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ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod

message 2: by Lyndsey (last edited Oct 29, 2014 12:55PM) (new)

Lyndsey | 170 comments Awesome! Okay, so I have a plain old human, does she require a Serial Number?

message 3: by ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (last edited Oct 29, 2014 01:02PM) (new)

ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod
No. Only VOLKE employees require a serial number. If it's unneeded, just remove it :)

message 4: by E (new)

E Not sure what your plan was with RP locations but just in case I was thinking you should have different locations within the city. I can help for ideas if you need any.

message 5: by E (new)

E Yeah but of the current threads are all there is there is very minimal space for roleplay. Of you have 5 or 6 locations per city there will be a heap more and 5 or 6 is still not a lot

message 6: by Lyndsey (new)

Lyndsey | 170 comments Did goodreads do that Lily!? It usually only re posts it twice for me, this is a record. :O

I agree with Evan, two or three under each city would give more room to the RPers. As of now, it might get messy.

message 7: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) I have no idea, the post kept loading when I clicked 'post' once so I went off to Firefox and worked on my ChoiceScript and when I came back, it was like that.

And okay, we'll see what she says when she comes back.

ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod
I have to say, I was a bit worried when I saw 19 new posts ;P

The current locations will be expanded on, don't worry, I just haven't gotten to it yet. I was wondering, though, if anyone has a specific city they want added? I can change certain ones around.

message 9: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) DO we have


message 10: by E (new)

E I don't really mind some suggestions
New York

message 11: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) So maybe one or two of the huge towns in most large/well known countries?

message 12: by E (new)

E Yeah the RP would probably work better in locations that are developed

ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod
I was thinking one city per requested country. I don't want to end up with too many threads.

message 14: by E (new)

E Yeah that's fair enough, I was just thinking maybe the larger mor developed countries

ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod
All right, I've updated the locations. We now have fifteen separate cities :) Are there any you all would prefer see removed/replaced?

message 16: by ɯɐɔ, Resist for as long as possible. (new)

ɯɐɔ (camalama) | 127 comments Mod
We're allowed to claim powers claimed by others, right? I've got a host of abilities I'm waiting to snatch up, for lack of a better term, but I'm not sure if I can or not.

message 17: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) How many, and what are they?

message 18: by Lyndsey (new)

Lyndsey | 170 comments They look awesome to me Inquisitor. (Is it okay if I call you that?)

message 19: by E (new)

E I have a really cool history for my character but I'm not sure if I can use it. Can I have characters that aren't registered with V.O.L.K.E?

message 20: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) Depends, are they PGPs? (I think that's the acronym, I don't quite recall)

message 21: by E (new)

E I don't know what PGP is

message 22: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) Subhumans

message 23: by ɯɐɔ, Resist for as long as possible. (new)

ɯɐɔ (camalama) | 127 comments Mod
Lily-- about five or six, mainly directly from the Superpower wiki. I'll give you a list in a few-- I need to finish this proof for my geometry homework.

message 24: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) Okay.

message 25: by E (new)

E Yeah they are. But I have a good reason for them not to be registered.

message 26: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) Evan Son Of Poseidon wrote: "Yeah they are. But I have a good reason for them not to be registered."

What reason? Everyone is monitored, but tell me.

message 27: by E (new)

E Well they were born to only a mother but she abandoned them soon after they were born and they showed no signs of abnormality in the early stages of their lives. They were raised in an orphanage and then adopted by a man and his wife. Then strange things started happening but they kept it secret from everyone..........ect. ect.

message 28: by Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ (last edited Oct 29, 2014 06:25PM) (new)

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) | 44 comments Mod
V.O.L.K.E has enough power to find out about them even if they're secrets.

ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod
@Lүη∂sεү, Inquisitor is fine.

@Evan, If their adopted parents were willing to pay enough, they might be able to get them removed from the registrar via the black market for a period of time. But they'd be considered "rogue," and VOLKE has an uncanny ability to find people.

@ general populace, P.G.P. stands for Preternaturally Gifted Person, but on the streets they're usually referred to as subhumans.

ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod
They can have normal jobs, but they have to apply for a work permit and live in specified areas. They're not slaves...more like shunned members of society. They're seen as disruptive and dangerous by most regular folk.

ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod
Yeah, that's fine :)

message 32: by Brandon (new)

Brandon | 20 comments So how much right of travel do they have? Do they have to sign a whole bunch of paper work or something to be allowed to go somewhere outside of their area?

『ᴡɪᴄᴋʟɪɴɢ ᴛʀᴀsʜ ● ɢᴏᴏᴅʙʏᴇ』 (wickling) | 19 comments For affiliation, is there only VOLKE?

ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod
So long as they give advanced warning and have their approved documentation, they're allowed outside the country of their birth for a maximum of five days every three weeks. After that, unless your job requires it, it can be pretty difficult.

message 35: by Brandon (new)

Brandon | 20 comments Thanks!

ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod
There's VOLKE, Infinite, and the Arena, officially. Infinite is a radical, pro-subhuman terror group, and the Arena is an underground fighting ring. However, feel free to create your own past (or present) affiliations.

message 37: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) So, is there any way I could make a rich subhuman?

『ᴡɪᴄᴋʟɪɴɢ ᴛʀᴀsʜ ● ɢᴏᴏᴅʙʏᴇ』 (wickling) | 19 comments ɪɴǫᴜɪsɪᴛᴏʀ ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs wrote: "There's VOLKE, Infinite, and the Arena, officially. Infinite is a radical, pro-subhuman terror group, and the Arena is an underground fighting ring. However, feel free to create your own past (or p..."

May I?

ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod
@ The both of you, of course :)

message 40: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) How would I make a subhuman rich, though? Would he have to be a VOLKE employee?

ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod
Remember, subhumans are descended from everyday folks. His parents could have paid to get him into a good career, or he could have simply come from a wealthy family. Generally, though, the more wealthy subhumans work for VOLKE.

message 42: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Right. I'm having trouble finding information on all of the corps, races, etc.

Also, I'm making a vampire who is supposed to be over a century old. So... how does that work?

message 43: by Brandon (new)

Brandon | 20 comments Could he have made his fortune in the Arena?

message 44: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) A thought.

ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod
@Drax, sorry about that. I'll be updating the majority of the information threads this weekend.

To answer your question, there are only two sentient species in this RP. Humans, and the subspecies of subhumans. Subhumans have only been around for about a hundred years, give or take. So centuries old, blood-sucking fiend of myth wouldn't exactly work, but a subhuman with some of its abilities would be fine (such as longevity or flight).

@ Brandon, the Arena is Lissy's area, so she'd be able to answer that question better, but I presume they'd make some amount of cash fighting there. It might depend on their prowess in the ring and their benefactors. I don't think they could become millionaires fighting there, but they might be able to make a grand a fight.

message 46: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Well, would one 174 year old legend work? After all, can't some myths be tied into actual, possible ancient subhumans? Like a reoccurring batch of subhumans every few centuries?

message 47: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) That would make your character too special.

message 48: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) I suppose so.

ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod
I could see some subhumans appearing through history, but they'd be rare things with unstable abilities. Could your character be a descendant of the one you would have preferred to make, perhaps with a long history of subhumans in the family? I could use someone like that to head Infinite, now that I think about it...>.>

message 50: by criticaster (new)

criticaster Speaking of Infinite ... how does one become associated with them? Is it a find-and-recruit kind of thing? merp. could be a stupid question so apologies ahead of time :p

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