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Who has the Flare and Who's Immune

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Ilana As i was reading through this 3rd installment of the series - i kept wondering how they were going to reduce the number of characters that we're invested in since there are quite a few - with more and more being added in all the time. I think that it was interesting the way that they set it up with some being immune and some not - but do you think that it was necessarily fair that they had a certain someone as the main that had it and was most likely going to be the one to pay the price for it all?

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Shiah I'm not sure what you mean by fair but I believe it was necessary. If no one died it wouldn't be all that accurate. I dislike that people died but I think that if they had not I would not have liked the book as much. As much as I want my favorite characters to live I also feel like without death the story is not as interesting. I think that in many cases death is very important to the story and to how the characters develop.

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