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Louie (rmutt1914) | 885 comments Dominique Tipper, Wes Chatham, More, Round Out ‘The Expanse’ cast [via Deadline]

-Dominique Tipper plays Naomi Nagata, a native of “The Belt” and the brilliant Chief Engineer of the Canterbury
-Cas Anvar is retired Martian Navy pilot Alex Kamal
-Wes Chatham plays Amos, an Earth-born engineer running from a dark past
-Jonathan Banks plays the veteran Executive Officer of the ice-freighter Canterbury
-Paulo Costanzo plays Medical Technican Shed Garvy
-Jay Hernandez portrays Miller’s new partner, Havelock, an itinerant Earth cop

Daryl | 92 comments I'm not familiar with the actor playing Holden, Stephen Strait, and he's the linchpin for show. He certainly does not look how I envisioned the character but I'll hold judgement (and can say this for most of the others in the cast as well).

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