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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter, #2)
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message 1: by Denise, Manufacturing Director (new) - rated it 5 stars

Denise (destiny_chan) | 5894 comments Mod
Sadie, Siriusedward & Anna - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

siriusedward (elenaraphael) just wanted to say that i wont be active till monday and my phones given for no internet access :'(

message 4: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) Hi! I think you can just let us know when you are finished with your re-reading and then we will start. Somewhere next week, maybe?

siriusedward (elenaraphael) hi,am back.
works for me too.
i think i will read the first book too.good idea. :)

message 6: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) No need to rush, take your time :)
I'm not going to re-read the first book now because I've just read it last month for the first time (somehow I missed all of the Harry Potter hype when I was younger and I'm having loads of fun discovering this universe as an adult now).
I'm going to finish Red Glove before getting into our book of choice. ;) (Curse Workers books are pretty cool, by the way, and I'd totally recommend them to you if you haven't checked them out yet).

message 7: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) If everyone is ready I think we can start now. As for me, I'll be having quite a busy day today, but I think I will be able to squeeze at least one chapter in ;)
And if not today, then tomorrow.

siriusedward (elenaraphael) ok .will start today too.i was thinking of starting the 1st book...but thats ok....will read it after.
you know i started hp with the 5 th book.i read The order 1st and fell for it.then read it from the 1st...

siriusedward (elenaraphael) hmmm....started....THE WORST BIRTHDAY EVER....

siriusedward (elenaraphael) reached THE BURROW.Ginny just ran out of the room.... and Mrs.Weasleys piling eggs on Harrys plate.
reminds me why i loved JKRs writing....

siriusedward (elenaraphael) its so good to see the wonder of the burrow through harrys eyes
Arthur"c cars molly dear?"
did you really?""did it go all right?i i mean ""that that was very wrong boys - very wrong indeed.."
dear arthur and his tinkering....

message 12: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) Okay, I'm finally few chapters in, making a good use of lazy Saturday morning and a very large mug of tea ;)

Few thoughts:
And I'm rooting for poc!Harry idea so much since the book one, and I'm all into the idea even more every single time his hair is mentioned.

message 13: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) Life goals:
• marrying a Weasley

I honestly don't care which one; they are all so wonderful.

siriusedward (elenaraphael) very true anna....!
and what is this about social worker.....this is harrys torture( ;) ) which will strengthen him(???)....
anyways....isn't it sweet harry tries to scare dudley..
and how he does not tell them that UNDERAGE MAGIC is not allowed near muggles...

now whenver i read the 1st and 2nd chapters of the 1st book,i always think about what happend to harrys parents and what was happening to sirius and lupin...
also thing"if only something was done to save sirius..." :'(
then i think....there won't be a story to tell if so...

message 15: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) Actually Harry had EVERY REASON to become a vile, frustrated, angry person, who could use his newly discovered power to recompensate himself years of BEING NEGLECTED, BEATEN, MOCKED AND STARVED.I mean DEAR LORD, the kid had every opportunity to become an asshole and I wouldn't even blame him. Harry being so kind despite all of this is actually a miracle and it makes him one of the most lovable characters ever imo.

message 16: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) "Can you taste it if you go through it?"

excuse me while I'll be giggling about this for the next ten years like an idiot

message 17: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) I love how this chapter goes from utterly hilarious to disturbing and terrifying with like a snap.

message 18: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) Ernie wafting Nearly Headless Nick up the stairs = pure gold. I'm cackling soo hard.

message 19: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) Is it just me, or for someone as brilliant as Riddle is supposed to be, it was unbelievably dumb of him to forget about how phoenix tears have healing powers? I mean it kind of looks like he just WANTS to keep Harry alive so he could have his archenemy to keep himself busy. Some sort of (nomen omen) Tom and Jerry thing, you know? I enjoyed the whole chapter a lot to the point where everything got just sooo convenient for Harry - not that I didn't want Harry to survive, but oh come on, a sword and a phoenix, really?

siriusedward (elenaraphael) i think its funny disgusting and sad.....

seriously its good....each to their own i guess am at 10th chapter...

