to rake the tips of its claws across his back. As he stumbled forward a fourth scraped his chest with its teeth, before the captain beheaded it.
The next thing Noot knew was that the captain had hoisted him over his shoulder, and began to run north. No matter how much he struggled, Noot couldn't break the captains grip. When they finally reached the northern gates, all Noot could hear were the screams behind them, and the captains heavy breathing. The captain laid him down and began crushing chunks of ice, then rubbed it into Noot's wounds. They healed very fast due to the Raksi's magical essence, however the Nyalmots were one of the few things in the world that could permanently scar the Raksi yetis. When the captain had finished, Noot stared at him, unable to express his distress or his desire to go back and fight. That was when the captain knelt in front of him, he started off mumbling, but when his eyes met Noot's, he cleared his throat with a cough. "I thought we could win, they were sleeping... We killed so many, but they were only the small ones... What have I done... I'm sorry my prince, this is our fault, but we will make up for it with our lives. But you... you must survive"
Noot barely managed to piece together what the captain had said by the time he stood up. However by then it was too late, the captain lifted him with both hands and tossed him as far as he could, over the wall to the north. Noot managed to soften his landing again, however now he was too far away to help anyone. As he stared at the city, he noticed something on the far side. It was a fire, his eyes went wide as he realized what they were doing. What the captain had said was starting to make sense now, he intended to burn down the whole city, Nyalmots and Raksi along with it. Tears began welling up in his eyes as he tried, and failed to run towards the city, crashing onto his face in the snow, his tears frozen on his face. Noot watched as everything burned, and he suddenly let out a loud cry, then the first time in his life he spoke. His voice filled with pain, as he tried to scream the word "No".
It was the morning of his wedding day, yet there was no celebrations, not even any screaming, there was nothing but the wind. Noot didn't know what happened to Kai or the king, however he did know that they were most likely dead... Along with everyone else he had come to know in the kingdom. Noot managed to cry himself to sleep, and woke up feeling physically stronger, but as mentally weak as he had ever felt. He forced himself to walk towards the city, there was nothing to be found, but he had to see it. Everything had been reduced to ash, water and rubble, he couldn't find any trace of a survivor. He thought he was about to cry again, but no tears would come, so he just stood there.
Noot finally began to move again, he walked to the northern side of the kingdom's ruins, and constructed a small memorial. When he had finished Noot walked away and didn't look back. Soon he stumbled into a camp of travelers and magicians, they didn't know what to make of him but they fed him and showed him kindness. Noot thought of going back to his family in North America, but he couldn't he didn't know how he could face them. So he lived with the small group for two years and they became his new family, teaching him the joys in life and helping him realize that he could still help so many others. This was not the end of his life, it was only the beginning. Over time he learned more and more about a Supernatural University, Noot had become fascinated with books and soon desired to learn as much as he could, to learn of how he could help others, and stop those that resorted to violence.
Fiancee (unknown)
Yeti tribe in North America (location unknown)

Other: Being unable to talk much means that not many people know that he is in fact a Yeti, let alone prince of the yetis, leaving them to assume that he is just a very tall and strange human magician or some sort of Warlock.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 222 comments Mod
First Name: Kaimanadzi
Last Name: Haukea
Alias: Lelanikeloha(Assumed Name); Lela(Nickname); Kai(Only By Newt); Kilea

Age: 18
Birthday: June 30

Species: Yeti/Human
Powers: Lela had her ice based powers ripped away and replaced with a strange affinity for darkness and shadows, but the ability only manifests when her body is being controlled by Kilea, who has learned to use the shadows to protect Lela. She also has a an unusual form of telepathy, the emotions she projects seep into the minds of the people around her.
Weaknesses: Her height could be counted as a weakness, since it is significantly shorter than the normal Yeti, as well as the fact that anything that connected her to the cold has disappeared. Kilea can't control when her anger falls on the people Lela is trying to keep happy.


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'9"
Hair: shining white; matte black
Skin: pale; smooth; seemingly untouched
Eyes: silver; red fade to black
Dressing Style: whatever she decides she likes, she doesn't usually keep to a single style.

