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Beautiful Oblivion (The Maddox Brothers, #1)
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Denise (destiny_chan) | 5381 comments Mod
Sadie & Paris - Beautiful Oblivion

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Paris (pah13) | 4285 comments Hey Sadie, do you want to start this one soon? I need to read either this or White Hot Kiss for Monopoly...let me know which works better for you.

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Paris (pah13) | 4285 comments Okay cool. Let's do this one first then.

I'll start this later today. I have to get some writing in first.

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Paris (pah13) | 4285 comments I started this today. So far I'm really liking Cami and Trenton. It's a little confusing cause this happens at the same time as Beautiful Disaster as far as I can tell.

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Paris (pah13) | 4285 comments I finished this last night (stayed up until after 1 am to do it even though I had to get up at 6 am). I absolutely loved it. With Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster Travis was my reason for reading. I love that manic weirdo, but I never really liked Abby all that much.

With Beautiful Oblivion, my love it pretty much equally spread out between Trenton and Cami. And little Olive. Holy crap that kid's adorable.

I think I'll wait to post any spoilers until you do so that I can respond to yours.

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Paris (pah13) | 4285 comments Here's my review that I wrote.

Jamie McGuire did it again. She made me fall in love with another Maddox boy and I am so thankful she did. This time around we got to see more of Trenton. He's older than Travis, but not by much. He looks after his little brother as much as he can, but what's really impressive is he sticks by his dad too. All of the other Maddox boys have moved on, except Trenton. I also love the relationship that Trenton is building with his neighbor's kid Olive. She's freaking adorable and Trenton with her is ovary exploding adorable.

While this book takes place during the same time frame as Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster it felt like a fresh story to me (after I got over my initial confusion). The best part about this book, besides Trenton of course, is Cami. I never truly loved Abby. There was always something about her that bothered me and face it, Travis carried those books on his back. He is what I loved about them. In Beautiful Oblivion, my love is equally divided between Cami and Trenton...and quadrupled when they are together. Cami is fierce and strong and sassy. I love her to pieces and I think she might be one of my favorite female leads in this genre.

Of course there's drama, all of which I found enjoyable. The big reveal of the main drama was pretty easy to figure out for me, but still pretty powerful and mind blowing. I enjoyed every second of this book and stayed up far too late reading it (work sucked the next day). I loved Hazel and would love to see a book or novella for her. I'm also really curious about Bishop from the tattoo shop. There were other pretty great side characters, although at times I wanted to slap Cami's roommate for being a doorknob.

I can't wait to see what Jamie does next. I am really looking forward to falling in love with another Maddox boy because let's be real, there's no way I couldn't.

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