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Three possible ways to read The Bible

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Dan | 12 comments 3 ways to read/ understand scripture / the bible -

1. Merely Historical/chronos/ timeline with laws decreeing how to live to make God happy- legalistic/ literal/ judicial- densest way to read it but still necessary
2. Predictive/ psychological- parables that indicate the nature of what has passed and what is to come, knowing in advance how human nature/ humankind has and will respond to events and the resultant historical landmarks. In recognizing the plan God already fulfilled in our historical past and therefore the plan that is evident for the future we begin to trust God more. We know God is in the World. The recognition of it as divine Truth becomes more emotional. Less doubt and more Faith - and this form of faith allows for Noetic contemplation- a turning inward that allows the mind to retreat into the heart- the Nous illuminating and God responding through Kardia - the power of the heart where new wisdom can be received. This begins the give and take/ synergistic relationship with Christ. This way is also predictive of the second coming- which has the power to happen internally- Christ in me/ deification, and possibly a renewal in the world as well. This is a more rarefied and contemplative way of reading and understanding scripture.
3. Fulfillment/kairo- completely internal or Esoteric. Every verse refers to Gnosis and is allegorical/ analogous to our inner life , including the constant references to turning to God /Christ and not trusting in the world (body/ psyche) alone . Every verse is a fulfillment of salvation through surrendering. It becomes a spiritual food which leads to Theosis. When this happens it fulfills the prediction/ promise of the previous stage. This is a meaning of Christ coming again. He resides in you. This is nothing short of preparing for death.

These 3 ways of reading/ understanding the scriptures also refer to the 3 stages of Theosis in the Orthodox Church. Thus it is also a continuum / sequential process that starts with the Fall and free will leading to the God's law and Judicial nature of the Old Testament being purged and replaced by the New Entreaty to Love The Lord thy God and your neighbor as yourself .. of the New Testament. Thus leading to Theosis and Eternity.. A fulfillment of the promise. Through this always rarefying process it is a Living book that changes men.
1. Katharsis- purification/ The Old Testament
2.Theoria- illumination/ The New Testament
3. Theosis- Deification / The second coming and The New Man

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Dan | 12 comments Sorry for the duplicate posts friends, I am still learning how to use Goodreads. And please let me know if a newcomer making an unsolicited posting goes against the etiquette of this group. Thank you.

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