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President Coin and District 13 (SPOILERS)
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I'm reading Mockingjay for the second time and I started thinking what if things turned out differently? What if Katniss did not kill coin and became president of the entire nation? Would she be as bad as Snow or worse? This is an aspect of the book that haters seemed to miss. The war seemed to be about not just a fight against the capital but for Panem's soul. Because I do think Coin would be much worse than Snow. What do you think?

i feel like she would be just as bad if not worse. i think that you're always left to wonder 'what if' - right? and that's part of the entertainment of stories like this. you have characters that are quite strong that lead you to think about how things would have progressed differently. the way that i look at it is that coin probably would have been more regimented in different ways because of the life that she had before.

although it makes you wonder who woudl have aligned with her in leadership roles - there could have been an ally there that we don't think about

I think that coin would've been even worse than snow, because her younger life was much worse than his, so she has so much hatred built up, that it comes crashing down.

Yes coin was very power hungry.... The whole of panem would have been as regimented as district 13... She also strategically placed katniss in a dangerous situation with peeta in the Capitol.... She knew that katniss had the potential to ruin her plans for ruling panem.... The fact that she would have even brought up an idea of another hunger games shows how like minded she and snow are.... Haymitch and katniss were definitely on the same page at the end.... They tricked coin by voting for another hunger games .... It was very obvious .... I don't know why people missed that concept....

This is an aspect of the book that haters seemed to miss.

Why would only haters miss that? I don't see how disliking a book would make you overlook certain aspects. Most people (haters or not) have probably had this thought, I know I have. Snow and Coin both had fairly similar intentions, so I would assume that she'd be just as bad as Snow. No more, no less.

I was literaly just waiting for Katniss to kill her, and if she hadnt i wouldve disliked the book even more. Coin was no better than Snow at all.

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