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Hiya :) Sorry I didn't see this!

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments it's okay :3 so what kind of mxm do you want to do?

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uhm. I'm not sure. I'm up for anything really. I've just been wanting to do a MxM for a while :D

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments okay cool how about a paranormal one? with any supernatural creature you prefer I don't want to limit you

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Ooohhh. Uh. Actually, I'm really sorry I know this is super annoying but I suck at Paranormal/Supernatural/Fantasy RP's :( So sorry.

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments lol its all cool so you wanna just do a realistic? :)

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yeah :3

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments k cool what do you want the plot to be?

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uh. I'm not sure. haha. I can try and come up with something simple.

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments okay like best friends or maybe new student?

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uhm. Yeah, I like the best friends idea. Maybe one of them knows they're gay and the other doesn't and then yatta yatta yatta :)

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments Oh totally. I love that idea and happy late Halloween XD

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hehe, awesome :) Do you wanna make charries then?

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments Sorry I fell asleep :p

Name: Oliver Perez
Age:19 (If you want this could be highschool or college)
Appearance:Short despite his age like about 4'9" Has hazelish Brown eyes that turn a dark green when he's upset,has jet black hair that both slightly curly and wavy at the same time and is almost always in a ponytail. has dark caramel colored skin and is lean,not very muscular.
Personality:Oliver is known to be a snarky asshole almost all the times and its what makes him so endearing to other people in a weird way. He's often found alone by himself drawing and doesn't interact much with people unless he's being prompted to.
Other: He's half British half Portuguese,and has a deep obsession for dark chocolate.

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☽ Name:☾
~ First~ Riley
~ Middle~ Penn
~ Last~ Ayers

17 (or yeah, however old but in high school)

♯ Gender: Male..duh

Sexuality: Gay

(view spoiler)

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dark brown almost black
Weight: 157 pounds
Height: 5'9

Riley is the type of guy that almost everybody likes. He is very loyal. Once you get his trust, he will always be truthful and sincere with you. He is extremely honest and doesn't like to lie. Period. He loves making jokes and smiling. Even though he trusts very easily, if you do something to lose his trust, don't plan on getting it back. Riley holds grudges for a very long time, and even though he doesn't show it most of the time, is actually quiet depressed. One thing he can't stand is bullies. He also hates condescending people.

- boys
- honesty
- trust
- reading
- surfing
- laughing
- smiling
- bowling
- sushi
- caring people
- smart people
- *believe it or not* school
- love

- rabbits *don't ask*
- lying
- rude people
- running
- caviar
- slutty girls
- condescending people
- homophobes
- cheating
- screaming
- being ignored
- being lonely

Uhm. YAH. So if you need me to add anything, let meh know :3

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments haha it's okay and I really like him! He sounds cool

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thnx lol. Um.. so where should we start off?

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments Idunno them meeting up at school I guess?

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Yeah, sure. Do you wanna start? :)

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments sure!

Oliver sat at the steps of the school with a small sigh,his entire being completely intent on capturing the perfect scene of aloof students walking along the street to their school onto his sketchbook as he waited for his friend to arrive.

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments (accidentally pressed send)

However,as usual the overly loudness coming from the girls who loved to fawn over him was currently distracting and was slowly starting to piss him off.Setting down his pen he sent a text 'WHERE ARE YOU?! HALFWAY READY TO COMMIT MURDER!' in caps because it exaggerated his mood perfectly.

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Riley cursed under his breath. His alarm hadn't gone off, and he was late for school. He threw on a shirt and jeans that were lying on the floor, quickly brushed his teeth and splashed lukewarm water onto his face before flying down the stairs and grabbing his keys and phone from the counter,
"BYE MOM! LOVE YOU!" he hollered before opening the door and walking to his car. Thankfully, he lived about fifteen minute away from their crappy high school, so the drive wouldn't be too long. He listened to the shitty radio and some girl going on and on about how her boyfriend had cheated on her before finally finding a channel that played normal music. With Julian Casablancas' voice pumping out of the speakers, he smiled slowly. He pulled up in the student parking lot and sighed. Getting out of the car, he made his way through the tight clusters of student cliques saying hi to one person here or laughing at someone there. He finally got to his and Oliver's usual corner to find the kid drawing in his sketchbook. Shocker.
'Hey bro. Whats up?"

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((oops lol))

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments "You being late that's what's up."He snapped,closing his book shut and standing up,giving him a critical once-over before standing on his tiptoes and fixing his hair. "Ugh,quit being so tall."He grumbled pulling away when it was somewhat to his standards and leaned against his locker. "So when do you want that new alarm clock on your birthday or Christmas?"Oliver asked with a smirk "Cuz obviously the one you have is full of crap."

