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White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements, #1)
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message 1: by Denise, Manufacturing Director (new)

Denise (destiny_chan) | 5837 comments Mod
Paris, Danielle, Sadie & Vicci - White Hot Kiss

Paris (pah13) | 4285 comments Me too. And the most recent one just came out too.

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Let me know when you want to read this one, I can start this whenever :○D

✿~Danielle~✿ (dmh1) I should be able to start it on Monday

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Monday sounds good to me :●D

Paris (pah13) | 4285 comments Monday works for me too.

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Ok started this one this morning on the way to work, not sure as of yet if I'm going to enjoy it, me and PNR don't get on too well, but I loved Daemon and Katy so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Let me know if/when you get to the next book!


V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments lol will do

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments okay we've met Roth and I have to say I kinda like him......yummy lol.

message 11: by V_Nerdbooks (last edited Nov 24, 2014 10:28AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments up to chapter 4, this is a long audio, 12hrs !!

I like (view spoiler)

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments erghh Peter is horrid! even though on audio she says it as Pader, unless that is his name?

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments lol I'll make sure I use spoilers then, I hate it when that happens!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Chapter 15 (view spoiler)

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Also am kind of loving this book, I wasn't to sure about it at the beginning, but it still has an Luxen feel to it, and I loves me a bit of Daemon.

Paris (pah13) | 4285 comments Vicci you are motoring on along. I think I'm around chapter 3, but I've been trying to get some writing done with the end of the month coming quick.

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments It was next on my list Paris and I didn't have anything else downloaded so I had no choice haha

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments 95% ...NOOOOOOO! !!!!!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Finished.......well that ended on a ??
I really enjoyed it, will definitely be reading the next one soon.

✿~Danielle~✿ (dmh1) I haven't even started it. Other books keep distracting me lol. Glad you liked

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments lol I couldn't stop listening

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