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message 1: by Mary (new)

Mary Bernsen (marybernsen) | 11 comments Mod
Please use this section to introduce yourself as an author/soon-to-be-author. I'll start:

Hi all! I'm the creator of this group, author Mary Bernsen. I know first hand how expensive marketing can be if you're relying on someone else to set things up for you, so I wanted to make it easier (and cheaper) to get the word out about your books.

I currently have three books published. All of them are new adult romances:

The Roman Mongrel by Mary Bernsen is a historical romance.

Healing the Bayou by Mary Bernsen is my book baby, the first one to ever be published. It's a new adult paranormal romance.

And my personal favorite (I know, we aren't supposed to have those) Spawn Of Medusa by Mary Bernsen
is a fantasy romance.

I am finishing up the sequel to The Spawn Of Medusa as we speak (yayyy!).

Now it's your turn...tell me all about you!

message 2: by Kimiko (new)

Kimiko Alexandre (kimi_alexandre) | 3 comments Hi! I'm a hybrid. I am the podhostess of - a podcast for Urban Fantasy readers and writers. So I'm available to do interviews and or blog hop stuff. Please don't be afraid to hit me up and ask to be interviewed or to come on my show.

But I'm also releasing my book in February of 2015. So I will be hoping to learn how to do blog hops. :) name might be helpful. It's Kimiko Alexandre. I go by Kimi :)

message 3: by Leesa (new)

Leesa Bow | 1 comments Hi I'm Leesa Bow
I write NA romance with a sport theme and I also write about second chance love.
Leesa Bow
My first book Winning the Player was released April 2014. I love Australian Rules football especially since my husband played for many years.
Winning The Player

My second book Charming the Outback released September 2014. While this book had a mild theme of Football, the main focus was a rural NA romance set in Australia.
Charming the Outback

My third book with a cricket theme, Jardine, will be released December 15 in a book bundle with other NA authors.

I'm looking forward to being involved in your blog hops.

message 4: by Kate (new)

Kate Mary Hey everyone! My name is Kate and I'm a NA author. I write pretty much whatever story grabs my attention. I have three Indie books out now.
My first is a NA romantic mystery:
My others are the first two books in my NA zombie apocalypse series:
Broken World
Shattered World
Book #3 comes out Jan 2015 and I'm working on book #4.

I also have the first book in my NA contemp romance series being release in May from Lyrical Press (Kensington), and I'm currently rep'd by Stacey Donaghy of Donaghy Literary Group.

message 5: by Antoinette (new)

Antoinette Houston (ajhouston) | 1 comments Hi! I'm Antoinette J. Houston. I'm mostly an Urban Fantasy writer but I've started to include some High Fantasy and Sci-fi with the next couple of stories I've started working on. My first book is Red Summer, it's considered Ya/UF/paranormal. it's sequel was just published this Oct. Wil's Winter (Red Summer) five years later It's definitely 18+. The way it's going there may be a third, but at the moment I'm working on another book that's still not really titled and leans more or less towards Urban fantasy/Sci-fi. I'm self published but haven't decided if I'm going to stay that way after the third book.

message 6: by Brandy (new)

Brandy This is awesome. Thanks for the invite.

I'm Brandy Isaacs. I write paranormal, new adult fiction. I"m originally from Kentucky but live in the Chicago-land area now.

I have independently published 4 books.
Devil Inside
Ride to the Devil
As The Devil's Painted
That Which Is Lost

I'm excited to be a part of this group.

message 7: by Mary (new)

Mary Bernsen (marybernsen) | 11 comments Mod
Hi all! Thanks so much for joining.

message 8: by M.E. (last edited Nov 01, 2014 08:54AM) (new)

M.E. Walker (mewalker7) Hello! I'm Meghan (M.E.) Walker.

I've recently self-published my YA Fantasy novel, The Finding, on Amazon. THE FINDING is the first in what was meant to be a trilogy, though I've been working on a fourth installment.

I hope to have Book 2, THE RUSH available by the end of 2014 (waiting on responses from my beta readers).

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