message 21: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) I've finished it today, because bless national holidays, really: I've spent the laziest of mornings reading and neglecting my planned chores ;)
I actually liked it better than the first one; I gave it the same rating but, all in all, this one finally got me properly hooked on the whole series. I simply ADORE the characters.
And Weasleys, oh my, I could read a book solely about Weasleys. Every time a Weasley opens their mouth to speak it's an instant win.

siriusedward (elenaraphael) i know i love them all too...esp james sirius remus lily herlione weasleys and harry....
i feel that she has written a very complex story...
the best thing about it is there are small small things we can relate to....the way she blended our muggle world with the wizard world i think is brilliant....
there might of course be flaws..but me , i dont care ..cause i love all her books..though my fav characters may not be perfect ...and may not always be alive...
and theres always more stories to tell...
though i think harry story IS finished...though short stories can always be she does in pottermore..a way to hold on to her readers... i guess....

message 23: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) after reading A Song of Ice and Fire books I'm pretty used to loving characters that are not perfect or even necessarily alive, trust me ;) I guess this is the sign of good character writing: if they are able to keep you invested in them despite of the bad things they've done or despite not being around anymore, it means they are well written.
I really envy you the whole "growing up with Harry Potter" experience.

message 24: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) Oh, I'm definitely going to continue - and I'm planning to do that very soon, actually. It really got me quite invested and intrigued.

siriusedward (elenaraphael) i had like that too...

message 26: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) I'm totally for the idea of buddy reading the rest of the series!

message 27: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) I'm going to need a few days to finish UnWholly (I already missed a lot of sleep last night because of it, so I think it'll go quickly ;)) and then I'm ready to go.
However, are we going to just continue in this topic, or do we need to start another, properly named one, or..?

message 28: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) Are you in as well, siriusedward? :)

siriusedward (elenaraphael) anna and sadie - i am innnn...

message 30: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) okay, guys, so I'm finished with my last book; I'm ready to continue the Harry Potter adventure ;)

message 31: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) I actually already did get on - going to read a few pages before going to sleep myself. Good night for you! And good morning, in case you're reading it the next day ;)

message 32: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) (umm, so "a few pages" turned out to be over 100 up to this moment; this stuff is addictive)

message 33: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) In general I'm rather a slow reader - but this is such a wonderfully easy, quick read. It practically reads itself ;)

message 34: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) ooh so maybe you can answer this ultimate question: Stephen Fry or Jim Dale?

siriusedward (elenaraphael) will start the book..tomorrow..itsnearing night...this in one of my favs...meanwhile enjoy reading..both of you...

and i agree eith sadie (spoilers... ;) .. )

message 36: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) I'm slightly bothered with Dursleys being such caricatures. I mean, why the hell they are always fat and ugly? BOOKS FOR KIDS SHOULDN'T DO THAT anymore, it has done enough of harm already. Why do we still teach kids that fat people are stupid assholes?
And Dursleys, oh my god the Dursleys ;__; It bothers me they are pictured as quite comical (as in: lol they are so stupid and fat and stuuupid), which may be a spot on for kids reading it - but as an adult I can only see how mindless and cruel those people are.
The scenes with the aunt Marge BOILED MY BLOOD.
I mean, these guys are worse than Voldemort BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO AGENDA WHATSOEVER, they are literally abusing a child because they freaking can.
And I'm kind of feeling bad for Dudley too; he may be the carbon copy of his parents, but he's just a kid, a kid WHO GOT PRETTY MUCH BRAINWASHED AND MADE INTO A BULLY, he could have been a good kid you know, and his parents royally screwed raising him up.

message 37: by siriusedward (last edited Nov 17, 2014 08:51AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

siriusedward (elenaraphael) you are right about dudley.but in the end its still a story.sorry to say i cant get into that.its not fat people she mocks but its the dursleys,who are portrayed as self righteous,indulgent,narrow minded,bigots....neglecting..i think.... but then in a way i can sympathise with petunia...try to understand...though i dont like her or agree with her....i especially like them being described"we are perfectly normal,ordinary,unimaginative peope....thank you very much....." in the first chapter of the first book....i dont think thery are bad really.... only very neglectful.(so obviously they are not good people do see such people)..and they fear magic.... so they react hypersensitively to anything related..
keep on reading anna.... you will get why petunia is so careless and reluctant to care for harry

message 38: by siriusedward (last edited Nov 17, 2014 08:57AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

siriusedward (elenaraphael) she did write for children.and the picture she painted of the dursleys is funny.dont you agree.... and anyway petunia is very slim and talllso both thin and fat is villainistic.....and riddle is thin. malfoys are slim beautiful lucius is definitely a stupid asshole...
also eveh harry says that compared to malfoy dudleys nothing....