Personality: Lela isn't always sure what's going on, but what she is sure of is that she likes everyone around her to be happy, and she'll try almost anything to make that happen. Her optimism shines on those around her like a beacon, and whether they realize it or not being around a happy person is enough to lift anyone's spirits. She's the first to let her feelings show, the good ones anyway. Anything that might bring the mood down she keeps hidden, closed up in a little bottle, and she's not ready to let that cork pop just yet.
Kilea is the product of torture, she appeared when Lela couldn't handle it anymore, when everything was to much, and the pain was overwhelming. Her blunt and offensive actions are enough to make anyone back off, but that isn't enough. Her goal is to instill enough fear into others to make them take two steps back, and brighten those smiles, that way when her sister comes back there's never anything to worry about.

History: Kaimanadzi was born the princess of a very powerful tribe, extremely tiny for her kind some might wonder about her lineage but her father had no doubts, knowing there was no possibility of his queen straying from him. That mindset was kept till the day he died, but between her birth and his death there would be many years of happiness. When she was five the tiny silver jewel was informed of her engagement, though at the time she had no idea what it meant. As she continued to grow, though not as much as her father would have likes, she spent as much time with her new friend as possible, neither of them really understanding the meaning of their impending marriage, but neither child opposed it, they had become friends after all.
Noot, or Newt as she had taken to calling him, though they were pronounced the same she used the names very differently, had began his training, to stand next to her as king he would need to be a military power, as well as a companion. She was trained as well, very differently, though she was taught to defend herself, she was really taught to defend her mind, for if she were to let the enemy in she would be torn down from the inside. A queen's greatest strength, was her biggest weakness, her knowledge, and her trust.
At ten, just like any other child in their tribe, they were sent out on their own, if they were to survive they would be welcomed back as not only citizens, but heirs to the throne, if not they would be left to die. The pair, both being used to the cold, weren't bothered by the wilderness, there wasn't much of a difference between their home and the mountains right? Wrong, they faced things they didn't even know existed, and one of these things was their feelings for each other. Maybe it was just a childhood crush, or maybe it wasn't, they were to young to know for sure.
Before they knew it they were back, and being crowned heirs, even though the pair was only twelve they were dedicated to their people, and to each other. They would do anything to keep it standing strong. Three years, that's what they had, and then preparations were being made for their wedding, they weren't even sixteen yet, and the still tiny princess was terrified, as well as excited. The celebrations began perfectly, and ran smoothly from day to day as they danced, sang, and feasted, but just a day before the pair were to be married they were attacked. Newt left the palace to help the people, leaving her to find her father, and assuming she could protect herself, especially in the safety of their home. She did find her father, killing the man she believed to be her father all these years. A human telepath by the name of Jesaiha Lark informed her that he was the reason she was so small, the reason her emotions wiped off on those around her, and the reason she never felt the connection with her father that she should have.
Jesaiha took her away with the promise that her people would be safe if she complied, but she was fooled, and her people were slaughtered without her knowledge. This man who claimed to be her father was horrible, and the reason why Kilea was dragged from the dark recesses of her mind to protect her. After weeks of mental torture her hair and eyes began to change, shifting from snowy white and perfect silver, to black, and bright red. Kilea managed to throw insults at her assailant as he ravaged her mind, she kept all the pain hidden away, only letting the girl she claimed as her sister back out when things were peaceful, and slowly the innocent girl began to forget everything, forget her best friend, forget her parents, and forget her people. Finally her father got what he wanted, he stripped her of her powers, leaving her a shell of what she was before, and disposing her without even doing her the favor of ending her life. Something had to fill the hole, and what did was a blind hate for anything that might harm the girl. This hate took shape in the form of darkness, like a black cloud covering the the light of the moon, making the night even worse than before. Kilea used this new found power to keep Kai safe, travelling in her body to find a place that she could take care of her. She found that place after being contacted by a man she really didn't want to trust, but didn't have much of a choice if she wanted to keep her sister safe in the long term. Kai, who was now going by Lelanikeloha, since that was the only name she could remember, loved the thought of the school, and sent the headmaster an excited answer before packing her bags and setting off.

