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R.M. (rmjameswrites) Hello,

Looking for reviewers for my new novel: Hear Me Scream. I am willing to give for free the ebook copy: mobi or epub, which ever format you prefer. You can either message me your email and format preference or you can post it here.

The novel has dark themes. And a good amount of violence and abuse.

If you could add your review to Amazon I would greatly appreciate it. Goodreads and B&N are great, too.

Here's a rundown and you can read the first chapter on Amazon if you like:

Raven Carrier lives in a post-apocalyptic nightmare, rural Kentucky, where she has to protect herself from rapist, murderers, or rebels who would most likely enslave her. But she must travel in search of her son who was taken from her as a child. She meets Ata along the way, a blue-haired girl who as much as she is whimsical is also insanely naive to the dangers of their surroundings. Together, they go on a mission, both searching for different people.

Nico Lowell is a town healer and a hunter. On a particular day, he catches the scent of blood, not just any blood, the blood of the one who is supposed to be his. On instinct and pure craving alone, he hunts for her until he finds two women. Raven and Ata. He must protect them. But for at least Raven, she doesn't need or want his protection. A little too late for that.

And then we have Camden Sickle who is brutally abused, enslaved by the very rebels out looking for Raven. Camden's family is murdered. The females tortured. He as well. In captivity, he learns of the Sorrows, a northern government who has deprived the people of basic liberties, including the right to exist. Camden, a southern slave, is forced to do unspeakable acts of degradation in order to regain his freedom.

These are the protagonist of a decrepit and weakened country where anyone or everyone is constantly in danger of losing their freedom--or screaming until they die.

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Shirley (sdmrdm) | 40 comments Would like to read please mobi. shirleydmccollum@gmail.com

message 3: by R.M. (new)

R.M. (rmjameswrites) Shirley wrote: "Would like to read please mobi. shirleydmccollum@gmail.com"

On its way!

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