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message 1: by Hadiqa (last edited Oct 30, 2014 01:31AM) (new)

Hadiqa (phoenix_solaris) BR 18 - Hadiqa & Sharad; Attachments Start date ----> 1st November ----> 1st November

I really look forward to reading it! :)

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

message 2: by Sharad (new)

Sharad (sharaddwivedi) So we are reading "Attachments" for sure...!!!

message 3: by Hadiqa (new)

Hadiqa (phoenix_solaris) Yep! :)

message 4: by Hadiqa (new)

Hadiqa (phoenix_solaris) Already started it. . . .

message 5: by Sharad (new)

Sharad (sharaddwivedi) Heh...I'm yet to start... how is it??

I'm in a reading slump for a few days since my Diwali holidays... :( :(

message 6: by Hadiqa (new)

Hadiqa (phoenix_solaris) Can't say anything yet, got it's humor but hoping to see something more interesting than what I read till now :)

Sorry about the reading slump, get that when I start reading manga and school :(

message 7: by Sharad (new)

Sharad (sharaddwivedi) I'm really sorry to say this but recently my workload for studies has increased exponentially and I'm not even able to go through that...so I believe the slump for reading novels is going to continue...!!
Although I will try to find some time to read it if possible... Sorry for ruining your buddy read. I know u were seriously looking forward to it... :(

Maybe some time later...!!!

message 8: by Hadiqa (new)

Hadiqa (phoenix_solaris) No problem at all :-) Read it whenever you have free time, I can understand how studies can burden a person

message 9: by Hadiqa (new)

Hadiqa (phoenix_solaris) @Abhay, you have read the book before? It's in the beginning, haven't gotten back to it since the morning but I did find myself amused reading their email exchanges

message 10: by Hadiqa (new)

Hadiqa (phoenix_solaris) Well I have to get back to it so will post again in the morning and then you can post here too and discuss it in 'spoiler' form :)

message 11: by Hadiqa (new)

Hadiqa (phoenix_solaris) Finished it! Here's my review :)


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