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PTSD and War

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Kierra Boykin One of my favorite things about this book is how it looks at PTSD and war. I feel like it brings to question the costs of war. When is it worth the price we have our soldiers pay? You can see instances of PTSD in Johanna and Peeta in Mockingjay and even Katniss in Catching Fire. I guess I'm just curious if any of you picked up on this and what you thought about it?

Dramapuppy Yeah, I think it's pretty realistic that Collins didn't just have the characters walk out unscarred.

Sarah Brownlee When you're defending your country and people you love, war isn't a choice. Apart from death and destruction, PTSD is another consequence to the horrors of war. (It can also be prevalent in people who go through any other type of trauma, like death of a loved one or experiencing some form of abuse; personal wars on a 'smaller' scale, but just as powerful and traumatic to the one going through it). I found the portrayal of PTSD in the Hunger Games to be very accurate and realistic. The nightmares - feeling like you're on the brink of sanity - mood swings - sinking into alcohol (Haymitch, for example). It doesn't always make for a pleasant read, but it gives a good idea of what individuals go through when they experience it.

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Tracy I haven't yet had an opportunity to read the books (I own them just keep getting too busy to read, need to make the time) but I have seen the movies and do see how the author brings some symptoms of PTSD into the story and (based on the movies) I think she did an excellent job. The nightmares and anxiety are a large part of it for a lot of people who have it (though everyone has different reactions - anxiety, excessive stress, depression, nightmares, insomnia, alcoholism/addiction, as well as various physical issues).

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