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Riley's smile widened,
"Has anyone ever told you you're adorable when you're angry?" he smirked at gave Oliver a helpless look,
"You try waking up at seven forty five and looking like a god. Its not easy genius." He laughed as his friend fixed up his hair and patted it back down when he was done.
"Thanks Fabio." That was the nickname he and Oliver's sister had come up with for him one day when he'd freaked out over his bed head.
"An alarm clock for Christmas? You're cheap dude." he laughed, "Nahh, its good. I probably just overslept or some shit." he took out a couple binders from the locker they shared and shut it, "Lets go, I think Melissa wants to bash your face in for not telling her she looks beautiful on this fine day"

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments His cheeks flushed at the comment and he lightly punched his shoulder "Watch it slick,it takes a lot more to get me to swoon."He shot back and stuck his tongue out at him. "Screw you,I bought you loads of expensive things last year and the year before!" He followed after him,looking over his shoulder as he mentioned Melissa. "Jeez,she's never pretty she's a frigging troll with-"He got cut short by being pulled into a headlock by none other than Melissa. "Oh so I'm a troll now?"She seethed as Oliver squirmed.

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Riley laughed, "mhhmmmm. Whatever. I know exactly what it takes to get you to swoon," he grinned, "You are so immature. Keep your tongue to yourself, there are much more useful purposes for it," Riley cracked up again then put his hands up in defense, "Sorry, I can't stop, I'm on a roll today." He raised a brow, "wow, feisty. If you want to screw me, just let me know. I'll check you off on the waiting list." Riley said innocently. "But I'm warning you. My waiting list has a waiting list." He patted Oliver's back, "Does my baby need some aloe vera to help with the burns you just got?" he chuckled just as Oliver was grabbed by Melissa. Riley howled with laughter and then got his act together and interjected, "You're also a rapidly multiplying number of other things, Melissa. Would you like me to name a few? Rude, liar, self conceited, egotistical, covetous- you should look that one up- rudimentary, overindulged, oh, and a bitch." He grabbed Oliver's hand and steered him away, laughing as Melissa's face turned red and she flipped him off, "Darling, keep that finger to yourself. We all know what you use it for!" he yelled over his shoulder.

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments "Suck one!!!!!"Oliver yelled as he was pulled away and laughed as he saw the look of pure rage on her face. "One of these days she'll kill us..or me being that you can easily outrun her."He stated then smacked the back of his neck (he was reaching for his head but whatever) "And I for one am not immature,I am a feisty being who does not fight with his fists-anymore-but instead his words."He explained puffing his chest proudly. "you can be my bodyguard though,Riley since I have many many enemies."

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"Yeah. I would probably just run, you know. You're ass isn't worth saving and we sure as hell know mine is, so I'm just giving you a heads up. Take one for the team buddy. Plus, we all know you're going to hell anyways, so what difference does it make, right?" Riley chuckled. "OW, asshat, that hurt." he rubbed the back of his head and gave Oliver the evil eye. "Pshhtt. The only reason you don't fight with your fists is because you know your ass would get whooped. Midgets can't win fights." he smirked. "Gaurd? I could be a lot of other things to your body too." he laughed and shook his head, "stop giving me excuses you idiot."

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments He snorted in disdain "I can too fight douchebag you just never seen in because you get in the way."Oliver stated matter of factly and looked away to hide the flush on his cheeks at his comment. "I'm sure you'd be able to do a lot of things to my body."He muttered but gave him a frown. "And don't call me an idiot, who helps you with your homework? Oh right, this midget eight here."

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"Because I know that you'd get your as whooped. I'm trying to be noble here man. And ooohhh, is 'Mr. I'm too cool to fight' actually blushing? This is a miracle. I thought it went against your human nature and genome sequencing to blush. Hmm. I keep learning new things about you every day. Just because I'm an extra idiot and you're slightly smarter than me, it definitely doesn't make your ass smart. Unless we're comparing ourselves to Melissa."

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ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments "You shut your mouth I am not blushing I am simply practicing traveling heat to my cheeks."Oliver protested and rolled his eyes at Riley "And if you're asking me to say thank you do try harder, love because this little skimming around is very terrible.Lastly,"He poked his cheek "I am and always will be that straight A student who is smarter than everyone and any one and comparing me to ugly whore face Melissa is not only an insult to me but my mother who aided my father into crafting this ultra sexy being you are walking with right here, which is me."

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Riley pressed his lips together and turned his face away from Oliver to hide his grin from him. He was smiling but he didn't want Oliver to see him and then get mad. "You know, if I shut my mouth now, its gonna be working very hard later on. Better let it be." he raised a brow, "Well you seem to be doing a great job. And how much harder? Be specific here." he laughed. "You are so dumb. I don't even know how someone can be so dumb and so smart all at the same time. It's a beauty, it really is. I wouldn't say your mother and father crafted you. More like a gun. Bang bang and then far gone if you get my drift. And sexy? Please. You look like a puppy who dumped a bottle of hair gel into his hair and forgot that you can't wear the same clothes two days in a row."

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments Oliver glared at Riley at the comment and ran a hand through his hair. "I don't even wear gel, it's natural, seu imbecil.(You asshole)" He said in Portuguese and looked down at his clothes, this was his favorite shirt he washed it yesterday and the button down that came with it."Imbecil."He mumbled again and flicked his ear. "For that insult I'll leave you to your own devices when the math teacher asks you a question and you can't answer it."He huffed. "I'll only help you until after you apologize and maybe if you really mean it I might say thank you."