and do not forget our very dear molly.who i think is fat.but very smart,loving mother........

siriusedward (elenaraphael) and charley and the twind are not that tall and i think a bit stockily built...still they are portrayed as cool ,very cool characters.

message 40: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) I'm not saying JKR straight forward mocks fat people as such, but it seems to me the bad guys (or at least - the bad Muggle guys) are always portrayed in a very mocking way as fat and loud and stupid - or, as in Petunia's case, too thin and kind of neurotic and stupid. It bothers me that the looks is actually some kind of a clue about their characters.
And I wouldn't agree with them being just very neglectful - I would forgive them that, hell, I HOPED they will be just neglectful and scared of who Harry is, because of their narrow-mindness... but they are perfectly cruel and abusive as well.
Malfoys surely are not the nicest bunch in the world, but they are still very intelligent and made interesting.
It's like, idk: Riddle and Malfoys are the evil, scheming guys who make villains in a book or a movie or in a play etc.
Dursleys are the real life villains - because people like that unfortunately actually exist - who are supposed to be freaking prisoned for what they have done. Nothing will convince me they are just neglectful and mean. There was a boy under their roof who they've threatend, beaten, starved. This is not reacting hypersensitevly, this is plain bad.
I would agree about Petunia though. I'm looking forward to reading about her and her relationship with her sister, to know more about her motives.
I wonder, will there ever be any confrontation with Harry and Dursleys? Will Dursleys ever be at least a tiny little bit of sorry? Will they develope as characters?
I mean, seriously, don't be afraid to spoil me some parts of the book, I already have it spoiled all over the place ;)

message 41: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana (inbees) Oh, and yeah, Molly is supposed to be chubby, but she's this kind of "mommy-chubby" character; she's been pregnant a lot, she gave birth to bunch of children, so there it is. She's not the I-just-eat-a-lot fat person ;)

But yes, I absolutely adore Weasleys.
The funny thing is, before I've read the first book, I suspected I'm going to care a lot about Harry and Hermione, but I assumed I wouldn't be too much into Ron. AND NOW I'M ABOUT 50% INTO RON.
God, these kids are awesome. Even Percy. I love Percy too. They are the coolest, the whole lot of them.

siriusedward (elenaraphael) very true anna...they ARE the coolest
well about petunia and lily ,what i understood was that lily was a sweet and loveable child blessed with magic...and lilys parents made a lot of fuss like"wow! lily" .so much to do...and petunia got jealous first for not having the ability and second for not being a centre of attention eeach vacation.lily adored petunia....they were close as babies but due to petunia jealousy(not at all nice) they grew apart.she hurt lily too.i think their parent were good but a bit partial people(then again it maybe due lilys loveable nature)

siriusedward (elenaraphael) and about dursleys .i do agree with you dudley and marge ARE portrayed as stuuupid..... with their "stupid dog" ;)
anyways its just that i like theee know when i like it...i generally roll with maybe i was trying to justify it....also i liked Harry being addressed to "Cupboard Under The Stairs"

and dumbledore knows how harry has been treated...
and theres a reason he was left there and rescued....

in the first book macgonigall asked dumbledore why harry was being left with such people .... dumbledore * has his reasons..... *evil smile*
for me the impression is that they are fools .....and yeah look based characterisation may be.. after all wicked witches are also thin and mean and villainous....
the thing is i am using a mobile fone and my sym key doesn't able to add spoiler alert thing ...

dudley IS regretful after 6t
petunia AT LEAST took him in when they did not want to...dumbledore says so...(at leasdt they did that much)
papa dursley will alz be the same...

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