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like for che guevara pleasee

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Jovan Autonomašević As iconic a figure as he is, not everyone appreciates Che. Some people call him a murderer, a rich kid who decided to play rough in the real world. Any thoughts?

Luis Perez Che Guevara was my hero growing up, as for many Latin American youngsters. He is still one of my heroes but have many others that may even contradict Che, such as Gandhi and MLK.

I understand why some people despise him, and I never try and convince them otherwise as I myself concede that he was a flawed human being. Aren’t we all?

What I find incredible is his complete dedication to changing the environment around him even for the ultimate price. The complete stubbornness with which he pursued his goals, the absolute refusal for compromise - it was all about bringing social change to benefit the poor - RIGHT NOW!

It was done with such daft ness that I just cannot help but admire him! I think that had he not done the trip on ‘La Poderosa’ around South America, he would maybe have become a successful capitalist. That’s the way I try to explain my admiration for Che without ruffling a few feathers.

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