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Does Jacin know???

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Kelly Brigid ♡ Does Jacin know that Cinder is Princess Selene? I can't remember if he knew or not...

Aasha Ramlal No, he doesn't know. He kept saying that he is only loyal to his princess so everyone just sort of assumed he knew but Cinder found out by 'his princess' he meant Winter, aka Snow White. He's her (Winter's) love interest.

Hope that answers your question :)

Kelly Brigid ♡ Oh, well I knew that. :) I meant did he ever find out that Cinder was princess Selene afterwards. Like when they were devising the plan to kidnap Kai.

Aasha Ramlal Nope. He still doesn't know.

Kelly Brigid ♡ Oh. okay, thanks! Then, what did he think was Cinder's and the others' purpose in kidnapping Kai?

Daring All I can say is I cannot wait to see his face when he finds out.

Anna Cole Of corse he knew!!!

Vina Jassen Jacin only found out when Dr. Erland was taunting Levana at the end of the book.

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Anna Cole No because he teamed up with her because of her princessness

Kelly Brigid ♡ conflicted

Hannah baity He found out at the end of the book from Dr.Erland

Kelly Brigid ♡ Hannah wrote: "He found out at the end of the book from Dr.Erland"

Okay, I do sort of remember that. Thanks.

Courtney A.K.A The Book Addict I re-read Cress recently and just finished Winter. Jacin did find out just before Dr. Erland died when he was brought to Queen Levana. Jacin didnt specifically say he realized Cinder was Selene but he heard the conversation between Queen Levana and Erland and it said that he looked like he suddenly understood something a.k.a when Cinder was confused about him being loyal to another princess. This is on page 501 of Cress.

I dont think there was ever a scene where Cress found out that Cinder was Selene. I think it was just implied that she obviously either found out when they met up or maybe she already knew (which I doubt.)

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