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message 1: by Jason (new)

Jason | 14 comments Something I thought some of the authors here would be interested in. I did a deep-dive into amazon sales rankings over time looking at all available data for three of my books (I have more books I could look at, but not being the editor or primary author on those I didn't think it was in my right to do so). Anyway, it looks at the effect of single sales vs. multiple sales, slopes, and carry-over from free book giveaways:

If anyone has their own experiences to share, please let me know!

message 2: by Anthony (new)

Anthony O'Brian | 10 comments Jason, that was an AWESOME article! I am a numbers nut. Thank you for the insight.

message 3: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Klehr (goodreadscomkevink) | 50 comments Thanks Jason. This was interesting.

message 4: by Noorilhuda (new)

Noorilhuda | 87 comments @ Jason, yes, I've also noticed that a single sale / KOLL lending can shoot the rating up.

I released my e-novel in August 2014, and have done a two-day free-book promotion and a week-long $0.99 kindle countdown deal'. I've written about the experience with stats on my blog:

Let me know what you make of it!

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