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Hi folks, sorry I have been away so long. I just got back yesterday from 3 weeks in Chattanooga, TN. I went to give my Mom some help (she had surgery on her back, I mostly played Mr. She seems to be doing fine now.

While I was there I hit some bookstores. I had brought with me a trunk full of "traders", books bought at garage sales and thrift shops for cheap to trade at a profit, and a profit was made. I got several times back what I had in them, and made off with about 20 to 25 feet of shelf worth of "good" books, most of which was SF or related. I can't say I got anything truly "rare", but some were in the hard-to-find category, and some were books that for many years were just titles I'd heard about but never come across.

After my first week there my brother came over for a two week stay to help out. We had a grand time. His wife, Jing, made sure we stayed full of stir-fry and other odd dishes (she is originally from China), and he and I were constantly in trouble for not washing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. By the end of their second week there (my third), Jing and Mom were going out shopping after physical therapy and doctor appointments, that was our sign Mom was good to go. My brother and his wife bugged out last Saturday, and I came home yesterday. Mom went back to work today, and all looks good. :)

I am still unpacking and in a day or two I will report on the high points of the book haul on the proper thread, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I'll also tell you about some of the more interesting bookstores I visited. But for now I'll just say the Chattanooga area has lots of nice and interesting used bookstores, if you are ever in that area, do a Google search for "Chattanooga bookstores" and you'll find a long list...then just plug your results into Google maps for directions. My advice is stay off the interstate during rush hour if you can.

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Welcome back. I thought maybe you were in a 21 day quarantine. Did you ride the Choo Choo?

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lol, nope didn't ride the Choo Choo....most of my sightseeing was limited to bookstores...they do have a nice aquarium in Chattanooga, about $30 to get in. They have a very good pizza place called Crusts, lots of Sid & Marty Kroff Saturday morning stuff on the walls, cool concert posters, and you won't belive the walls of the men's room...totally covered with beer caps. And the pizza is AWESOME....

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