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Dimitri or Adrian?
Catherine Catherine Oct 29, 2014 11:24AM
Dimitri Belikov or Adrian Ivashkov?

Why is this even a question!!! Dmitri... ofcourse.

So the guy who played him in the movie. BOO!
Meanwhile he's in a Chanel commercial and looks great!

adrian for sure!and i dont mean he should be with rose or smth he is just fucking hot and sooo funny and i just love him!


Dimitri and rose there like perfect and Adrian and Sydney because well who doesn't love a little bit of a taboo relationship it makes Adrian kinder hotter then he already is and no one could take Dimitri and rose apart there love is wild and uncontrollable.

Adrian and Rose <333

Rose and Dimitri!!!!!!!!! How could anyone hate that relationship? He is a freaking GOD.
after finishing VA i felt so bad for Adrian but he and Sydney are PERFECT! I remember when Rose broke up with Adrian and she said that she needed someone who she didn't have to protect which she had to do with Adrian. but in Bloodlines Adrian is actually super protective of Sydney which is amazing for him! aahhhh *dying* over here <3

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Mayyah Herzi I was beyond pissed when she said that about the whole prey and predator crap but now...even though I wish she never broke up with Adrian and just lef ...more
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Dimitri and Rose


I just think its weird that Adrian and Rose started to date in one of the books. I mean she has higher standards than that. I mean she did date her instructor.

Dimitri, no contest. Adrian's not stable enough to handle Rose's fire.

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I don't know. I mean, I really enjoyed seeing her happy with Dimitri because, obviously, they're meant to be, but Adrian was a sweetheart. I was really mad at her for not choosing him at the end. But at the same time, I was glad she chose Dimitri
ugh, it's complicated haha

Dimitri and Rose are perfect together but ill take Adrian.

Dimitri all the way, but apparently Rose doesn't have good taste.

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Mayyah Herzi Soooo true ahahaha
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Dimitri + Rose

i dont know! they both love differently!!!


Dimitri all the way! Adrian and Rose would be a cute couple too but Dimitri and Rose just go together <3

Adrian is the best!

Adrian Ivashkov


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I liked Dimitri better for Rose, and Adrian better for Sydney.

I like Adrian the most but rose and Dimitri just belong together



Dimka forever. <3

I like Dimka, but seriously, no match for Adrian :-) Adrian all the way! For me, anyway.

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Dimitri all the way! I wish he was real so he could be mine ^-^ Lol XD

Adrian is my fave!! But rose and demitri are the beet together! :P

Adrian! I haven't read Bloodlines yet, but probably I will love him more...

ADRIAN AND ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dimitri with rose and............(SPOILER ALERT!!)
Adrian with SYDNEY!!


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