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Riley grinned, "Again. Adorable when you're mad. And chill your tits. I was kidding. And don't go all foreign on me. I'm not an asshole.. maybe an ass, but don't you think that hole was a bit dramatic. And c'mooonnnnnnn," Riley whined, "You can't do that. Its betrayal. Why would I apologize for something I never did?" the corner of Riley's mouth lifted up and he suppressed yet another smile. "Pleasseeeee"

((sorry, my posts are kind of crappy today. I have a ton of homework uhhjjjwjdw))

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments His lips twitched from his frown and he couldn't help but smile. "Jeez remind why I can never stay mad at you for long?"Oliver asked shaking his head. He glanced up at Riley and saw his failed attempts to not smile and sighed but chuckled a little. "I swear Riley one if these days you'll be the death of me and when that happens who will take care of you?"He grinned and punched his shoulder "come on let's get to class."

(It's all good lol I have homework too )

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(( lol k))

"Because I'm amazing and you know it," he laughed as Oliver tried not to laugh, "Woah woah. I'm not trying to kill you," he laughs, 'well maybe we should get rid of that knife under your pillow. But other than that, I'm certainly not trying to kill you," he laughed, knowing that Oliver would know he was joking and punched him back, "lets." They walked to class and as they entered, Riley groaned, "ewwwww. It even smells like 'I hate children' in here."

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments He shook his head again "Guess I gotta add look under pillow to my nightly ritual now."Oliver mock sighed but followed after hin to their class wrinkling his nose in disdain "Ugh teachers the number one repellent of schools no wonder so many students drop out "He said as he took their usual spot by the back and tilted back in his chair grinning up at Riley. "What complicated question should we plague the poor teacher with today, my dear partner in crime?"

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((lol, i just realized my charrie is almost the exact opposite of his personality description. Oh well. I gtg for now but ill be back soon.))

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments (Lol its cool though and bye ^_^)

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Riley was just about to answer when a woman walked in. He watched her out of the corner of his eye, "is she lost or something?" He laughed and just at that moment, the woman turned to the class.
"Hi everyone. My name is Ms. Charlotte ((or whatever it doesn't matter :D)). Your teachers out today, so I guess I'll be teaching you. I don't really care about what you do today, but tomorrow I understand you guys have a test, so be ready I guess." She turned and went to the desk, sitting down. Riley turned to Oliver and smirked.
"A substitute teacher." He raised his brow. "I think we have a little trouble to get into."

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments A dark chuckle left Olivers lips as he stole a glance at Riley. "Oh this'll be so much fun."He replied and gave him an evil smirk before raising his hand. "Is it Charlotte like Charlotte's web?"He asked and gave her an adoring smile. "The name's Oliver by the way but you can call me Oli all the girls do."He purred

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Riley laughed. His gay best friend hitting on the teacher. Not news. He strolled up to her desk and held up his pencil,
"Hi. Sorry my pencil.. its broken. Can you fix it for me?" a couple people in the front snickered and Riley let a small smile escape his lips before continuing.
"Oh, and I like your dress. Its very.. fitting." He stood there while the sub gave him a once over then pulled the pencil out of his hand and handed him a new one, a slight smile barely concealed on her face. He winked at her and walked back to his desk. Riley wasn't one of those stereotypical gays. Most people couldn't even tell he was gay until he either told them or hit on another dude. Most of the kids at school knew, but it was just because Riley and Oliver were very open about it. No one really gave them crap about it, and most of the girls actually adored them even more. He sat back down next to Oliver and fist pumped him under the table, "I'm gonna kiss her," he said, laughing.

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ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments Oliver shot him a smirk at that. "Hold on I'm gonna butter her up in foreign language. "He said with a wink and cleared his throat before raising his hand."Belo anjo que deceu do cèu, você seria como gentileza De me dexiar te adorar na cama? " (beautiful angel who has descended from heaven would you be as so kind as to worship me in bed?) Oliver purred making the girls giggle and teachers face redden "W-what did you say?" She stuttered and He smiled "Oh you know what I said, love."

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Riley grinned, "Go for it, darling." He looked over to Oliver, who began speaking in French to the substitute. Riley didn't speak French, so he had no clue what Oliver was saying, but judging from their friendship and the giggles from the front of the class, it had to be something good. Charlotte starred at Oliver, her face a mix of embarrassment, horror, and repulsion. The girl sitting diagonal from Riley whispered to Riley what he had said, and Riley laughed out loud. Then he added, "Me too." The substitute gave him a look and he winked. "Unless, of course you'd like somewhere else? Maybe the bathroom? The one on the upper floor isn't too bad. We could go quick bang bang and then be done, if you get my flow," She turned and without a word walked to her desk, sitting down, and began scribbling furiously.

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ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 1852 comments Oliver had to pinch himself under the table to stop from laughing out loud and simply smiled wider. "Is that your number? Cuz I'll give you mine and then you won't feel so lonely."He said. "Don't worry though honeu, I may look short but I am very well endowed...my mommy thought so too."At that the whole class burst out laughing but Oliver kept calm and simply smiled.

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