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message 1: by Elizabeth, Headmaster (new)

Elizabeth (elizabethhames) | 129 comments Mod
Ok here is where all the important things mods need to communicate to members. Check this out frequently fo updates and important notices.

message 2: by Tessa , Counselor (new)

Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 222 comments Mod
Hello Lovelies!
Today we're starting this little adventure, please go over the rules one more time before you start a scene!
I know there's more than a few of them, but I do believe that they will help the group run smoother!
Remember my most important rule, NO ONE-LINERS. I hate them, anyone who has been roleplaying as long as I have hates them, and pretty much everyone else hates them too. And seriously if you even think about putting 'he said' as an entire post there will be a serious smack down.
Have fun guys!!

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