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Denise (destiny_chan) | 5550 comments Mod
Kristin & Vicci - Big Little Lies

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Start around 11/9?

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments perfect :•D

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Funny we picked the 9th since, coincidentally, that's also the day the NBRC buddy read starts too.

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Speaking of - do you know how we track the BRs for TT?

PS - How did the WTM go - did you find your NYC & Hawaii tour guides?

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Hi, yes I did thanks and a lot more too, just on the 3 hour drive home now, my feet are killing me lol.

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Congrats - I bet that feels good to have taken care of!!

Do you get to listen to audio on your trip back? :)

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Just plugging in for a while now but travelling with others so not a lot.

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Just started this one. The first few chapters are about the different people so I'm just trying to keep them straight.

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments I'm literally just turning it on now as I've just finished my other one.

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments You finished RC fast!! Those books can be quite lengthy.

We have 3 lacrosse games today so wanted to get some reading in this morning before I go freeze my ass off.

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Bonnie reminds me of Frankie's stepmom. Lol!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments lol yeah the sleep function on my phone had a battering last night, it was past 3.30am by the time I though hmm perhaps I should go to sleep.

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Lol! Hopefully you can get a nap in today!

message 15: by K~Terror (last edited Nov 09, 2014 08:06AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments I'm enjoying this one so far... It's like being a nosy nelly - seeing people as they want to be seen & then getting to see the real people and what really goes on behind closed doors.


I still haven't figured out who got murdered...

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Well I haven't started yet, my hubby turned up just as I pressed the play button and decided to have a big "band talk" lol.
I'll start as soon as I can get rid of him haha!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments LMAO!! I think I only have another hour or so I'll be able to read and then I'll be putting it up until night time.

I'm on chapter 15. I love the gossipy aspect of the story - is that bad?? ;)

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Nooo you can't beat a good gossip, I live in a small village and it is ALL you hear ......and I love it haha!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Haha! Oh good - you'll probably love this too then!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Chapter 19

Madeline cracks me up!! Love her thoughts on PMS and the way she and her husband banter. (view spoiler)

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Wow there are a lot of character names in this.

I need to remember to post in the other link as well, need those points ....

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments LOL! I put my more informal remarks in this one!

It took me awhile to keep the names straight too. And even now sometimes I still have to think about it.

How far have ya gotten?

I think I was around chapter 20 before I came out to the lacrosse games. Two down and just one more game to go.. 47 degrees and windy. I am not warm and fuzzy.

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Not too far in, about chapter 7 I'm just hearing about the "school bob"

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments erghh it's raining here again for a change lol. Had a bit of thunder and lightning earlier which was fun........not!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Haha! Madeline is my favorite!! Loved the blonde bobs!!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Yeah she is funny

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Chp 11 Celeste and Perry like to put on a happy marriage show to everyone, even though she's (view spoiler)

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments I know it! Celeste and Perry certainly have a very unique marriage! Just a tad dysfunctional huh?

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments How did I miss Tom (view spoiler)

I'm at Chapter 67 but I believe this was probably covered early on when I was confusing people..

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments I finished this yesterday but have been thinking about it ever since...

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Keep forgetting about this thread as well lol.

I'm on Chapter 32/33 I think, Madeline and Ed are arguing as he called Jane a "silly girl"

Why is Celeste lying at the DA meeting - I was to shake her !!!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments And still don't know who has been murdered!, I keep thinking - so and so hasn't made a point to the detective yet, and then all of a sudden they are there!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments DON'T GOOGLE HIM !!!!!!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments V Audio Nerd wrote: "Keep forgetting about this thread as well lol.

I'm on Chapter 32/33 I think, Madeline and Ed are arguing as he called Jane a "silly girl"

Why is Celeste lying at the DA meeting - I was to shake h..."

I know - I think she is so delusional... always justifying or trying to make the situation less than it is...

LOL!!!! Cyber-stalking is never a good idea is it?!

I really identified with Madeline and her feelings with her daughter living with her dad and stepmom... I can't tell you how much Bonnie reminds me of Frankie's stepmom... She bought a cow so they can go get fresh milk every weekend... "Organic" comes out of her mouth every other sentence - needless to say she meditates and is very into yoga...

Unfortunately I'm more crazy like Madeline. Maybe that's why I laughed so hard at the stuff that comes out of her mouth. LOL!

I'm just not nearly as confrontational - any more...

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments OMG a cow ????!!!
Haha that is hilarious, I always joke that it would be cheaper to by a cow and leave it in the back garden as the amount of milk my little one drinks is ridiculous, but its nothing to do with the "mother earth" BS it's just me being lazy hehe!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments HaHa!!! I know - she is generally nice and we get along. (since i got over the whole (view spoiler)

Now its her turn to be married to that crazy man! LOL!

Her kiddo is sick all of the time and they don't believe in vaccines..

One time my ex was annoyed with her at a baseball game and made the comment to me that she and their kid are so sick all the time - they certainly don't look like the poster people for a healthy lifestyle..

I thought it was pretty funny at the time.

Our house hold is more about "everything in moderation" so we have junk sometimes but try to eat healthier more often than not. We're just not very strict about the whole thing.

I need a coconut tree - I'm totally hooked on coconut milk now.. ha!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments erghh yeah been there (view spoiler)

And coconut milk erghhh!! ....What's healthy eating??

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments OMG i think I know who it it :o (
Up to chp 43

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments I am wondering if you are thinking who I thought?

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Not sure it was the mention of the little boy and the letter?!?!
Just found out about Saxon !!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments OOOOOOOH! Yes, this was about the point where I could not put that damn book down...

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments I have to for a while, Angry Birds are calling again lol

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments LMAO!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments What the hell is Abigail doing??? (view spoiler)

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments I know! Talk about needing a good grounding! LOL!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Gahh but that means now there is an extra person that it could be !!!!!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments HaHa! There's a lot going on that's for sure!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments I was so annoyed with Nate about the website. He sounded so clueless... I think it's hard to not be involved in your kids life and then all of a sudden find yourself as a primary care giver when SHE is a teen. Then, being such an idiot, doesn't even keep Madeline in the loop like he thinks he's got it covered.

When Bonnie invited Madeline to Abigail's birthday party, I was so pissed on M's behalf and laughed at M's thoughts.. I was impressed, as confrontational as she is, that she refrained from saying what she thought about that stupid invitation! LOL!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments lol I know, it must have been so uncomfortable.
I'm at (view spoiler)

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments V Audio Nerd wrote: "lol I know, it must have been so uncomfortable.
I'm at [spoilers removed]"

I was just going to say that too about her name!! Lol! It's "French" - or so the story goes, right Renata??!!!

You are moving along!

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