Other: Lela doesn't know that Kilea exists, and many don't realize they're the same person since her hair and eye colours changes so drastically. If the wall keeping Lela's memories blocked were to crack it might bring back the more than good, so Kilea has sworn to keep the wall there, for good.

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments First Name: Fawn

Age: 21 (relative age)
Birthday: February 1

Species: Woodland Nymph
-Green Thumb: She has the ability to grow any plant in the world.
-Plant Empathy: The ability to sense feelings/death/life/growth associated with plants.
-Plant Telekinesis: The ability to manipulate plants (must still be living).
-Shifting: Fawn has the ability to become an apple tree.

-Physical Strength
-Modern Technology


Personality: Fawn is a sweet little nymph. She cares a lot about all living beings and wants to help them in any way she can. She has a pure belief in the goodness in others and believes that everyone has goodness in them. This nymph struggles with her abilities, which is why she has come to the university. She wants to befriend everyone she meets, though she can struggle with this due to her shy nature. For what she lacks in knowledge, Fawn makes up for with enthusiasm and grit. She's a frail little thing, but no one can say she never tries.

History: Fawn was raised deep within the forests among the other nymphs. She had little to no connection with the human world so she is clueless about modern technology. Years pass surprisingly fast when you're a young tree, but once her powers began to develop, her ability to control them was immature and unrefined. She came to the university in hopes of mastering her abilities before returning to the forests to join her mother and sisters.

Dew - Mother
Blossom - Sister
Shade - Sister

Other: Her voice is nothing magical, but she sings to the plants when she works with them. Some (plants) like it. Others (plants), not so much, so she tries to be mindful of their preferences.

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DragonDreamer | 53 comments First Name: Rave
Middle Name: Thoronius
Last Name: Garon

Age: 22 (relative age)
Birthday: June 15

Species: Dragon
Ice Make- The ability to control/manipulate ice (frozen water)
Freeze- The ability to freeze water even if he is not directly contacting it. (Water must be present to perform this ability.
Cold Resistance- Freezing temperatures and objects do not harm or phase him.
Transformation- the ability to transform into a dragon
Ice Breath- the ability to breath an icy attack when angry

- Crooked - his morals do not always point due north
- Vengeful - didn't apologize for bumping into him? It's time for you to get acquainted with his fist.
-Lying - He is a terrible liar and it is very annoying.


(view spoiler)
Dragon Form:(view spoiler)

Personality: Rave is a cheeky troublemaker with quite a mouth on him. His instincts tend towards violence and he isn't afraid of getting into it with students and teachers alike. He enjoys the attention he gets from his misbehaving and doesn't see himself stopping anytime soon. He's inconsistent, alternating between sweet and sour depending on the day and the weather. Some days he prefers solitude and on others, he's partying hard. Rave hides his insecurities and frustrations with violence and self harming behaviors.

History: Rave was a happy little dragon baby with a loving mother, Crista, and an absent father. The energetic youth didn't mind that his father was around because he had his mother and the two of them were a fearsome duo, so why would he care about someone that didn't care to be around? Although they lived together happily, Crista was never the ideal role model for consistent behavior. Her moods were just as mercurial as her son's and because of this, Rave made a bit of a mistake. Although the fantastical world remains separate from the mundane world for the most part, there are some that know of their existence. One day, a human fantasy enthusiast tracked down Rave and his mother to their home and attempted to steal some of their scales as proof. Crista was out at the time. Rave was furious and not only severely maimed the man, but also wreaked havoc on his village. After this, Crista sent her son to university in hopes that he could get a behavior adjustment and possibly learn from other dragons in attendance.

Crista - Mother; dragon
Mao - Father; dragon

Other: Rave is actually very athletic and loves trying new sports and activities. He also likes meeting new people, but can get frustrated when trying to make friends because his behavior is difficult to deal with.

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