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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED Book about a teen girl who finds out she is a fairy [s]

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Sarah | 4 comments A teen girl was raised by human parents but then found out that she is actually a fairy. She then went to this fairy school for a couple of months (maybe for the summer) which I think was called Avalon. Every fairy has their own unique gift. She lived in the school in a dorm room type place. It was her old room, she used to know she was a fairy but somehow her memory got erased and she was sent to the human world as a baby. Everyone seems to remember who she is but she doesn't. I think that she has a human boyfriend but there is this fairy boy (I think he was a "sentry") who showed her around Avalon. They went to a fairy festival and possibly a play or something like that. Also, the fairies bloom at a certain time, which means a flower grows out of their waists. There was also a fairy queen who visited the girl and they went to this huge tree (I don't remember much about that). I really hope this works. Thank you!!

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Sarah | 4 comments may have been part of a series. not sure. also, if you didn't get it yet, it's a fantasy type novel.

Jessica (The Psychotic Nerd) (goldenfurproductions) | 402 comments Maybe Wings. But I don't think she goes to a school until the second book.

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Sarah | 4 comments Yikes, seems to have some pretty bad reviews. Haven't read it in a couple of years but it's great to finally stop thinking about it. Thanks again!

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