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message 2: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments Haha.. So there are a lot of them.. but here's some

1. Girl and guy have been dating for years and are soon to be engaged, girl is pregnant with their second child but the guy works in the U.S Army. One night in an attack, he goes missing and is never found. The girl is heartbroken and is left to look after their two year old son and newborn daughter on her own, until the guy's brother steps in, the kids love their uncle, and the girl enjoys the company and his help. But what happens when they grow closer and soon start falling for eachother, and her ex fiancé comes home, after being held hostage for a year.

2. A girl has spent her summer volunteering at an old peoples home, and she grows close to many of the residents. In early autumn, one of her favorite residents dies very suddenly in the night. She was upset but touched to find that she was remembered in her will. However, the gift is somewhat odd. The woman had paid for the girl and her own grandson to take a trip around Europe (or wherever) because she knew they both wanted to travel. The catch? They were traveling together, despite never having met.

3. Girl is beautiful, talented, and sure to go places in life. Her parents only want the best for her, so they arrange her marriage to a very successful, stuck up, perverted boy that doesn't care for her, only her body. Girl goes to a cafe to get away from her life, and meets the cute boy that works there. He's a break from her "perfect" life; he's charming, a bit clumsy, funny, and calls her beautiful instead of hot or sexy, like her fiancé. He knows she's engaged, since she told him in one of their get-togethers, but he can't help but to crush on her. Spending time together in and out of the cafe, the girl can't keep herself from falling for him. The wedding day comes, and she invites the boy. In the midst of the vows, the girl notices him in the audience and her heart overflows with emotions. Will she follow her heart or her parents ambitions?

4. Girl and boy are madly in love. One day the guy decided to join the army. At first girl and boy stay in touch, but after a month they lost contact as boy was sent on a classified mission. A little under two year later, boy shows up on girl's doorstep, what he doesn't know is he has a son which was born while he was gone.

5. She was coming back from a night on the town with the girls and she was walking across the bridge home. That’s when she saw him, looking down into the water, teetering between life and death. He was someone familiar, the guy who she could nod to, who sat at the back of her math lectures. She never realized he was the kind of person who could be driven to something this big, this final. She went over to him, gently touching his back, talking him down from the ledge. She quietly listened to his story, slowly fell in love. He became reliant on her, and slowly started seeing the beauty in his own life.

6. Girl and boy have been best friends since elementary school. They've been through everything with each other and have been there for each other all the way. Maybe they've even had feelings that they didn't tell the other about along the way? When the girl gets cancer, their love feelings shine through. But things are stressful, and they start to fight. What will happen? Love or heart break?

7. Your typical bad boy/good girl story. She's the daughter of a pastor whose never came short of straight A's and perfect grades and has never been out past 10 o'clock whilst he's the no hoper of the decade with a shady past who doesn't believe in love and would much rather drown his sorrows in the bottom of a beer bottle. But when the girl is nearly assaulted and the guy comes to her rescue, she finds a soft spot for him inside her heart.

8. Teen pregnancy, could be between bestfriends, a couple, enemies who have a one night stand, whoever.

9. Girl and guy are bestfriends and have been since they were born, but when the girl finds herself in an abusive relationship, it breaks the guys heart and he tries to help her.

10. Two teenagers are both single parents, with different situations, the girl has no support, and has dropped out of school to take care of her little girl and to work her full time job, while the boy stayed in school, his parents helping support him. The boy and girl meet one day, while dropping their toddlers at daycare, the toddlers bond, while their parents flirt, and a relationship blossoms.

Queen of The Moon it's so hardtop pick lol

message 4: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments Haha I know the feeling

Queen of The Moon I like the trip one :)

message 6: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments That's a good one.

Queen of The Moon Whose who?

message 8: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments I don't care I have played both

Queen of The Moon Me too lol. Mind if I'm the girl?

message 10: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments Nope not a bit

Queen of The Moon awesome :) so are we starting aftermath funeral or at the funeral or maybe she was called to the reading of the will.

message 12: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments I'd just do after the funeral.. It's hard to rp a funeral

Queen of The Moon Yup lol so when?

message 14: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments After everyone finds out everything?

Queen of The Moon Sure. Maybe at a carrot something?

Queen of The Moon cafe*

message 17: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments Yeah that's fine.. I'm leaving for work now but I will post when I get home

Queen of The Moon okay

Queen of The Moon off yet?

message 20: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments I just got off

Queen of The Moon Cool

message 22: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments So did you just want to start or make people?

Queen of The Moon Starting is cool with me. I like to wing it.

message 24: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments Okay that's fine with me

Queen of The Moon Who wants to start?

message 26: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments Could you while I finish getting ready for bed?

Queen of The Moon Yup. Where should they meet at though?

message 28: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments Just at like a park or cafe or something like that so they can just take and get to know the other

Queen of The Moon Cafe it is then.

Rayna walked into the cafe with a small smile and ordered a coffee and a few small vanilla been scones. She turned and looked for an empty seat and when she didn't find one she walked to the tables outside.

message 30: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments Tristan walked into the cafe and looked around. He was looking for the girl he was going on a trip with. His grandmother had set them up thinking they would be perfect for each other

Queen of The Moon Rayna saw Tristan walkinto the cafe and waved at him through the window. He looked just like his grandmother had described him, though the pictures she had shown Rayna were clearly dated.

message 32: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments Tristan say Rayna waving at him and smiled at her. After he got an iced coffee he headed outside to the table she was at

Queen of The Moon "Hi. I'm Rayna." she held her hand out to him as he sat down.

message 34: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments "Hey I'm Tristan." He answered asking her hand after he sat down," But I think you already knew that."

Queen of The Moon "I did. I'm sure that we knew each other the same way." she chuckled and sipped her coffee.

message 36: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments "What do you mean?" He asked looking over at her as he played with his coffee cup

Queen of The Moon "Your grandmother." she smiled kindly.

message 38: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments He smiled a bit and nodded," Yes that's true." He answered softly

Queen of The Moon "I'm sorry about your loss." she told him offering him a scone.

Queen of The Moon boop

message 41: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments Sorry I fell asleep.

Tristan nodded a little taking the scone from her," I am too." He answered softly

Queen of The Moon "I'm also sorry about the trip." she told him, feeling like she were intruding on his time.

message 43: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments "Why are you sorry about that?" He asked softly. He wasnt sure what she meant

Queen of The Moon "I feel like I'm intruding on something that not only have you wanted to do but on something that she has given you." she sipped her coffee.

message 45: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments "I dot mind.. It would be hard to go by myself.. She just liked to help everyone make their dreamscome true."

Queen of The Moon "Why would it be hard alone?" she asked him confused

message 47: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments "Because I feel like I would think too much about how my grandma should be there with me." He answered

Queen of The Moon "Oh." she wasn't really sure what to say about that.

message 49: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 8494 comments He just looked over at her

Queen of The Moon "So then when are we leaving?" she asked him

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