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message 1: by Jon (last edited Oct 29, 2014 11:53AM) (new)

Jon Randall | 2 comments It seems that everything about my mystery novel Goodreads page and my author page is as wrong as can be.

On the Goodreads page for "Murder at Wisteria Pines," the Amazon Kindle version is not represented at all. Clicking on the "Amazon" button goes to an error page saying "Your search "9781311464439" did not match any products." Yet the book is definitely on Amazon. The Barnes & Noble link also goes to an error page, yet the book is on Barnes & Noble, which a simple search on that site turns up.

On my author page, it says I am the author of "Abandon Automobile: Detroit City Poetry 2001 (African American Life)," which I had nothing to do with.

Can someone please help me resolve these issues or tell me how to do it. If there is a way, it is utterly opaque to me. Thank you.

Jon Randall

message 2: by Z-squared (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments I have removed you from Abandon Automobile.

As for the kindle edition, it was not on Goodreads. I have added it here:

As for the get-a-copy buttons, please be aware that they are edition-specific and customizable by users. The get-a-copy buttons generally work by searching the associated bookseller by ISBN (or title, for certain booksellers). So if Amazon, for example, doesn't sell an edition of your book with ISBN 9781311464439, you'll get an error message. That ISBN is associated with the ebook edition. As it happens, Amazon doesn't sell ebooks, they sell kindle editions (I know, a seemingly silly distinction). More importantly, they sell their kindle editions with ASINs instead of ISBNs. Now that the kindle edition of your book with ASIN B00MORRCY4 has been added to Goodreads, the Amazon get-a-copy button will direct users to your kindle edition but ONLY FROM THE KINDLE EDITION on Goodreads.

Same issue with Barnes & Noble. Barnes&Noble doesn't have the ebook edition with ISBN 9781311464439 for sale, hence the error button. However, using B&N's get-a-copy button from the PAPERBACK edition will work.

The upshot? You as the author have the ability to set whichever edition you want as default. Personally, I'd suggest setting the default edition to the paperback, since it's available at more than one bookseller (unlike the kindle edition or ebook with ISBN 9781311464439). But that's up to you.

To set the default edition to whichever edition you'd like, follow the instructions here:

message 3: by Jon (new)

Jon Randall | 2 comments Thank you very much for your help. You've explained it all lucidly and comprehensively, and I'm very grateful. I've just learned, since posting, that as an author I have some of these powers, but I'm very glad that an experienced hand took the wheel on this drive. Thank you again.


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